My Wheel Chooses My Makeup Tools Per Step! | Mystery Makeup Monday

  • Lol another Monday, another Mystery Challenge! I hope you guys enjoy this one!
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Comments • 80

  • Vanessa
    Vanessa Year ago +1

    This video had me ROLLING!!! LOL

  • Shyan Bacquain
    Shyan Bacquain Year ago +2

    Why u so bomb Alissa? 👏

  • joce
    joce Year ago +8

    Where is your KISS shirt from? I love it!!! I wanna buy it for myself and my dad. He’s the biggest KISS fan!

  • Typical Black Women
    Typical Black Women Year ago +2

    That eye look tho!!

  • Emilee Marie Olson
    Emilee Marie Olson Year ago +1

    Killing it at the Mystery Makeup Monday shenanigans! You should do a mystery Makeup Monday using a full face of products from brands you have never used before!

  • Dionne Beasley
    Dionne Beasley Year ago

    you to girl I love your videos

  • Tina Wang
    Tina Wang Year ago +9

    Before I watched the video I was like "what if she got sponge for eyebrows and eyebrow brush for foundation" 😂😂😂😂 you did so good girl!!

  • sophotia
    sophotia Year ago +7

    7:17 tho lol 😂 🤣

  • Juniorvsworld
    Juniorvsworld Year ago +2

    Alissa you're the ish! Also I don't know if you did a video like this but maybe an opposite hand challenge.

  • Cady Mitchell
    Cady Mitchell Year ago

    Each piece of makeup done according to culture like popular Japanese makeup for eyes and popular Mexican makeup for blush etc....

  • Fatou FAYE
    Fatou FAYE Year ago +1

    Love the eye look

  • Missey's Got
    Missey's Got Year ago

    Fuunnyyyy..The look on your face..

  • Amelia Gordon
    Amelia Gordon Year ago +2

    Damn when you can have all of these obstacles and still end up with an beautiful and creative look, you know you’re an amazing makeup artist.

  • Zakillah Veney
    Zakillah Veney Year ago

    Different brand board

  • Jakai H
    Jakai H Year ago +2

    For one video, you can have someone else (like Arnell or Jazmyne) do your makeup and you can’t see your face until they are finished with everything or tell them how you do something or what to use on you.

  • Jackie Lane
    Jackie Lane Year ago

    The orange nails are so fuckin cute its distracting

  • Tiara Hall
    Tiara Hall Year ago

    I love how creative you are with this makeup game 😍& I would love to see you do your makeup with hair tools

  • Phoenix Bleu
    Phoenix Bleu Year ago

    You're my favorite

  • jadyn nelson
    jadyn nelson Year ago

    Ur so pretty i wish i was you

  • Dulce maria Barroso
    Dulce maria Barroso Year ago +20

    Alissa you should do the wheel based on make up brands’ for example nars for eyebrows , kat von d for primer ect ...❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Zoe Robi
    Zoe Robi Year ago

    My favourite beauty channel on TVclip, you’re so creative! Your reactions to some of the brushes made me laugh 😂

  • hezziem
    hezziem Year ago

    this is so funny lol and entertaining

  • Thisnamestillsucks

    Serving mermaid realness.

  • Licia Retta
    Licia Retta Year ago

    This video made me so happy just now!!! We love a left handed queen!!

  • KAE&&MAX
    KAE&&MAX Year ago +1

    You should go live and have your followers choose colors

  • Kaylee Williams
    Kaylee Williams Year ago +1

    Me and my girlfriend are doing a flag makeup challenge and I’d love to see what you can do with that!!! :)

  • esmeralda carlos
    esmeralda carlos Year ago +26

    You should have TVcliprs faces on the wheel and you call them and ask them what to for that part of the routine. I think it would be funny if not all the TVcliprs were gurus

  • Sunny Jones
    Sunny Jones Year ago

    You have me deceased 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂 look at that tiny ass bitch to apply powder 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • katie cockerham
    katie cockerham Year ago

    This was so funny 😂😂 you really slayed the eyes omggg

  • caezsty
    caezsty Year ago

    Any one else wanted her to land on the smallest brush for foundation?!

  • Yolanda Cross
    Yolanda Cross Year ago

    Love your Monday videos. Thank you for making this ! That eye look is gorgeous!

  • Zooy Girl
    Zooy Girl Year ago

    Can you please do the alphabet make up challenge it’s basically just doing your makeup using products that start with each letter of the alphabet IN ORDER so for example for A you use i dunno something That starts with A instead of primer, i think you get the point. PLEASE!!!! Ilysm ❤️

  • Irene Ortiz
    Irene Ortiz Year ago

    I LOVE THIS SERIES! It's so unique and entertaining, not to mention how funny and talented you are!

  • Ramore Lovely
    Ramore Lovely Year ago

    Thanks for the coupon code. Just checked out!

  • Ada Umeugo
    Ada Umeugo Year ago

    what kind of demon applies setting spray with their eyes open HAHA

  • Pretty Gang
    Pretty Gang Year ago

    You’re so talented 💫✨

  • Stef Perez
    Stef Perez Year ago

    Your are so creative !

  • Vivi White
    Vivi White Year ago

    I just knew you was about to get the big fluffy brush for brows

  • Alanis Nicole
    Alanis Nicole Year ago +150

    I love the wheel type videos!😍

  • Kayla Ingram
    Kayla Ingram Year ago

    Makeup looks great as always! You're makeup skills are 🔥 how about makeup inspired by different countries/cultures?

