What Happened to Marcus Mariota?

  • Published on Nov 8, 2019
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    Marcus Mariota was one of the most highly touted prospects coming out of the 2015 NFL Draft, so it was no surprise when he was taken number 2 overall by the Tennessee Titans who were in desperate need of turning their sinking franchise around. But here in 2019, 5 years following Mariota's NFL debut, he finds himself watching from the sidelines after being benched in week 6. So what happened to create this difficult situation and who is to blame for him failing to reach his ceiling, and what does his future look like in the NFL? This video follows his journey from draft, to face of the Titans, to an uncertain path forward.
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  • Ryno Art
    Ryno Art 14 hours ago

    Tannehill is playing fine for Tenn. Winning games now atleast. He keeps it up and Mariota will be gone.

  • Ryno Art
    Ryno Art 14 hours ago

    I really like Phillip Rivers, but he's definitely in purgatory. Lol

  • inttruders
    inttruders Day ago +1

    The Titans score almost 14 more points per game since Tannehill took over. It is the same team that Mariota couldn't make do anything. Maybe the problem has actually been Mariota all along.

  • Andrew Villanueva

    Way too many coaches. You need to have the same offense coordinator for years. You are asking a quarterback to learn a new offense every year. You get a high quarterback and you must draft good offense linemen to protect him. No quarterback can win from is back. Install a ravens offense system and see he can handle it. Simplify the his reads. I think he is a shotgun quarterback like Russell Wilson and Lamar Jackson.

  • Alex Reid
    Alex Reid 2 days ago +1

    The Titans are an actual real team? I just thought it was a made up team for a movie. Cool.

  • Ruby Braggs
    Ruby Braggs 2 days ago

    The Ravens play exotic smash mouth football

  • Ruby Braggs
    Ruby Braggs 2 days ago

    The titans dont let him use his legs like he did in college

  • Richard Conte
    Richard Conte 2 days ago

    Worst case is that he is a back up QB making 11 million a year. Not a bad gig if you can get. He may be better the second go round if someone still believes in him. He never had consistent coaching and any elite receivers. He does need to push the envelope on his passing. He does play to safe. I completely agree with your assessment.

  • Nichole & Dad
    Nichole & Dad 2 days ago

    Glad we moved on. Good
    Kid but terrible pro QB.

  • titans nation
    titans nation 2 days ago

    Arthur Smith 5-1 without this Bum

  • titans nation
    titans nation 2 days ago +1

    It’s funny how you Mariota Groupies always make excuses about having a new coach and learning a new system. But Tannehill learned a new system a new team and got it and made the exact same team Mariota had that every one called awful 5-1. Matt LaFluer looked awful with Mariota and then leaves to Green Bay and then looks great again with Rodgers. Marcus looked great in a bad pac12, that made him look better then he really was. He’s Jay Cutler #2

  • KahaluuBaseball13
    KahaluuBaseball13 2 days ago

    Lets go boy represent Hawaii

  • 60zeller
    60zeller 2 days ago

    He will bounce back next year with a new team and be a really good.......backup quarterback

  • Elite Scout
    Elite Scout 2 days ago

    Patriots gonna grab him for pennies and the hoodie is gonna crush tenesee with him at the helm!!! 😂

  • Nigerian Scammer Have You Sent The Payment?

    *I mean, look how Jimmy G is turning out. Took him a bit but he’s getting it right. Maybe the same could become of him, idk*

  • cy world
    cy world 3 days ago

    Mariota should have played for the University of Hawaii. Hawaii, notably St Louis High School, puts out a lot of good players. Unfortunately they subscribe to the belief that playing for a Big Name School (in Mariota's case: Oregon) is better then the little know U.H. Hawaii's curent QB Chevan Cordeiro did just the opposite and without a doubt committed to Hawaii. If Cordeiro helps Hawaii stay on top during the coming seasons but never gets picked by the gatekeepers of the NFL, then so be it. At least he sends a message that playing for Hawaii is good. Good for the local fan's pride and self-esteem to see one of their own hold their own against the mainland schools. Hawaii people (the non-whites) are a mentally beaten down lot. They believe whites rule. So for them, attending and playing for a white major college is great stuff. It gives mom and dad something serious to brag about during holidays and family outings. However, they overlook the fact that God given athletic talents born out of this beaten down state is sending a message that Hawaii players are a natural resource from Hawaii for Hawaii . If the University of Hawaii could recruit the homegrown talent, then they will have a team that can show the nation that they are a special breed. This would be good for the self-esteem of the players, the local fans, and the local populace alike. Many of the Warrior's star players are walk-ons from various H.S. in the region. This files in the face of mainland scouts and recruiters who are gatekeepers to furthering an athlete's future. It lets the player deemed by mainland recruiters as unworthy college material a chance to demonstrate to them how wrong they were, especially when they make the play that contributes to a Hawaii win over a major. You see, in sports like in a ragtag army, victory goes to the one with the most desire and determination and not just to the one with the most firepower.

