Black Panther - Movie Review


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    EBONY EXOTIC 4 days ago

    I still can't believe this movie came out of Hollywood/America. If anyone actually has super human ability it's black people. Just watch sports.

  • dyingfoetus
    dyingfoetus 7 days ago

    I loved Iron Man 3 too. Showed Tony actually using his brain and going back to basics. Not to mention it was funny as shit. Thor however was a bit mediocre in my opinion. Some good moments but as a whole, underwhelming.

  • Amon Janus
    Amon Janus 7 days ago

    If you like cheap cheese, youll love this. Did they lower standards so as not to offend a certain racial market ?

  • Supreme
    Supreme 8 days ago


  • Sergio Cruz
    Sergio Cruz 8 days ago

    I love this movie

  • Dhruv Gajjar
    Dhruv Gajjar 8 days ago

    I was kind of annoyed at the fact that there were like, 2 songs in the movie. There's a whole album and a song that has the name of the movie as the title,the first song is really faint in this bar/club part and the second song shows up in the credits.

  • metalgamer 817
    metalgamer 817 9 days ago

    I found Killmongers black metaphors and philosophy to be really overbearing as the movie went on. He was a cool villain regardless but they could’ve shown not tell.

  • Tom Booker
    Tom Booker 11 days ago

    Some of the jokes were TERRIBLE

  • Shaniqua Newbold
    Shaniqua Newbold 11 days ago

    I was always wondering if the white society that saw the movie caught the slavery innuendos... I guess they didn’t. Smh

  • 23ChrissaysFAREWELL
    23ChrissaysFAREWELL 12 days ago

    Let's face it, Killmonger is one of the coolest villains ever.

  • jonsytube maenhout
    jonsytube maenhout 14 days ago

    When I first saw it I liked it.
    Today is saw it again and I loved it.
    Its so damn good.
    Great hero
    Great villain
    Great location
    Great action
    Great story
    Great soundtrack.
    There is nothing I dislike in this movie.🐱🐯

  • TheNurseInBlack
    TheNurseInBlack 17 days ago

    I liked it.
    First movie that caught my interest immediately. All these movies with 30min buildups. . . .You get the history of wakanda and black panther in a nice story and everything else is covered great. The place felt almost real.

  • Jodie Cooper
    Jodie Cooper 17 days ago

    The only 'humour compromising the drama' moment I had was when T'Challa came back from the 'dead' and his friends offered their services to him for a fight, and the king of that other tribe was like, "Are we done?" At the very swell of the emotional moment. Kin of ruined it for me.

  • ruben e delgado
    ruben e delgado 19 days ago

    The hype wasn't real, it was slow most of the time, killmonger literally carried this movie. Can beat Thanos Black Panther not needed.

  • Vey UK
    Vey UK 19 days ago

    why are you keep screaming

  • thai pham
    thai pham 20 days ago

    U can never rely on this faggets review.... movie was so garbage we walked out

  • Konke Fipaza
    Konke Fipaza 22 days ago

    I liked this movie. It looked very beautiful. And I'm south African I could understand some of the xhosa spoken and there was some south African music there too. Spiderman is still my favorite super hero movie though. Also I wanted the villain to win😪 8/10

  • Riffle123 XD
    Riffle123 XD 22 days ago

    Lol i googled Ryan Cooglers age and found he is 31, and Jeremy is older, I thought Jeremy was in his mid to late 20's

  • Stefan Anthony
    Stefan Anthony 23 days ago

    If you are watching a movie and you are disturbed about race distribution in a movie. It doesn’t matter what your skin colour is you should just stop watching movies because you are literally offended by a movie, even if it is good, because of skin colour. That’s just plain racism.

  • Tyler Bell
    Tyler Bell 24 days ago

    Am i the only one who didn’t like Michael B Jordan as Killmonger? I felt like his portrayal of the character didn’t fit the description of his background. He was a war hardened vet yet he came across as a cheesy enlightened hipster. I liked the message behind the movie i just felt like his slavery dialogues were very forced and awkward.

    • TheXelavid
      TheXelavid 21 day ago

      Nah youre not alone. I think a lot of people didnt like his character for the same reason. I couldnt really take him seriously plus he didnt get enough screen time so maybe. Overall he was a okay-goos villian

  • James F. Ewart
    James F. Ewart 24 days ago

    Ryan Coogler had a four hour cut of the film, so that might explain why you thought it was two Black Panther movies.
    I liked what Andy Serkis did as Klaue, but his performance felt more Jared Leto than Heath Ledger.
    Also, this movie is a massive improvement over the 2017 MCU movies, mainly because it doesn’t try to make a joke at the end of every scene.

