Andy Is Furious That Dressbarn Is Closing - CONAN on TBS

  • Published on May 23, 2019
  • CONAN Highlight: For Andy, Dressbarn was more than a barn for dresses - it was a temple.
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 248

  • Screw The Net
    Screw The Net Month ago +1

    I felt the same way when tons of nudey booths and titty bars shut down in the city nearby. The emasculation is running rampant..STEPFORD WIVES NOW!!! T>T

  • David Lerosh
    David Lerosh Month ago

    Never heard of Dressbarn...

  • watchmeimflying
    watchmeimflying Month ago

    I frikken love dress barn. They should have rebranded, their name was stupid and scared people away. They had such cute stuff.

  • TheDarkNebula199
    TheDarkNebula199 Month ago

    those thick forearms caught me off guard tho

  • Joseph Palmquist
    Joseph Palmquist Month ago

    Anyone who thinks Andy is actually funny HAS NO SENSE OF HUMOR WHATSOEVER

  • Joseph Palmquist
    Joseph Palmquist Month ago

    Andy Richter has to memorize a script in order to be even remotely funny

  • The Brickfast Club
    The Brickfast Club Month ago

    Andy is the Babayaga to DressBarns

  • Mohananeethan Muruganantharajah

    Ive been here and andy lost so much weight

    KENDRA Month ago

    Paid advertising disguised as a "skit"🙄

  • Jen E.
    Jen E. Month ago

    I miss a live band on the set.

  • A Motorcycle Rider
    A Motorcycle Rider Month ago

    I am sad that Dress Barn is closing.

  • Angela Grab
    Angela Grab Month ago

    This skit is very funny. I am currently a store manager at DB and it was a huge shock to find out we were closing. This just put a smile on my face. .

  • -Gemberkoekje-
    -Gemberkoekje- Month ago

    Is this a well known shop in the USA?

  • Kit Coffey
    Kit Coffey Month ago

    Weird flex but ok

  • Kit Coffey
    Kit Coffey Month ago

    I want to know how they stayed in business as long as they did.

  • yoshtodd
    yoshtodd Month ago

    Almost sounded like Andy was building up to "There's no reason to live!"

  • S Q
    S Q Month ago +1

    I feel bad for the employees and their families of dressbarn. This is how online shopping is ruining businesses. smh.

  • SGArtsy
    SGArtsy Month ago

    Omg I have the same tattoo

  • Rex Rowland
    Rex Rowland Month ago

    Just do a permanent Conan in ____. The bits in the studio are getting worse and worse.

  • Kelsey CoCa
    Kelsey CoCa Month ago


  • Justin Düren
    Justin Düren Month ago

    Andy still really held up well with his script! Superb acting!

  • Georgiana Powers
    Georgiana Powers Month ago

    So funny I used to work for Dress Barn!

  • Rhichever
    Rhichever Month ago

    I'm so glad they've been letting Andy do more bits lately. Such underutilized talent!

  • Madness by Design
    Madness by Design Month ago +1

    If only Andy Richter still controlled the Universe...

  • deistmutt
    deistmutt Month ago

    and the Oscar goes to... :D

  • Gabe Martin
    Gabe Martin Month ago +1

    I’m So Sorry About That When Dress Barn Is Going Out Of Buisness

  • Gabe Martin
    Gabe Martin Month ago +2


  • James Kelvin
    James Kelvin Month ago

    I have no words. Except for those words. And those words. and those.

  • Recluse Spider
    Recluse Spider Month ago

    was Dress Barn another clothing store?

  • Reneevee133
    Reneevee133 Month ago

    Sounds just like my bosses earlier this week lol

  • MsRadical
    MsRadical Month ago

    I loved the barn. I got some great outfits from there. I was sad when they closed their DC locations.

  • Brock Albert
    Brock Albert Month ago

    If Andy's such a fan, why did he put a space in the middle of Dressbarn? It's all one word, duh.

