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5 People With Superpowers Caught on Tape

  • Published on Dec 26, 2016
  • 5 People With Superpowers Caught on Tape
    From a man appearing out of nowhere on a road in Russia, to a man disappearing in a library, here are 5 People With Superpowers Caught on Tape - Part 2
    I know a lot of these aren't real but it's really cool to think about a world where humans have superpowers. These videos can still be very entertaining to watch that's why I made this.
    Watch Part 1 :
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    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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  • Terrifive
    Terrifive  2 years ago +502

    Watch part 1!

  • Momoi Haolai
    Momoi Haolai 12 hours ago

    Why does the announcer stop in the middle

  • Amisha Shandilya
    Amisha Shandilya 13 hours ago

    In 2:21 of this video the man has same pattern at the back of his jacket as the one that the girl wore in the supermarket in their Part 1 (5:39) video and before they showed or used their powers the pattern glowed.
    Does that mean all these people are starting a gang? Maybe revengers ? 😂😆

  • Mehak Afroza
    Mehak Afroza 14 hours ago

    I will marry to whom who have the supernatural power of bearing me😉😉

  • Steve Miller
    Steve Miller Day ago

    The Stopping of the car The Video clearly show the Guy walking Up to the card the car stop as the guy got there the Brakes held lol And I Have FULL BIONICS too :)

  • kuplok 007
    kuplok 007 Day ago

    SKRIMLIX Day ago

    "In Russia" damn that Chernobyl disaster.

  • Anthony Jason
    Anthony Jason Day ago

    Car clearly stoped before he touched it

  • Roland Dell
    Roland Dell 2 days ago

    Its 2019!!!!!! Where is the 4k 8k mega HD videos everything is low quality.

  • alvaro gonzalez
    alvaro gonzalez 2 days ago

    The car stopped b4 the guy even touched it

  • hello wakeup
    hello wakeup 3 days ago +1

    In the cinese restarent he was clearly jumping backwords since there is sofa lol

  • Ben Nyce
    Ben Nyce 3 days ago +1

    The first dude had a straight jacket on

  • אוריה בושי לוין

    One word. editing.

    REAL RACER Z 3 days ago +3

    Join us again in the next exciting episode of - Things that never happened!

  • Eye Tea
    Eye Tea 3 days ago

    Another episode of “I should be sleeping but don’t care”

  • Andrew Wesolowski
    Andrew Wesolowski 4 days ago +3

    Im the guy from the future, they dont have bubbaliscous in the future.

  • Kim H
    Kim H 4 days ago +4

    the man was hanging on the side of the truck and simply let go.

  • greenhousecreations
    greenhousecreations 5 days ago +1

    Editing powers..

  • May Junsan
    May Junsan 5 days ago

    My god🙄

  • Zoya falahatkar
    Zoya falahatkar 5 days ago +1

    wow good

  • Thor Nado
    Thor Nado 5 days ago +5

    The superpower of faking.

  • Kiriann Millet
    Kiriann Millet 6 days ago

    Three of these are videogames trailer...

  • Golden Boy
    Golden Boy 6 days ago +1


  • thiyagu radha
    thiyagu radha 6 days ago

    Really they're not human they are goast😢😢

  • jeshurun buenavista
    jeshurun buenavista 6 days ago

    9:14 its just LEVITATION

  • jeshurun buenavista
    jeshurun buenavista 6 days ago

    7:50 also, JUMPER

  • jeshurun buenavista
    jeshurun buenavista 6 days ago

    4:30 its scripted

  • jeshurun buenavista
    jeshurun buenavista 6 days ago

    3:14 is the flash

  • jeshurun buenavista
    jeshurun buenavista 6 days ago

    1:12 is doctor strange haha

  • jeshurun buenavista
    jeshurun buenavista 6 days ago

    2:34 is a jumper hehe

  • シャンネ
    シャンネ 6 days ago

    I though that was an angel

  • Young Flex
    Young Flex 6 days ago +2

    You ppl actually think ur funny😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  • lyubo antonov
    lyubo antonov 7 days ago +2

    Utterly shocked that I watched this whole thing...

  • Chris Fralix4
    Chris Fralix4 8 days ago +5

    Second video was in 2016 but looked like the dude was form the future (Jan, 2019). Nobody ever went back to that place on Jan 2019 to see if that guy was there or not??? Come on bruh.

