13 Struggles All Left-Handed People Know To Be True

  • Published on Apr 26, 2016
  • "Did you know that left-handed people die 10 years earlier than right-handed people?"
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  • Azyr ia
    Azyr ia 3 hours ago

    I’m right handed so idk why I’m watching this lol

  • rai Sell
    rai Sell 3 hours ago +1

    Im left handed too

  • Vee ♡
    Vee ♡ 3 hours ago

    I'm left handed!

  • Life Hax
    Life Hax 4 hours ago


  • Courtaysia’s World!!!!

    This is true

  • Alice Zuvaradoka
    Alice Zuvaradoka 13 hours ago

    The end thoooooooooo #LOLLLLL

  • Sofia Viviana
    Sofia Viviana 14 hours ago

    Im literally the only person in my family that is left handed lmaooo

  • xo lena ox
    xo lena ox 15 hours ago +1


  • Boo P
    Boo P 18 hours ago

    This is so not true

  • AviateurNeige
    AviateurNeige 22 hours ago

    He s soo cute

  • Madison Case
    Madison Case 23 hours ago

    There left scissors

  • Smartcheetahgirl8 Games

    In my household I’m the only one left handed,and school ended but everyone always says when I’m drawing or writing (OMG YOUR LEFT HANDED) and I’m get annoyed sometimes when they say it over and over.

  • Lorri Carithers
    Lorri Carithers Day ago

    I also a lefty when you right on a white board on your left hand it erases it

  • Athziri Ruiz
    Athziri Ruiz Day ago

    I’m right handed

  • 卢克的视频Luke’s Videos

    I’m ambidextrous GOOGLE IT

  • The devil Gamer
    The devil Gamer Day ago

    I’m left handed and left footed and I can relate to this

  • Flaming Komodo
    Flaming Komodo Day ago

    I feel your pain

  • Ro
    Ro Day ago

    Am i the only one who doesnt mind the scissors?

  • kiki the weird kid

    I'm left handed but I use the computer mouse with my right hand

  • syalin sunar
    syalin sunar Day ago

    my parents are right handed and my brother and i are left handed.....

  • kakashi Hatake
    kakashi Hatake Day ago

    Seriously the people who are left handed wich also I am too I feel all of your guys pain.

  • Mr Zawzo
    Mr Zawzo Day ago

    Wait what... I don't get it does right handed mean it's a lot easier to control or....

    Someone explain me how this works...

  • Stephanie Diaz
    Stephanie Diaz 2 days ago

    I’m only left handed here of my hole family too

  • Park Chimchim
    Park Chimchim 2 days ago

    I'm left handed and I'm a guitarist. My sister taught me how to play guitar in my right hand because that's how you play guitar universally. And she does not want me to struggle. So yep, just shared it.

  • HowTo MemeTheExtreme

    Woman: Dude watch it

    me: well..sorry fatass not my fault your taking the space!!

  • Storm Shadow
    Storm Shadow 2 days ago

    Left handed people get along better so. Yeah. lol 😂

  • leila matani
    leila matani 2 days ago +1

    I can relate to everyone of these !!! But I still love being left handed!⚡️❤️⚡️❤️

  • Padoru Padoru
    Padoru Padoru 2 days ago


  • Pranshu Poudyal
    Pranshu Poudyal 2 days ago +1

    I am watching this just because I am abby dextrua

  • Pranshu Poudyal
    Pranshu Poudyal 2 days ago

    I am wacth

  • Az zuri
    Az zuri 3 days ago

    My friend writes so oddly cuz she turns her book like sideways and I never noticed that she might be left handed

    • Troll Account
      Troll Account 2 days ago

      i turn the book/my body sideways sometimes when i write

  • Ryan FNAF
    Ryan FNAF 3 days ago

    I'm the only one left handed yeah I'm born with left-handed

  • Alexis Hernandez
    Alexis Hernandez 3 days ago

    I'm left handed and the only time I use my eight hand is for softball. All other sports I play that involve hands and other stuff i use my left hand

