These Enchiladas Are a Taste of Real Mexican Home-Cooking | Food Skills

  • Published on Dec 4, 2017
  • Covered in chile sauce, and stuffed with meats like chicken or pork, enchiladas are one of Mexico's most beloved culinary exports. At El Atoradero, chef Denisse Lina Chavez drenches her enchiladas in the rich, spice-packed mole found in the city of Puebla. Though taquerias have become ubiquitous in NYC, Chavez prides herself on bringing "traditional" Mexican cuisine to the five boroughs, following recipes passed down from her grandmother. With fresh tortillas sopped in dark-red mole poblano, El Atoradero's enchiladas are a bucket-list item for Mexican-food fanatics everywhere.
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Comments • 459

  • FrijoLeZGaming
    FrijoLeZGaming 4 months ago

    Quiero unas enchiladas! acá en EEUU casi no saben hacerlo bien xD

  • Luke
    Luke 5 months ago

    Mexican food really is the OG. But I NEED to try some authentic Mexican food.

  • mythirdchannel
    mythirdchannel 8 months ago

    I am all about this!

  • Andy Salinas
    Andy Salinas 8 months ago

    $20 for enchiladas? gtfo

  • Chuck Dries
    Chuck Dries 8 months ago

    I've never actually had mole, but I really really want to try it some day

    • MegaThrasher95
      MegaThrasher95 8 months ago

      Chuck Dries
      It tastes pretty damn good tbh.

  • xI FreakzZ
    xI FreakzZ 8 months ago

    god I want mole now...

  • DNCipher
    DNCipher 8 months ago


  • Blaze W
    Blaze W 9 months ago

    I thought chocolate was in Mole? I've been CRAVING some enchiladas & Queso Flameado! Merry Christmas everyone

    • MegaThrasher95
      MegaThrasher95 8 months ago

      Blaze w
      It depends on the type of mole, and the person preparing it tbh.
      Merry late Christmas!

  • Frida Ballard
    Frida Ballard 9 months ago

    My family is from central Mexico, and here in Texas it’s hard to find anything that isn’t Tex-mex or northern Mexican cuisine. This video reminds me so much of home

  • UFmamba8
    UFmamba8 9 months ago

    Taco Bell is where it's at 😎🔥

  • madd.97
    madd.97 9 months ago

    these look so bomb

  • Shuckles
    Shuckles 9 months ago

    my mom aint even hispanic and her enchaladas look and probably taste 10x better then this..

  • José Carlos Fernández

    What the fuck is avocado doing in The enchiladas, that bitch is fucking psycho , and she doesn’t push shit and that blue corn isn’t even the good stuff

  • Paul Razvan-Mihalcea
    Paul Razvan-Mihalcea 9 months ago

    Viva Mexico!

  • Magnus McCloud
    Magnus McCloud 9 months ago

    Is it just me or she did say any secret ingredient or whaever right? she just straight up showed you the ingredients for that mole, right? respect.

  • erikkz
    erikkz 9 months ago

    Im drooling over my keyboard...

  • Enrique Duarte
    Enrique Duarte 9 months ago

    Best food in the world

  • JealousBishop
    JealousBishop 9 months ago

    This is why I love Mexico! If this were Italian food, they would be bitching about it not being authentic. I guess they don't understand food is meant to be enjoyed and savored reflecting the tastes of the chef; not a recipe that is strictly followed. We're not making Damascus steel, we're making food to be eaten.

  • VolvoSpeedV70R
    VolvoSpeedV70R 9 months ago

    Love me some traditional Mexican food!! I had been to this place several months ago. Delicious, fantastic service and was a great one time experience. Why one time, Well the prices are a bit outrageous IMO. $4.50 for a taco, 20 for enchiladas and 8 for guac WHAT!! I have been to many Tacqueria's in my travels and honestly would say great quality places and affordable. Take for instance in Pennsylvania, There is a small franchise called "El Limon" freaking amazing and ridiculously affordable. When I went to El Atoradero it reminded me of that place. Glad to see this on First We Feast but lets be serious and stop raping our stomach hmmm wallet!! Cheers!!