  • Stormylicious Princeso

    It is not teleportation, that dude was walking in the middle of the street, the truck avoided him and he walked out of the street.

  • Akeanong Tingnapan
    Akeanong Tingnapan 8 days ago +5

    My power is...

    Picking up trash

  • sWing Bringer
    sWing Bringer 8 days ago

    hahaha funny super naturals

  • Garge FPS
    Garge FPS 8 days ago +3

    I can time travel to future

  • Kola Bright
    Kola Bright 8 days ago

    If you look at the back tire and play it slow motion you can see the the guy blended into the side of the truck and the came off

  • Avery Animations
    Avery Animations 9 days ago

    3rd is just because it slowed down.

  • Avery Animations
    Avery Animations 9 days ago +3

    That 2nd one was extremely edited.

  • jajayaboy
    jajayaboy 9 days ago +3

    Money is the only power I want 😁

  • rishith reddy
    rishith reddy 10 days ago

    I'm just here to laugh my ass off

  • Anna Salvador
    Anna Salvador 10 days ago +2

    seems real😲

  • Ray Rijos
    Ray Rijos 11 days ago

    The telekinesis girl is the same girl from the bus.

  • Ms Azula
    Ms Azula 13 days ago

    I remember the high speed chase one Me and my sister we’re watching that on tv one night the cop spoke about it -it was unexplainable i think it was real- strange but real ! the car went though the gate

  • Mehdi Hamedian
    Mehdi Hamedian 15 days ago +1

    Such things usually happens in Russia and China.. 😆

    • Ms Azula
      Ms Azula 13 days ago

      what the floating?

  • Ellen the Wolf
    Ellen the Wolf 15 days ago

    0:09 *the first one* _well of course it will happen, it's Russia_

    • F. B.I
      F. B.I 12 days ago

      nyet rooskie

  • Teck Zone
    Teck Zone 17 days ago

    Hy Terri
    Please don't upload like this topic videos it is good for you thanK you

  • Eric Dillard
    Eric Dillard 18 days ago

    why deos the camera lag as he "goes through the wall"?

  • meike adams
    meike adams 18 days ago

    ok the ghost car that went through the wire fence got debunked the wire was not secured at the bottom of the fence only secure along the top like a curtain that's why he was able to drive through the fence

  • Leonel Maza
    Leonel Maza 19 days ago

    Videos falsos creados con efectos especiales?

  • The Truth
    The Truth 19 days ago +1

    Faker than wwe

  • anythgofnthg
    anythgofnthg 20 days ago +2

    It's on the internet. It must be true.

  • Tara Blackmore
    Tara Blackmore 20 days ago +5

    1. The person was attached to the side of the truck and jumped off. Nothing did happen.
    2. There is distortion during these supposed "vanishings". Those are when the video was edited.
    3. Adrenaline and ice; it helps give better traction for humans than cars. He was going with the momento.
    4. It's literally the lighting. The person runs because a person chases them with a camera!!
    5. So that wasn't real; that was edited. These are very good actors.
    6. Gravity and slippery momentum from condensation. Or, more likely, a public pranks using magnets. You can literally see one of them push the table! Gotta love good amateur actors.

    • vLoni
      vLoni 8 days ago

      And how do you explain him vanishing if “it was just lightning” ur a moron and these r ur hypothesis’s
      Ur full of shit

    • vLoni
      vLoni 8 days ago

      And for the car one, it was just coming to a halt, and he so happened to touch it when it did

    • Godsgirl9 Stevens
      Godsgirl9 Stevens 19 days ago

      Ummm there wasn’t a cloud in the sky bro

  • Raymond Stemmer
    Raymond Stemmer 21 day ago

    What a bunch of crap !