  • Jennifer Tautkus
    Jennifer Tautkus Month ago

    The ladies here in Rocky Hill, CT are patiently awaiting your arrival Andy!! #dressbarnforlyfe

  • billy fraiser
    billy fraiser Month ago

    well known? Never heard of it until this video.

  • verdatum
    verdatum Month ago

    That was one quality Arts-and-crafts-movement sitting chair he broke...Thank God it was made out of balsa-wood.

  • verdatum
    verdatum Month ago

    quality bit.

  • Mr. V
    Mr. V Month ago

    My mom is going to be very upset. That's not a joke.

  • Faith Renner
    Faith Renner Month ago

    Wouldnt be the first time someone used the db fitting room as a toilet

  • Gabe Martin
    Gabe Martin Month ago +1

    1st Toys R Us 💀
    & Then DressBarn Is Going To Be 💀

  • Gabe Martin
    Gabe Martin Month ago +1

    Dress Barn Do Or Die

  • Gabe Martin
    Gabe Martin Month ago +1


  • Gabe Martin
    Gabe Martin Month ago +1

    Dress Barn Or Die

  • Gabe Martin
    Gabe Martin Month ago +1


  • Gabe Martin
    Gabe Martin Month ago +1

    Show Some GodDamn Respect About The Barn 😂 GTFO

  • Gabe Martin
    Gabe Martin Month ago +1

    “Show Some GodDamn Respect For The Dress Barn”

  • Gabe Martin
    Gabe Martin Month ago +1

    “Show Some God(Bleep) Respect About Dress Barn

  • terminate with extreme prejudice

    missing Letterman

  • Ragesh Ramasamy
    Ragesh Ramasamy Month ago

    Andy is hot AF!! A real daddy!! 😘😘😘

  • Susan March
    Susan March Month ago

    Sadly, I felt the same way. My daughter is one of the 650 store managers soon to be looking for a job.

  • HESHAM .m
    HESHAM .m Month ago

    He will undress them damn

  • Lauren Edelman
    Lauren Edelman Month ago +4

    I work for the Dressbarn headquarters, this is amazing and really made me a lot less depressed about losing my job!

  • Vodkainum
    Vodkainum Month ago

    Andy should get an Emmy for these performances.

  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown Month ago

    Great tombstone reference

  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown Month ago +1

    Andy is amazing

    • Andrew Browning
      Andrew Browning Month ago +1

      Something about the name "Andy" just makes you the funniest and most handsome guy in a room amirite

  • DarqStalker
    DarqStalker Month ago

    Get Andy an Emmy.

  • chill mccool
    chill mccool Month ago

    omg poor andy!

  • Tiffany Zette
    Tiffany Zette Month ago

    Sure he is lol

  • Jerry Beans Man
    Jerry Beans Man Month ago +14

    "It's not your fault ki- uh... Conan" 😂

  • ribsandgreens
    ribsandgreens Month ago +1

    I don’t like that Conan is only on tv for 30 minutes a day, he should get 1 whole hour like all the other late night host👍🏾👍🏾

  • PopeLando
    PopeLando Month ago

    Wait, what? Friends, the Comeback? What the hell is Friends, the Comeback??! Is this real or is it a windup? Asking from the UK.

  • CP Lucci
    CP Lucci Month ago

    From the thumbnail I thought that was his leg...

  • Vinicio Rojero
    Vinicio Rojero Month ago

    If Andy reacted that way I wonder how he would react, when he sees the 8th Season of Game of Thrones.

  • Lord of the Night
    Lord of the Night Month ago

    I guess one of the dressbarn's is close to masterson's jewelers...

  • MrAntieMatter
    MrAntieMatter Month ago


  • Katie A.
    Katie A. Month ago

    Maybe don't associate your clothing with a barn? Pretty sure no woman wants to feel like a cow or a pig when she's trying on clothes.

