13 Struggles All Left-Handed People Know To Be True

  • Published on Apr 26, 2016
  • "Did you know that left-handed people die 10 years earlier than right-handed people?"
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Comments • 18 606

  • Teara Walker
    Teara Walker 3 days ago

    I like the fact that the baseball mitt at the start is a left handed one

  • Tazzy Ando
    Tazzy Ando 5 days ago

    Its sad that it’s true

  • Hailee's Comet
    Hailee's Comet 7 days ago

    My fellow lefties where u at????

  • Mystical Crystal
    Mystical Crystal 7 days ago

    I'm left handed and I write really good on a whiteboard or a piece of paper most people say

  • Yasmeen Khwaja
    Yasmeen Khwaja 9 days ago


  • Hello There
    Hello There 15 days ago

    Don't worry friend,you're with us. 😂

  • Canadian Poutine
    Canadian Poutine 19 days ago

    And of course there will be that one thawt that’ll be like hey I’m left handed! Even thought they’re not

  • Megan Bolema
    Megan Bolema 19 days ago

    I do everything left handed except sports.

  • Mega Max
    Mega Max 20 days ago +1

    I feel the PAIN. Like if your left handed

  • MusicLoverLover 2000

    Thumbs up if ya right handed

  • The Badass Potato
    The Badass Potato 22 days ago

    I’m right handed and my twin sister is left handed. We both eat and play the guitar with right handed...

    And everything else she smashes her arm into mine by accident and tells me that I should prepare for her death

  • Moshi moshi Spiderman desu

    So true :'v

  • Girlsrock 4723
    Girlsrock 4723 22 days ago

    I am right hand. Sometimes my hand are cover with pencil lead

  • Alison Nichols
    Alison Nichols 22 days ago

    I feel your pain.

  • GamingWithMert
    GamingWithMert 23 days ago

    It was not 13 struggles left hand But 10 lol

  • Lotoah Audrey
    Lotoah Audrey 23 days ago

    You know in some countries people force left handed to become right handed👈👉

  • Akiren pongen
    Akiren pongen 24 days ago

    I am left

  • Mythical_Unicorn _Keira

    1:26 Tahilla has a Justin Bieber face

  • Sheppi _shelby
    Sheppi _shelby 25 days ago

    Omgg... my school desk at for right handers only and I said if I could move to the back she said no :(

  • owen chaplin
    owen chaplin 25 days ago

    I wish I was right handed

  • Christelle Mcwill
    Christelle Mcwill 25 days ago

    This has 6969153 watches

  • Marah Yz
    Marah Yz 26 days ago


  • kaylee churchwell
    kaylee churchwell 26 days ago

    I feel you

  • Pany Soukaseum
    Pany Soukaseum 26 days ago

    I’m left handed

  • Belbaro Freakygamer
    Belbaro Freakygamer 26 days ago +1

    Why dont u just use ur right arm?

  • ridzuanrush
    ridzuanrush 26 days ago

    Nick is so hawt

  • MrsPotato
    MrsPotato 27 days ago

    I’m right handed XD

  • Nichole Manning
    Nichole Manning 28 days ago +1

    Ahh yes the struggles of being left handed I know them all too well

  • Abigail M.
    Abigail M. 28 days ago

    I'm left handed but never in my life I thought to use my left hand for a using a computer mouse with it always being on the right side.

  • Ravenofthedog
    Ravenofthedog 28 days ago

    Please do ambidextrous struggles. (Mostly people’s comments and the terrifying scissors dilemma)

  • Asit Waghmare
    Asit Waghmare 28 days ago +1

    1:22😣😣😣 it's the most painful thing

  • Gaming Buddy
    Gaming Buddy 29 days ago +1

    I am a weirdo left hander.... i use my mouse with right hand, i can use scissors perfectly, i have never tried guitar,... My only problem ink on my hand after writing something...

