Russian lessons - Lesson 1 - Tips, goals and Russian alphabet | Russian language

  • Published on Apr 16, 2018
  • From zero to fluency! Russian Language Course for beginners from a certified Russian teacher! Welcome and let's learn some Russian together:)
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  • Potatarz ngnova
    Potatarz ngnova Hour ago

    21:31 nice one

  • I. PRO
    I. PRO Hour ago

    I'm just here so I can play csgo

  • Bud Slack
    Bud Slack 7 hours ago

    A, its harder.... like everything russian.... lol

  • Alena 15
    Alena 15 7 hours ago

    Офигеть у неё Русский акцент🤯

    • Alena 15
      Alena 15 6 hours ago

      @Real Russian Club ой, простите, я не знала что вы по русски говорите🤗

    • Real Russian Club
      Real Russian Club  7 hours ago

      Alena 15 горе-то какое😄

  • Pekata23
    Pekata23 11 hours ago

    I want to learn russian because everyone in csgo is from Russia i want to blame them!

  • Win Chesteeer
    Win Chesteeer 11 hours ago

    Man I have nothing to do over the summer so yeah I decided to learn Russian

    IRFAN KHATRI 13 hours ago

    OMG it's 100 times easier than Mandarin Chinese

  • Luke Perret
    Luke Perret 17 hours ago

    As a french our A is pronouced exactly as their A

  • Christopher Gonzalez

    Goal: impress russian girlfriends parents

  • Jamie Bristow
    Jamie Bristow Day ago

    Really struggling with the 'rrrr' sound

  • S A H I L
    S A H I L Day ago

    I Wanna Learn Russian To Sing a Russian Song ⊙﹏⊙

  • Sue Njerey
    Sue Njerey Day ago

    This was really good 🙂

  • punch me XD
    punch me XD Day ago

    the only thing i learnd in Russian is “cyka blyat”

  • Tad Rozycki
    Tad Rozycki Day ago

    First lettres must be presented as minuscule and after capital as is in normal school.

  • Валерия Алексеева

    I'm from Russia. Я из России.

  • Marke
    Marke Day ago

    I have a question. The letter O is the same in english, yet with это the O is pronounced like A. Is that just the case with that particular word?


    i love you thanks

  • Dick Plummer
    Dick Plummer Day ago

    I want to impregnate you with life

  • Ibrahim Altajali

    Thank you

  • Agent Cabbab
    Agent Cabbab Day ago

    Loonie Vs Oxxxymiron

  • Tru noticed
    Tru noticed Day ago

    Yo I got more confused the farther I went

  • ice weeb
    ice weeb 2 days ago

    Eat=This is =D

  • Beastly Johnson
    Beastly Johnson 2 days ago +1

    15:26: Wookiee intensifies

  • Beastly Johnson
    Beastly Johnson 2 days ago +4

    Daria: Privet
    Me: stays silent
    Daria: exactly that works perfectly

  • Neil R
    Neil R 2 days ago

    Russian/Ukrainian accent is one of the sexiest!

  • Riley Miller
    Riley Miller 2 days ago

    Why i want to learn Russian?

    To swear at my friends of course

  • Berhan Hamamci
    Berhan Hamamci 2 days ago +1

    I am from turkey and ı dont know english very well but ı understand everything quickly you have an importenr talent an it is teaching, thanks a lot and by the way please throw me a heart :D

  • Marke
    Marke 2 days ago +1

    This has been the best video i've found on this yet.
    I have to say, i won't need an association for C and P
    I'm a grownup and still go through the whole Alphabet to see what letter follows another.

  • Miguel Bustamante
    Miguel Bustamante 2 days ago


  • bogroman13
    bogroman13 2 days ago

    This video's length: 43 minutes
    Next video's length: 1 hour
    42:33 listen to what she says 🙃
    I already know some Russian thanks to Duolingo but I decided to try for some more detailed explanation and hearing an actual teacher so that's how I found you and I'm really glad.
    I will 100% continue watching your lessons 👌
    thank you in advance!

  • Just Apex
    Just Apex 2 days ago

    Goal: Speaking to russians in CS:GO and to get a russian girlfriend

  • nesrine _
    nesrine _ 2 days ago

    I want to learn it because it is so interesant, the letters ? Like signs I don't know I want to learn it to understand songs / films , maybe one day go to Russia

  • Carmen Ivan
    Carmen Ivan 2 days ago

    I love how russian sounds...