  • BajaDeezNutz
    BajaDeezNutz 3 days ago

    Mariota has missed a ton of play time due to injuries, preventing him from progressing as much as he should have.

  • Robin Montoya
    Robin Montoya 4 days ago

    Run Marcus Run!!!!!!!

  • Anthony Hayes
    Anthony Hayes 4 days ago

    Mariota will raise again mark my words.

  • BigG LilWayne
    BigG LilWayne 4 days ago

    MM's situation is similar to Alex Smith, who had 5 coordinators in his first 6 seasons..

  • TraRob-EastSide
    TraRob-EastSide 4 days ago

    remember the marriota v. jameis winston

  • Francisco Solis
    Francisco Solis 4 days ago

    Mariota to the Broncos confirmed

  • NinjaEli2008
    NinjaEli2008 5 days ago

    I love the Titans and there My favorite team but they didn't nearly give enough effort to build the offense around him. They took him with the Second Round pick of the 2015 Nfl draft knowing his professions and how good he was with a no-huddle spread playbook. They tried to make him a Step Back and slow-paced pocket QB. The Titans punish him for what they did wrong. Now they started to build Ryan Tannehill with Marcuse's Style. I mean Ryan Tannehill Rushed for 2 TD. When they made Marcus stay in the backfield and throw it like Brady. that's what they expected and it screwed the titans over when they tried to change him.

  • Bl00dwerK
    Bl00dwerK 5 days ago +1

    Titans aren't doing too bad after the QB switch.

  • YizTheGreat
    YizTheGreat 5 days ago +1

    I say pats trade for mariota, and boom train him to replace Brady.

  • Iarla Donlon
    Iarla Donlon 5 days ago

    Cool video but it only started to answer the title question at 5:07.
    Now I know it was setting the scene but still it felt very long!

  • The Vanilla Godzilla
    The Vanilla Godzilla 6 days ago +1

    Exactly brah. Just different surroundings. Nearly all QBs do this.

    • The Vanilla Godzilla
      The Vanilla Godzilla 6 days ago +1

      WHAT DO THESE QBS HAVE IN COMMON? Success with another team late in their careers. Gannon, Plunket, Manning, Kilmer(!), Warner, Doug Williams, Favre?, Sonny Jurgenson?, James Harris Buff to LA, John Hadl SD to LA eh not so much but Hosstetler (oh yeah NYG to OAK) and Norm Van Brocklin(that's right, bitches! derrrrr NFL champ L.A. & PHI. ) But he was a winner in both. Mariota mehhhh not so much. BTW the world didn't begin in 1980.

  • Sam Marshall
    Sam Marshall 6 days ago

    Kinda obvious, what do most successful qbs have in common...a great OC or offensive minded coach. Of course some players transcend this norm (Rodgers, Manning). Mariota never had a good oc in fact he never had a one consistently...and for anyone thinking tannehill is the savior...I’ll leave that alone, just thank Henry for the team carry

  • Noah O'Grady
    Noah O'Grady 7 days ago

    13:00 is really ironic cuz now Tannehill is doing really well on the Titans

  • Brandon Atkinson
    Brandon Atkinson 8 days ago

    He should go to the bears.

  • Dr Meatspank
    Dr Meatspank 8 days ago

    He has never had any playmakers delanie walker cant stay healthy and Corey davis is still so young

  • Thujone10
    Thujone10 8 days ago

    Bears should pick him up. He worked with their "O.C." Mark Helfrich at Oregon... Trubisky, Mariota, & Draft Pick battle it out for the starting job (and on Hard Knocks too)

  • jonathan lewis
    jonathan lewis 8 days ago

    The recievers dropped the ball

  • Joseph Wooten
    Joseph Wooten 8 days ago

    The Titans never played to Mariota's strengths. Kept trying to turn him into a "Bradyesque" pocket passer...rather than playing to his strengths like they are doing in Baltimore with that mobile QB Jackson. Now, when you go to a Titans game it is as if Mariota never existed. I am happy to see the team winning. Tannehill is tearing it up. But Marcus' number is off of the banner on the front of the stadium. He is in ZERO highlight reels. The same team that would not give Eddie George a one day contract so he could retire a Titan, now disrespects Mariota...and Marcus handles it like a true professional. I HOPE I get to see him have some success on another team that plays to his strengths...and protects him with an offensive line.

