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  • Big G Man
    Big G Man 3 months ago

    RIP this.

  • chessman88
    chessman88 4 months ago

    go90™ Mobile TV Network is only available in the US right now." :(

  • mikey sandoval
    mikey sandoval 4 months ago

    You should try twitch

  • help pls
    help pls 10 months ago

    I 💘 it

  • BlackCurse
    BlackCurse Year ago

    @jeremy jahns any news for this in another country? greece here is waiting for this ....

  • Dimitar Spiridonov

    Its not available outside the US.

  • severdnerv
    severdnerv Year ago

    All you tube videos nowadays all use/do this mini scene cutting clip mash together thing is pretty anoying now....
    your not getting to see a true persons reactions anymore as there all cut n clipped together.
    Ask a Ninja used to do this Fkin years ago, same type of video editing back in 2006 and it was fine for that type of vid
    but now every fkin youtuber and does this and there no originality in ppls vids anymore

  • Did you know??
    Did you know?? Year ago

    oh common, seriously........
    jeremy u need expand it.........
    I too would love to watch it....

  • ionfalcom1
    ionfalcom1 Year ago

    As a Canadian, i am dissapointed.

  • Jockie 139
    Jockie 139 Year ago

    Fuck u I would of watch that 2 but i am in the uk

  • Claudia Janet
    Claudia Janet Year ago

    Hola from Mexico :(

  • Sami Yanes
    Sami Yanes Year ago

    Only in the US :(

  • Josiah BradleyOnline

    That's great dude now I have two news Go90 shows to watch including Greater Creators!

  • Kenith McIntosh
    Kenith McIntosh Year ago

    Jeremy, You're really turning into a Metro Sexual!

  • Lanooski
    Lanooski Year ago

    it's a subtle change, but i am in LOVE with how silky smooth your punch at the end of these has gotten. you seem to say it in the same breadth of saying your closing words and it gets me weirdly hyped no matter what's being said.

  • O limite da estupidez

    first time i regret being portuguese......

  • That Guy on the Left

    review silence

  • Garrett Stanley
    Garrett Stanley Year ago

    im soooo glad its free to watch!! i LOVE you to death jeremy, but i dont love you enough to pay^-^

  • TheTarantuRoach
    TheTarantuRoach Year ago

    It's a shame this talentless hack with no taste in movies or really any knowledge in film making gets a show and not people who really understand movies, like ihateeverything or ralphthemoviemaker, the latest even makes really good films, and deserves more subscribers than this piece of shit

  • Franco Aróstegui

    That moment when you wish living in the USA so you can watch the show

  • Heinvandah
    Heinvandah Year ago

    How dare you call yourself a dork... I will now unsubscribe REEEEE

  • Jellybean
    Jellybean Year ago

    Holy shit Jeremy looked quite professional in the sizzle reel

  • Argelis Planchart

    This guy went from making videos with shitty quality on his basement to earing big cash by making a show of playing videogames with a playboy model. You're a success story in every sense of the word.

  • Yamil Diaz
    Yamil Diaz Year ago

    When Mass Effect: Andromeda comes I expect it to be a big part of an Awesomtacular episode. Because the video he did about the third Mass Effect's ending is one of my favorites from this channel.

  • ma403
    ma403 Year ago


  • amstel 54
    amstel 54 Year ago

    You make a video about your new show awesometacular but not a video about you joining movie talk on Collider?!? Alrighty then 😮

  • NullPhaze
    NullPhaze Year ago

    RIP Canada

  • leonardo448
    leonardo448 Year ago

    please someone Tie jeremy's hands, it make me dizzy.

  • The Great Katski
    The Great Katski Year ago

    Jeremy Jahns = Life

  • Ditty kong
    Ditty kong Year ago

    this. is. ouch.

  • Marko Vojnovic
    Marko Vojnovic Year ago

    to bad I am from Croatia

  • Barry Ward
    Barry Ward Year ago

    Congrats man. But heck US only! That sucks balls for everywhere else.

