Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck It Ralph 2 - Trailer #2 (2018) Sarah Silverman, John C. Reilly

  • Published on Jun 4, 2018
  • Ever wonder how Ralph and Vanellope actually get to the internet? And who do they meet once they're there? Starring: Sarah Silverman, and John C. Reilly
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Comments • 1 466

  • Olayinka Ajinaja
    Olayinka Ajinaja Year ago

    Let the crossovers begin

  • IronGreek
    IronGreek Year ago

    I'm hoping Wreck-it Ralph 3 ends up exploring the MMO genre.
    World of Ralphcraft.
    Final Wrecktasy 14: A Ralph Reborn.

  • zaveion cookie love Jones

    Disney's wreck breaks Ralph 2 Easter egg

  • 1kayters
    1kayters Year ago

    2 months until it's in theaters

  • mac and cheese
    mac and cheese Year ago

    NOT TRAILER 2!!!!

  • Zet Zic
    Zet Zic Year ago

    What the name of music

  • Brian Lee
    Brian Lee Year ago

    It’s like disney is advertising other companies they own but in a movie.

  • CompleteEpicness
    CompleteEpicness Year ago

    I sure hope this isn't Emoji movie 2! Please! Look at all that marketing. We gotta hope it turns out well.

  • Michael Brent
    Michael Brent Year ago

    I'm Surprised that they didn't add Alice (Alice In Wonderland ).

  • WonderBlocksTalks

    kids don't search break the internet images the result ..................................

  • fallinboy
    fallinboy Year ago

    This looks like the next Emoji Movie

  • SebyTheSquid
    SebyTheSquid Year ago

    How is an arcade still open in the age of the internet

  • SebyTheSquid
    SebyTheSquid Year ago

    I wonder how many assets Disney will show off in this movie

  • WonderBlocksTalks

    Venellope hates cartoon characters and princesses when she is one

  • WonderBlocksTalks

    "Did all your problems get solved cause a big strong man showed up"
    Lol , all Disney princess stories in a nutshell( Monana depends on maui, Snow white is saved by a prince, etc)

  • นาย ตะวัน เเสงขาร

    กูอ่ะคนไทย รอดูเรื่องนี้ กะเเฟน 555

  • Zaedin0001
    Zaedin0001 Year ago

    So basically the Emoji Movie, BUT MADE BY DISNEY

  • 64_Tesseract
    64_Tesseract Year ago

    The internet isn't realistic in this trailer... Not enough memes. Actually, no memes at all!

  • Alex Stringer
    Alex Stringer Year ago

    Dude, the best part is when all of the *pacifist* princesses were about to deadass kill her

  • Thomas Cremens
    Thomas Cremens Year ago

    243,752nd view

  • Mr Hitman 3th
    Mr Hitman 3th Year ago +1

    Like Daft Punk

  • The Vitamin God
    The Vitamin God Year ago +1

    Who else loves this remix of Kanye's Stronger

  • Sfyri
    Sfyri Year ago

    Atleast they’ve showed (old) Disney princesses in the newer style (3D animation)

  • Luis Diaz
    Luis Diaz Year ago

    this is just emoji movie all over again. shame i liked the first one

    TNFSG's OLD ACCOUNT Year ago +1

    Is that Daft Punk?

  • Jonathan Carless
    Jonathan Carless Year ago

    All the textures are hardcore pornography.

  • Banana Child
    Banana Child Year ago

    I love video games and I love Wreck-It-Ralph. But I'm still scared if this movie's gonna go down the same road as the emoji movie.

  • BunnyWarlord
    BunnyWarlord Year ago

    Gonna be real, the Star Wars scene looks great

  • iSycho
    iSycho Year ago

    Omggg i love this movie cant wait for the sequel

  • mloop coop
    mloop coop Year ago

    Welcome to the world inside your phone. I'm ralph a video game character.

  • Nafi Napkin
    Nafi Napkin Year ago

    The new emoji movie looks good

  • Hit
    Hit Year ago

    the emoji movie 2: we were bought by disney

  • JTZombiE
    JTZombiE Year ago

    Wait so whos the villian

  • Sean Gonzalez
    Sean Gonzalez Year ago

    This reaks of the failed emoji movie.

  • Nomado
    Nomado Year ago

    Emoji Movie Part 2

  • Mason McDonald
    Mason McDonald Year ago

    Low key looks like Emoji Movie 2

  • Jayman493
    Jayman493 Year ago

    I wish the internet worked more like this.

  • Hobby
    Hobby Year ago +1

    If Obi Wan makes a cameo and is not voiced by Ewan MvGregor I will be upset.

  • Major Tom
    Major Tom Year ago

    Emoji movie 2

  • caden Baker
    caden Baker Year ago

    The emoji movie but Disney

  • Thomas Doran
    Thomas Doran Year ago

    Just looks like the emoji movie

  • A King With His World, Productions

    This movie definitely gonna be 18+ plus, cause internet is deadly... trap

  • Justice June
    Justice June Year ago

    Emoji movie 2...

    PORTUGAL PLAYER Year ago +4

    I hope that Mario appears in the movie. I would also like to see Star Butterfly but it seems like that she is not going to appear.

    • Aaron's Mashups
      Aaron's Mashups Year ago

      I wish dipper and mabel could make an appearance but most likely not

  • Hortinus
    Hortinus Year ago

    "Wreck It Ralph was never good. -_-"
    ~IGN 2018

  • Molizer 1911
    Molizer 1911 Year ago

    That Emoji Movie feeling, tho

  • Lydia Robertson
    Lydia Robertson Year ago

    I can't wait for this xD

  • Kochou Shinobu
    Kochou Shinobu Year ago

    i didnt know moana is a princess.

  • Alvin Davis
    Alvin Davis Year ago

    My body needed this to happen.

  • Ginga Infinity
    Ginga Infinity Year ago

    The good emoji movie

  • Sbubby
    Sbubby Year ago

    They already made this, it’s called the emoji movie

  • SammySparklez
    SammySparklez Year ago

    Should be a great movie

  • SuperJoshparker64

    they put better faster stronger.... my fav song.... IN MY FAV MOIVE?!


  • sarcastic man
    sarcastic man Year ago

    Emoji movie 2

  • Edward
    Edward Year ago


  • JD
    JD Year ago

    Mario has been confirmed to be in this movie, so start the hype train!

  • Calebe Souza
    Calebe Souza Year ago +1

    Man i hate when Disney tries to put femminism on animations

  • Justin Becker
    Justin Becker Year ago

    I'm going to wait for this to come out on DVD that's because my family has this tradition where when the new movie comes out we have to wait till it comes out on DVD or Blu-ray because we don't have the money to see it at the theater

  • _Mbdx_ 0
    _Mbdx_ 0 Year ago

    Yeah I gonna see this movie too

  • SourPickles
    SourPickles Year ago +1

    Imagine hentaihaven having its own world