Things We Should Leave in 2017


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  • ConnorFranta
    ConnorFranta  11 months ago +2825

    SUP. I'm actually on time this week weeeee! Hope you enjoy my little list of people/trends/events that simply should be left behind in the new year. Also, happy week before christmas to all those that celebrate!! Enjoy and see you laterrr x

    • Katelyn Niewoonder
      Katelyn Niewoonder 4 months ago

      ConnorFranta holo 👌good video

    • Cyla Basran
      Cyla Basran 9 months ago

      ConnorFranta when Connor was talking about slime I was playing with it

    • abby hopkins Hopkins
      abby hopkins Hopkins 10 months ago

      ConnorFranta it’s funny c he never mentioned Logan Paul Jake Paul team 10 or rice gum....they are all stupid

    • Shane Johnson
      Shane Johnson 10 months ago

      Where did u get this flannel!!!!

    • Unłucky
      Unłucky 11 months ago

      ConnorFranta slime is annoying in some ways but Connor you’ll have to become president to stop it... good luck.

  • Aaron Blue
    Aaron Blue 15 hours ago +1

    I'm a dude. Dang, that stung. Sorry I guess..

  • Elijahwhatsgood Yass
    Elijahwhatsgood Yass 22 days ago

    How the hell u going to leave half the things that are happening this yr. I mean the U.S government, dumb people like thats just dumb

  • James Figuracion
    James Figuracion 23 days ago

    I'm pretty sure I just fell in love.

  • peachy aila
    peachy aila 2 months ago

    I think I connect with you on a spiritual level

  • Charlie Green
    Charlie Green 2 months ago

    Love you

  • Sorcha Nutty
    Sorcha Nutty 2 months ago

    I love the way you started with men

  • Stéphane Schmalen
    Stéphane Schmalen 2 months ago

    Finally someone who thinks like me, you can't imagine how related I feel right now😂

  • amaitae
    amaitae 2 months ago

    year of self loving; yes king

  • Paygicorn 74
    Paygicorn 74 3 months ago

    most of if not all of that paper was blank, the light shone through it and there was nothing written on it. idk i just thought it was funny. it probably wasn't. i find weird things funny. yesterday i laughed for like ten minutes because of a picture of a hedgehog screaming at the ground. then i showed it to all my friends and felt awkward when no one laughed.

  • Brody Sinko
    Brody Sinko 3 months ago

    My God I love you
    You are my gay idol 👌👌👌

  • Katelyn Niewoonder
    Katelyn Niewoonder 4 months ago

    Holo Conner😆😋😊😻😺😸😽✌

  • Jessica Nguyen
    Jessica Nguyen 4 months ago

    Can we please leave HOMOPHOBE in 2017 or even before that?! Like why are these people dislike homosexuals soo effin much??

  • Aiman Ali
    Aiman Ali 4 months ago

    Watching this in 2018 and lmaoing so hard idk if I ass is even there anymore...

  • Lottekamp
    Lottekamp 4 months ago

    Men caused the most problems in 2017? You mean always in history since now.

  • Lottekamp
    Lottekamp 4 months ago

    Why you were complaining last year? Uhm, Donald Trump?

  • die pls
    die pls 5 months ago

    my friends mom told me that im an intellectual

  • Bob Didlboc
    Bob Didlboc 5 months ago +1

    Things we didn’t leave in 2017: this entire video

  • hey yall
    hey yall 5 months ago

    And you thought 2017 government was bad.

  • Olivia Narang
    Olivia Narang 5 months ago

    I'm stoopoof.

    MARQUIS de LAFAYETTE 6 months ago +1

    we should’ve left the homophobes and transphobes in 2017 but now we’re in 2018 and i regret not leaving them

  • Joseph Gonzalez
    Joseph Gonzalez 6 months ago

    I left my Ex in 2016 LOL!!

