I Lost My Little Sister In The Woods

  • Published on Jun 7, 2019
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    I’m John. I would like to share a story with you about how once, I was absolutely scared to death. It was so bad, that this fear still lives somewhere deep inside me. Everything happened almost a year ago.
    Our whole family decided to go camping. Dad had bought a brand new RV and was dying to test-drive it, so he picked out a mountain and lake fishing resort not too far from where we lived. Everybody else was like “Yea! A weekend surrounded by Mother Nature!” And I was the only one that seemed to be far from being inspired by the news. The thing is, that I had recently gotten acquainted with a beautiful girl that I had had my eye on for a long time. Her name was Sondra. And we had finally agreed to meet on that particular Saturday - sort of for a first date, you know, so dad’s idea of a two-day family trip definitely didn’t fit in to my plan. I tried to escape this family thing at first, but my mom said that I should be more supportive of my dad and not be so selfish, and stuff, so, as you might have guessed, we all ended up going there together. By “we” I mean not only my parents and I, but also my dad’s sister’s family, which included my 5-year-old cousin, Ellis, who was kind of like my annoying little sister.
    All the way to the camp site I was thinking about how I was definitely not intending to talk to anyone outside of the RV, especially to Ellis. Before that trip, anytime she saw me she would act like she couldn’t talk at all. She would just shyly stare at me and our parents were constantly joking that she’d fallen in love with me. But this time, she was like a sucker fish - no matter what I was doing, she was there with me asking a million questions. When I was texting Sondra, she asked who I was texting, and when I was looking through my Instagram she was like, “Let me press the heart button” and so on. So after an hour, I was already begging God to help her lose her voice or fall asleep or something else to keep her silent. Apart from everything, my friends were sending me photos of them having a marvelous time at Aqua Park, while I was here about to die from boredom with my “wonderful” company. So, yes, to say that my mood was in the toilet would've been the understatement of the year.
    When we finally arrived at the camp site, it turned out that a couple more families like ours were also preparing to spend their weekend there. But guess what? There was not a single soul who was the same age, or anywhere even close to mine. I'm not kidding, I’d gotten stuck for two lame days with my parents and some other forest lovers and their kids. And don’t forget about the ever annoying Ellis. I felt like my life was about to be over.
    But then things got even worse. It turned out that there was almost no cell service there. There was only one place where there was at least an intermittent connection, but it was far away from our campsite and even then the signal was pretty low most of the time. At first, I was thinking that dad’s RV should have been supplied with something like a Wi-Fi router, but dad happened to have purposefully turn it off so that nobody, me in particular, would be distracted from the outside world. I was really mad at the situation, at my parents, at their freaking new RV, and even at Mother Nature, which happened to exist here even without decent cell reception.
    Then everybody decided to go for a walk and take some pictures in nature. I not only didn’t want to go anywhere, but was also waiting for a text from Sondra. In order to receive it, as you already know, I had to venture away from the camp. So I told everybody that I was having some stomach troubles and that I needed to stay close to the toilet. When Ellis heard that, she also began whining that she wasn’t going to go anywhere and that she wanted to stay here with me. At least I’d be able to chat with Sondra, I thought, and suggested that they could leave Ellis with me and spend some time together, while we could play cards or table games.I didn’t mean I was really going to play with her, and as soon as our parents set out for their hike, I took Ellis up the hill to get better cell reception.
    She agreed to watch a few cartoons while I was checking my texts. You know, there were plenty of messages, like photos from friends and flirty texts from Sondra, so it probably took me more than 10 minutes to look through all of them. From time to time I heard Ellis laughing at whatever she was watching. So I answered both my friends and Sondra and told them that I won’t be able to get online until I get home. I was done and ready to go back to camp and looked up at where Ellis should have been sitting. Cartoons on the iPad were still going on, but she wasn’t anywhere to be found.

