• Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • Can an all AMD Ryzen Hackintosh outperform the new Apple Mac Pro? We say "YES!"
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    JayzTwoCents bulkhead fittings video -
    AMD Ryzen 3900X -
    Vega 64 GPU (dual) -
    5700 XT GPU (alt) -
    ASRock X570 Creator -
    G.SKILL TridentZ RGB RAM -
    Corsair MP600 SSD (2TB) -
    Corsair HX1000 PSU -
    Corsair 680X RGB Case -
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    Guide I followed for a Vanilla AMD OS X install -
    Kexts I used for this motherboard/config (yours may vary): AppleMCEReporterDisabler.kext, BrcmPatchRAM3.kext, BT4LEContinuityFixup.kext, FakeXMC.kext, Lilu.kext, NullCPUPowerManagement.kext, SmallTree-Intel-211-AT-PCIe-GBE.kext, VirtualSMC.kext, VoodooHDA.kext, WhateverGreen.kext, XLNCUSBFix.kext
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Comments • 3 989

  • Julius Schulte
    Julius Schulte 10 hours ago

    Wtf the vega 64 is a great card for gaming

  • Amaury frias
    Amaury frias 14 hours ago

    Threadripper 3970x hackintosh

  • Present Trend Production

    What was the alternative software for clover ?

  • StudioHM
    StudioHM Day ago

    Here again. I can't get this setup to work. Is there any chance you could sell me a copy of your EFI?

  • Keith Treason
    Keith Treason Day ago

    Does this still beat a maxed out Mac Pro?

  • Remix and Karaoke

    why do the 3950X, when there's the threadripper 3970X, I'm wondering how it compares to that 50K Mac pro.

  • Denis La Bine
    Denis La Bine Day ago

    Amd 3990x 64 cores in a dune pro that somebody did kills intel /apple 128 plus 4 terabytes of memory, can you do that video?

  • Ghislayne
    Ghislayne 2 days ago

    monitor model?

  • Thomas Jensen
    Thomas Jensen 2 days ago

    I want to See this machine with the Best AMD cpus and a comparison with the most highend official machine

  • Thomas Jensen
    Thomas Jensen 2 days ago

    When... AMD hands nvidia a well deserved asswupping.. Then a hackintosh Will truly shine. You could always use the cheesegrater pc case clone for the hackintosh for the authentic Apple look

  • iSwaggs2000
    iSwaggs2000 2 days ago

    add the wifi card as well in the 3950x pls

  • FLO w RAY
    FLO w RAY 2 days ago

    Leave a commen down below

  • Max Wang
    Max Wang 2 days ago

    7:14 blank frame?

  • Submarine Seb
    Submarine Seb 3 days ago

    Ooo very sexy Computer

  • Jesse Gossmann
    Jesse Gossmann 3 days ago

    I want to see the 3950

  • Edgardo Delfino
    Edgardo Delfino 3 days ago

    Hi Snazzy ! Why aren't you comparing it to the New Mac Pro as it says in the title ? keep up the cool work !

  • Melissa Healy
    Melissa Healy 3 days ago

    i noticed two of the cables formed sort of a swastika shape 0:23 in

  • Mango mesh
    Mango mesh 3 days ago

    Wasn't this PC a complete failure, I here people couldn't get Mac OS working on that motherboard?

  • ivanteo1973
    ivanteo1973 3 days ago

    don't understand why you love Mac so much. can't you use a windows fro your task?

  • TheSkepticSkwerl
    TheSkepticSkwerl 3 days ago

    Apple has their heads up their butt with their prices.

  • sam p-w
    sam p-w 3 days ago +1

    Wait so what's the final price off the entire thing + peripherals?

  • Shadow Fox Infinite
    Shadow Fox Infinite 4 days ago

    Kind of a flawed comparison- the machine in this video only clocks 12360 multicore max, with almost 1000Mhz faster memory without ECC. A vanilla Mac Pro has a 12084 multicore average for 12-core 7,1.
    The RAM and cores are faster in Mhz, and still just barely beat out the stock 12-core.
    This heart transplant isn't worth the risk- you're better off getting a $6K base Mac, and wait for the 48-core Intel Gold's to go on sale in 3 years.
    Sure, it's $2-3K cheaper, but that's to be expected for any home build vs any major brand like HP, Dell, SuperMicro, etc. You're paying for the case design, unique motherboard, and guaranteed compatibility. That may not be worth that much to you, but to other people it most certainly is.

  • John Longbow
    John Longbow 4 days ago

    Yes R9 3950X 😀

  • Oskar Kej
    Oskar Kej 4 days ago

    bruh vega 64's are like gtx 1080's

  • Thomas
    Thomas 4 days ago

    This isn't really an Apple's to Apple's comparison though is it? The Mac Pro uses workstation grade components, whereas this doesn't. The Mac Pro is reliable, whereas a Hackintosh with custom liquid cooling is the opposite of that. On top of that, the base model Mac Pro is arguably the worst value spec - it would be more interesting to see a comparison of a better spec against a PC built with workstation components, ie quadro cards, ECC memory, etc.

  • Victor Nazarian
    Victor Nazarian 4 days ago

    For me, I’m thinking of using this technique to build a Hacintosh in an old G5 case that was damaged in a flood.

  • Stephen Sanders
    Stephen Sanders 4 days ago

    Sick build! If you had replaced the wifi card with a MacOS compatible one, would that enable normal FaceTime and iMessage operation?