  • azael torres
    azael torres 2 days ago

    Goal: pipe some Russian baddies

  • Lorenz
    Lorenz 2 days ago

    Thank you

  • General Melchett
    General Melchett 2 days ago

    When do we Learn about hard bass?

  • Xewoo :/
    Xewoo :/ 2 days ago

    Сука блять

  • boi u dum
    boi u dum 2 days ago

    I love how cliche Russians say American

  • First Time
    First Time 2 days ago

    Почему я это досмотрел?

  • Lindon Lamont
    Lindon Lamont 2 days ago

    15:28 What a sexy little growl.


    СПАСИБО за уроки благодаря вам у меня 100% знание русского !!!

  • card master
    card master 3 days ago

    Thanks prijwet bratan blyat

  • WickedSickProduction

    15:28 when you can speak russian as a foreigner

  • Hitman 47
    Hitman 47 3 days ago

    Travel to Russia - лол, не приезжайте сюда. Это ад на Земле.

  • Isela Morales
    Isela Morales 3 days ago +1

    Goal:rule the world with commun....-US watching my every move-i mean capitalism......

  • Henry Ventura
    Henry Ventura 3 days ago

    Definitely women :)

  • Bryan Foster
    Bryan Foster 3 days ago +3

    Goal : i want to date russian girls
    Good enough ?

  • Jeszy Andrew
    Jeszy Andrew 3 days ago

    Goal : to watch russian movies.. And to understand their culture..😎

    • Hitman 47
      Hitman 47 3 days ago

      lol im russian and i never watch russian movies. They are very ugly.

  • Chastaine
    Chastaine 3 days ago

    I think the English S makes a scarier snake lol
    The way I remembered Russian C is well, the english C sound starts with the S sound

  • Juan Montero
    Juan Montero 4 days ago +3

    Goal: be a Russian spy

  • Kylie Jenner
    Kylie Jenner 4 days ago

    We learned also strategically:
    and so on...

  • ChengMong Yang
    ChengMong Yang 4 days ago

    Is vodka a beer

  • Andrew Dronsson
    Andrew Dronsson 4 days ago +1

    The English for "губка" is "sponge", это даже я знаю. :-)

  • Roach
    Roach 4 days ago

    I want to learn so i can understand President Putin without translation

  • microezh. com
    microezh. com 4 days ago +2

    I will learn English by this video
    (im from Russia)

    • Hitman 47
      Hitman 47 Day ago

      @nidhi chaudhari my telegram @vilezator

    • Hitman 47
      Hitman 47 3 days ago

      Lol im too.

  • Edwin Maja
    Edwin Maja 4 days ago

    english alphabet have 26 letters

  • Edwin Maja
    Edwin Maja 4 days ago

    im from the philippines

  • Nupur Nishant
    Nupur Nishant 4 days ago

    Thank You. It was very nice. I will watch all videos.

  • Daniel Coretz
    Daniel Coretz 4 days ago

    Goal- Re learn

  • Soumya Pramanik .
    Soumya Pramanik . 4 days ago +1

    Thx dani daniels 🙂

  • Soviet_Comrade19
    Soviet_Comrade19 4 days ago +13

    Just a capitalist spy here posing as a fake Russian, go on with your business and don’t mind me

  • TF2scoutxsniper !
    TF2scoutxsniper ! 4 days ago

    I want to travel to Russia

  • Overwhelming Conundrum

    French is gay

  • Baguette Launcher
    Baguette Launcher 5 days ago +1

    5:42 oh there it is a .. pe .. a pen .... ah yeah! ... a pen! just a pen
    it's a pen guys! calm down!