  • michael salcido
    michael salcido 24 days ago

    It sucked. That’s it. Why cause I still don’t know who BP is all about.

  • Human Hunter
    Human Hunter 27 days ago

    Does black panther fuck the pink panther

  • Jak Bailey
    Jak Bailey 27 days ago

    Do it Deadpool 2 review please

  • Clipp024
    Clipp024 28 days ago +2

    I liked the movie but I think people are over rating it. It wasn't as fun as most marvel movies imo and if I had to rank it in marvel movies I would put it somewhere in the middle. There were alot of things that didn't make any sense either. So wakanda doesnt trade vibranium and is essentially an isolationist country and yet somehow its a super rich country that is highly advanced? That simply makes no sense.

  • RedheadDevil
    RedheadDevil 28 days ago

    Political agenda the movie

  • Paul Arvi
    Paul Arvi 28 days ago

    the movie is awesome ... but i got gripes
    Best part of the movie:
    Shuri = i like shuri a lot, she needs to get more screen time ... she brings a lot to the film
    T'challa = is ok. marvel got a good actor on it
    Wakanda = the world building is freaking awesome
    Worst part:
    nakia = is just not needed, love interest for the sake of love interest
    okoye = she is awesome but she is just overbearing to watch, stereotypical loyal friend
    wakandan council / tribes = just needed more screen time for, needs a bit more world building
    (i wanna know what are the other tribes all about)
    Shuri is awesome
    Klaw needs to be alive (killing the joker of your batman is not good)
    Keep the political thriller thing
    Ross should have been the comedic aspect of the film (fish out of water kinda thing)
    Focus on T'challa, Ross and Shuri they are the best part of the film (Protagonist, Comedy and Shuri) ... lol
    Killmonger is ... mehhh (he got a good message, other than that .... meh)

  • David Smith
    David Smith 29 days ago

    great movie

  • Georgie Yassa
    Georgie Yassa 29 days ago +1

    I have heard people complain about plot holes in black panther but plot holes aren't the worst thing about this movie. The performances from chadwick and Michael were sub-par, the composed score was weak (the original soundtrack from Kendrick was good though) The action wasn't compelling, mainly due to the usage of lighting and camerawork. No blood is shown, and we do not get implied brutality to make up for the PG-13 rating such as The Winter Soldier or Civil War did. There was hardly ever any tension in this film, as we knew that T'challa was completely indestructible there was no possibility of his harm. There weren't well developed characters in this movie, barring Killmonger. The cinematography was uninspired and uninteresting, not that expert cinematography is something to expect from Marvel films in general. The CGI and general special effects were absolutely awful and felt artificial, I was hoping that aspect to have succeeded at least. This movie just didn't do much good, and that's a shame due to the sheer talent involved in the cast and crew of this film. Overall a 4 or 5 out of 10.

  • MovieTuberReviews
    MovieTuberReviews 29 days ago

    Great work

  • Brad Asbury
    Brad Asbury Month ago +1

    The Black Panther. Or as Forest Whitaker calls it: The Blek Pentha

  • MexiCanadian 08
    MexiCanadian 08 Month ago

    Is it bad that I gave the most hated movie and the most loved movie to come out in the last year the same rating : 7/10?

  • Mike Labonte
    Mike Labonte Month ago

    This movie sucked. Just like the latest star wars. It looked pretty. But felt shallow and forced. I didn't care about any of the characters or the story. Movies seem to be getting worse and worse over time. It feels like a paint by numbers way of making movies. It just doesn't feel organic.

  • Strictly Hip Hop
    Strictly Hip Hop Month ago


  • Dee 12j
    Dee 12j Month ago +1

    Black Panther has no side kick in the movie but in lego marvel super heroes he has a super cat side kick called mr Tiddles but he was not included.

  • kefkapalazzo1
    kefkapalazzo1 Month ago

    Same as every marvel movie with Africans and some trap beats.

  • vgymgy subscrimchi
    vgymgy subscrimchi Month ago

    I thought it was alright i wasnt that impressed this movie is being overhyped.

  • J's Watch
    J's Watch Month ago

    review goodfellas please jeremy pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

  • david abe
    david abe Month ago

    I agree, as the movie suggests all countries should shift back to a tribal system with a King through royal blood line and having a singular commodity to sell. This singular commodity owned by the King and his family of course will leverage the power of that Dictator and their ruling family over their people as all the wealth in that society is created and owned by the ruling family, due to a monopoly on that singular commodity... Hope that commodity never losses it's value, or, you know... instant end of a empire! Not only that, all countries should follow Wakanda's lead and tightly control immigration, and I mean no one in, no one out style control... you know, like Wakanda, where they do it better than everywhere else...
    Maybe other countries will be so lucky to be over thrown by a singular mercenary who was able to beat the King in a fight to the death style election process, only open of course to those of royal bloodline.
    No, the movie was horrible and it's too bad you can't see the incredible list of problems and clear racism... you colonizer... it's ok that I say that right, I mean Black Panther made racist funny again.
    Do better plz.

