An Almost Perfect Murder (Crime Documentary) | Real Stories

  • Published on Jul 15, 2017
  • A documentary which follows the life and deceptions of Albert Walker, an international fraudster who betrayed family and friends in Canada and embezzled at least $3 million.
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Comments • 1 957

  • Eve Oval
    Eve Oval 3 days ago

    Umm, who fathered those kids?! That's all I kept thinking :-O

  • Brittany Holtgreven
    Brittany Holtgreven 3 days ago

    Did she tell the police he lied to her?

  • Mckinzie Tv
    Mckinzie Tv 4 days ago

    This makes me want to go buys Rolex. Just in case, people are crazy

  • Welile Mdletshe
    Welile Mdletshe 5 days ago

    Who's kids are these.Who is the father.

  • Jig me Sherpa
    Jig me Sherpa 5 days ago

    In our country he would have spit every thing in just 5minutes....4 slap.. and a thick wooden staff with oil on it... will make him spit

  • Purshottam Kumar
    Purshottam Kumar 7 days ago

  • Arttective
    Arttective 8 days ago

    This reminds me of Talented Mr Ripley. The story is almost identical.

  • Dave B
    Dave B 9 days ago

    More adds please

  • amy bastian
    amy bastian 9 days ago

    RIP Ronald Platt , But what about raping your own child and having children with her ?! Incest is disgusting , whether its regular folk , royals, or Kennedy's .

  • No Way
    No Way 11 days ago

    In prison he uses the name Dave

  • Igor ogI
    Igor ogI 11 days ago

    Very good documentary

  • Paul McBride
    Paul McBride 12 days ago

    so he was banging his daughter?

  • Codstone
    Codstone 14 days ago

    is that cop the guy from blacklist

  • Owen Denchy
    Owen Denchy 14 days ago

    The jury saw through him faster than those two prunes.

  • Owen Denchy
    Owen Denchy 14 days ago

    What a pair of mugs, a company director can be jailed as they are the one's liable. No wonder he didn't want to be a director, that was the first sign then he ships them off to Canada and asks them for rubber stamp signatures, that warning number two. Never do that, your signature should never be treated lightly, especially in the business world. I know he was a smooth con man but not many people could be duped like they were.

  • babyfirefly
    babyfirefly 15 days ago

    Wow what a scum bag.

  • Nana Fredua-Agyeman
    Nana Fredua-Agyeman 15 days ago

    When things like this happens, it makes me wonder the number of people who have gotten away with murder.

  • Raging Ebola
    Raging Ebola 16 days ago

    plot twist : This was a 47 mins long commercial from Rolex !!

  • Mapoleng Ndengwa
    Mapoleng Ndengwa 17 days ago

    Never trust a religious person or a politician between religion and politics billions upon billions have died through the ages.

    DANKdaHERBALIST 18 days ago

    Could they not identify by teeth or finger prints I dont understand why the rolex serial number was the only way to find him..?

  • KCmetwo
    KCmetwo 19 days ago

    wait, his daughter posed as his wife, had 2 kids, was HE the father?? If he was, WHY was he not charged with that as well?? I mean come on now, murder, fraud, theft AND incest....ewww.

  • andrew munz
    andrew munz 19 days ago

    aw, that was sad

  • Kristin Nicole
    Kristin Nicole 20 days ago

    You really can't trust anyone.

  • Mum R
    Mum R 21 day ago

    His poor daughter!

  • J S
    J S 21 day ago

    British police in this day and age do not know that ALL Rolex watches have a manufacturer's serial number and can trace it to the store it was supplied to from which they would have the information of who it was sold to?

  • Sammy Nichols
    Sammy Nichols 21 day ago

    Poor Ron he lost his life early and lost his ugly girl friend right before the incident. Poor Ron had an ugly girl friend.

  • Mike Carroll
    Mike Carroll 23 days ago

    I think the friend might have had something to do with it

  • Greg V
    Greg V 23 days ago +1

    It's amazing... the Brits can even make murder boring.

    JANETTE MCGREGOR 25 days ago

    They made a movie from this story I cant remember the name of it but it started Gwynith Paltrow, Matt damon , and the cute blond english actor ....lolololol sorry ..I'm tired . Cheers

  • Riley Evans
    Riley Evans 25 days ago


  • badweetabix
    badweetabix 26 days ago +1

    I really hate these editing where they cut in and out of scenes. It's amateurish, useless, and adds nothing to the program.

  • Elsje Lacle
    Elsje Lacle 26 days ago

    Those fishing nets need to be forbidden

  • klefdnb
    klefdnb 26 days ago

    I really wanted to watch this but the film is basically all in a closed-up and my head hurts.

  • Pendulous Testicularis
    Pendulous Testicularis 28 days ago +1

    Not one mention of the incest that took place.

  • AManOnStilts
    AManOnStilts 28 days ago

    'When people are religious, you tend to trust them' - tell that to ISIS.