  • Cc Chicken
    Cc Chicken 9 days ago

    Ryan Tannehill comes in and the team turns a complete 180.

    MM has legit talent in some areas, and real flaws in others. I hope a QB Whisperer gets ahold of him and gets more out of him with a more open offense. But you can watch his inconsistencies with the Titans and realize, just as this vid pointed out, he holds much of the blame himself.

    Will he ever be able to make multiple reads processing things quickly? Will he anticipate and trust more than just wide open targets? Unlikely at this point. And those are things pretty much all of the modern era Super Bowl winning QB's could consistently do.

  • therealrickytan
    therealrickytan 9 days ago

    Should do a video about Philip Rivers. He's is a confusing QB to watch.

  • Max Vlogs
    Max Vlogs 10 days ago +1

    F to all the Titans fans like me

  • Scoobs. -
    Scoobs. - 10 days ago

    The only place I see him going is maybe a back up for like the Ravens, texans, Packers and other teams like that because the use play action and options a lot (not really the packers) but that's I think his ceiling at this point

  • INVO-Trop1c Yt
    INVO-Trop1c Yt 10 days ago

    He was the reason I loved Oregon

  • 100anti
    100anti 10 days ago

    This break is good for him to reassess and reestablish his footing and direction. All the best to him. it's not easy to be thrown in the nfl straight from college and than be expected to lead a team being a heisman winner. He did exceptionally great tho! A lot of titan fans do appreciate him as a person, player and leader. Titan Up!!

  • J Gunn
    J Gunn 11 days ago

    He never happened...

  • Stephen Salach
    Stephen Salach 11 days ago

    Bears should sign him

  • Christopher Day
    Christopher Day 11 days ago

    Come to Tampa Marcus we would love to have you here.

  • Presley Randolph
    Presley Randolph 11 days ago

    Also, Mariota isn’t durable enough to be in a system built for him. He’d make it two games max in Baltimore’s offense. Lamar is great at minimizing contact, Mariota always takes the brunt side of it.

  • Presley Randolph
    Presley Randolph 11 days ago

    Mariota isn’t a franchise QB. You don’t have to put him in the perfect scheme to realize that the dude flat out has no pocket awareness. Good luck. Titans are better off with Tannehill.

  • Cj
    Cj 12 days ago +1

    Know what i told you

  • Cj
    Cj 12 days ago +1

    Had to tease

  • Jay 0406
    Jay 0406 12 days ago +1

    2015 qb draft class was trash

  • Scott Claiborne
    Scott Claiborne 12 days ago

    Bears should take a flyer on him next year. Sign him to a 2-year prove it contract and have him compete with Trubisky. If they both fail, do whatever is necessary to trade up and draft Trevor Lawrence in 2021.

  • eKriZZLe
    eKriZZLe 12 days ago

    Tennessee happened.

  • Michael G
    Michael G 12 days ago

    The only reason the Titans kept Mariota around even though he’s not good for the organization/system they want to run, is because they are trying to get their money back. Sad misuse of a man.
    That to say, what would stop another team from taking him and truly giving him a chance to succeed?

  • Eric Machleit
    Eric Machleit 12 days ago

    I have no idea what the panthers plan to do with cam newton at this point, but an up tempo offense with mariota and CMC would be lethal

  • weakbrainthrombosis
    weakbrainthrombosis 12 days ago

    Alex Smith is an example of the type of an mariota could grow into, and also an example of a career trajectory he could follow.

    • Elijah
      Elijah 11 days ago

      lol I don't think so, Mariota just doesn't have starting QB talent and progress...He was a system QB that was exposed every time he played a good college defense...His flaws only got worse in the NFL.

  • Compassionate Living
    Compassionate Living 12 days ago

    Oh yaaa

  • ReturnoftheBrotha
    ReturnoftheBrotha 12 days ago

    He was never good, he only belonged to a group that the powers that be are trying to promote.

  • Moonroof
    Moonroof 12 days ago

    Pray for Mariota

  • 808 G8GT
    808 G8GT 13 days ago

    Titans OL and Coaching sucks!! Its NOT Mariota!! Titans bench him and start tannhill. Um....his stats are worst than mariotas as of today. So.....hmmmm.
    Put Mariota on a team like patriots, 49ers, broncos, or any team with a good OL etc....I bet he will be the top 5 QB in the NFL.

  • Salted pork
    Salted pork 13 days ago

    Why is there sports ball shit in my playlist?

  • James Helms
    James Helms 13 days ago +2

    Trust me, he wants out of that shithole. He’s been trapped and beat up in Tennessee.

  • M C
    M C 13 days ago

    Vrable happened..