John Krasinski Is Hilarious

  • Published on Apr 5, 2018
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Comments • 504

  • reicirith
    reicirith Day ago

    5:38 "you?" Lol. I gotta say, that's my first reaction, but the more I hear them talk in real life, the more I see it work.

  • Kade Spills Tea
    Kade Spills Tea Day ago +1

    “Put it back”

  • Chpz 117
    Chpz 117 Day ago

    Identity theft is not a joke Jim!
    -Dwight Schrute

  • MarMarTV
    MarMarTV Day ago

    This guy would be perfect in the office 😄

  • icediamonds553
    icediamonds553 3 days ago

    My brain-

  • Mark Zuckerberg
    Mark Zuckerberg 3 days ago


  • Dale Whitecross
    Dale Whitecross 3 days ago

    I just realised the son from a quiet place is Jack Will from Wonder

  • Mr Muffin303
    Mr Muffin303 4 days ago

    Who is John Krasinski thats Jim from the office 😂😂😂

  • Tiffany Woolworth
    Tiffany Woolworth 4 days ago

    Big tuna

  • Tiffany Woolworth
    Tiffany Woolworth 4 days ago

    Did people not know this?

  • Joseph
    Joseph 7 days ago

    If Pixar ever does live action films, this guy should be Woody. I hope they never do live action films though...

  • Fortnite Academy
    Fortnite Academy 11 days ago

    Jim halpert ?

  • Jalen Rose
    Jalen Rose 12 days ago

    I saw this guy play Goldenface in Threat Level Midnight, I didn't him to be this chill in person.

  • Kal_Jor_El
    Kal_Jor_El 12 days ago

    John Khrasinski, Emily Blunt, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are really really hilarious.

  • Rae B
    Rae B 12 days ago

    I really wish that Dwight came out and scared John when he was on Ellen

  • Rufus Ajin
    Rufus Ajin 14 days ago

    Identity theft is not a joke Jim. Millions of families suffer each year.

  • Alex Nigga
    Alex Nigga 15 days ago

    Am gonna go watch the office now

  • Daniela Reyes
    Daniela Reyes 17 days ago

    Ellen touching his leg omg 😍

  • hmpcv
    hmpcv 20 days ago

    This is sponsored by Krakow.

  • Eethoss
    Eethoss 21 day ago

    I want to punch whoever edited this. Would it kill you to keep the same interviews together and not cut it up for every single joke he makes

  • Nikith Wawlagala
    Nikith Wawlagala 22 days ago

    The perfect human

  • DinkyDilan
    DinkyDilan 23 days ago +3

    when he said around 100 feet deep I immediately said "That's what she said"

  • Jack Hancho
    Jack Hancho 23 days ago

    How does John not know where the Nixon joke came from

  • Brenden Mitchell
    Brenden Mitchell 23 days ago

    Krasinski is like the man of America

  • Txmilx ssi
    Txmilx ssi 25 days ago

    Emily Blunt really is a lucky lady, if you marry a man who can make you laugh you win at life

  • ItsJustMe Porter
    ItsJustMe Porter 25 days ago +1

    No one:
    Jimmy Fallon: hsjsjslsodkd
    *slams desk*

  • Lightning Rod Studios
    Lightning Rod Studios 25 days ago +3

    Every day her just thinks..... wow, I’m married to Emily blunt

  • Freezy
    Freezy 26 days ago

    Bearded man is John Krasinski, No beard is Jim Halpert

  • honey nut cheerios
    honey nut cheerios 26 days ago

    he’s cute. fite me 😡😤

  • Mr. Miss your joke
    Mr. Miss your joke 26 days ago

    This guy looks like that guy from the office and that guy from the quiet place

  • Jia Grover
    Jia Grover 27 days ago +2

    0:47 philip and cecilia halpert

  • :Misty::Smith :
    :Misty::Smith : 27 days ago

    John is Michel in real life but less offensive 😂😂

  • Noah & Atlas
    Noah & Atlas 27 days ago

    John with a beard: heh it is John!
    John without a beard: holy FUCK it’s JIM

  • BW vlogs
    BW vlogs 28 days ago

    0:23 Jimmy got us all

  • Holden McGroin
    Holden McGroin Month ago

    When John said “ someone’s gotta put that kid down” fuckin got me holy shit

  • Ben Butcher
    Ben Butcher Month ago

    Watching john Krasinski is wholesome and relaxing. ☺️☺️☺️☺️

  • Severus Versus
    Severus Versus Month ago

    This is sponsored by Krakow xD

  • TALKINGtac0
    TALKINGtac0 Month ago

    1:53 Dwight is under that mask. It even sounds like him when he yells

  • Jessica Drennan
    Jessica Drennan Month ago +1

    hey if you understand the chumbo reference you a real one😂

  • Piano Art
    Piano Art Month ago

    He could literally be the new Steve Rodgers

  • Australiantatious
    Australiantatious Month ago +1

    Everyone is funny compared to Jimmy Fallon.

  • Stupid Idiot
    Stupid Idiot Month ago

    Y do I watch these stupid videos

  • ConnorHazzy201
    ConnorHazzy201 Month ago

    Mr Fantastic

  • Citrus the Cactus
    Citrus the Cactus Month ago +1

    *No U*

  • Isabelle T
    Isabelle T Month ago

    He is an INTERNATIONAL treasure, protect him at all cost!

  • Sailor Mars
    Sailor Mars Month ago

    We been knew

  • Jason Gregoire
    Jason Gregoire Month ago


  • becaness anime
    becaness anime Month ago

    JIIIM my boi

  • Beaches south of L.A.

    I can't stand when a person makes a compilation video where the material they start with should've been enough to just play back to back in a nice organized package but for some insane moment of pathetic stupidity they decided to break them up into many many more smaller clips then shuffle them all around making it for a choppy tough to follow uncomfortable mish mash disaster completely fucking up the whole video.