  • john barber
    john barber 29 days ago

    if he was killed why they not take the watch i would they not cheap

  • Myth Tree
    Myth Tree 29 days ago

    'if someone mentions God you trust them' LOLOL

  • Jack McIlhargey
    Jack McIlhargey 29 days ago +2

    these geniuses were just like, “oh okay, you can have our signatures!”

  • Drinkwater 7
    Drinkwater 7 Month ago

    Im fascinated by these weird types. They travel around the world, sociopaths with a veneer of normality covering all that strangeness. Ps, The bald policeman has a perfect voice for ASMR. 100 times better than those whispering Russian girls

  • kkheflin3
    kkheflin3 Month ago

    I am a big fan of true crime and fancy myself somewhat of an "armchair detective." So often I watch these cases screaming in my head, "What is wrong with these police officers/detectives/attorneys/judges/juries???" In this case, it is the total opposite and this is an example of absolutely brilliant police work. The Devon police did a superb job working with virtually nothing to solving the case of an international con man and murderer. Great job Britain!

  • Cindi Morgan
    Cindi Morgan Month ago

    The asmr murder docu

  • Nimish Parikh
    Nimish Parikh Month ago +1

    Sounds like Agatha Christie's book.

  • Xx_fn_gamer_xX
    Xx_fn_gamer_xX Month ago

    Tbf it could’ve not been him?

  • TheMundusvultdecipi

    Sheena Walker never denied that Albert Walker was the father of her two children. This issue was not part of the trial though and therefore no paternity test was ordered. He used her as a front, posing as successful business man with young trophy wife. In Carr's book former neighbour's recounted how Noelle aka Sheena never talked when socialising and when someone adressed her Walker would often say something instead. The rare moments she was alone with someone she behaved very awkwardly and seemed relieved when Walker was back in the room.
    When Walker was transferred to a Canadian prison not far from Sheena's home she stated in an interview that she feared for her life. I read that he was transferred to a halfway house in 2016, so chances are he's living on his own now.Reportedly he's a very sick man .

  • Jaclyn
    Jaclyn Month ago

    Thank god he went to the wrong house. Amazing...

  • Jaclyn
    Jaclyn Month ago

    The way the British cover murder is quite different than in America. This is almost relaxing.

  • Small Yet Knowing Clown

    Is this narrated by Paul McGann?
    Edit: Omg it is

  • sinicalypse
    sinicalypse Month ago

    32:48 = Carole Poole wants that diddling daddy David Davis D, if you catch my drift.

  • Monica Gomez
    Monica Gomez Month ago

    When a person is cornered and they can only see murder as their way of a very difficult situation, even a priest is capable of committing murder. I’m relieved this murderer got caught.
    I was worried that Albert might have gone to Ron’s ex-partner’s home and killed her after meeting up for coffee.
    Albert met the couple and apparently victimizing them was his number one agenda. He probably blames Ron for his death because he returned to England from Canada.
    As an investment banker Albert saw that cash as too tempting and he succumbed to temptation and so began the beginning of his international fugitive status. GREED.
    It’s true that ‘the love of money is the root of all evil’, as the Word of God says.
    RIP Dearest RON.😪❤️ I’m sad that you died at the hands of someone you trusted as a friend.

  • OldAgitator
    OldAgitator Month ago +1

    The odds of fishermen finding the body is astronomical. Tempts one believe in supernatural karma.

  • paul blart
    paul blart Month ago

    Infographic show led me here

  • Rhonda Taylor
    Rhonda Taylor Month ago

    I believe that sometimes when very small children who have not been to school and have very if any family or social connections, or identifying tattoos or scara and are found dead outside of their environment are the hardest to prove.
    People like this man had connections and artifacts, family members and so many tyoes of connections that of counseling ir was not a perfect murder. BTW I hate people who hurt children.

  • John Applecrumble
    John Applecrumble Month ago

    Who here from the infographics show?

    WARREN BROWNE Month ago

    I wonder if he paid council tax in all the houses he rented 😂

  • spreadthelove77
    spreadthelove77 Month ago

    Lol, that stupid, naive woman is a total mug.
    An absolute gullible mark that conmen eat for breakfast.

  • Marcel Snow
    Marcel Snow Month ago +1

    Who's here from Infographics Show????

  • Yiota Morfoniou
    Yiota Morfoniou Month ago

    Smart guy with bad luck..

  • john gillon
    john gillon Month ago

    Are we to ASSUME that the two infants were the result of incest? was he the father of his daughters kids. Is this subject TABOO in the British media?

  • johan lundborg
    johan lundborg Month ago +1

    The young girl who everyone tought was his wife ????
    she is a spitting image of him for crying out load!

  • itsahellofaname
    itsahellofaname Month ago

    "If someone is religious, you just trust them". Um, no you don't - you can assume they are very gullible.