Highlights: Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. Northwestern Wildcats | Big Ten Football


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  • Greyson Mitchell
    Greyson Mitchell 27 days ago

    Frost is about to be the first head coach to go from undefeated to winless in back to back seasons

  • Joey V.
    Joey V. 29 days ago

    This is the only college football game I can think of

  • James Anderson
    James Anderson Month ago

    Culture Football talk is getting old. Go get some Culture Huskers... Slowest Linemen in College Football!!!

  • Dav Dub
    Dav Dub Month ago


    NICOLAS TIMLIN Month ago

    When a new coach comes in, the team is usually in shambles. Nebraska is in shambles, but they will turn it around. Thank you.

  • Smufter16
    Smufter16 Month ago

    Ah yes, two teams from the "Legends" division. Indeed...try not to laugh.

  • insertnamehere
    insertnamehere Month ago

    For all of you feeling sorry for us, don't. True Husker fans couldn't be happier right now. We know what Frost is doing. This program was in such a sad state the last 15 years, and he is revamping the entire culture here. This takes time. These kids are not going to pick up how the Huskers played when Frost was around in 1 year. He broke the whole program down and is rebuilding it to the way it was when we were dominant. Sure we could have kept Pelini or Riley and won maybe 9 games a year, but that's the best it would've gotten. We understand what Frost is doing and Husker fans for once are more than willing to be patient because we know where this is heading. I don't expect outsiders to understand but don't feel sorry for us. You will see in a couple years.

  • jacory beauvais
    jacory beauvais Month ago +2

    Its snowing in nebraska

  • jst jst
    jst jst Month ago

    4th and one, how about going under center, nice and tight, less error prone for an error prone team,

  • Nate Keiper
    Nate Keiper Month ago +4

    My favorite part was 1:58 when 2 Nebraska defenders run into each other without touching the ball carrier.

  • Luke Rosenquist
    Luke Rosenquist Month ago +1

    Why not go from undefeated at UCF to winless at Nebraska. Truly legendary if you ask me

  • Orssidia
    Orssidia Month ago +3

    But he led UCF to a national championship LMAO. Back to back perfect seasons?

    • Orssidia
      Orssidia Month ago

      +John Wall Maybe next year lol. I'm impressed that the fans keep filling the stadium though.

    • John Wall
      John Wall Month ago

      We Cornhuskers will beat OSU, MSU, Minnesota & Iowa, then we will grab the big ten championship!

    • alkhami1
      alkhami1 Month ago

      They might beat Bethune-Cookman.....


  • Lee B
    Lee B Month ago

    I dont believe the results in college football as much as nfl. Networks aren't showing penalties. They must preview them to make sure is a penalty after Michigan Northwestern phantom call. I know northwestern didnt get penalized once till late 4th quarter and they had to throw it on a false start.

    • alkhami1
      alkhami1 Month ago

      So Nebraska's OH AND SIX season is part of a conspiracy..... Are you wearing a tin foil Nebraska helmet?

  • Kidd Marlowe
    Kidd Marlowe Month ago

    This song and dance is getting old. Sure hope the coaching staff is focused on recruiting a defense. Even my card table doesn't fold as easily as these guys.

  • Jared Tucker
    Jared Tucker Month ago +2


  • MattyHusker
    MattyHusker Month ago

    If a tree falls in the forrest and Nebraska isn’t playing, can you still hear the Huskers losing?

    • Kidd Marlowe
      Kidd Marlowe Month ago

      What you hear is Husker nation sighing.

  • John Wall
    John Wall Month ago +3

    Come on Cornhuskers we can still make the Big ten championship game!

  • Jack Wehrung
    Jack Wehrung Month ago

    I twice put In NU Google changed it. Probably some AI software enforcing "political correctness"

    • alkhami1
      alkhami1 Month ago

      +Abradolf Lincler, you're not trying to ask me to be politically correct, are you? Like Nebraska on the 16 yard line, fourth and one in overtime, that would be.....