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  • wolfpack4ever00 CPO
    wolfpack4ever00 CPO 19 minutes ago

    20 minuts

  • Darkness
    Darkness 5 hours ago

    Kid: is on iPhone for the whole vid
    Kid:gets angry and almost says the f word because of a truck
    Kid: says he is gonna kill his cousin
    **knock on door (well there basically isn't a door) FBI OPEN UP**

  • godzilakid san
    godzilakid san 18 hours ago

    “Wow I was so mad at my parents” wow he must be a inside person

  • Mario And Luigi
    Mario And Luigi Day ago

    Test drive
    Ahem ahem you do realize road trip is a thing right

  • Kathryn Fare
    Kathryn Fare Day ago +1

    Stop saying fricken

  • Eno Abaigar
    Eno Abaigar Day ago

    my older brother was like that

  • sage wave55
    sage wave55 Day ago

    I have done this before lol

  • swagkevin57 swagsterkevin

    about 30 min

  • Kawaii Disney
    Kawaii Disney 3 days ago

    Why does his cousins head look like strewie griffins

  • Nana Afrifa
    Nana Afrifa 3 days ago +1

    Not trying to hate but if you
    Have mobile data you could
    Use it,right🤔??
    Like and comment if you agree

  • KryptHaxe
    KryptHaxe 3 days ago

    it took 20min for the parents to come back

  • Meenu Sivakumar
    Meenu Sivakumar 3 days ago

    Bruh sum ppl call their cousins lil sis/bro

  • Offthepost 1
    Offthepost 1 3 days ago

    Press this if u are younger then 10000000000000000000


  • Mr Crab
    Mr Crab 4 days ago

    Good thing I have no annoying stupid little sister

  • Mr Crab
    Mr Crab 4 days ago

    Hi I’m John

  • game boy
    game boy 4 days ago

    It was 20 minutes

  • Strawberry Lusine Productions

    Wow ,slender man got her

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    Why you Hate you cusin that bad i love my family how dare you >:(

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    you son of a-

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    Macaroni Kid 7 days ago

    It took 5000 years

  • Julianna Otusajo
    Julianna Otusajo 8 days ago

    I wouldn't blame yourself so harshly I'm not saying you weren't responsible for her getting lost but you already weren't into the camping thing and it seems as though they were kind just forcing you into it. But I only say this because you made plans to see the girl you liked your parents could've at least given you 15- 30 minutes to use the wifi then your cousin or sister would've never gotten lost most likely. I see it like this if people want to do something they will always find a way so why not make a safe path for them so it can create the least amount of damage as possible.

  • izzerkitter
    izzerkitter 8 days ago

    Well they shouldn't have forced you to go or turn off the wifi router.

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  • Mae Lin
    Mae Lin 9 days ago

    Title: sister
    Him: she’s my cousin

    Me: NANI!!!

  • tsukichan4
    tsukichan4 9 days ago

    typical grumpy Teen

  • Victor Zendejas
    Victor Zendejas 9 days ago

    If we dont have tree and plant we will die

  • Szu-Yuan Li
    Szu-Yuan Li 9 days ago +1

    Your dad is right you can use your phone any time but you can’t all go camping that many times

  • Szu-Yuan Li
    Szu-Yuan Li 9 days ago

    We had a one day camping

  • Hans Carlson
    Hans Carlson 10 days ago

    Why would your parents force you to go with them on that boring wildlife trip when you had a crush om that girl and wanted to date her?
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    *this comment was deleted*

  • Little Lover
    Little Lover 11 days ago +2

    Title: *I lost my little sister in the woods*
    Video: *she's me 5 year old cousin*
    Me: *yOu LieD tO mE*

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    Wait. Did he just left his iPad in the woods??
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    i lost my little brother in the woods when he was three....... so you're not the only one..........

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    Did it actually happene

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    isn't that the family with the kid with the psycho mom who told him to ALWAYS help with his little sisters?

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    Nada aue ver en la version español. Es tu prima

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    BIG BELLY 12 days ago

    You where lucky to go and spend time with your family with Mother Nature. Who agrees

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