  • Christian Washington
    Christian Washington 9 months ago

    Allow forehead white combat strip adviser poet stick remind capture career.

  • David Lopez
    David Lopez 9 months ago

    Beautiful!!! Now, this is "authentic" enchiladas. Darn, i'm #imhungry now.

  • Alex Munoz Luna
    Alex Munoz Luna 9 months ago

    Viva México!

  • Odraeg B
    Odraeg B 9 months ago

    Mole is very hard to make. Every time i eat it, it tastes different which sucks since i haven't eaten good mole in a while

  • DD C
    DD C 9 months ago

    Anyone notice the SAFEWAY Grocery bag used to flatten the tortillias?

  • evaniza253
    evaniza253 9 months ago

    man i want to see nipsey hussle on here

  • bcgreen20
    bcgreen20 9 months ago

    Qué chingón, uno de mis canales favoritos showing my country some love, Mexican food is fucking delicious

  • Gil Fiazon
    Gil Fiazon 9 months ago

    Good god that looks incredible!

  • LoLAwesomechad
    LoLAwesomechad 9 months ago

    fuck NY. its bunch of yankees

  • ColCol
    ColCol 9 months ago

    Looks like soup.

  • hisownsidekick
    hisownsidekick 9 months ago

    What kind of monster disliked this video...?

  • Brie
    Brie 9 months ago

    I love this so much! My parents are from Puebla and all the ingredients she mentioned that go into the making of mole are accurate. Some even add mexican animal crackers haha.

  • Doug Mayer
    Doug Mayer 9 months ago

    I love enchiladas mole poblano, but never had any claiming to be traditional or authentic. Stopping here next NYC trip :-D

  • jbcreate
    jbcreate 9 months ago

    but traditionally mole is made with

  • FedorMachida Last
    FedorMachida Last 9 months ago

    Looks awesome, minus the cream. I would def. order the hottest version she had. I'd probably smuggle in some Last Dab, just in case.

  • ProSoc10
    ProSoc10 9 months ago

    These are enmoladas, not enchiladas.

    • MegaThrasher95
      MegaThrasher95 8 months ago

      Different regions have different names for it. Some call them "enmoladas", while other regions call them "enchiladas de mole" or "enchiladas con mole".

    LD ODOM 9 months ago

    Me likey mucho!

  • Crimson Jim
    Crimson Jim 9 months ago

    2:08 if you're into flem sounds

  • LouB3rt
    LouB3rt 9 months ago

    Try the food at Maxwell Street Market in Chicago!

  • bryan2781
    bryan2781 9 months ago

    Love the way that looks. My mother from Puebla taught me her way to make enchiladas con mole and they look similar and made similarly. Great looking enchiladas, they probably taste great!

  • DisarMy
    DisarMy 9 months ago

    The thumbnail made them look like Venus Flytraps

  • Drea Dreams
    Drea Dreams 9 months ago

    This made me hungry

  • Clawbytes
    Clawbytes 9 months ago

    How do you eat it?
    It looks like mini burritos where you can just pick up with your hands but it's covered in sauce...

    SKYLUR 9 months ago

    Im proud to be a mexican

  • Manny Garza
    Manny Garza 9 months ago

    green enchiladas are the best! I'm mexican and can't stand mole... disgusting! lol since when do you put mole on enchiladas? 🤒

  • solutionxero
    solutionxero 9 months ago

    wow that looks amazing

  • Nos
    Nos 9 months ago

    I know she ain't lying but why is this trending? Americans don't appreciate authentic. There's always an excuse for a lot of them to make it their way and have a different taste to everything. Hence why she said that a lot of places don't make original dishes. She didn't compare herself to high end restaurants either so Im pretty sure she's referring to local competition. I praise this woman but unfortunately your customer won't appreciate the work or cost into making authentic food. Just tell them to go to Mc Donalds or make it themselves (JK, dont xD)

  • Michael Castro
    Michael Castro 9 months ago

    If I could eat that, I would die very happy

  • Gerard
    Gerard 9 months ago

    My mom makes this ten times better with the red sauce

  • Elias Aguilar
    Elias Aguilar 9 months ago

    Holy fuck my grandma makes them for free so 20 bucks are kinda...

