13 Struggles All Left-Handed People Know To Be True

  • Published on Apr 26, 2016
  • "Did you know that left-handed people die 10 years earlier than right-handed people?"
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  • Yvonne Quinn
    Yvonne Quinn 2 hours ago

    And if you live in Ireland you always here did you know they used to punish you in school if you wrote with your left hand because it was considered the hand of the devil

  • RichyBananas
    RichyBananas 4 hours ago

    Wtf i am right handed and can still use my left hand like your right hand exists

  • Horse Gymnast Gal
    Horse Gymnast Gal 5 hours ago


  • saoirse
    saoirse 8 hours ago

    I struggle with all of those

    OG.YASMINE🌴 12 hours ago

    I’m left handed but I do most things with my right for some reason

  • I'm Teddy bear
    I'm Teddy bear 13 hours ago

    I am also left handed / struggles

  • Rin Akihime Uirichiro
    Rin Akihime Uirichiro 17 hours ago

    Good thing im ambidextrous, i draw with left and write with the right hand

  • Elise Adamenko
    Elise Adamenko 18 hours ago +1

    Where my ambidextrous peeps at?

  • LeahTheUnicorn Can’t fly

    I’m a right handed person and I still get graphite on my hand

  • Pin Pie
    Pin Pie 19 hours ago

    I am left Handed and these at all true

  • honey bun
    honey bun Day ago

    I am actually left-handed, and the thing what rlly is hard for me to cut steak lmao

  • Willthegrill 11
    Willthegrill 11 Day ago

    Has anyone taken in consideration that some people are dominant with both hands. Either way they can use their hands at any way.

  • my name jeff
    my name jeff Day ago


  • Emely Grae
    Emely Grae Day ago

    That's propably the truest video I've ever seen

  • Syed Ahmed Adeel

    Try to write any of these languages, Arabic, Persian,Urdu and Hebrew and u will love it, Lefites!

  • Amu BTS
    Amu BTS Day ago +3

    It feels like there’s more left handed people than I thought.

  • Bani Bhatt
    Bani Bhatt Day ago +2

    My friend is both handed if that's a thing

  • Ben Evans
    Ben Evans 3 days ago +1

    who else is left handed

  • ariyana’s squishieѕ

    someone once said to me “omg your left handed lemme see!” like what do you wanna see? me writing? my left hand? lmao

  • dawn wa
    dawn wa 3 days ago +1

    I’m left handed and I love to draw and have all the same struggles

  • ConJae
    ConJae 3 days ago

    I’m left handed but I can do most academic stuff with my right. I play sports with my left but oddly I don’t play guitar with my left hand

  • Jessie Lynne
    Jessie Lynne 3 days ago +4

    I am mixed handed. I write with my left but do 90% of my other daily tasks with my right

  • Nevaeh Cordeta
    Nevaeh Cordeta 3 days ago

    But... I can write with both hands and do everything else

  • Jean RBLX
    Jean RBLX 3 days ago

    , i hate when people say “OMG, you’re left handed?! My brother’s friend’s cousin’s teacher’s nephew’s neighbour’s sister’s best friend’s mom’s cousin’s grand daughter’s best friend is also left handed!”

  • Molly
    Molly 4 days ago +1

    Yes I share your pain!

  • Buelah xd
    Buelah xd 4 days ago

    I’m left handed but I use my right hand for my mouse 😑

  • Eve_music xoxo
    Eve_music xoxo 4 days ago +3

    When I use a computer I use my right hand even though I'm left handed. It's cause I'm too lazy to move the mouse.

  • Anti face reveal guy

    That fact is fake

  • Eszter Tóth
    Eszter Tóth 5 days ago

    The end part was really sweet ^^

  • Braydon Petty
    Braydon Petty 5 days ago

    All of this is 100% true😂

  • Kyle
    Kyle 5 days ago +1

    I never knew someone could summarize my life in one video

  • Ok Alright
    Ok Alright 5 days ago +1

    If he’s left handed he uses a mitt on his right hand because he throws with his left hand!

  • jσσníє's crαвs🦀

    Last year, we had to rearrange our seating arrangements because the teacher noticed that I would always bump into people's elbow

  • I_break_skulls
    I_break_skulls 5 days ago +1

    Yep this is so annoying

  • gvachi DDS
    gvachi DDS 5 days ago

    Im left hended

  • Poseidon
    Poseidon 6 days ago

    You know, I heard on the radio that left-handed people are better at maths.