  • Lemonade Moba
    Lemonade Moba 21 day ago

    wish I had some superpowers like this instead of having a massive dick

  • Tahawygaming
    Tahawygaming 22 days ago

    Or جن

  • Tahawygaming
    Tahawygaming 22 days ago

    All of this maybe an angel

  • Mei
    Mei 22 days ago +1

    I have superpowers too i kill innocent people with my blaster

  • Bumin konyak
    Bumin konyak 22 days ago +10

    wow awesome power!😱😱 I mean power of editing 😂😂😂😂

  • Elizabeth Stephanie
    Elizabeth Stephanie 22 days ago

    When will ppl start realizing shit like this isn't real

  • tanya verma
    tanya verma 23 days ago

    Must watch... 5th one is horrific

  • strive madamombe
    strive madamombe 23 days ago +15

    Who else is still watching this

    • Olivia
      Olivia 22 days ago

      Definitely not me

  • who fan pewds sub here
    who fan pewds sub here 23 days ago +1

    the first man was out of his mind so he didnt know what is happening

  • Liah_SarakaGacha
    Liah_SarakaGacha 24 days ago +1

    Ya 2019 here baby xD

  • Kevin Ramsar
    Kevin Ramsar 24 days ago

    Nah if people had superpowers
    that would make the news

  • Ibrahim Guanzon
    Ibrahim Guanzon 25 days ago +1

    The only power they have here is editing
    Edit: Change my mind. Editing and acting

  • Reino Subliminal
    Reino Subliminal 26 days ago +3

    Idk if u guys know... but its in russia that superpower stuff happends.
    Mainly in asia

  • Reino Subliminal
    Reino Subliminal 26 days ago +1

    The part when u say its a man with a halo?
    Its actually a woman. Just saying.

  • George Best
    George Best 26 days ago +1


    KYOKO-KITSUNE PLAYZ 26 days ago

    I wanna fly

    BOSS TV 26 days ago

    🌎 🌎

  • Rave Tayong
    Rave Tayong 27 days ago +6

    I wish I have speeds power

  • colourful pineapple
    colourful pineapple 27 days ago +3

    Maybe the first one was me in the future who knows...? 😞

  • Liam Moore
    Liam Moore 28 days ago +3

    5:05 yeah doubt thats real either we would've all heard bout it in the news and she would've been kidnapped and experimented on by the government

  • Liam Moore
    Liam Moore 28 days ago +2

    number 3 the car was already going slow and the other guy was on the wrong side of the car to stop it when it was that slippery as he had to pull the car to stop it but the supposed superhuman just pushed against it. Not that super if you ask me

  • Lit Pebble
    Lit Pebble 29 days ago

    I wish I had superpowers

  • Tou Xiong
    Tou Xiong 29 days ago +86

    My super power is making food disappear.

    • GeneGlitch
      GeneGlitch 4 days ago

      +Zugo Nero i have that power too, but it takes about 2 hours for it to activate...

    • natasha aquino
      natasha aquino 5 days ago +1

      hahahahahahaha shit hahahaha

    • Zugo Nero
      Zugo Nero 7 days ago +4

      then making it re-appear, but in a different form, color and smell

  • Rommel Manalo
    Rommel Manalo Month ago

    #1 is hoax. There is actually real man on the front of the truck, and the truck driver was driving away from. I was one of the driver car when this thing happens.That one was a suicidal

  • Liv And Danny
    Liv And Danny Month ago

    Me when I'm angry in the last one

  • SeeDkngtSeifer
    SeeDkngtSeifer Month ago

    I have superpowers. I am awake

  • TAKALANI 156
    TAKALANI 156 Month ago

    The second one is stages

  • Clark W Griswold
    Clark W Griswold Month ago

    She force pushed him lol

  • Baskran Baskran
    Baskran Baskran Month ago

    This is fqke

  • MyUserNamesThis Ok?!


  • Timmey Jay
    Timmey Jay Month ago

    and here we are again on yts crap side

  • Pasindu Dilanka
    Pasindu Dilanka Month ago
    This is the most horrifying video I have ever seen in my life. 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Naomi- cook12
    Naomi- cook12 Month ago

    I got actual powers. Well more of a witch, I make people feel sick, tired, whatever you name it. It’s pretty cool

  • Makaylah Jackson
    Makaylah Jackson Month ago

    Wait in the 2:42 one did they think it was a angel or demon?

  • Sanjay Jay
    Sanjay Jay Month ago

    Hhh.. what a editing power

  • Mesut Özdemir
    Mesut Özdemir Month ago +6

    there are many Faithful Muslims who can fly or vanish the walls :) that will sound unbelievable to unbelievers but, it's not that hard, even existence of universe is a myth and impossible to Nuclear researchers :)

    • Mesut Özdemir
      Mesut Özdemir 29 days ago

      +modi X :))

    • Mesut Özdemir
      Mesut Özdemir 29 days ago

      +modi X what's up?