  • Marco Polo
    Marco Polo Month ago

    I love adult language on late night shows

  • LemmiwinksGoneWild
    LemmiwinksGoneWild Month ago +1

    Feel the Barn

  • Adam Raudenbush
    Adam Raudenbush Month ago +1

    I'm not sure how a business named Dress Barn made it that long. Terrible name.

  • Lester Laoagan
    Lester Laoagan Month ago +1

    Did Andy lost weight?

  • SoItGoes
    SoItGoes Month ago

    Good bit, Andy is probably drunk tho.

  • Amanda Light
    Amanda Light Month ago

    I’m so disappointed. Their clothes have held up the best over the years in my wardrobe. I don’t know where I’m gonna shop now. Recommendations?

  • M Lourson
    M Lourson Month ago +4

    HD is not your friend with fake tattoos.

  • Wayne Payne98
    Wayne Payne98 Month ago +1

    Andy Richter channeling his inner Randy Bobandy

  • X Baron
    X Baron Month ago

    You're sure you're not crossing into illegal threat territory? :) People have been arrested for *far* smaller things clearly said in jest.

  • El Señor Xan
    El Señor Xan Month ago

    He has very muscular arms

  • kartaphilos
    kartaphilos Month ago

    Jordan better than Andy.... They must change the positions in the show..

  • LycanLink
    LycanLink Month ago

    Does Andy ever break in these bits? He commits to these things, and not one time can I remember him showing a stifled laugh or unintentional smirk. What a pro.

  • Shadow Heart
    Shadow Heart Month ago

    Andy needs to read the cards a couple of times before shooting.
    And what the heck is a dress barn?

    CHAUDHARY 101 Month ago +1

    Andy almost pulled a Kramer

  • gmarie3
    gmarie3 Month ago

    LOVE Andy

  • Ajay Janardhan
    Ajay Janardhan Month ago

    His forearms are NOT what I imagined them to be...

  • thelikwideffect
    thelikwideffect Month ago +1

    Andy you messed up a lot

  • Danny Mathews
    Danny Mathews Month ago

    Damn this is harsh for me bc I work for Ascena

  • Brooks Love
    Brooks Love Month ago

    Andy Richter was definitely angry about something else that happened in his day

  • Julio F
    Julio F Month ago

    Thier rehearsed skits are getting shittier. Come on Conan. You are the man.

  • eric thefathead
    eric thefathead Month ago

    I hope Andy goes out on his own and gets his own sitcom. oh wait, he already tried that and failed. LOL

  • eric thefathead
    eric thefathead Month ago

    Andy's forearms make Popeye look like an amateur. heavy wrist curls.

  • eric thefathead
    eric thefathead Month ago +4

    I think the weight loss has affected Andy's personality.

  • Doctor Medkit
    Doctor Medkit Month ago +5

    Andy's stuttering makes this skit so much funnier

  • Ebel Joy
    Ebel Joy Month ago

    What jacket is Conan wearing?

  • Cancun771
    Cancun771 Month ago +1

    SO underrated.

  • david chappel
    david chappel Month ago +25

    Andy's forearms stayed in their 20s

  • F. G. III
    F. G. III Month ago +1

    Andy only looks that good because he feeds off the flesh of Dress Barn's young. Let the man do his thing, people.

  • ArcaneWorkshop
    ArcaneWorkshop Month ago +1

    Conan and Andy trying waaaaaaay too hard to get a laugh these days...

  • Bee iLion
    Bee iLion Month ago

    Conan: "Andy, who are you?"
    Andy: "Ha-ha-ha, someome you don't wanna f*** with, Conan..."

  • Victor Espino
    Victor Espino Month ago

    Omg the lines dead. Lol

  • Erik Wade
    Erik Wade Month ago

    Damn, Andy's ripped!

  • The Angry Dudeist
    The Angry Dudeist Month ago +7

    Andy is a Dressbarn O.G.,

  • S†. Clou†
    S†. Clou† Month ago +1

    Thumbnail guy, you had to put a joke in it? COME ON!!!!

  • John Perry
    John Perry Month ago +1

    The one by me has been gone for like a month