  • Richard Mccain
    Richard Mccain 4 days ago

    6k for a Mac is a lot of money just like the $250,000 SGI Onyx workstation. Can some one tell me if SGI is still in bussiness.

    • thej762000
      thej762000 3 days ago

      SGI filed for Chapter 11 back in 2009. The remains were acquired by Rackable Systems and then sold to HP in 2016.

  • Argle Bargle
    Argle Bargle 4 days ago

    $6K ???? Apple is mental. The only Crapple device I've ever owned was a 4S iphone, which I swapped for an Android phone 6 months later.

  • Logan McGill
    Logan McGill 5 days ago

    This seems WAY to good to be true

  • Andreas Mortensen
    Andreas Mortensen 5 days ago

    I swear RGB is the ugliest f*** thing in IT.

  • Gerardo Faustin
    Gerardo Faustin 5 days ago +1

    3,950X Comments
    we wanna see it !!!

  • Jon Londrezos
    Jon Londrezos 5 days ago

    do an EPYC based hackintosh!

  • Darin Luckie
    Darin Luckie 5 days ago

    Wow! I struggled this week to get Catalina running in a VM (due to an APFS bug w/ Virtulbox). Wanna druel @ the 3950x :P

  • Jason Hampton
    Jason Hampton 5 days ago

    In your next video, you mention that this build was unstable, but its not clear if it was unstable under MAC OS or just windows. Please explain more.

  • Sai Peri
    Sai Peri 5 days ago

    If you are a programmer who wants to do a Ryzentosh then you should know that Docker and Emulation do not work properly on Ryzen based hackintoshs. There are workarounds though, such as docker toolbox and Genymotion for Android emulation. Virtualbox works as well. This is because the hypervisor is written to work with intel CPUs (macOS).

  • blub
    blub 5 days ago +1

    U a dumb poop

  • David Wu
    David Wu 6 days ago

    How does it working so far?

  • B Wilks
    B Wilks 6 days ago


  • Christian Larcomb
    Christian Larcomb 6 days ago +1

    7:14 white

  • Johan Taljaard
    Johan Taljaard 6 days ago

    I love the Hackintosh videos, especially the Ryzen variants. Thanks Quinn.

  • Swyagar Chilveri
    Swyagar Chilveri 6 days ago

    yes ! 3950x

  • yearoftherat
    yearoftherat 6 days ago

    Apple's pricing, especially for products made in China, and for what you get when compared to a PC, is absurd. They've long been running on the strange status symbol/look at me/social statement clout that began way back when they launched iPods and later went through the ceiling with the iPhone. As an aside, I can't understand what would motivate anyone to want to fork over $1500 for a phone either.

  • Mario
    Mario 6 days ago

    But it doesn't have amount of PCIe slots, dual 10gigabit ethernet, lacks in RAM support and well... it has no PCIe slots left free.... also no ECC ram, pro drivers nor Intel cpu. All these things cost a lot. Amd, nvidia ask premium for GPUs with pro drivers. Intel CPUs cost a lot more. ECC ram is ridiculously expensive, specially in higher capacities. Much less vram as well.

  • theloniousMac
    theloniousMac 6 days ago

    Do the 3950x

  • micmarkno
    micmarkno 6 days ago

    Would/can you recommend this machine for Logic Pro X (10.4.8)?

  • theloniousMac
    theloniousMac 6 days ago

    I fell asleep watching this video. I dreamt I knocked the MacPro off the desk and on to the floor. I woke up with chest pains.

  • Cooe
    Cooe 6 days ago

    KSL???? SnazzyLabs lives in Salt Lake City, Utah???? O____O
    Hello fellow SLC-er!

  • Nate Bailey
    Nate Bailey 6 days ago

    I am 17 years old. I have build and owned one pc in my life. I did a full hardline water cooled 280x and it’s not hard people over hype it.

  • lenn55
    lenn55 6 days ago +1

    This is more a story on how AMD is beating Intel as opposed to building a Hackintosh that beats the MP. If Apple were to use AMD CPUs I'm sure this would have turned out differently.

  • Khoi Dang
    Khoi Dang 6 days ago

    Would you please upload the EFI folder? That should help us a lot getting the hack up and running.

  • Ran Tallion
    Ran Tallion 6 days ago

    of course - anything can beat crapple at the same price range. they are garbage made for people who cant think for themselves. good for the moronic masses i guess.

  • Carson Adkins
    Carson Adkins 6 days ago

    you question why ur graphics card died it's because you used a screwdriver to clean the thermal paste off of it bro you hit something or destroyed a trace never worry about the thermal paste that's off the die it's fine just clean the die not around it....

  • Anchor Bait
    Anchor Bait 6 days ago +1

    Your accent at 1:12 is awesome. Do you consciously correct for it?

  • Jason Hampton
    Jason Hampton 7 days ago

    Please do a build with the new AMD Ryzen thread ripper 3990x with 64 cores and 128 threads.

  • Chetan Bhalotia
    Chetan Bhalotia 7 days ago

    I want you nail Apple to it's core

  • Pavel Smolyakov
    Pavel Smolyakov 7 days ago

    I definitely gonna want to see how 3950x build is destroying that 9000$ macPro.

  • ahadgroup
    ahadgroup 7 days ago

    Do the ugrpade with the new new CPU module please!

  • geonerd
    geonerd 7 days ago

    Apple really needs to ditch Intel and move to a 32 core 'Ripper.

  • Aurora
    Aurora 7 days ago

    What monitors did you use?