  • tareq naseri
    tareq naseri 5 days ago

    thanks a lot because of video

  • Baguette Launcher
    Baguette Launcher 5 days ago

    2:15 was afraid she was writin "communism" xddddd

  • OwO Foox
    OwO Foox 5 days ago

    i wanna learn russian coz i wanna speak it in school when mah friends turn on my russian mode xd

  • Aggeliki Kavourinou
    Aggeliki Kavourinou 5 days ago +10

    Goal: Speak fluently Russian 🔊
    Not only for exams but because it's such a beautiful language. ✔

    • George
      George 4 days ago +1

      I am in the 8th grade and I am going to try learn Russian.I am Romanian I am speaking english almost fluent

  • Faraz Hashmi
    Faraz Hashmi 5 days ago

    Спасибо, учитель

  • ØBËY _MË
    ØBËY _MË 5 days ago

    Here cuz of csgo

  • Ярослава Телятникова

    Я думаю хороший пример это "ТИГР". I think a good example is "TIGER". Звучит как "РРРРРРРРРР" Sounds like "ARRRRRRRRRR"

  • Akankhya Sengupta
    Akankhya Sengupta 5 days ago

    U talk too much..try to chnge this habit.. Its very annoying

  • Simbi D
    Simbi D 5 days ago

    я бзатащил там

  • Jordan Patterson
    Jordan Patterson 5 days ago

    Hi enjoying learning russian i think the gubka in english is a rubber for the white board

  • not today
    not today 5 days ago +1

    yes I'm repeating :D

  • Yalcin Memmedli
    Yalcin Memmedli 5 days ago

    I'm just wondering r u from Russia or England? U'r quite good at both languages😅

  • sad salad
    sad salad 6 days ago

    because i want to be a n.e.e.t. member

  • Label
    Label 6 days ago

    I am russian and I learn English.

  • Boomer Fatso
    Boomer Fatso 6 days ago +2

    Goal : become soviet russian

  • Карина Баймурзина

    Она русская, её акцент

  • -Azurr_ C-Ops
    -Azurr_ C-Ops 6 days ago +1


  • Kenna Drawz
    Kenna Drawz 6 days ago

    I want to move to russia America is a shit country 😐

  • John
    John 6 days ago +2

    Goal; Russian is biggest native language in Europe, and want to be able to speak with people in online games.

    • Luke Perret
      Luke Perret 16 hours ago

      Then it s german (number2) , french (3), English (4)... I already speak french and English, so I d like to learn russian but that will not be a piece of cake

  • John
    John 6 days ago

    thank you this was really helpful

  • Louis Ng
    Louis Ng 6 days ago

    no one
    the girl in the video : i don't need any flies here

  • Нечего Терять

    Russian do not surrender!

  • Batool Al-mosawi
    Batool Al-mosawi 6 days ago

    It’s been two years since I came to Russia for studying and I still cannot say a sentence other than Hello my name is Batool...
    I want to learn a little bit this summer hopefullyyyyy

  • Kamran Haider
    Kamran Haider 6 days ago +1

    Alright here comes a new student of yours

  • FAke speeder
    FAke speeder 6 days ago

    cyka blyat

  • M M Ashish
    M M Ashish 6 days ago

    Nice. Guttakk --- [Duster]

    But in Hindi means
    Gutka means tobacco (kind of mouth fresher) .

  • dixit b.c
    dixit b.c 6 days ago

    I think she tried to pronounce HOUNGOUNGAGNE 11:00

  • Branco de Daniel Baptista

    wauu i`m enjoying thiss, thanks teacher, for all of thiss, God bless ya

  • Iyad Solo
    Iyad Solo 7 days ago

    Она очень сексуальная, особенно с Россией.

  • Jorge L. Betancourt
    Jorge L. Betancourt 7 days ago +1

    like the tank

  • Danny Dekker
    Danny Dekker 7 days ago +1

    Goal: when they invade us I want to be able to speak their language😂

    • Барсик М
      Барсик М 4 days ago +1

      Good point! But you that time most of educated Russians will speak several foreign languages as it was before the revolution.

  • i luv таеliеи and dавliх

    this was amazing..!

    im gonna watch all lessons ;D

  • i luv таеliеи and dавliх

    My main language is Turkish, but i'm here, in a English video for learn my third language- Russian ;D

    *gosh it is tiring listen another language from different your own ;v;*

    • i luv таеliеи and dавliх
      i luv таеliеи and dавliх 3 days ago

      @Chastaine i know.. there is not too much turkish video to russian lessons, so i can say i have to watch.. it is beautiful that im studying two language, but my head hurts after 30-40mins and i dont like leave video at the middle ;c

    • Chastaine
      Chastaine 3 days ago +1

      But it will make you that much better at both

  • i luv таеliеи and dавliх

    goal: uhm no goal im just bored and love learn smth? ;d

  • Muhammad Bilal
    Muhammad Bilal 7 days ago

    I m also your student madam