Russian lessons - Lesson 1 - Tips, goals and Russian alphabet | Russian language

  • Published on Apr 16, 2018
  • From zero to fluency! Russian Language Course for beginners from a certified Russian teacher! Welcome and let's learn some Russian together:)
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  • shivraj meena
    shivraj meena 5 minutes ago

    I want learn russian because I want to know about russian culture so many thinks from India

  • MakeyourMark
    MakeyourMark 23 minutes ago

    Going to Russia in February and have conversations with locals and create new relationships

  • Angry Manatee
    Angry Manatee 4 hours ago

    15:25 When I tell my cat i'm learning Russian
    16:05 That was the most Russian twist in the video

  • Matthew Ladipe
    Matthew Ladipe 5 hours ago

    Im here bacause of VITAS

  • Matthew Ladipe
    Matthew Ladipe 5 hours ago

    Goal: be a vitas

  • Marcus Crassus
    Marcus Crassus 6 hours ago

    16:04 Soviet Union symptoms

  • Odeleya D
    Odeleya D 6 hours ago

    I literally can't learn my R's😭 my mom is Russian and my dad speaks Hebrew and I can't roll my R's. What has come of my life...

  • Умрбек Матрасулов

    I speak russian well. And i may practice online with English speaking. Any proposals?

  • wolf songs 666
    wolf songs 666 9 hours ago

    For future me is was at 37:00

  • Huyền Đỗ
    Huyền Đỗ 11 hours ago

    Thank you

  • hotlips 40
    hotlips 40 12 hours ago

    Just want to learn it

  • Roma Shiman
    Roma Shiman 14 hours ago

    I learn English watching Russian lessons 🙂

  • icewallow come
    icewallow come 14 hours ago

    Goal: because i can

  • moneyisdangerous
    moneyisdangerous 14 hours ago

    boorger smiley face

  • Тигран Арутюнян

    Хахахаххаа как я ржу.
    Я в америке живу.
    Так смшеон над этим наблюдать.

  • charles aniel
    charles aniel 18 hours ago

    2 ea. according 2 thier abilities 2 ea. according 2 thier needs

  • a l
    a l 19 hours ago

    Im just 10 years old and i need to start learning RUSSIA. Im good st english soo i need to know like 3 languges. Well im from LITHUANIA so languge number 1 was easy

  • Nedim Ayvaz
    Nedim Ayvaz 20 hours ago

    The letter O is sometimes pronounced as O and sometimes as A, can somebody explain that to me plz?

  • Nithya N
    Nithya N 22 hours ago +1

    Daria :r u repeating after me?I hope so.

  • Meister Trollport
    Meister Trollport 23 hours ago

    goal: understanding doto mates

  • True Heroine
    True Heroine Day ago

    Привет из Босне и Херцеговине

  • Andy Lee
    Andy Lee Day ago

    “Real Russian Group”
    Me: please speak russian

  • Pony Bro
    Pony Bro Day ago

    Im russian. Why am i here???

  • Noiconnotag
    Noiconnotag Day ago +1

    I still don't understand why the letter O sound like the English (O) in some cases or as an (A) in other cases. It is very confusing since you already have A in the Russian alphabet.

  • Lazy Hotdog
    Lazy Hotdog Day ago

    you sound swiss

  • Amin Medoudi
    Amin Medoudi Day ago

    Great lesson, i got what i need learning how to to Reed russian alphabets, thanks

  • Dy Tina
    Dy Tina Day ago

    Wow!... I am really good when it comes to languages😳... Even if I still won't understand what it means, I feel like I already can write a Russian dictation; I've learned the alphabet, well!, kind of LOL (I'll keep practicing, tho')... And it's my first day.
    I'm proud of myself LOL.
    P.S.: When you're a Spanish native speaker learning Russian in English. LOL
    BTW. My Goal is: Simply Russia and Russians. Because beautiful. Because cold. Because conservative. LOL
    God bless you and Russia!