  • Fazy Playz
    Fazy Playz 6 months ago

    Let'snot leave Fortnite behind

  • Smart Blonde
    Smart Blonde 6 months ago +1

    The list I have when my friends ask me why they are so special

  • MRdaBakkle
    MRdaBakkle 6 months ago

    I say get rid of all the straight men. Just leave the gay and bi dudes alone, but them straight bros.

    • MRdaBakkle
      MRdaBakkle 5 months ago

      Um that's fine. Also we would leave the bi dudes.

    • Meatball
      Meatball 5 months ago

      MRdaBakkle but then everyone would die unless you milk gays for sperm

  • Kevin Lewis
    Kevin Lewis 6 months ago

    I was playing w/ slime while watching this. Shit.

  • Bugaboo
    Bugaboo 6 months ago

    SLIME. Ugh, why? It's completely useless and never worth the money. Ew

  • Kibo Mira-ai
    Kibo Mira-ai 7 months ago

    omagad soooo hilarious(i googled the spelling of this word up)

  • Bugler55
    Bugler55 7 months ago +1

    2:16 - how is it "taking one for the team" if you're saying something your audience will largely agree with? lol. I wish we could leave posturing in 2017, and people just spoke plainly- like when you said [what i really mean is things I didnt like this past year]

  • Monique Castelli
    Monique Castelli 7 months ago +1

    Lol honestly I can’t believe I didn’t watch his video until today

  • #Iamtheone More
    #Iamtheone More 7 months ago

    Unfortunately fidget spinners weren't left in 2018...

  • Devyn Noelle
    Devyn Noelle 7 months ago

    I clicked "like" as soon as he said slime.
    Love you, Connor❤❤

  • Bella Escarcega
    Bella Escarcega 7 months ago

    “He’s got a list he means business.” XD

  • hope
    hope 7 months ago

    guys, the thing about him saying 'men' isn't that big of a deal. it was an exaggeration, and i'm not saying that men cause all the problems, but take a look at how many problems were caused by men. it's simply an exaggeration

  • hope
    hope 7 months ago +1

    "2017, welcome to your list"

  • The Beauty Melody
    The Beauty Melody 7 months ago

    OMG LOVE THSI VIDEO SO MUCH!!! And I completely agree on leaving the eyebrow trend behind

  • Aly Moxness
    Aly Moxness 7 months ago

    I want that button up shirt

  • Caryll Apostol
    Caryll Apostol 8 months ago

    i know right 2014 I WANT

  • rachel czarnecki
    rachel czarnecki 8 months ago

    re-watching but i already have a trend to leave in 2018, the tide pod challenge

  • Hannah Martin
    Hannah Martin 8 months ago

    I’m watching this in April so pretty late but still very entertaining and helpful, especially the “love yourself” portion

  • Violet Greenfield
    Violet Greenfield 8 months ago

    Why dis the us government follow us to 2018. Fuck.

  • Anna Clingenpeel
    Anna Clingenpeel 8 months ago

    for a year one of my friends changed the color of her eyebrows every day

  • Fandomsalltheway
    Fandomsalltheway 8 months ago

    2017 welcome to your list

  • Georgia Catton
    Georgia Catton 8 months ago

    this is my faveeeee

  • •Shady•
    •Shady• 8 months ago

    I stubbed my toe on a screw it bled and bled and bled and there's gonna be a scar yay!😒

  • Tea Tea
    Tea Tea 8 months ago

    How long did it take you to tape all that paper together?

  • Tea Tea
    Tea Tea 8 months ago


  • Cloud Chief
    Cloud Chief 8 months ago

    Look it up

  • Kay !
    Kay ! 9 months ago

    This is the first vid I have seen of him, and lemme say that I already love this man

    • Kay !
      Kay ! 9 months ago

      Like, he is a feminist and is against toxic masculinity. Also he is so darn funny

  • Paul Chillemi
    Paul Chillemi 9 months ago

    Ok so i get what youre saying about america and the issues but like honey the middle east is causing a little more problems than the us. Look around at LA and tell me the US is THAT bad

  • Olivia Bradley
    Olivia Bradley 9 months ago

    I'm Not gonna bring Fidget Spinners into 2018

  • Kaylee Mayfield
    Kaylee Mayfield 9 months ago

    Waaaayyyyy late with watching this video but omg i couldn't stop laughing. Completely agree.