  • Mike Van Der Vegt
    Mike Van Der Vegt 9 months ago


  • Maxi C
    Maxi C 9 months ago

    20 bucks for some enchiladas y 24 for carne asada ? no pinche mames haha

  • Michael Trapani
    Michael Trapani 9 months ago

    Awesome. I always wonder now- "Is this Mexican food for Americans or actual Mexican food?" etc. I totally wanna go there now

  • Aboxhead69
    Aboxhead69 9 months ago

    Viva México cabrones y que chingue a su madre el américa

  • rhys0065
    rhys0065 9 months ago

    DMX on hot ones

  • Theipoduser13
    Theipoduser13 9 months ago

    I'm eating mole right now watching this

  • ManuteBolbasaur
    ManuteBolbasaur 9 months ago

    Lol @ New York Mexican food

  • Neo Genesis
    Neo Genesis 9 months ago

    I'm sure it's tastes great but to me it looks like someone did sloppy diarrhea on a plate and then they just topped it with some avocado...

  • MegaDace
    MegaDace 9 months ago

    Enchiladas are so fucking gross jfc.

  • Jean De Garrigues
    Jean De Garrigues 9 months ago

    Do the chilli challenge by binging with babish please Sean

  • plrrt
    plrrt 9 months ago +3

    that mole looks incredible

  • mugensamurai
    mugensamurai 9 months ago +24

    That was beautiful.

  • Khalid K
    Khalid K 9 months ago +6

    Damn! Never knew authentic enchiladas required that much effort to make.. but that's what sets her apart from the rest.. It's all about the quality and authenticity

  • steffeeH
    steffeeH 9 months ago +23

    I love how you put in the extra effort to show us how the real authentic food from a specific cuisine is made and what it features, so we know what is the real deal and not the westernized version, because that's what I'm after.
    When I go to a restaurant with a foreign cuisine I want to taste what it really is, not some version of it adjusted to the western world.

    • Doe John
      Doe John 9 months ago

      As Michael Scott would say, “THANK YOU!”
      This is the real deal, you know how it’s suppose to be made 😎

  • Kristina insf
    Kristina insf 9 months ago +4

    WHY IS SHE SO AWESOME, *ahem*, neeed to fly to NYC to eat these!!

  • Raymond Martin
    Raymond Martin 9 months ago

    ayyyy que riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiico!

  • Steve Holmgren
    Steve Holmgren 9 months ago +1


  • Elizabeth Weldy
    Elizabeth Weldy 9 months ago


  • Jay Bird
    Jay Bird 9 months ago +3

    Looks just as bad coming out

    • Phil M
      Phil M 9 months ago


    • Sahil Shah
      Sahil Shah 9 months ago +3

      And yet youd eat ass

    • Cap Steez47
      Cap Steez47 9 months ago +1

      Jay Bird you missing out then

  • Virgilio Aponte
    Virgilio Aponte 9 months ago +4

    Wow, first time i see an american restaurant that actually serves real mexican food

  • Docbndgrl9113
    Docbndgrl9113 9 months ago +9

    I wanna try this recipe someday.
    Hey could you all do an episode on a traditional Nigerian, Ghanian, or Eithiopian dish? We never really see traditional dishes from the various African countries.

    • Docbndgrl9113
      Docbndgrl9113 9 months ago

      NorHeadHunter It doesn't because the same thing applies to white people. I didn't know I needed to mention them in order for you to get what I was saying. Oh well.

    • NorHeadHunter
      NorHeadHunter 9 months ago

      "non-white people can internalize and perpetuate racism" How does that not imply that you can only be racist against non-white people?

    • Docbndgrl9113
      Docbndgrl9113 9 months ago

      NorHeadHunter If that's what you got from my statement, you didn't read it properly lol

    • NorHeadHunter
      NorHeadHunter 9 months ago

      "Internalized racism" AND implying that only white people can really be racist, wow.