  • Jade
    Jade 29 days ago


  • Azareah West
    Azareah West 29 days ago

    I feel the pain I’m left hannded

  • Nike Adidas
    Nike Adidas 29 days ago

    I’m left handed

  • Natalie Yggudffu
    Natalie Yggudffu Month ago

    0:43 WTH 😂

  • Natalie Yggudffu
    Natalie Yggudffu Month ago

    Ugh relatable lol 😂

  • Lil Sad Face  Mendez

    Being left handed doesn't make you special alot of people are left handed it's not like it's rare😂😂 and I'm left handed

  • Emília Coelho
    Emília Coelho Month ago

    I'm left hand and i write like, using every fingers, it's weird.

  • Anti Peanut
    Anti Peanut Month ago +1

    Is right right?

  • Hans Wernerstein
    Hans Wernerstein Month ago

    Comment if u are ambidextrous !

  • Lam0 Lam0
    Lam0 Lam0 Month ago

    I literally did an entire essay and it *all smudged* 🤣

  • Diesel Yawns
    Diesel Yawns Month ago

    The last one is true. Found another lefty is like found a needle in a haystack 😂 we’re automatically best buddy!

  • Demi Steer
    Demi Steer Month ago

    erases: left
    colours: Left
    writes: Right
    throughs: both
    draws: right
    typing: left
    cutting out: left
    gaming: right
    mouse(computer): right

    I am strange….
    but mostly righthanded in everything else

  • Memelovelyboo Queen

    Being a leftie is the best we are intelligent,beautiful,and we always have an advantage.

  • Christopher Aldous
    Christopher Aldous Month ago

    I’m both handed

  • subscribe to PewDiePie and subscribe to me

    I'm left-hand but in my

  • Miss Mystery
    Miss Mystery Month ago +1

    During maths, we have to use whiteboards to write our answers and show our working out. I understand the hand smudging thing too well

  • YT_RaeLetsPlay YT_RaeLetsPlay

    Im right handed

  • Natalie Griffin
    Natalie Griffin Month ago

    I’m right handed, my mum and boyfriend are left handed, idk why I needed to comment that but okay

  • PurplePonys 4Life
    PurplePonys 4Life Month ago

    Nick is my spirit animal in the last part especially 😂 if I see someone else who’s left handed we instantly become friends

  • kookie jams
    kookie jams Month ago

    My mom gets triggered by the way i hold scissors

  • Perla Yassine
    Perla Yassine Month ago

    It’s so hard doing things in left hand if ur right hand..

  • Haidyn
    Haidyn Month ago

    I love being left handed bc I’m more rare xD

  • Gaby Chian
    Gaby Chian Month ago

    i also use left handed writting or doing and eating ..... i m From Teluk Intan Perak

  • Catfish Fishermen
    Catfish Fishermen Month ago +1

    I understand it’s hard using the crap right handed desks

  • sasha 12
    sasha 12 Month ago

    I can relate with the can opener one bcuz all of the can openers in all of the countries I go and/or buy are for left handed people

  • Emma 11
    Emma 11 Month ago +1

    I’m leftie but I never put my mouse on my left side..

  • Recarnated Kronor
    Recarnated Kronor Month ago

    Damn our struggles are real problems

  • Marina Cvitković
    Marina Cvitković Month ago

    1:25 Justin Bieber on the right side

  • XDgamer
    XDgamer Month ago

    I'm a pretty average Joe. Average height, average weight, average eye colour, average hair colour, average iq, etc etc...
    So being left handed is one if the things that make me stand out.

  • Sailor Books
    Sailor Books Month ago

    omg I hate it when people get all science on me or get mad when I bump them ahhhh

  • HibuMaz
    HibuMaz Month ago


  • Anna !!!
    Anna !!! Month ago

    *When at that moment it's feels good to be Right handed*


    I hate being left handed

  • Matthew James
    Matthew James Month ago

    So am I I’m left handed ik what it feels like

  • Murat Djabbarbergenov

    I'm not right handed
    I'm not left handed i am...

