Every Way to Cook Salmon (43 Methods) | Bon Appétit

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • You know, salmon ice cream isn't as bad as it sounds, though maybe don't give it to your children unless they know what they're signing up for. Join Amiel Stanek as he attempts to cook salmon in almost every way possible, including pan-seared, coffee machine-cooked and moss-wrapped over campfire.

    Timecodes for each method:
    Sashimi: 0:29
    Ceviche: 0:56
    Cured: 1:27
    Pan-Seared: 2:03
    Cold Pan: 2:44
    Pan Fried: 3:17
    Burger: 3:52
    Grill (3-Ways): 4:40
    Grilled: 4:57
    Cedar Plank: 5:24
    Kebab: 5:52
    Grill Basket: 6:15
    Pickled: 6:50
    Canned: 7:22
    Poached: 8:09
    Coffee Pot: 8:41
    Rillette: 9:14
    Ice Cream: 9:45
    Steamed: 11:13
    Boiled: 11:44
    Campfire (3 Ways): 12:16
    Clay Wrapped: 12:48
    Banana Leaf: 13:17
    Moss Covered: 13:39
    Deep Fried: 14:11
    Beer Battered: 14:41
    Fish Sticks: 15:13
    Air Fryer: 15:51
    Skin Chips: 16:20
    Sous Vide: 16:47
    Jerky: 17:26
    Hair Dryer: 18:02
    Smoker: 18:36
    Searzall: 19:07
    On A Stick: 19:46
    Buried: 20:17
    Mailbox: 21:00
    Hot Tub: 21:33
    Slow Baked: 22:16
    Roasted: 22:46
    Broiled: 23:17
    En Papillote: 23:52
    Salt Crusted: 24:22
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    Every Way to Cook Salmon (43 Methods) | Bon Appétit
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Comments • 4 086

  • trowileag1
    trowileag1 58 minutes ago

    Great video, just don’t want to hear you eat and talk at the same time.

  • Monika9621
    Monika9621 8 hours ago

    What song was in the beginning omfg

  • Mr IdentityThief
    Mr IdentityThief 12 hours ago

    9:35 well my dad feeds his cat salmon so this can help

  • Kello 2.0
    Kello 2.0 14 hours ago

    Dont put the fish chunks in the icecream

    VENOMPOOL25 17 hours ago

    actually some tribes in the amazon survive off of honey and clay almost exclusively. they do eat some meat but its mostly small game and the occasional boar, and during some events they hunt panther. clay is highly nutritious, and while containing some bacteria the nature of its creation actually gets rid of most. just don't eat the "crust" (the outer casing that is usually wet)

  • Rona1776
    Rona1776 18 hours ago

    "Why break out R2 D2 when you can just cook it in a pan?" I am personally offended since I use an air fryer for salmon and it's delicious. Of course I do season mine so it has more flavor but still.

  • Jessica Cameron
    Jessica Cameron 19 hours ago

    We love that wood flavor 👌

  • PrimalSurge
    PrimalSurge 21 hour ago

    Is Earth Spice, is good for you ;)

  • Daniel Li
    Daniel Li 22 hours ago

    EW2C steak: "ugh oh god these all suck"
    EW2C salmon: "wow these are all pretty lit"

  • deeez00
    deeez00 23 hours ago

    I use cedar planks for salmon and it works fantastically! You gotta cook it a little slower and throw some wood chips on the coals or make a foil smoke box for the gas grill. He ruined it!

  • CJ Nelson
    CJ Nelson Day ago

    I love amiel and i love this series, but some of the crimes committed against that beautiful salmon in this video are... unforgivable....

  • Klengel
    Klengel Day ago

    “Similar, but TOTALLY different.”

  • ChigChog
    ChigChog Day ago

    What about salmon encruet or whatever (salmon In pastry)

  • Mikayla McDowell

    No microwave salmon?!?! I'm offended! 😂😂😂

  • Josh Morris yt
    Josh Morris yt Day ago +1

    There big fish little fish cardboard box

  • Andrei Cristi Moga
    Andrei Cristi Moga Day ago +3

    Only three ways to cook salmon:
    + maybe kill salmon with fire/ Flame-enchanted bow; never tried that one

  • TerraMerc 73
    TerraMerc 73 Day ago

    Dont rly like the way he grilled the salmon

  • The Mingxhe
    The Mingxhe Day ago

    16:40 in Singapore there’s a popular snack called salted egg fish skin lol (it’s deep fried too)

  • Olivia Thomson
    Olivia Thomson Day ago

    microwaved salmon?

  • family iPad
    family iPad Day ago +4

    Me: reads comments
    Also me: mad at no one saying he’s getting a lot of salmonella

    • XVI 19
      XVI 19 6 hours ago

      MooTwo oh dude the joke went so far over your head it‘s now in Tokyo

    • MooTwo
      MooTwo 12 hours ago

      That kinda salmon is different

  • The Multi Mom
    The Multi Mom Day ago

    Nah... Most of that salmon was raw 🤢 Here's a REALLY good and easy way to eat it!
    We usually take about 4 frozen salmon fillets, a sheet pan, foil, and some lemon pepper seasoning.
    Lay a long strip of foil down on the sheet pan, long enough to wrap around the fillets.
    Sprinkle lemon pepper seasoning on the foil.
    Lay the fillets down, skin-side down, on top of the foil and lemon pepper seasoning.
    Sprinkle lemon pepper seasoning on top of the fillets. If you like your fish hot, then go heavy on it. I do not, so I put just a little on for taste.
    Wrap them up with the excess foil. Press down and try not to leave any holes.
    Stick the sheet pan with your wrapped and still-frozen salmon fillets into the oven, and set the temperature to 400 degrees.
    Cook for 40 minutes.
    When they're done, scrape off the skin and enjoy! I even use a little bit of the juice to wet the salmon before serving.