  • LXenatorLX LX
    LXenatorLX LX 3 days ago

    Left hand people are actually cool and it’s amazing how there are so many right handed and there are barley lefts so your amazing 😉

  • Brysen Lewis
    Brysen Lewis 3 days ago

    i feel your pain man

  • Lovely Writer
    Lovely Writer 3 days ago


  • Ciena Reyes
    Ciena Reyes 3 days ago

    I left handed

  • Pensexual13 •w•
    Pensexual13 •w• 3 days ago

    In my country we write right to left, so being right-handed gets our hands dirty.

  • CatherinaSkal
    CatherinaSkal 3 days ago

    For all you left handed humans you need to know that my left handed friends ask me "HOW DO YOU WRITE WITH YOUR RIGHT HAND????" thats annoying

  • Saif Shams
    Saif Shams 3 days ago

    It’s a good thing for Arabs since Arabic is wrote from the right side

  • Sarah thundergaming7

    I'm left handed

  • Jaiydia Thigpen
    Jaiydia Thigpen 3 days ago

    So true

  • El og Em bla bla
    El og Em bla bla 3 days ago

    Am I the only one who is lefthanded when I write? Only me? Okay

  • Cutie Videos
    Cutie Videos 3 days ago

    I'm left handed (my mom and my bro also )

  • KT
    KT 4 days ago

    The whiteboard smudging at the start gave me vivid flashbacks to high school

    VKOOK LOVE 4 days ago

    When I write worksheets my worksheet will be sideways ...

  • Poofball
    Poofball 4 days ago

    Omg I hate it when my pe teacher singles me out from everyone else and treats me differently for being left-handed..... Always alone..

  • Yun Wen
    Yun Wen 4 days ago

    0:16 what is that post

  • Tvmrynn
    Tvmrynn 4 days ago

    It's annoying when people say "Oh wow, you're left handed? I never knew that can you show me how you write with your left hand" Or "Oh people say that left handed people are unique or smarter" Like it's annoying, even with mugs, scissors, and right handed gloves.

  • Sea Son
    Sea Son 4 days ago +1

    When your the only leftie from your friends and family …………………


  • The_novel siren
    The_novel siren 4 days ago

    Im related 😂

  • whatever unicorns
    whatever unicorns 4 days ago

    why cant we left handed people cut with cissors proprely

  • Roblox Walker Kong_Gamer

    I can relate with all of it I’m left handed but asian


    If your left handed u can use scissors

  • Dolphin_ Babe_09
    Dolphin_ Babe_09 4 days ago

    I’m left handed

  • j sk
    j sk 4 days ago

    I’m right handed.....

  • CoRn NuTs
    CoRn NuTs 4 days ago

    My dad is right handed and my mom is right handed, but I am a lefty... ;-;
    How doe life work?????

  • GratedCheese
    GratedCheese 4 days ago

    I mean if you're Arabic, you'll be happy as a left-hander

  • Danny Vue
    Danny Vue 5 days ago

    I feel you I'm left handed and i experience all of these struggles
    Edit me and my sister are the ONLY left hands in tje family

  • WolfyBri 08
    WolfyBri 08 5 days ago

    My friend is Left Handed. I ask How and she says, idk. I have tried but it doesn’t really work.

  • Usevia Mendez
    Usevia Mendez 5 days ago

    I'm left handed !!!

  • Amy The wolf
    Amy The wolf 5 days ago

    I can relate so freaking much! I am the only left handed person in my whole family!

  • Lee's fun ASMR
    Lee's fun ASMR 5 days ago

    Ok know hot you feel mate I'm left handed

  • Družinca Toman
    Družinca Toman 5 days ago

    google's wrong!!!!!!!!!😤 i'm left handed

  • neko girl
    neko girl 5 days ago

    I'm Multi handed so......