    Left footed

  • andrei olariu
    andrei olariu Month ago

    I'm right

  • andrei olariu
    andrei olariu Month ago

    He looks like michael jackson

  • Narin :/
    Narin :/ Month ago

    I don't know why but in school whenever someone sees me writing they always say "oh my god you are left handed!" why are they surprised?

  • PoTAEto OxyJIN
    PoTAEto OxyJIN Month ago


  • Nigel Marvin
    Nigel Marvin Month ago

    I am trying to write with my left hand, it’s not fun.

  • YouTube Is Bae
    YouTube Is Bae Month ago +1

    I'm here but I'm right handed 😂

  • Nexity DM
    Nexity DM Month ago


  • Bárbara
    Bárbara Month ago

    the end was so cuteee

  • KitAndEvaProductions

    I’m right handed, but I don’t get why right handed are so amazed at left handed people, it’s just the hand they prefer to use

  • Chi Ly
    Chi Ly Month ago

    Most people in the world are right handed than left

  • 민윤기
    민윤기 Month ago

    I still get ink on my hand even if I'm right handed ._.

  • Jemima Lyne
    Jemima Lyne Month ago

    Left H
    Left Ha
    Left Han
    Left Hand
    Left Hande
    Left Handed
    Left Hande
    Left Hand
    Left Han
    Left Ha
    Left H

  • Pamela Sedman
    Pamela Sedman Month ago

    The struggle is real

  • Indianna Vuletich
    Indianna Vuletich Month ago

    I’m left handed. I can relate sooo much!

  • Donell Romer
    Donell Romer Month ago

    Also left handed I understand the struggle

  • glitter diamond
    glitter diamond Month ago

    I'm ambidextrous so I understand.

  • Becky black
    Becky black Month ago

    The pencil thing and the scissors are so true !!!
    Get mad when someone tells me to watch out when i'm hitting his arm..

  • McEv
    McEv Month ago

    Proud to be a lefty

  • Elephant King
    Elephant King Month ago +1

    I can totally relate

  • Elephant King
    Elephant King Month ago +1

    I’m left handed life isn’t fare

  • Asteraus
    Asteraus Month ago

    yeah, when we see another left-handed person we just instantly connect

  • Asteraus
    Asteraus Month ago

    we can't even use ink pens because they always smudge on your hand AND on your work

  • Asteraus
    Asteraus Month ago

    Am I the only one who's left handed but eats with their right hand cuz my parents tried to get me to use my right hand but all they could get me to do is use my cutlery with my right hand 😂😂

  • Savannah Jordan
    Savannah Jordan Month ago

    I hate it when people get surprised when they see that I’m a left handed person

  • cookie Vy ••奇妙な

    I have to wear a left handed mit in baseball too 😒

  • 3, 1415926
    3, 1415926 Month ago

    Ughh the smudge is sooo annoying!!!!

  • Laura
    Laura Month ago

    13 struggles ambidextrous people don't know.

  • Angelica Rosero
    Angelica Rosero Month ago +1

    Omg for my lefty’s our there u know when ppl see u writing with ur left and there first question is..... Are you a lefty? Help me now🤦🏽‍♀️😂

  • ßùññy Gīrl
    ßùññy Gīrl Month ago

    OMG same problems

  • PixelatedGameplays
    PixelatedGameplays Month ago

    1:42 I am speechless...

  • Caitlyn Mcintosh 11
    Caitlyn Mcintosh 11 Month ago +1

    Why am I here? I'm right-handed

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe Month ago

    Silver Sufer Syndrome is real!! I'm ambidextrous but I write with my left hand and in school, When I take notes I get the ink and all the pencil stuff on my hand. And also, Not only that, My notes get all smudged up by it!! 😥😫😩😭😭😭

  • Rock music Lover
    Rock music Lover Month ago

    I’m both handed