  • 7diz
    7diz Day ago

    **mmm! it’s moist. And juicy.**

  • juju man
    juju man Day ago

    This video says salmonella all over it

  • Adam Ray
    Adam Ray Day ago

    Just a tip for ceviche,you dont use sweet sour lemons, you use rlly sour mexican or peruvian green limes

  • Jewels Eggenberger
    Jewels Eggenberger 2 days ago

    I like to put salmon in foil with olive oil lemon slices and spices then wrap well closed and put in a large pan with lid on low heat...delicious! Can do with frozen too no need to defrost 😁

  • Natalie i like pizza

    Oh me oh my! gross!

  • Max Preneta
    Max Preneta 2 days ago

    Title:every way to cook salmom
    Him:eats raw salmon

  • Onyxx
    Onyxx 2 days ago +2

    This man loves putting things in his mouth too much.

  • oops mybad
    oops mybad 2 days ago +1

    Amiel outside: add a pinch of salt
    Amiel inside: now where's my salt bags again

  • Да Здравствует РОССИЯ

    We think its raw

  • oops mybad
    oops mybad 2 days ago +1

    Waiter: how'd like your salmon,sir.
    Me: on a scooter!!

    Waiter: so be it VROOM!! VROOM!!

  • Multicolored Margay
    Multicolored Margay 2 days ago

    People are complaining about him seasoning with only salt. This is about cooking method not the full recipe. Somethings will mess with water retention or affect browning differently. He even said when doing the kebabs that adding a glaze will allow this to brown more. It’s every way to cook not every way to season......

  • I’m Tired
    I’m Tired 2 days ago

    Because you wanted more wood taste to the salmon I’m convinced you’re a termite too

  • jake gaming 2000
    jake gaming 2000 2 days ago

    The boiled salmon is healthy and more protein because it's fish

  • Dakota Jorgenson
    Dakota Jorgenson 2 days ago

    This salmon looks gross low on omega oils , it should look more red like pacific salmon

    • CJ Nelson
      CJ Nelson Day ago

      its just a different type of salmon. salmon with a higher fat content is usually orange (like this one), and leaner salmon (like copper river salmon for example) is more bright red. it depends on what flavor/texture you like better, but the color doesn't necessarily indicate the quality of the fish. i prefer fattier salmon because it has a smoother texture and doesn't dry out as quickly when it's cooked.

  • ʏσsнıʑαωα нısαkı

    How about kinilaw???

    Only Filipinos understand

  • Lop Nguyen
    Lop Nguyen 2 days ago +1

    Just eat it raw why do u cook it if u just have Salmon and ur look to cook na just eat it raw my g

  • Frostech.
    Frostech. 2 days ago

    can u teach us every way to cook a human

  • Lorenzo Salinas
    Lorenzo Salinas 2 days ago

    Also stop leaving skin on. Its fine for grilling but just lazy for the other types. Why would you leave on for boiling abd coffee

  • Lorenzo Salinas
    Lorenzo Salinas 2 days ago

    Grilled salmon not ideal? Lol no its amazing you just cant grill salmon fool

  • Maldus Alver
    Maldus Alver 2 days ago

    Every way to cook a Turkey for Thanksgiving next, or is that going to take so long it might be better to wait until next year?

  • NobleFaker
    NobleFaker 2 days ago

    When you see him cooking salmon in water : so cruel to make him cook in what et lived he’s whole life

  • Recycle Bin
    Recycle Bin 2 days ago

    yey salmon

  • Emo Todoroki
    Emo Todoroki 2 days ago


  • Landon B
    Landon B 2 days ago +1

    I don’t want salmon nilla

  • Ashley Lantz
    Ashley Lantz 3 days ago +2

    Clay Salmon: A thin foil layer first, then clay...

  • Raffael Byvikha
    Raffael Byvikha 3 days ago

    Every way to cook salmon

  • Alumlovescake
    Alumlovescake 3 days ago

    Coffee pot a punch of salt adds a handful

  • Five
    Five 3 days ago

    Your cedar board failed because you didnt soak it beforehand. You need to soak it in cold water for a couple hours.

  • Jack Maillard
    Jack Maillard 3 days ago +1

    It’s like smoke salmon without the smoke
    *So just salmon*

  • E10
    E10 3 days ago

    Did you fake eat while recording over the video? 😬

  • MeowingInsanely
    MeowingInsanely 3 days ago

    10:40 There could've been a chance to make fish akutaq. But I guess it's more on the "fish" flavor recipes.

  • L
    L 3 days ago +1

    Let us take a minute to remember all the salmons that were lost and wasted during the making of this video 😔 🙏

    • Cellucard
      Cellucard Day ago

      Dude chill its just fish

    • zKonsti
      zKonsti 3 days ago +1

      They are just fish boomer

  • Cock Chewy
    Cock Chewy 3 days ago

    Man can you find someone who can cook

  • Cock Chewy
    Cock Chewy 3 days ago

    City boy salmon eat a fresh caught sockeye it’ll change your point of view on salmon

  • Connor Overby
    Connor Overby 3 days ago


  • Sumanan Suntharamoorthy

    9:32 that looks more like Tuna Mayonnaise than Cat Food

  • Gray Lindblad
    Gray Lindblad 3 days ago

    Why is Ameil drinking on camera

  • Kiku Honda
    Kiku Honda 3 days ago

    Salomon (and other fish) ice-cream is actually a normal thing in Japan 😭😂

  • Han Pavlove
    Han Pavlove 3 days ago

    This might be my new fave Bon Appétit show.. just so pure n good