  • Lightning Hacker
    Lightning Hacker 5 days ago

    I’m left handed

  • Zaara Zuki
    Zaara Zuki 6 days ago +1


  • Stephanie Reeve
    Stephanie Reeve 6 days ago

    I’m a lefty too the pencil thing ughhhhhh

  • hazim hamid
    hazim hamid 6 days ago

    I'm a left handed, but i can use my right hand when I'm using a spoon, mouse, pretty much everything, except when writing and drawing

  • Elizabeth Scott
    Elizabeth Scott 7 days ago

    I’m the only person in my fam that is lefty and it get a lot of comment from people

  • Asking gaming
    Asking gaming 7 days ago

    I’m left handed, the milk bag struggles...

  • Olivia Miles
    Olivia Miles 7 days ago

    I'm left handed

  • Your Normal Talking hood Trash Can is awesome

    I'm left handed :|

  • Seesha K
    Seesha K 7 days ago

    My mum is right handed and my dad is ambidextrous but he uses his right hand like 75% of the time

  • SketchyPencil
    SketchyPencil 7 days ago

    I'm lefthanded

  • Lauren's World
    Lauren's World 7 days ago

    Left 🙀

  • Faithful Muwen
    Faithful Muwen 7 days ago

    I am Left-Handed so is it normal that i use my mouse with my right hand?

  • Abby
    Abby 7 days ago

    0:58 my mom's left handed but she uses the mouse with her right hand... It's weird..

  • thebunofdoom 52
    thebunofdoom 52 7 days ago

    YOU DARETH UNLIKE THIS (I typed with my right hand)

  • Squiddy :D
    Squiddy :D 7 days ago +1

    Person:OMG!! Are you left handed?
    Me: Well NO. I'm a load of bread 😂

  • Tired Little Monsters

    The part about the scissors was way too relatable.

  • :P Willow
    :P Willow 8 days ago

    I’m literally the only left handed person in my class.... (There’s 29 people including me and my teacher)

  • Galaxy cat RBLX
    Galaxy cat RBLX 8 days ago

    Soooooo true

  • K18
    K18 8 days ago

    0:47 when someone tells me I’m wrong 😂

  • TayTaySoul89
    TayTaySoul89 8 days ago


  • Dayanna selena Alvarado gisslle

    I'm right handed

  • Allyza Van Cappelle
    Allyza Van Cappelle 8 days ago

    1:15 and then there is you , yeah I'm a nobody

  • Migel Master
    Migel Master 8 days ago

    I'm left handed but I've adapted to doing things with my right hand. Except.... Writing and eating.

  • Wandercluster
    Wandercluster 8 days ago

    I am left handed. I have another friend who's left handed. We cry about our struggles (like, spiral notebooks... ugh) together, and our right handed friends just sit there like "So what are we gonna do with our extra 10 years?"
    On that note: www.psychologytoday.com/au/blog/brain-myths/201303/three-myths-and-three-facts-about-left-handers

  • Typical Gamer
    Typical Gamer 9 days ago


  • Desmond Bongcawel
    Desmond Bongcawel 9 days ago

    I'm left handed

  • Kitty Lover
    Kitty Lover 9 days ago

    Is it just me or is this dude hot

  • tredsel 54
    tredsel 54 9 days ago

    I'm bulgarian left handed 🇧🇬

  • FlyingSpoon4657
    FlyingSpoon4657 9 days ago

    I’m left handed. It sucks

  • Spiller super
    Spiller super 9 days ago

    I’m relatable

  • Agatha Dorobczynska
    Agatha Dorobczynska 9 days ago

    Why does Tahlia have a Justin b face ?

  • B M.
    B M. 9 days ago

    I swearrrrrr it's like an automatic bond when you discover another lefty.

  • Ramisha Anzum
    Ramisha Anzum 9 days ago

    1:26 that's Justin in back at the table....

  • Gustav Andersen
    Gustav Andersen 10 days ago

    I hate being left handed