  • Dy Tina
    Dy Tina Day ago

    They say everything good starts with a "Hello"... and THAT'S the beggining of this!?😳
    Oh!, may God help us!

  • mariam audah
    mariam audah Day ago

    From day i decide to learn russian language i hope god help me

  • sandeep kumar
    sandeep kumar Day ago

    I wanna learn Russian language just because of my Russian girlfriend 😉 there is many problems i faced when im talking with her

  • Cyprus Zindagi
    Cyprus Zindagi Day ago

    Baby your voice is amazing, I fallen love with you ...

  • Darth Shaggy
    Darth Shaggy 2 days ago +1

    I want to learn Russian cause I always have Russian teammates in csgo. I don’t want to scream cyka blyat all the time

    • Eclipsa Butterfly
      Eclipsa Butterfly 7 hours ago +1

      Darth Shaggy phrases you need:
      Саня верни сотку [ sanya verny sotku ]
      Иди нахуй [ idi nakhuy ]

  • HFH
    HFH 2 days ago

    My goal is to marry Daria, so I will learn Russian from her so that I can communicate better with her family. Im sure that will impress her.

  • Noah Roblox
    Noah Roblox 2 days ago


  • Everett Dinkins
    Everett Dinkins 2 days ago

    You definitely need a notebook for this

  • Mozatic Enterprises & Entertainment

    Если кто-то вроде тебя выйдет за меня замуж, я бы обязательно выучил русский язык, как ты думаешь?

  • G O N E
    G O N E 2 days ago

    Literally cant see the bottom of the alphabet

  • Soroush EINE
    Soroush EINE 2 days ago

    this is cool

  • Cristhian Asallam Sanchez Ramirez

    cut to 30:00 she speaks nonsense the first 30 minutes

    • David Tangye
      David Tangye 2 days ago

      She imparts excellent information in the first 30 minutes, but you want to learn quickly, you need to learn to listen to what teachers are actually saying, not what you impatiently are wanting them to say.

  • Potolock Хых
    Potolock Хых 3 days ago

    Хд. Кто нибудь из русских это смотрит?.

  • princess Marianna
    princess Marianna 3 days ago

    Hello - здравствуйте
    Hi - привет
    How old are you? - Сколько тебе лет?
    Вот три примера :)
    Я не знаю английский😊😅

  • khrisna khristian
    khrisna khristian 3 days ago

    ah you racist.

  • princess Marianna
    princess Marianna 3 days ago

    Я русская! Здрасте)))))
    Как дела?

  • CandyCandy
    CandyCandy 3 days ago

    Я Канди

  • CandyCandy
    CandyCandy 3 days ago

    My interest is simply bc I want to learn it.

  • zeus PRO
    zeus PRO 3 days ago

    Нет or не. We are so reduced - не

  • zeus PRO
    zeus PRO 3 days ago

    Hello, спасибо за то, что изучаете мой родноя язык!) I also study English) thank you!)

  • UwU UwU
    UwU UwU 3 days ago

    In turkey we have "I" so its easier for me to say the words. Yay ^^

  • dbndbndbn
    dbndbndbn 3 days ago



    Россия вы тут ?

  • mariam audah
    mariam audah 3 days ago

    I want read book

  • Talking Rubbish
    Talking Rubbish 4 days ago +4

    People: Russian is really difficult
    Cantonese: hold my pronunciation

  • Xi Jinpingpong
    Xi Jinpingpong 4 days ago

    I want to meet you for borscht. xoxo!

  • cody foster
    cody foster 4 days ago

    Or рестраи

  • cody foster
    cody foster 4 days ago

    You never said what брат translation

  • Jazz Morton
    Jazz Morton 4 days ago

    . help idk what this is

  • sir nicholas
    sir nicholas 4 days ago +1

    goal: to increase cheeki breeki

  • sir nicholas
    sir nicholas 4 days ago +1

    remember kids, y is pronounced LIKE BEGINING OF TANK BLIN!

    ROMULO BENICIO 4 days ago

    Daria is so beautiful 😍