  • HarryPotter #1Fan
    HarryPotter #1Fan Month ago

    Of course he’s hilarious he’s in the office

  • Olivia ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
    Olivia ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ Month ago +1

    *does anyone know what they have for lunch*

  • Brynlee Northcutt
    Brynlee Northcutt Month ago

    Conan sounds like a rubber duck when he laughs

  • That One Film Maker

    3 year old: "What happened to your beard?"
    John: "I shaved it. It's so smooth now you can touch it."
    3 year old: "Put it back."

  • Foster ッ
    Foster ッ Month ago

    Shia lebouf

  • Potatelyn
    Potatelyn Month ago

    Why does he remind me of a non violent David dobrik

  • sotomaxy
    sotomaxy Month ago

    Am I the only one who thinks he could play a great college Peter Parker?

  • 383 chevy
    383 chevy Month ago

    I thought it was Chris Evans for a ѕє¢σи∂

  • mia rose
    mia rose Month ago +1

    wow this guy is really funny, he should be like an actor or comedian or something

  • Maura Randal
    Maura Randal Month ago

    Comment 1 if you like the beard or 2 if you don’t

  • Kendall Braswell
    Kendall Braswell Month ago

    If the ads had better music I probably wouldn’t skip so much

  • Abbi2 m
    Abbi2 m Month ago

    Oh my gosh he is sooooo funny makes me laugh every time and he's such a cutie ❤️

  • Stop Motion is the Best of Motions

    He looks like Jim from the office

  • The Mooing Pig
    The Mooing Pig Month ago +3

    5:57 that kid’s blinking a lot

  • Nate Sommer
    Nate Sommer Month ago +4

    2:01 John turning Ellen straight for a second

  • Hannah Rose
    Hannah Rose Month ago

    He looks like Jim halpert. Crazy how these things work

  • Phanic! at the jaspar parade ft. tøp

    *laughs in Pam*

  • Slytherin Princess
    Slytherin Princess Month ago

    He’s so cute

  • Phelan Christopher
    Phelan Christopher Month ago

    He was in Monsters University

    NERIUM Month ago

    He's hot.

  • Jayleen Davila
    Jayleen Davila Month ago

    “It was very adorable that you did your own version” lmaoo

  • Caelyn Henderson
    Caelyn Henderson Month ago

    can he please be my dad

  • heavydirtyrice
    heavydirtyrice Month ago +3

    “he said *should ik her?*”
    “i say *i-i-idk. her name’s emily blunt??*”
    “he goes, he goes, he goes....”
    *intensely stares*

    *Y O U ? !*

  • Ally Evans
    Ally Evans Month ago +44

    1:31 *identity theft is not a joke, Jim*

  • Kiara Tavakoli
    Kiara Tavakoli Month ago +1

    Of course he is. He’s Jim. Always Jim.

  • Sofia Aguiar
    Sofia Aguiar Month ago +1

    i didn’t know jim acted????

  • Lady in the Water
    Lady in the Water Month ago

    He is pretty much my ideal man. And I doubt I'm alone in that opinion. I know Emily Blunt would agree.

  • Julia lam
    Julia lam Month ago

    "It's so smooth, you can touch it!"
    "Put it back."
    Me: *Wheeze*

  • Maya Grayson
    Maya Grayson Month ago

    His daughter is going to be the funniest

  • Andre
    Andre Month ago

    John Krasinksi is a gift sent from God

  • Mia
    Mia Month ago

    1:27 BASICALLY

  • Adam Allen
    Adam Allen 2 months ago

    He gotta be reed Richards

  • Rikesh Patel
    Rikesh Patel 2 months ago


  • Goose
    Goose 2 months ago

    Jim is one of those words that sound weord when u say them a few times. Jim. Jim. JIM. jim!!? JIM???? Thats just a noise at this point.

  • Palash Chandravanshi
    Palash Chandravanshi 2 months ago +1

    0:35 bald spot spotted

    SACK MAN 2 months ago

    John krasinski ≥ Jim halpert

  • millie kate
    millie kate 2 months ago

    love when he talks ab emily 💕

  • IT'S ME FROM 713
    IT'S ME FROM 713 2 months ago +1

    Emily Blunt is one lucky lucky woman

  • Valeria Marie
    Valeria Marie 2 months ago

    I laughed so hard at 8:47 I cried

  • Francis Robertson
    Francis Robertson 2 months ago

    He seems annoying in real life

  • Tucker Welty
    Tucker Welty 2 months ago

    Why does he look like jim?

  • GJ Prod
    GJ Prod 2 months ago

    hE lOoKs LiKe tHe gUy fRoM a qUiEt pLaCe

  • Shareen Awadallah
    Shareen Awadallah 2 months ago

    I love John and Emily so much

  • ItsHank
    ItsHank 2 months ago

    he is my science teacher holy shit

  • Caitlyn Rae
    Caitlyn Rae 2 months ago +3

    4:07 because the entire cast was told in the office that Jim was related to Richard Nixon. In the episode where Nellie was driving Pam’s car and she convinced everyone that Andy was related to Michelle Obama

  • Jstarr524
    Jstarr524 2 months ago

    The sexiest Man alive.

  • ya boi ellie
    ya boi ellie 2 months ago

    ᵗʰᶦˢ ᶦˢ ᵗʰᵉ ʷᵒʳˢᵗ

  • Celeste
    Celeste 2 months ago

    What else is new?

  • Savage Meme
    Savage Meme 2 months ago +1

    *”My kids are 42”*

  • Michael Ratigan
    Michael Ratigan 2 months ago

    So... Let's talk about his reverse marionette skills...