We Made Home Alone R-Rated

  • Published on Sep 8, 2019
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    The crew takes on their most intense VFX Makeover yet - Home Alone.
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Comments • 16 642

  • ultimate supreme
    ultimate supreme Hour ago

    If you waited until Christmas time to release the video, you would’ve gotten way more views than what you have now🤷🏻‍♂️😂good video though👌

  • Jim Forehand
    Jim Forehand 2 hours ago

    G rated Braveheart

  • Chinese Himmrah
    Chinese Himmrah 3 hours ago

    Do the devils rejects G rated

  • Neither Freak Ultima
    Neither Freak Ultima 3 hours ago +1

    You guys are pretty professional ^^

  • nickgavis0305
    nickgavis0305 3 hours ago

    I usually hate when people put ads in their videos I always just skip them, but that was pretty sweet. That’s how you do an ad

  • Patrick Scott
    Patrick Scott 3 hours ago

    Kill bill G rated

  • SciBoy
    SciBoy 3 hours ago

    Make American Ultra to a Child Movie

  • Juan C. Chavez
    Juan C. Chavez 4 hours ago

    This is so bad

  • W711
    W711 4 hours ago

    The part where harry gets shot in the balls 0:42 :
    *Now imagine:* a torn off testicle flies by

  • SUB TO ME PLS btw my name is roan

    Kill bill g rated

  • g.trngg
    g.trngg 4 hours ago

    The Joker G Rated lmao

  • mikael
    mikael 5 hours ago

    Wauw plz make saw g rated

  • MHLeok
    MHLeok 5 hours ago

    and no monetarisation

    THENOOBPRO 17 5 hours ago

    best sponsored video

  • ezra loar
    ezra loar 5 hours ago


  • Tru Faze
    Tru Faze 6 hours ago

    Rejects from hell. G rating!

  • G-man Adventures
    G-man Adventures 7 hours ago

    Congratulations you have ruined my favorite Christmas movie and my childhood dicks

  • Matt Foley
    Matt Foley 7 hours ago


  • Gael Quinones
    Gael Quinones 8 hours ago

    Make spy kids r rated please

    SPIDEYSK8RBOY 8 hours ago

    Make Hostel or Re-Animator 1985 G Rated.

  • LornaEGL
    LornaEGL 9 hours ago

    Make Human Centipede G rated!

  • Gabriel Pryor
    Gabriel Pryor 9 hours ago

    Can you make 300 G rated!

  • thatonejared
    thatonejared 10 hours ago

    Home Alone: Rated R for Reality

  • Mischelle Bautista
    Mischelle Bautista 11 hours ago

    Pls make saw g rated

  • Der Jannik
    Der Jannik 13 hours ago +1

    Please remake Tom and jarry

  • Wong Andrew
    Wong Andrew 14 hours ago

    Man that black guy freaked out

  • Bailey
    Bailey 15 hours ago

    Where was Michael Jackson ?

  • Joshua N
    Joshua N 15 hours ago

    It will be R rated if he 12 years old and he got phone and internet.

  • Unlucky Freak
    Unlucky Freak 15 hours ago

    Definitely do The Three Stooges G Rated

  • Zak retsas
    Zak retsas 17 hours ago

    G rated Hostel...good luck

  • Lie Jan Camiguing
    Lie Jan Camiguing 17 hours ago

    You didnt fix john wick, you make it worst

  • JC Garcia
    JC Garcia 19 hours ago

    Make the first Final Destination G rated. :D

  • Cbrogamez
    Cbrogamez 20 hours ago

    15:13 when you have 5 stars in GTA

  • Deggo Waffles
    Deggo Waffles 20 hours ago

    3:47 "footage"

  • Davskull
    Davskull 20 hours ago

    Make final destination g rated

  • Drew Baumberger
    Drew Baumberger 20 hours ago

    Ok for real.... who has done a serial killer as a kid movie...

  • Drew Baumberger
    Drew Baumberger 20 hours ago

    Ultimate challenge.... g rate pink flamingos. also this was uploaded on my birthday. Do it good my doods

  • Noah Oldham
    Noah Oldham 20 hours ago

    G rated Hardcore Henry

  • Lóže Pražská
    Lóže Pražská 22 hours ago

    Make Ichi the killer G rated

  • Deus Ex Machina
    Deus Ex Machina 23 hours ago +1

    "home alone" transformed to "we need to talk about kevin" :D

  • MonsterHuntressRoon

    This kind of a thing is exactly what SyFy did to the Banana Splits.

  • Gingy plyz We
    Gingy plyz We Day ago

    Scream Jason or Freddy cruger

  • James Houx
    James Houx Day ago

    Hey so what are you doing?
    We made Kevin McAllister a psychopath...
    Huh, well... see you later...

  • Scine Bamm
    Scine Bamm Day ago

    i was eating... i am not any more

  • gacha noob
    gacha noob Day ago


  • Joseph James
    Joseph James Day ago

    Any chance you could make the new breaking bad film half decent

  • ButterKing -28
    ButterKing -28 Day ago +1

    I'm tripping out because my name is Peter

  • Fastly Entertainment

    Alright I’m never gonna step near a nail now

  • divolb
    divolb Day ago

    how about not make fun of moves or I will call your Mom's

  • ryley howard
    ryley howard Day ago

    Can you make it one or two when there it on dvd?

  • tiernan Connolly

    Final destination g rated plz

  • Michael Heafey
    Michael Heafey Day ago

    Here's a challenge.
    Make Final Destination (any of them) G-rated.

  • Ian Fuchs
    Ian Fuchs Day ago


  • Egil Sellgren
    Egil Sellgren Day ago

    G-rated saw!

  • Ach Hadda
    Ach Hadda Day ago

    Those Sponsor part feels real xD hope they aren't xD

  • wendel B
    wendel B Day ago

    Must feel awkward to be a voice actor while being filmed

  • Mr Grumpy
    Mr Grumpy Day ago

    A Marvel childish crap into an R rated???? In what dream?? 🤣🤭

  • Jazmen Davis
    Jazmen Davis Day ago

    Or the green inferno G-rated lol

  • Jazmen Davis
    Jazmen Davis Day ago

    Make a G-rated pulp fiction

  • Ded Pst
    Ded Pst Day ago +1

    i don't know why did i see this on 3 a.m