  • Jason DiCosmo
    Jason DiCosmo Month ago

    I don’t understand the impenetrable hype around this movie. I saw the movie and I thought it was average/medium. The villian was good, great actually. I actually sided more with him than the actual hero. I liked the car chase scene and the first two water fall fist fights, but the final fight was very poor in quality. Everything there was CG, the trains, the suits, etc. the suits were also black and it was also dark down there so it was hard to even see what was happening. Also the effects and fight at the end was pretty bad. Also cuz killmonger wasn’t introduced till the second half, the plot felt disconnected. Also most if not all attempts at humor in the movie were very bad and even cringe worthy at times. Not a horrible movie, but just not “THE BEST MARVEL MOVIE TO DATE” like some are saying, a very average movie that has its strengths and its weaknesses.

  • P L
    P L Month ago

    So Black Panther is as good as Suicide Squad

  • cedric f
    cedric f Month ago

    Don't see what the fuss is all about after seeing this movie. The movie dragged out and the technology was far too much for my liking. 6 out of 10.

  • GateCrashers
    GateCrashers Month ago +1

    Great movie !
    A lot better and had more soul than the other nonsensical Marvel Movies.

  • JOBO
    JOBO Month ago +1

    The last scene with Killmonger was my favorite scene ever.

  • Farbror Pierre
    Farbror Pierre Month ago

    We Wuz Kings and shit - The Movie

  • Xavier Torres
    Xavier Torres Month ago +1

    Sorry jeremy, i always take your advice for movie reviews and this is the 1st time i'll have to disagree, i literally Rage quited the movie theater right when the woman with the spear says Guns are primitive lmao.

  • Victória Veiga
    Victória Veiga Month ago

    I feel this movie is really overrated. The movie is very entertaining if you don't want to think about it too much.
    You had the weird cgi in a few moments, lots of plot holes, I mean... I may be stupid for not getting this, but how the hell no one ever found Wakanda? They say at the begging they were hiding at sight, in the middle of the forest, but there was not a only goddam tree on there, only freaking huge skyscrapers.
    A sympathetic villain, but someone who took the throne of a place he didn't know shit about, but wanted to rule.
    Not even to mention that the hole history goes on by in like, one week, at the most?!
    Idk.... Maybe I'm being too oblivious about it all, but it doesn't work for me

  • idiotlimrocks2
    idiotlimrocks2 Month ago

    Ah ham... Neo Seoul in Cloud Atlas! That showed a lot of the slams and, the rich parts of Seoul in 2144, the culture in the futuristic world and, you really get to know that in depth

  • Ethan Hughes
    Ethan Hughes Month ago

    I saw the movie today, I liked it but it kindve disappointed me, it was really different and was like African warriors with sci-fi alien stuff, I’d give it a 3.5 out of 5

  • Blao Woh
    Blao Woh Month ago

    Fuck you bitch I'm a stoner ho you offended me!

  • Gabriel Sá Pinto
    Gabriel Sá Pinto Month ago

    My issue with this movie: Dead memes! Who the hell thought it would be funny to refer memes as "What are those" and "Whip your hair back and forth"?
    That and the fact that every time T'Chala said "the way" with that accent it was exactly like Ugandan Knuckles, I'm not sure if that was intentional but I take it that's not the case since that must have been filmed way before that meme came up.
    Other than that I didn't find the villain as awesome as some people talk about and the overall story is just average, but it's a superhero movie, the story will never be very complex.
    In the end it was pretty enjoyable and I had fun. Nice movie 6.5/10

  • What Is Your Worldview? - Creation or Evolutionism?

    I can't be the ONLY one here who thought of a "Bilbo & Gollum" reunion from the Hobbit when watching Andy Serkis and Martin Freeman in this! xD lol

  • Dregio Ramos
    Dregio Ramos Month ago

    Putting on my tinfoil hat for a second.
    In this movie a character admitted to what the C.I.A does in real life, that is to assassinate leaders and overthrow governments.
    Social programming at its finest!!