  • Silversmile
    Silversmile 6 days ago

    I am left-handed but I still use the mouse on my computer as well as scissors with my right hand. It's not as if there's some kind of spell on our right hand😅😂

  • noodle Playz
    noodle Playz 6 days ago

    I feel that pain everyday!

  • Waddles The penguin
    Waddles The penguin 6 days ago

    I am left handed and use right handed scissors

  • Damir Jelic
    Damir Jelic 6 days ago +1

    I am left handed anyone wanna be my friend

  • Syahrul Amari
    Syahrul Amari 6 days ago +1

    Well I’m left foot

  • Excel Cañete
    Excel Cañete 6 days ago

    1like = i prayer for left handers
    And im a left handed too..

  • K artis
    K artis 7 days ago +2

    *right handers has left the chat* welcome my fellow lefties

  • Benjamin von Werder
    Benjamin von Werder 7 days ago

    Am I the only lefty who uses their right hand for the computer mouse

  • ItsVandelized
    ItsVandelized 7 days ago

    I hate being left handed cause when ever I write I have led on my hand

  • MaRYel Genada
    MaRYel Genada 7 days ago

    True! Also i can't eat on the right side of my friends when we eat out coz i always bump my elbows with theirs. Another struggle? Those notebooks with springs.

  • iKirster
    iKirster 7 days ago

    One of the biggest struggles of being left handed is writing...

  • elma eshtrefi
    elma eshtrefi 7 days ago

    I'm left handed and when someone sees me like when I'm writing something they always ask me How can you write with left hand?🙉

  • bellvia XD
    bellvia XD 7 days ago

    It's actually not bad being left-handed cause I'm left handed and I play the guitar the right-handed way

  • HydraKwolfieZ
    HydraKwolfieZ 7 days ago

    0.44 do you know fat people are prone to more diseases

  • CerealOtter
    CerealOtter 7 days ago

    My struggles of being a LEFT hander:
    Everytime i want to cut paper it will be hard because its for right handers
    In school, whenever i want to write on my paper the table will be placed on the right
    When i write stuff on paper it will be smudged on my left hand
    Evertime someone sees me writing with my left hand they will make it a big thing and be so shook about it

  • Fillia A
    Fillia A 8 days ago

    *When you're ambidextrous*

  • Chanyeolyoongi Draws

    I'm ambidextrous

  • debtu
    debtu 9 days ago

    I feel bad man like in those classes that have desks specifically for right handed people. SMEH bless y'all lefties, it's a hard knock life for y'all.



  • Adrianna Taucher
    Adrianna Taucher 9 days ago


  • Planers For Life
    Planers For Life 9 days ago

    1:28 best part i tell you

  • fmjjjnkcjjs rjjjn
    fmjjjnkcjjs rjjjn 9 days ago

    I'm ambidextrous

  • Candy Cat
    Candy Cat 9 days ago +2

    Lol this is just what i have to suffer cause im left handed

  • I like Yourtub
    I like Yourtub 9 days ago

    Lefty squad where you at?

  • Masooma Hasan
    Masooma Hasan 9 days ago

    I use mouse with my right and I also bat with my right hand I can also eat rice with my right hand but these are the only things I can do with my right hand

  • Dalia Jaimes
    Dalia Jaimes 9 days ago

    I was going to be left handed but my parents made me use my right hand when I was really young😔😔😔

  • Inferno gang
    Inferno gang 9 days ago

    Iam left handed at writing only

  • City K.
    City K. 9 days ago +10

    Even though I'm a left hander, my right hand is more dominant oof

  • BlookyTunezzz
    BlookyTunezzz 9 days ago

    Oof I'm a lefty and all of these are so relatable! I'm the only lefty in my class! It's kinda lonely.

  • Elevenmike jr
    Elevenmike jr 10 days ago

    In elametry they didn't have left handed scissors so my friend did all of the cutting to my art projects

  • PunAmation studios
    PunAmation studios 10 days ago

    When you a righty 😈

  • Thejackhack927 My Dads Gone

    Half of these are things they can do, the guitar didn’t matter, there are left handed scissors, etc

  • Ron Dimanlig
    Ron Dimanlig 10 days ago

    All of this are false, you done your research wrong sirs. I'm left handed and it works just fine for me

  • Whale S
    Whale S 10 days ago

    My science teacher is left handed

  • CuberBois82 McGee
    CuberBois82 McGee 10 days ago


  • Random Random
    Random Random 10 days ago

    Ya know ya can buy thing especially made for left handed people!?