    • Abradolf Lincler
      Abradolf Lincler Month ago

      alkhami1 You realize Nebraska is a red state. Save the attacks for California

    • alkhami1
      alkhami1 Month ago

      0 and 6 Nebraska. Maybe Google thought you were about to game- shame the football program for being crippled,....I mean, "competitively challenged". Nebraska football should form it's own ME TOO movement, but at 0 and 6, they'd be the only ones in the group. Football Programs Matter, and Nebraska is getting killed on the field weekly. I'm With Her, and she's laughing at Nebraska. Yes We Can, unless we're Nebraska. Make America Great Again and shut down the Nebraska football program. We're going to build a wall around the wins column, and Nebraska is going to pay for it. They're not sending thier best, they're sending fumbles, they're sending plays in overtime that are stupid...

  • Jack Wehrung
    Jack Wehrung Month ago +3

    Nebraska maybe the best 0-6 team ever. NO showed amazing character converting 2 4th and 10s. NO a wounded squad surviving on guts Go Cats.

    • Kidd Marlowe
      Kidd Marlowe Month ago

      How many 3rd and longs has our defense allowed? How many 4th and ones/twos has our offense NOT converted? Can we not run the clock down? At least let Martinez roll out with the option to run or pass. Man, there's a lot a work ahead for this staff. I hope they have the stomach for it and the fortitude to stick it out amidst the bashing they will continue to receive.

  • Jesse Hake
    Jesse Hake Month ago +4

    Nebraska has Northwestern pinned at their own 1 yard line. Next play, C. Davis goes after NW qb AS HE SHOULD. Guess what happens? Lo-and-behold, the referees intentionally throw a "roughing the passer" flag, which gives NW an undeserved, unmerited 1st down. Such bullshit. I'm cool with losing IF the referees call a fair, impartial game. Yet, these officials do not deserve to wear the zebra striped uniform, period. Absolute classless refereeing. Complete lack of integrity. There is no honor in cheating the system. Except, obviously, in the NCAA. -_-

    • alkhami1
      alkhami1 Month ago

      +Chris Bunting, when the finger pointing starts it's all over. Bethune-Cookman might have a good chance to win now. Check this out:. who's under more pressure to win.....?

    • Chris Bunting
      Chris Bunting Month ago +2

      LOL. Now blaming refs. It must be a conspiracy my man. Everyone vs the fuskers. Couldnt be the massive lack of discipline exhibited by your team. Nah...
      Coach Lost now getting testy...says he doesnt call the D, throwing the DC under the bus.
      Hang in there, Bethune Cookman coming in soon. Might scratch that one out. G luck!

    • nesnejls
      nesnejls Month ago +5

      I feel your pain, but even if you think the call was dubious they couldn't stop them for the other 80 yards. In two minutes.

    • Jack Wehrung
      Jack Wehrung Month ago

      Thomson was hit in the head and immediately looked to the official for a call. Nab. should have not tried to drill Thomson in that situation.

  • Jill Conner
    Jill Conner Month ago +3

    So sad what has become of big red! 0-6 never though I'd see it in my lifetime

  • henry lee
    henry lee Month ago +3

    Love Scott frost now? Where is the fire frosty website?

    • bob hotpocket
      bob hotpocket Month ago


    • alkhami1
      alkhami1 Month ago

      +Joel Schumacher
      OH AND SIX.
      maybe they'll beat Bethune-Cookman.


    • alkhami1
      alkhami1 Month ago

      Someone is building it. It's hard to build a website while weeping, though.

    • Joel Schumacher
      Joel Schumacher Month ago +2

      henry lee shut up fire a coach after halfway of the first season u kidding

  • Doug Robbins
    Doug Robbins Month ago +4

    Frost's job is very safe

    • bob hotpocket
      bob hotpocket Month ago

      frost is going to survive this season then the next and next but after that if he didnt change he will be fired

    • Maxwell Nelson
      Maxwell Nelson Month ago

      Id take it

    • visionsovshiva
      visionsovshiva Month ago

      +alkhami1 then it all worked out for Nebraska didnt it

    • alkhami1
      alkhami1 Month ago +2

      Nobody else wants it.

  • country flyer
    country flyer Month ago

    Frost defrosted again!!! What a dumb call to go for touchdown instead of FG, NU fans will be calling for his head!!