    • Docbndgrl9113
      Docbndgrl9113 9 months ago

      NorHeadHunter And yeah, I am fun irl.
      You're funny. You wanna get away with racist statements just because you aren't white and you wanna claim that I'm no fun since I want people to stop perpetuating racism.
      How is saying racist things fun again???

  • Ben Marshall
    Ben Marshall 9 months ago +3

    I love mole poblano. Get it every time i go to a Mexican restaurant.

    • Ben Marshall
      Ben Marshall 9 months ago

      Well I don't know the origin, but the mexican restaurant I go to has the mole poblano enchiladas

    • Alfonso Ávalos Castro
      Alfonso Ávalos Castro 9 months ago

      Ben Marshall bueno ni todas las enchiladas son de ahí, hay potosinas y de muchos otros estilos pero las de mole POBLANO no sé de dónde crees que vengan lmao

  • PrincepsComitatus
    PrincepsComitatus 9 months ago +6

    Is it just me or does Mexico has the most unhealthy traditional dishes on the planet. No wounder they hold the obesity world record.

    • TestMeatDollSteak
      TestMeatDollSteak 8 months ago

      Jason Ablah -- Can both of them be referred to as "traditional Italian cuisine"?

    • Jason Ablah
      Jason Ablah 8 months ago

      Do you think traditional cuisine from Tuscany and Sicily are the same?

    • TestMeatDollSteak
      TestMeatDollSteak 8 months ago

      Jason Ablah -- If you aren't sure what that means then why are you sure what types of food it doesn't include?

    • Jason Ablah
      Jason Ablah 8 months ago

      Traditional Italian food (not sure what that means considering the differences in regions) isn't loaded with beef, pork, pasta, and cheese. Fucking Americans I swear.

    • Griselda Cordero
      Griselda Cordero 9 months ago

      PrincepsComitatus Oof, probably but it’s still good food, even if it takes me to a quicker death. 😩👌🔥💯

  • Alfonso Castro
    Alfonso Castro 9 months ago +5

    I live in Puebla and I didn't know enchiladas were from here

  • Metal Slug
    Metal Slug 9 months ago

    I'm hungry now my mouth is watering.

  • Paquin13
    Paquin13 9 months ago

    I loved this. Keep it up!

  • acsel tamez
    acsel tamez 9 months ago +6

    its look fucking delicious but those are not enchiladas those are enmoladas its a variant but not the same dish but still looks awesome.

    • Norma Rodríguez
      Norma Rodríguez 9 months ago +3

      We are in a classic north vs central México dilemma, but yeah, technicalities I’m gonna guess she’s from Puebla where these are enchiladas but yeah enchiladas potosinas are red and delicious. You have to agree that when you come to CDMX these are going to be enchiladas. Either way every single enchilada is amazing. Enchilada.

    • acsel tamez
      acsel tamez 9 months ago +2

      in all north mexico from san luis to tijuana are called enmoladas and the normal enchilada is made with red tortilla and cheese and maybe onion if u want, i know these are just technicalities and yeah we are weird we have a lot of dishes that more or less are variants of ways to cook with corn.

    • Norma Rodríguez
      Norma Rodríguez 9 months ago +1

      These are enchiladas de mole, everybody in Mexico knows them by that name, there are rare places where they are called enmoladas but in central Mexico we call them “enchiladas de mole” in fact we call every rolled tortilla with chicken and salsa enchiladas “enchiladas verdes” “enchiladas rojas” “enchilada suiza” unless it’s with frijoles then it’s an enfrijolada... I realize we are weird

  • Adrian Martínez Lomovskoi

    this shit is delicious

  • j.c man
    j.c man 9 months ago +4

    never make tortillas without a press or they'll look sad and depressing asf...

  • naota3k
    naota3k 9 months ago +2

    My goodness those look fantastic.

  • Arcster
    Arcster 9 months ago +21

    Glad to see some actual mexican food.