  • boof's2cents
    boof's2cents Year ago

    hey jeremy just a tip a lot of people don't know that they can watch awesometacular a week late on the go 90 youtube channel might wanna advertise it more

  • Sean Enright
    Sean Enright Year ago

    Sweet I live in Canada so fuck you Jahns

  • OMMR
    OMMR Year ago

    Yay for US only content

    • OMMR
      OMMR Year ago

      Oh nvm, you can watch the TVclip version anywhere :D

  • Fivh.billz
    Fivh.billz Year ago

    I love you

  • Demetre Paniashvili

    fcuk you i want your face in my country too

  • Ethan Welch
    Ethan Welch Year ago

    Fuck. Oh well. Guess I'm not watching it.

  • Mas W.
    Mas W. Year ago

    being a really old fan im so happy for you

  • Calosauce Cornielle

    thank god fo that youtube channel of go90 , watching it from dominican republic.

  • Sexual Potatoes
    Sexual Potatoes Year ago

    jeremy is the new pewdiepie

  • Marcus Laverick
    Marcus Laverick Year ago

    ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE US, don't you love us mr Hahn's 😂

  • Twanekkel
    Twanekkel Year ago

    jup, time for a vpn

  • Tera Shewchenko
    Tera Shewchenko Year ago

    I am a sad Canadian lol. But congrats! That is super great and your show looks cool :)

  • Milton Alvarez
    Milton Alvarez Year ago

    Awesometacular is.......Awesometscular.

  • Eloise Ruth
    Eloise Ruth Year ago

    First off THIS IS INCREDIBLE NEWS!! I remember watching your video back in 2010, it's amazing to see you getting your own show!
    BUT US ONLY NUUUUU! I'm a fan from the UK, gutted that I won't be able to watch this! TT__TT

  • Martin Bryan
    Martin Bryan Year ago

    Downloading the app now my man.

  • Colleaf Andrews
    Colleaf Andrews Year ago

    almost scared me for a moment, cause alot of my favorite youtubers, get rid of what made me a fan. They start making 2 and 3 hour long content. Thanks JJ!!!

  • Tom
    Tom Year ago

    grumble grumble Australians screwed as usual grumble

  • Gideon Driver
    Gideon Driver Year ago +1

    Good for you Jeremy!

  • Alex San Lyra
    Alex San Lyra Year ago

    Yeah... I can't watch that show... ù_ú'

  • Aylimas music
    Aylimas music Year ago

    You have fans in Morocco, too bad we don't get to watch Awesometacular! but it nice we still get to see you here.

  • ForestRaptor
    ForestRaptor Year ago

    We have our ways ^^

  • Joey 1 Kenobi
    Joey 1 Kenobi Year ago

    Jeremy Jahns should get his own tonight show. This guy is talented. Hes got huge charisma, screen presents, timing, humor, to the point, smart, and just down right Awesometacular. I would love to know the dude and be able to talk to him about all the things he focuses on.

  • Raymond Morales
    Raymond Morales Year ago

    I'm excited for you Jeremy! Your doing big things and I hope you continue doing great :)

  • Katherine Brace
    Katherine Brace Year ago

    Look's cool, sadly I can't watch it as I live in the UK. :(

  • is21rocks
    is21rocks Year ago

    I'd rather watch Dogshit with Jeremy Jahns.

  • TheDrmcvey
    TheDrmcvey Year ago

    What's wrong with your haaaaaaaaaaaiir?

  • Vincent Knight
    Vincent Knight Year ago +1

    Well looks I can't watch this show in my country, but at least we have health care, tuition-free education, minimum wage, customer and employee protection rights and our president-elect isn't Hitler. So, way to go.

  • XXScary
    XXScary Year ago

    Can't watch it because I live in Australia but congratulations Jeremy, been here since 9k and will be here till whenever you decide to call it!

  • Sinjin Reed
    Sinjin Reed Year ago

    Way to go, Jeremy. You've come far.

  • Raskolnikov
    Raskolnikov Year ago

    Only for USA. trump gets power And I can't even watch podcasts.

  • Dwarve
    Dwarve Year ago

    Jeremy, You're goin' Places.