    • Tanner Peatson
      Tanner Peatson Month ago

      Nah, ultimately they're gullible and not very smart.

  • Rob Moore
    Rob Moore Month ago +8

    Neb has looked better the last 2 weeks. They may beat Minnesota.

    • Taylor Lewis
      Taylor Lewis 16 days ago

      Rob Moore remember this? called it

    • I’m Tired
      I’m Tired Month ago +1

      Rob Moore if the Minnesota team that showed up in Columbus shows up in Lincoln... I don’t like Nebraska’s chances lol

    • Tanner Peatson
      Tanner Peatson Month ago +2

      +ohnoitshimagain at the beginning of the season I said the Cornhuskers would be lucky to go 6-6 first year under frost. Then the ne fans attacked me for not believing frost would have them winning a minimum of 9 games lol. Now I just support their bs to blend in. 😂😂🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • ohnoitshimagain
      ohnoitshimagain Month ago

      Lol the comedy in this comment

    • Alex Harris
      Alex Harris Month ago +3

      +Tanner Peatson It sure would seeing how Ohio State struggled with them a bit.

  • Richardson Capital
    Richardson Capital Month ago

    go cats

  • Alchemica Blackwood
    Alchemica Blackwood Month ago +3

    It's hard to believe that Nebraska was one of the top football powers. It doesn't look like they're ever coming back!

    • ohnoitshimagain
      ohnoitshimagain Month ago +1

      It may be another 20 years and I am being optimistic

    • Kidd Marlowe
      Kidd Marlowe Month ago

      I agree, but this is going to be a lot more difficult watching than I initially expected. How did we get so bad?

    • MattyHusker
      MattyHusker Month ago +3

      Alchemica Blackwood very unlikely

    • Jack Wehrung
      Jack Wehrung Month ago +2

      They will, and Frost will bring them.

  • QB Guru
    QB Guru Month ago +1


  • David Ellis
    David Ellis Month ago +7

    I wish I could be as bad at my job as Scott Frost!! His 💺 shoud not just be 🔥 it should be 💣 no more 🌽 for him.

    • Kidd Marlowe
      Kidd Marlowe Month ago

      I fooled myself into thinking that we would have been better this year. Oh, there have been improvements, but they have not translated into wins. I will say this: we've certainly begun to see clearly where the weaknesses are with this team, and I know the coaches see them too. RECRUITING is desperately needed. GBR

    • 1,000 Subs With No Videos Challenge
      1,000 Subs With No Videos Challenge Month ago

      David Ellis so you expect us to be good in our rebuilding year?

    • Kidd Marlowe
      Kidd Marlowe Month ago

      Frost is not the problem here.

  • jimmy e
    jimmy e Month ago +10

    I'm a Detroit Lions fan and I feel sorry for these guys.

    • John Wall
      John Wall Month ago +1

      No need to feel sorry because we're winning the big ten championship!

    • Kylie & Andrew Cleveland
      Kylie & Andrew Cleveland Month ago +2

      I'm a Detroit Lions/Husker fan and the Lions have prepared me for this. 😂

  • saint jack
    saint jack Month ago +12

    Its amazing that Frost still has blonde hair.

  • mkmcclure
    mkmcclure Month ago +3

    Exciting to be in attendance today. Not easy to win when your program has no academic exemptions for admission and ranks No.1 in graduation rate. Nebraska has a solid QB in Martinez.

    • K S
      K S Month ago +1

      mkmcclure that’s a new one!!!

    • Tanner Peatson
      Tanner Peatson Month ago +1

      Solid interception and turnover machine.

  • Randall Denison
    Randall Denison Month ago +28

    Were gathered here today to pay tribute to the Nebraska football team. They had a good life but are officially gone now. R I P!

    • saint jack
      saint jack 27 days ago

      wildmercuryfilms I basically wrote the same thing on another thread. I grew up watching the Nebraska/Oklahoma Thanksgiving weekend games. That game was the highlight of the weekend. Jarvis Redwine, Thomas Lott, I M Hipp, Billy Simms, Jamal Hollaway. We will never see that again. And the winner punched their ticket to the Orange Bowl. The fans used to throw frozen oranges on the field. By the way I am headed to a Miami at this moment and i get bumbed when I get there because the tore down the old Orange Bowl for a dead baseball stadium. Progress. I think not.