  • B ThermidorL
    B ThermidorL Month ago +1

    If Black Panther was boring, so was the Dark Knight

  • NeverMindGaming
    NeverMindGaming Month ago

    It was meh

  • Bahamian boy Sam
    Bahamian boy Sam Month ago +1

    Best Marvel Movie

  • thegarbageman21
    thegarbageman21 Month ago

    This movie sucked. It was boring, no character development, predictable, no intricate "coming into king" development, mediocre action, boring villain..... Type of film everyone afraid to criticize but the silence as you leave the theatre says it all...

  • Professor OzW33d
    Professor OzW33d Month ago

    While I do respect and like your review, I might have to disagree with the grade/result/rating you gave it. I'd probably say it's a good time no alcohol required. Grade wise? I'd give it a B. It's definitely good, but I was a bit disappointed too. Not to mention the usage of a bad and dead meme in the movie. That was a nitpick by the way.

  • UltimaPowers
    UltimaPowers Month ago +1

    No mention of how much Andy Serkis owned every scene he had? Shame.

  • Adam Osborn
    Adam Osborn Month ago

    Mrs. Doubtfire reference... Love it!

  • MrJchristopher7
    MrJchristopher7 Month ago

    first marvel movie that missed all the notes for me. Bad humor, bad characters, lame bad guy, repetitive story, undefined tech and production design and the representation of the culture was soo Disney and bland that it felt like they were mocking real African culture. Editing was crap, the soundtrack was too RnB and it just felt like an American version of Africa instead of real Africa. That is just me. I might be wrong. I am white so i might not know what I am talking about but monkey tribe that lives in a cave sounds like something KKK would say about Africans. This "Black" movie actually looked racist to me. It left me wondering what was all the hype about. Feel free to comment and help me understand. Am I the only one that feels this way?

  • Harry Nguyen
    Harry Nguyen Month ago


  • Nick Misuraca
    Nick Misuraca Month ago

    All of you saying that it's boring want explosions and constant action 24/7 without any real thought to it

  • Khan Rambo
    Khan Rambo Month ago +1

    I'm seeing it in THREE days, I felt like getting Jeremy's thoughts because he loves the MCU and it felt right.

  • David Maez
    David Maez Month ago

    I'm so happy about the success of the Marvel Comics being adapted into Blockbuster movies. I have been writing and sketching my new comic book series named " Burrito Man and Street Taco # 1 in Vato Justice !! Burrito Man and Street Taco are from the Country of Salslandia and are from the Verdecruz Tribe. They derive Super Powers when ingesting MGD and Menudo, their quest is to rid the world of Evil and inequality.

  • Ash Coles95
    Ash Coles95 Month ago +2

    I think I'm the only one who thought the film was a 7/10, too long in the middle and only liked the last 40 minuets.

  • Not Applicable
    Not Applicable Month ago

    It is a marvel movie. Nothing more nothing less. TBH the villain was lackluster but I loved the dude who played claw. Visually the movie was the best by Marvel yet, however, I think the visuals were designed for spectacle, not purpose.

  • Keljar Cosmos
    Keljar Cosmos Month ago

    Just came home from seeing this. This was amazing. A lot of hate on IMDB for this movie. Can't be anything but haters.

  • Les Deplorables
    Les Deplorables Month ago

    It's a pro Trump movie

  • People Power79
    People Power79 Month ago

    Am I the only one that thought it was really boring? I thought Civil War had a more interesting story and arc for this character.

  • Luchino - League of Legends

    Black Panther was the worst MCU Movie since The Incredible Hulk. Terrible acting and really weak story line, unfunny jokes and bad CGI

  • Modern Mexican
    Modern Mexican Month ago +1

    The soundtrack was soooooooooooooo good

  • wickedawesomehede
    wickedawesomehede Month ago

    So we aren't all just done with these superhero-movies? I'm so done with all of them tbh.. So milked

  • -_- waitingDAY
    -_- waitingDAY Month ago

    Way over rated. It was really good. But cmon higher ratings than winter soldier? No sir.

  • -_- waitingDAY
    -_- waitingDAY Month ago

    The cgi was unfortunate.

  • Da_Pikmin_Coder
    Da_Pikmin_Coder Month ago

    My favorite thing about Black Panther that I don't really think the previous MCU movies have done is to just have the hero go "You know, that villain was a cuck. But, he did have a point. It's about time I get my shit together." And I mean, sometimes like with Hela in Ragnarok they do have a good point. And you could argue that Thor does change in that movie, but I don't think it's because he understood Hela's point. It's just that the times were a-changin, and he had to change or die. T'Challa really did understand that Killmonger was a result of his father's bad decisions, and that he has been following the footsteps of his father.