  • j k17
    j k17 Year ago

    Sell out trash.. go give collider an awesometacular blow job

  • Steve Igi
    Steve Igi Year ago

    Jumpcuts, jumpcuts, JUMPCUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brad Faucher
    Brad Faucher Year ago

    Sounds cool, wish I could watch it! You and Pam are awesome, can't wait for it to be released internationally

  • THGhost2013
    THGhost2013 Year ago

    So you sold out, effectively. I'll watch it though because it's you. Only in the US though? Guess I'll be pirating it until it's available elsewhere.

  • TheJackofBlack
    TheJackofBlack Year ago

    Would support but unfortunately I am in the UK. Good luck! It looks fun!

  • Holden Berryman
    Holden Berryman Year ago

    I've always thought you'd be a great movie reviewer for any network.

  • Alex blake
    Alex blake Year ago

    😢😓. Love from the uk

  • Jactor
    Jactor Year ago

    European here. Uh... fuck me.

  • محمد عدنان العطار

    What! Only for viewers in United States 🇺🇸 , 😭we are mush fan & viewers as the folks in the United States 🇺🇸

  • Tate Mcilwain
    Tate Mcilwain Year ago

    ugg im AUSTRALIAN

  • Lawrence Sensei
    Lawrence Sensei Year ago

    Jeremy you're breaking my heart, you're going on a network that I cannot follow. 💔

  • squekythenube
    squekythenube Year ago

    jeremy defranco. Love it.

  • Seb20820
    Seb20820 Year ago

    Dude awesome! congrats on movin' up in the world. Hosting shows now. Staring in movies later.

  • Hilary Maddox
    Hilary Maddox Year ago

    Jeremy...the only reason ive followed you is because you weren't a Hollywood cliché! I think im done!

  • Michael Rocha
    Michael Rocha Year ago

    i watch your videos just cause i like when you punch me. Roman Atwood and i both like your channel

  • Christian Jensen
    Christian Jensen Year ago

    Congratulations Jeremy! You deserve this! :)

  • momin ansari
    momin ansari Year ago +1

    Here we are jeremy🙌

  • Horacio Poggi
    Horacio Poggi Year ago +1

    lol I was hype for a moment but then I was sad because I'm from South America

  • damnseg
    damnseg Year ago

    go jeremy!
    if it comes in eu, let us know :)

  • Black Adder
    Black Adder Year ago

    is this guy 3 years old. I saw him on collider where all the fanboys hang out. awesomtacular, is that your review for every film, unless the crowd gives cover.

  • Vincecouk
    Vincecouk Year ago

    Just a suggestion, but why not make this video US only? seeing as you link to a service that roughly 4% of the total world population have the ability to view.

  • endorbr
    endorbr Year ago

    You host a television show... with a Playboy model. O_O

    GINGA NINJA723 Year ago

    Do you need Verizon to watch it, or do you just need the app?

  • TurboFromThatDumbSnailMovie

    i want to watch this so much! its too bad i live in canada.

  • Andrew Franklin
    Andrew Franklin Year ago

    Why, with 1M subs on this channel, are you working on a channel with 39K subs?

  • lifepaused
    lifepaused Year ago

    sorry can't watch in Australia

  • DatFabric
    DatFabric Year ago

    we're talkin bout ballls deep, Verizon's balls deep yayuh

  • Savage Henry
    Savage Henry Year ago


  • KevoF06
    KevoF06 Year ago

    Can you promise you won't leave us, Jeremy?

  • Eric Povish
    Eric Povish Year ago

    ..are we just going to ignore the fact that this is stuck on go90?

  • EricTheKartoonKing

    Free?? Unexpected but awesome! I'll give it a look Jeremy!

  • jedgreen
    jedgreen Year ago

    Looks like Fonzie in that picture with the co-host. :)

  • dafuqawew
    dafuqawew Year ago

    mannn u sellout mannnn u waz my favoritoooo yootoober i dont liek deez professional shit i like da cool dude who just like and a fan movies and brag about it say so many fuckks

  • Locke
    Locke Year ago

    You lost me at U.S. only.

  • Matlock Wallace
    Matlock Wallace Year ago

    Why not add older movies?

  • mackpanda
    mackpanda Year ago +1

    AAAAAAWWWW I live in Spain, I wanna watch Awesometacular

  • arcaninyee
    arcaninyee Year ago

    U.S only? Meh I'm American and DONALD duck the TRUMPet is going to kill me