    • marineforlife mclean
      marineforlife mclean Month ago

      Nebraska football isn't dead yet...When the team gets a couple wins under their belt, the atmosphere will change...They're getting closer every week. When things turn around for them, they'll look back on this and the bad taste it left will be a motivating factor and you're going to see a fired up team with a chip on their shoulder. I got faith in ya, Huskers...a Michigan fan..

    • Randall Denison
      Randall Denison Month ago

      +MilkToast oh I know. Just making lite of bad situation. Get good coach n be fine. (May be this coach).

    • MilkToast
      MilkToast Month ago

      Randall Denison Nebraska has a new coach, and they are basically starting fresh this year changing many things. Teams don’t get new coaches and all of a sudden become successful. Nebraska still has things to work on with a team that has a lot of Freshmen. I think in the next couple of year after Nebraska gets new players they will so good. They wouldn’t succeed this year because the last coach didn’t have a weight program and ran a different team. This ain’t the end.

    • A Google User
      A Google User Month ago

      wildmercuryfilms Nebraska is OVER!

  • Bob Curry
    Bob Curry Month ago +9


    • alkhami1
      alkhami1 Month ago

      +John Wall, Kanye for coach! Big Ten Championship here we come!

    • John Wall
      John Wall Month ago

      alkhami1 Even with Kayne West we can make Nebraska great again.
      Go huskers!

    • alkhami1
      alkhami1 Month ago +2

      +John Wall, yep. With Kanye West as quarterback.

    • John Wall
      John Wall Month ago +3

      We are winning it all after this loss idc idc.

    • Alex Harris
      Alex Harris Month ago

      +John Wall Stop! You're gonna influence other people to make really dumb jokes! Respect for Nebraska In was rooting for them. They should have a win or 2.. I feel bad I wish they won some games, no sarcasm I really do!

  • Alexey Makarin
    Alexey Makarin Month ago +24

    I am sorry but these highlights are very bad. Could you please not cut out the most essential parts of the game next time?

    • Jim Dickenson
      Jim Dickenson Month ago

      What do u use when there aren't any Good highlights to show? Do u show the coach at Bill's Rv and Beer Joint getting hammered like the others! Yeah, that would be more entertaining.

    • wildmercuryfilms
      wildmercuryfilms Month ago +4

      Alexey Makarin But, if you watch these “highlights” every week, you’ll find that they’re not the highlights, they’re simply the scoring plays. I learned this for the Colorado game, hoping to see the hit that Nebraska’s secondary made on that Colorado receiver on that uncatchable ball, because that was the most important play of the entire game. But instead I see literally the most boring plays of the game. Stupid. Yes, these “highlights” should be renamed “plays where teams score.”

  • Michigan_ Man96
    Michigan_ Man96 Month ago +23

    The big10 should trade nebraska and rutgers for troy and eastern michigan.

    • A Google User
      A Google User Month ago

      K. G. R. Wrong! Nebraska is a joke of a program.

    • chad mckeighan
      chad mckeighan Month ago

      +Michigan_ Man96 Year 1. Coach will get the program turned around, he knows what it takes to win.

    • Michigan_ Man96
      Michigan_ Man96 Month ago +5

      Shane Mckinney u guys should have kept bo pelini. Atleast he was consistent.

    • Kidd Marlowe
      Kidd Marlowe Month ago +1

      Props to Michigan. At least they've a defense.

    • Shane Mckinney
      Shane Mckinney Month ago +1

      +Michigan_ Man96 as will Nebraska in the next few years

  • bob shagit
    bob shagit Month ago +19

    lets go for a 4th down conversion in OT!!! we have converted one this year out of 13 so far... i think this is our best chance at losing this game

  • Brandon Malik
    Brandon Malik Month ago +7

    0-6 al

  • Gerardo Gerry
    Gerardo Gerry Month ago +10

    No comments made. greetings from Lincoln NE

  • Gaspar Garcia
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  • YFNA
    YFNA Month ago +6