  • Dolphin Dude :o
    Dolphin Dude :o 10 days ago +23

    Me: can’t relate, I’m ambidextrous

  • Isandra Marie
    Isandra Marie 10 days ago +1

    The fact that I can relate to all if them is so funny😂😂

  • aaxRam
    aaxRam 10 days ago +1

    I still use the mouse with my right hand. But I’m a leftie.

  • Daisyxo
    Daisyxo 10 days ago

    *what is my right handed butt doing here? Lmao*

  • bob duncan
    bob duncan 10 days ago +1

    ThUmBs uP if YouRe aMbiDexTRous

  • Allen Garay
    Allen Garay 10 days ago

    Im a left handed guy

  • Chicken_ Matteo
    Chicken_ Matteo 10 days ago +2

    Yep I’m left handed so true and what about writing with a spiral book and your arm gets into the way

  • sivakanta potula
    sivakanta potula 10 days ago

    This is sooooooooo relatable!!

  • ally 33
    ally 33 10 days ago +1

    Left handed when I write but right for everything else....just me??

  • JohnnyBoy
    JohnnyBoy 11 days ago

    Whole else is typing with their left hand?😉

  • Penguin Hehe
    Penguin Hehe 11 days ago

    I've just adapted to cut scissors with my right hand

  • Purple Pie
    Purple Pie 11 days ago

    Plot twist: his actually right handed

  • Just-Your- Cup-Of-Tea
    Just-Your- Cup-Of-Tea 11 days ago

    My parents are both right handed but my twin and I are both lefties! So odd!

  • Kawaii Blueberry
    Kawaii Blueberry 11 days ago

    Are there any fellow ambidextrous people, here?
    No? XD

  • Meghan or Megan
    Meghan or Megan 11 days ago

    Who else is a right hand person but still watches these! Lol

  • DarkDelphin834
    DarkDelphin834 11 days ago

    I'm left-handed but never had such problems...

  • P Star
    P Star 11 days ago

    I didn't knw dat

  • JohnnyBoy
    JohnnyBoy 12 days ago +5

    I’m left handed but I still use the computer right handed😂

    • JohnnyBoy
      JohnnyBoy 9 days ago

      Tamerick Polynice you COULD get a left handed mouse and put the mouse on the left side, but it depends😄

    • Tamerick Polynice
      Tamerick Polynice 9 days ago

      You have to

    • JINP
      JINP 11 days ago +1

      Yoo me too 😂😂

  • RICOBALL 314
    RICOBALL 314 12 days ago

    I’m a lefty🤚🏾

  • h a n n a h
    h a n n a h 12 days ago +1

    This is an overreaction, it's not that bad.

  • Dylan Magno
    Dylan Magno 12 days ago +1

    I write left handed
    But do everything right handed
    Also do some other things left handed

  • Diamond_potato
    Diamond_potato 12 days ago

    I feel you I have all the problems

  • Nepe king
    Nepe king 12 days ago

    As a lefty I can vouch for most of these lmao

  • Super Mecca
    Super Mecca 12 days ago

    When people find out I’m left handed they tell me every celebrity that is left handed I just be like oh you left handed too nice

  • Adolf Critler
    Adolf Critler 12 days ago +1

    Where are all my Ambidextrous fellas at?

    • f stark
      f stark 11 days ago

      we're superior 😌😌

  • Shivanth M
    Shivanth M 12 days ago +2

    Gandhi was a left handed......
    I didn't know that despite being an Indian

  • Anastasia
    Anastasia 12 days ago +3

    The feeling when you find another left handed...

    • Anastasia
      Anastasia 11 days ago

      +Mrs. Natalie 😂

    • Mrs. Natalie
      Mrs. Natalie 12 days ago +1

      Anastasia just like me :$

    • Mrs. Natalie
      Mrs. Natalie 12 days ago +1

      Anastasia ikr my bff is left handed 😂✊

  • CMBP 23
    CMBP 23 13 days ago

    good thing im ambidextrous