  • Breanna DeLeon
    Breanna DeLeon Year ago


  • Stacey Marie
    Stacey Marie Year ago

    I love this its so unique 😂❤️

  • Baddiejojo
    Baddiejojo Year ago

    Do this again lol Brows was too easy oh my gosh I can't even imagine how you would have had to do them!

  • Dajon Clark jr
    Dajon Clark jr Year ago

    So you popped up on my recommended and this is my first time and I love you you got a new subscriber

  • daniella vlogs
    daniella vlogs Year ago +1

    pause the vid and go to 0:53 u will be cackling lmao

  • Eliud Sorcia
    Eliud Sorcia Year ago

    The editing is EVERYTHING, ajskdkais ly gurl💖

  • Khara Falconer
    Khara Falconer Year ago

    What if she had to apply foundation with the shader brush

  • Jessica Smith
    Jessica Smith Year ago

    You never cease to amaze me with these Mystery Mondays !! I thoroughly enjoy every one of them...this eyeshadow look is Keep em coming !!

  • Nyla McGinnis
    Nyla McGinnis Year ago

    You should do a challenge where you use the makeup item you spin on in the order you do your makeup, for example if the first item u spin on is lipstick u would have to use it for primer😃I hope u see this❤️

  • shay park
    shay park Year ago

    Beautiful work as always.. I love mystery make up Monday

  • Haute_Liz
    Haute_Liz Year ago

    The contour 😂😂😂 that part was hilarious

  • Amanda D
    Amanda D Year ago


  • Nyssa Almaraz
    Nyssa Almaraz Year ago

    Oh! You should try putting products for your normal routine on the board, and following your routine order have to use whatever product it lands on. Ex: lands on highlighter as foundation, eyeshadow as contour/blush.
    Probably WAY too messy, but sounds fun! 😂

  • Julie U.M
    Julie U.M Year ago

    When she was putting bronzer with that tiny ass brush 😂😂😂

  • Fuyuko-Chan
    Fuyuko-Chan Year ago

    You’re the ish, and I love these Monday mystery wheel.

  • j_ bubblez
    j_ bubblez Year ago

    When she put on too much highlighter 😂😂 #mygrave

  • Gabby Martinez
    Gabby Martinez Year ago

    Awesome challenge!!! Love love the eyes!!! 😍

  • Faith B
    Faith B Year ago

    Awesome look! You inspire me im a new youtuber

  • Xiara Cartagena
    Xiara Cartagena Year ago

    Yo I died when you put the highlight on and was like “shit “

  • Aimee Cummins
    Aimee Cummins Year ago

    This look turned out awesome! What you did with your eyes was beautiful and I loved it so much and I love how you did the entire look with only a few brushes and some that weren’t meant for what you used them for and it still looks amazing and it def shows that not everyone needs to have like 40 different eye brushes or 60 other brushes to create a bomb ass makeup look and they can get pretty much the same look with like 10-20 brushes to achieve it and still might not even need to use every one. I love watching these videos every Monday and can’t wait to see what challenge you come up with for next week!

  • Asia Thornton
    Asia Thornton Year ago


  • Catherine Oxendine

    I think if you put your makeup products on the wheel and spin and then use what you spun in the order of what you usually you. Also apply how you normally would
    Ex: if you are on primer and you spin on highlighter, then you have to put highlighter all over your face with your hands

  • Aisha House
    Aisha House Year ago

    My daughter and I love your videos and you slay no matter what product or brush you are using!

  • Kawaii girl
    Kawaii girl Year ago

    when the eye shadow look matches the wheel

  • Dr. L
    Dr. L Year ago

    owned it girl

  • Tori Cotten
    Tori Cotten Year ago

    Your laugh reminds me of white chicks the movie when they laugh! I love it

  • Jays Vlogs
    Jays Vlogs Year ago

    Slay girl 😍

  • Alisha Bone
    Alisha Bone Year ago

    Skin care challenge!!

  • Lory Lopez36
    Lory Lopez36 Year ago


  • Cam N.
    Cam N. Year ago

    I literally have no soul and am dead inside but I busted out laughing when she had to set with her banana powder

  • ppeuti-nim
    ppeuti-nim Year ago

    Wow that eyeshadow tho 😍😍😍

  • Glamourby Mjay
    Glamourby Mjay Year ago

    I enjoyed this video! I think you should post pictures of your fav youtuber on your board and recreate that look that the wheel land on.

  • Sabrina Combel
    Sabrina Combel Year ago

    You should use the spaces as different makeup brands and spin to see what brand to use for each step. ☺️

  • Norah Eliana
    Norah Eliana Year ago

    Your highlight was POPPIN🔥

  • Chelsea Joseph
    Chelsea Joseph Year ago

    Instead of spinning again when you get a blankie you can just choose the closest option

  • Crystal Berdin
    Crystal Berdin Year ago

    You should do the same thing but instead of brushes use products that will be a good one i really hope you can do it will love to see lol.😂☺👍

  • Isabella Barker
    Isabella Barker Year ago

    I can’t even do a good eye look using the right brushes😫😫

  • Dede B
    Dede B Year ago

    WOW ... a true makeup artist .. You're the BEST ... I love love love Mystery Makeup Monday's ..too much fun ♥♥♥

  • LaKendria Harvey
    LaKendria Harvey Year ago

    You did so good!!!! I loved it!

  • Sarah Mcdonnell
    Sarah Mcdonnell Year ago

    I was secretly hoping you would get the Beauty blender for brows