    • Mesut Özdemir
      Mesut Özdemir Month ago

      +modi X I also meant that women are happy for obeying their Creator, like anyone else, but not for obeying men, this would be secular fallacious

    • Mesut Özdemir
      Mesut Özdemir Month ago

      +modi X haha :D i hope you will surrender soon :) well, think about that, a man and a women marries, they carry on a happy life, they probably have children,too. This is a nice table, now; what if the woman is about to betray (firstly his dear ) to her husband, her honor, rectirude... her children would straight disembark, her parents, in laws, everything would be ruined for all. But the most important, she would be recalcitrate to her CREATOR WHO MOST CARES, LOVES AND CHERISH. So she can definitely be beaten up to prevent those calamities. And there are many things as mercy piece precautions in Quran Kareem for people that inconsiderates call "cruel". And many non-Muslims, especially ones who are western, europan, "accepted as civilization specimen (!)" support the hideous sins wastefully and do them!! and Notre-Dam is kind of a place where they relieve themdelves so they can keep going. The dirtiest dastardly sieges attacks have been committed by non-Muslims, ESPECIALLY CHRISTIANS AND JEWS! this is what an objective anybody can find in the science of history, try it, see what Notre-Dam's sons have done. Got hurt? And if you really get into the truths, you won't find even one lie. Everything ALLAH (CREATOR OF EVERYTHING, ONLY GOD OF BOTH OF JEWS AND CHRISTIANS) say is REAL AND TRUE. Everyday in this world, as science and logic are developed, more and more essences of Holy Quran are explored. Also have read Bible? You will find actual cruel things in it! You can say: "if it was sent by RAHMAN ALLAH, too; how can cruel things be orders of it!" well, you know there too many bibles and it has been being crumbled for like 2000 years, and Quran is still in original status :) research it and, don't forbear. I don't have any benefit to lie you my brother and ALLAH doesn't want me to lie in this situation. Finally you or others can be offended because I talked about cruel infidels, well I know that neither guilty villain Christians nor Jews impersonate the essential of their religions and prophets, but Moses, Jesus, Solomon, Hadrat Muhammad (sav) completely well impersonate the original of Holy Books. I just wanted to make you feel how it is stupid when ignorants exemplify the erroneous religion members to insult Perfect Religion. Sincerely, I sense that you are a good human and not enemy of Islam and verity, so you have a way to reach the peace and deep tenor of life. May Our dear ALLAH help you and have you as a good servant 💚

    • modi X
      modi X Month ago

      +Mesut Özdemir "lying to infidels are for the favour"? Yes, because the truth would even produce more hate? It proves my point in every aspect. And it doesn't count what you or Allah mean, beating up women or covering them up in public is part of your religion, which is terrible and reminds me of history 1000 years in the past. There is not much room for interpretation in the Quran, when its official translation is so literal about those things. Women like to obey to men with high value, social proof and attraction and not to men who use religion as tool to force them to obey, there is a difference. I don't say that every aspect of Islam is bad, there are also good things on it, but the religion is cruel in many aspects. I know it must be hard for a person who grew up by this religion to see what you are really part of, because it would mean to disbelieve in Allah which is a sin. You are trapped and believe to be better off accepting your reality, all of you, many Muslims don't respect any non Muslims, because it's Allah's will. Now look at the Muslims reactions to the Notre-Dame burning, many were celebrating, hate is bad, no matter what direction. My reaction is not hate, though, it's rationalism. Many people have fear, because of the violence that comes from Muslim people. And how can I believe any of your words, when you even say "lying to infidels are for the favour" and the Quran confirms what I believe your region is. If you cannot be honest, you are not a true soul, you'd just be a tool of Allah.

  • Aisake Tyivatukalo
    Aisake Tyivatukalo Month ago

    DAT police chase really freaky

  • Riley Hanger
    Riley Hanger Month ago +16

    I have a power...

    Of wasted time 🙄😂

  • Aman kumar jha Abishekh

    My time is wasting to see this video

  • Kyleigh&carlea
    Kyleigh&carlea Month ago

    9:00 😲

  • Jose Willy Alcarde
    Jose Willy Alcarde Month ago

    in first one i am scared i for got that was a power not a ghost

  • James Mullins
    James Mullins Month ago

    The power of bullshit

  • Beaver
    Beaver Month ago

    So fucking gullible

  • Animae Go!
    Animae Go! Month ago +1