  • Maxine Hypatia Meera
    Maxine Hypatia Meera 9 months ago +19

    "For the greater good." any potter heads here?

    • Amelia Boyle
      Amelia Boyle 6 months ago

      Maxine Hypatia Meera Grindelwald and Dumbledore!!

  • Yasmine Aguilar
    Yasmine Aguilar 9 months ago

    the words on his grave are gonna be “look it up!”

  • Cam K
    Cam K 9 months ago

    why is he always so quiet lol love you tho (:

  • Eye Collector
    Eye Collector 9 months ago

    in 2018 i want to go straight to 2019

    ABIGAIL HARGET 9 months ago

    You are amazing!!!

  • The Chicken Nugget - Vlogs

    At school my friends just drop there trash under the table it annoys me so much

  • I Don't Know What To Call My Channel

    If only 3 million people have access to the internet how do you have 5 million subscribers?


  • Annie McDonald
    Annie McDonald 9 months ago

    Slime comes up as a title and im like

  • Lindsay Becke
    Lindsay Becke 9 months ago

    gucci gang

  • Emily Schott
    Emily Schott 9 months ago

    let's leave queer baiting behind!

  • Maya DeSousa
    Maya DeSousa 10 months ago

    "Have you ever stubbed your toe?"

  • Tas Snell
    Tas Snell 10 months ago

    Please can we leave dabbing and that stupid dance were you put your arms behind your back brhind in 2017. The main thing I hated most of all this year was Logan Paul and Jake Paul's annoying, fake diss tracks for views. And since Logan Paul's suicide video went up, humanity has been at its worst; don't believe whst he says about how he was trying to raise awarness he was quite obviously desperate for more money and views.

  • CB
    CB 10 months ago

    I just want to be myself in 2018 and whatever that is (pretty much a nerd)

  • CB
    CB 10 months ago

    what is ur favorite tea? (ik it not q&a) i just want to know

  • Fortnite med Brose
    Fortnite med Brose 10 months ago +1

    I ones stubbed my toe while walking up the stairs... turns out i broke my toe :|

  • Wendy Morgan
    Wendy Morgan 10 months ago

    You’re not clickbait!!!

  • Czeslaw Knobbe
    Czeslaw Knobbe 10 months ago

    I come across your video by accident and I want to leave a short message. Seems to me like you constantly complaining about things that you have no idea what's all about it. Like the garbage person, you are complaining about it. Have you talk to the person and educate him about littering? Have you picked up the garbage and put it in the trash bin? Of course not, why would you, it is easier to complain about then do something about it. And because you are chicken S&^%t. Let us know what you have done for others or our Country that you can show for. I also believe that you have pretty much what you want, so what's the problem? Can you be more on a positive note and if you want to join the Millennia that constantly bX&^%ng about things that have no clue about it, like the Government of 2017, tan you are very self-center selfish one little-uneducated child. That's all, I don't want to waste more time to waste my time. But I felt I need to respond. I think you should decide on your own if you should do positive video not asking your members. Pathetic.

    • Czeslaw Knobbe
      Czeslaw Knobbe 9 months ago

      Tas Snell you need to recognized what is the difference between Comment and hate. But I guess the new politicized agendas does include word “hate” which has not been used 30 years ago. Just for your narrow minded brain let me ask you where in my comment you see hate?

    • Tas Snell
      Tas Snell 10 months ago

      Try watching another of his videos most of them are generally more positive. But if you are going to be rude about good people on youtube, don't leave a hate comment-it hurts people's feelings- do it in your mind please. Most people don't like haters like you.