  • Pizza God
    Pizza God 9 months ago +9

    next step: do a dominican spot. Y'all in NY and y'all aint do one yet? shameful

  • Hugh Janus
    Hugh Janus 9 months ago +15

    Wow! This time we have actual latinos representing our food

  • katkal3
    katkal3 9 months ago

    enchiladas queretanas. that mole is great i love mole on chicken on eggs on rice,

  • James Iyer
    James Iyer 9 months ago +1

    First we feast is perfect for those living in NYC, but for me in Singapore where do I go! 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    • chucktowski
      chucktowski 9 months ago +2

      Jamerson try strictly Dumplings with Mike Chen

  • Nickenator8
    Nickenator8 9 months ago +4

    mole is actually gross sorry not sorry

    • Nickenator8
      Nickenator8 9 months ago +1

      So we've established that I haven't had good Mole, thank you for your input, avid rabid Mole fans

    • William Martínez
      William Martínez 9 months ago

      Not all moles are the same

    • Auntie slapper10
      Auntie slapper10 9 months ago

      But mole without chocolate is good

    • Auntie slapper10
      Auntie slapper10 9 months ago

      Mole is not always made with chocolate btw w chocolate it’s lowkey nasty

    • Nickenator8
      Nickenator8 9 months ago +3

      I'll put Mole Sauce on the tip of my dick and you all can lick it off.

  • Zuri’s Tricks
    Zuri’s Tricks 9 months ago +1

    have freddie gibbs on the show

  • ChardOfMight
    ChardOfMight 9 months ago +1

    that spice blend sounds amazing

  • Lazy Bones
    Lazy Bones 9 months ago

    I’m drooling after seeing this

  • b minor
    b minor 9 months ago +56

    TVclip arrogant/hater comments never disappoint. A real Mexican lady making something exactly as her family has done for multiple generations, and people still want to complain and say it isn't the 'right' way. smh

    • waloacme
      waloacme 9 months ago

      I have yet to try the elusive "real mexican food". Legends say theres a place in Mexico that prepares it...

    • Gigerian
      Gigerian 9 months ago

      Everyone thinks the 'right way' is the way their mom/grandma did it. Their little bubble world is the correct world.

    • Alex Beltran
      Alex Beltran 9 months ago

      I think it’s because she says that other restaurants say they make original Mexican food but that they get it wrong that she technically makes it the right way

    • cesar becerril
      cesar becerril 9 months ago +5

      I know right!! I was thinking the same thing, enchiladas are a fucking national dish, each state makes them differently, and even within the same state they have different preparation styles. Se pasan de verga

  • jon devieon
    jon devieon 9 months ago

    If you can twerk but cant cook you aignt shit.

  • jose hernandez
    jose hernandez 9 months ago

    My favorite food in the world

  • Alter Ego
    Alter Ego 9 months ago +2

    A webo. El mole poblano sabe mamalon.

  • heavymetallust
    heavymetallust 9 months ago +12

    Holy fuck that looks so good

  • Jojo G
    Jojo G 9 months ago +2

    my mom makes it better

  • Tyson Judd
    Tyson Judd 9 months ago

    Looks great

  • whosthatguy9
    whosthatguy9 9 months ago +2

    Someone give that lady a hug, that looked amazing!

  • Zenn Exile
    Zenn Exile 9 months ago +2

    They never show how to make the tortillas...

  • alejandra roman
    alejandra roman 9 months ago

    having some as i watch this hahah

    • Bigfaxtsx3
      Bigfaxtsx3 9 months ago

      alejandra roman Someones gonna have the runs when they wake up hahah

  • Despite37
    Despite37 9 months ago +3

    how many times she say traditional?

    • Despite37
      Despite37 9 months ago


    • Str8war
      Str8war 9 months ago +5

      who gives af the lady gets down making them enchiladas.

  • Lance Velasquez
    Lance Velasquez 9 months ago

    You want true homemade enchiladas bro come to New Mexico where chile is grown!!!!

    • Lance Velasquez
      Lance Velasquez 9 months ago

      Why is that? If you don't mind me asking

    • Oscar Morales
      Oscar Morales 9 months ago

      Lance Velasquez no just not getting my chiles from "new Mexico"

    • Lance Velasquez
      Lance Velasquez 9 months ago

      Why not? Is real chile to spicy for you?

    • Oscar Morales
      Oscar Morales 9 months ago +1

      Lance Velasquez yeah no thanks