  • Friendly T-60 armor

    Wakanda is basically USA but with a bigger black population

  • iPleatheTV
    iPleatheTV Month ago +1

    He’s crazy this movie is awesometacular🤲

  • Janae Lovely
    Janae Lovely Month ago +1

    Some parts of the movie really reminded me of The Lion King

  • barcaman101
    barcaman101 Month ago

    this movie was shit

  • ThaYoungWolf
    ThaYoungWolf Month ago

    You're right about "you like it or love it" I liked it. It wasn't a revolutionary film that changes history and all that bullshit. But it was a fun pop corn flick.

  • Bryson Armstrong
    Bryson Armstrong Month ago

    I thought Black Panther was a mediocre marvel movie
    It’s kinda lame. It was directed kinda badly. The CGI was terrible (like those dumb blanket shields). And I think Michal B Jordan is a great actor, but not in this movie. I felt his character was kinda forced and the part of the movie where he is like “my ancestors were slaves so let’s go kill the whites who did that” (I paraphrased because I forgot the direct quote). It’s dumb, Wakanda where his ancestors are from has never had or dealt with slaves. Over all it was a meh movie. It wasn’t good it wasn’t bad. The guy who played black panther gave a great preformance and most of the side characters were fun. But I couldn’t get past Michal B Jordan’s character or the Laughably bad CGI in 2018, and its those two things that took a good marvel movie and made it a meh marvel movie to me. Thank you for reading this if you did, feel free to criticize my opinion, it’s probably wrong.

  • Gabriel Hendricks
    Gabriel Hendricks Month ago

    It was a good movie, i kinda wish klaues (clouse, klawes, however you spell it) was the main villian. Just because i wouldve liked to see an ENTIRE movie about killmonger ascending the throne in the sequel. Also..that "WHAT ARE THOSE?!" Line was cringeworthy..

  • john johnny
    john johnny Month ago

    movie is flat out boring.

  • cheesesmiles
    cheesesmiles Month ago

    Wakanda Forever! ❤

  • Fabio Alves Show
    Fabio Alves Show Month ago

    For Me Is A T-Minus 1 Day, Yeah Already Forget

  • Emran I
    Emran I Month ago

    Personally I was a bit disappointed with how they played this out. 1st problem is I thought the villain was too weak compared to something like civil war where that Villain had a huge impact that changes the future of the franchise. The other problem I had is though I’m glad we got to go deep in the culture and the character, I wish there was more badass scenes where this guy suit up and just obliterates people. Honestly I think black panther is better played as a support character, when he was In civil war it made me want more of him but now I want less

  • Blueberry Picker
    Blueberry Picker Month ago

    How are people not bored of superhero movies yet?

  • Brian Cromartie
    Brian Cromartie Month ago +1

    Michael B Jordan's acting (and dialogue) was so blah

  • Brienna Carter
    Brienna Carter Month ago

    Ok Iron Man 3 would have been a great movie. But they jacked up the villain, which made it awful. Worst marvel movie, all the rest of them are fine though.

  • Chronic Heartburn
    Chronic Heartburn Month ago

    “What are THOSE!!?!!?!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!!!??!?!??!?!??!”

  • The Stuff of Nerdz
    The Stuff of Nerdz Month ago

    No awesometacular?

  • Borkaman87
    Borkaman87 Month ago +1

    aren't panthers usually black though. clearly the title is chosen out of racial emphasis, what a stupid move

    • Borkaman87
      Borkaman87 Month ago

      seems especially biased with the creators being both white. the cheer idea of a black superhero was so baffling to them that they had to name him "black cat that's black" to get it all out of their system

    • HEROSAM12
      HEROSAM12 Month ago

      I thought that, too!

  • Lonnie Roberts
    Lonnie Roberts Month ago

    Red Sparrow was like C rated porn. Glad to see Lawrence has a lil hoe in her and her body is perfect. It's just not enough 😒

  • TheRilluma
    TheRilluma Month ago +1

    very overrated movie...

  • Elmer Son
    Elmer Son Month ago

    Movie's fine, nothing special. What I hate is the fact that there is a more advanced hero other that Stark in the MCU. I don't like that idea.

  • Matthew Green
    Matthew Green Month ago

    The movie was great, but has anyone wondered where was Captain America when all this was going on?

  • Xviperkinggx
    Xviperkinggx Month ago

    The black angry bald chick was kinda annoying to watch LMAO

  • promisedeyes
    promisedeyes Month ago

    The movie is 10/10, totally emotionally compelling.

  • Xross SweatPantz
    Xross SweatPantz Month ago

    it was a missed opportunity for you to use purple as your backdrop color for this video instead of the usual red!