  • the Memester
    the Memester 10 months ago

    Well welcome to 2018 the government actually shut down for a weekend

  • Noa Roxborough
    Noa Roxborough 10 months ago

    you're honestly just a beautiful human bean and you deserve more than the world can give you conner

  • maudi love
    maudi love 10 months ago

    I like slime but not how much people talk about it

  • Jaclyn M
    Jaclyn M 10 months ago

    I work in a toy store, and cleaning up all the slime that kids play with is possibly the worst thing ever. It's all cold and when it dries up it just hardens on literally everything. I've used maybe an entire costco sized container of wipes just this month

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  • winsome rain
    winsome rain 10 months ago

    When the ‘dumb, uneducated people’ thing came up, who else thought as Connor was speaking:
    *Me, an intellectual*

  • frail paperchains
    frail paperchains 10 months ago +1

    "Is there any way we can just leave the US government in 2017" SIS I GOT NEWS FOR U

  • laura
    laura 10 months ago +1

    Man I haven't watched your videos in such a long time and I'm just catching all up haha. I love you so much

  • kristen r
    kristen r 10 months ago +1

    can we leave the pauls in 2017

  • Panic! At School
    Panic! At School 10 months ago

    Leave jake paul and Logan Paul in 2017

  • katelynn Biller
    katelynn Biller 10 months ago

    Is there even anything on the paper😁

  • Lauren Ascough
    Lauren Ascough 10 months ago

    Can we leave the Paul Brothers in 2017

  • Percy Turgeon
    Percy Turgeon 10 months ago +1

    "The us government" well it looks like weve accomplished that becAUSE ITS FUCKING SHUT DOWN

  • rereinf
    rereinf 10 months ago

    am i the only one who hates clickbait thumbnails lol

  • Shahida Umar
    Shahida Umar 10 months ago

    yes please can we go back to 2014

  • Aya Elhalawany
    Aya Elhalawany 10 months ago

    Oh my god he's the perfect human

  • amina
    amina 10 months ago

    I love you so so so so so soooo much

  • Airiél Madisyn Fournier
    Airiél Madisyn Fournier 10 months ago +1


  • Mariam Ahmed
    Mariam Ahmed 10 months ago +1

    "2017, welcome to your list"😂😂👏

  • Levy McGarden
    Levy McGarden 10 months ago

    I don't wanna bring haters into 2017. All the positive people along with Conner's intellectuals were going to the future!

  • Angel Bunny
    Angel Bunny 10 months ago

    boiiii the slime trend can kiss my ass

  • Ana Btrsy_
    Ana Btrsy_ 10 months ago

    You do you
    But, be smart of it.
    Hahahha nice one

  • Katelyn Chilcote
    Katelyn Chilcote 10 months ago

    i know that im 17 days into 2018. but i wish the whole stupid fidget spinner trend would be left in 2017!!!!!!

  • Lisa A.
    Lisa A. 10 months ago

    I totally agree in all the things you said. I think we should leave nationalism and the whole right wing behind. They're f***ing up stuff people had to fight for for so long, it just makes me sad and scared😟🌈❤

  • Amo O'Neil
    Amo O'Neil 10 months ago +3

    This man is the bridge between Dan Howell and Dodie Clark, is this just me?

  • Caroline Davenport
    Caroline Davenport 10 months ago +1

    Connor Franta is what I love about TVclip

  • GorgeouslyDapper
    GorgeouslyDapper 11 months ago

    I have a question if you don't mind answering! I was wondering if your outro song is copyrighted or not? I was wanting to use it in a video, but want to take the proper steps in making sure I do not get copyright flagged. Thank you so much for reading!

  • LpsAster
    LpsAster 11 months ago


  • Hayley L. Anderson
    Hayley L. Anderson 11 months ago


  • joey c
    joey c 11 months ago


  • Waterbear
    Waterbear 11 months ago

    Connor you are the cutest thing on the planet