WHY I HAD TO MOVE! Life Update & Story Time

  • Published on Oct 13, 2019

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    My channel is a fun place for people to enjoy the world of beauty! If you leave mean negative comments or resort to name calling, I will delete your comment & block you. My channel is not the place. This world is so ugly & negative & we desperately need to make a change. I cant control the world, but I can control my channel. Constructive criticism is always welcome! "you're a lying bitch" is NOT constructive ! Don't feel like you need to kiss my ass. Feel free to speak your mind but please respect each other! XOXO
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  • Avila Avila
    Avila Avila 40 minutes ago

    I stopped watching you years ago and tried watching your videos again but you are such a different person.
    I think moving to California and surrounding yourself with drama and these materialistic people is only going to add to your problem... you need to stay with family and grounded friends.
    Remember these materialistic things will only bring happiness for a short time and eventually your problems will catch up with you and no amount of money or materialistic things are going to bring you real happiness.

  • Simply Stacia
    Simply Stacia Hour ago +1

    You’re so dramatic 🙄

  • Jasmine Cruz
    Jasmine Cruz 2 hours ago

    Jaclyn, I have been a super fan since day 1, I started watching you literally after you 25th Video. All I can say how proud I am of you, You are and forever will be Jacklyn Hill, You are right people grow, they live and learn, you can’t stay 25 forever and the older you grow the more and more life grows with you. The fun thing about life is that every year that passes you learn things about yourself and others and that is a stepping stone for what happens next. So don’t worry about said “haters” you do you. People are always going to hate and it is just disgusting how right the fraze is “Misery loves it’s company” and please don’t ever give those people take what you have build for yourself. I love You and your passion and your devotion to others. I will always be your true fan!!! Hugs and kisses. And give those adorable doggies a hug from me. Jasmine C. Oh and I am so sorry about what happened to the house. Things happen for a reason and thank god you were on LA because OMG you and your family could’ve gotten hurt. Roofs and walls can get fixed but if one of your loved ones gets hurt it is unfixable Bye from NY, My doggie Piston (shihzhu) sends a puppy hug to his half brother Georgie hahaha 🐶🐶

  • mary maria
    mary maria 8 hours ago

    At the end of the day, money & TVclip fame don’t make you happy....prime example: jaclyn hill

  • Samantha Millerbis
    Samantha Millerbis 12 hours ago

    I mean my god she could talk all day and be silly and I would watch

  • Samantha Millerbis
    Samantha Millerbis 12 hours ago

    She’s fuckin gorgeous

  • Xosinxo
    Xosinxo 14 hours ago

    I really would like just a makeup video with no talking..

  • Lia Ak
    Lia Ak 15 hours ago

    Everything will be alright just breath every single person goes threw different things in there own ways i was on a point off loosing my house had a accident lost my all income cant pay my credit cards but i cant even file bankruptcy but i say God i have a husband and 2 kids i need to live life if u bright me in to this word then u need to keep me here don’t let me go if u wan it to be this way then I have nothing to say just give me the strength to go threw this in life i want to laugh about this in couple years from now so stay strong hon don’t give up 🥰🙏🏻

  • Sara Eid
    Sara Eid 16 hours ago +1

    I cant stand the highlight on the cheeks 🙄

  • Katey Henderson
    Katey Henderson 16 hours ago

    Wah, l.a. life is so hard

  • Isabella Peckham
    Isabella Peckham 19 hours ago

    I’m still so confused on why she had to move... she has enough money to hire some people to come in and clean/fix her house & it would only take a couple of days. Instead of spending 10,000$ a night for a mansion in LA. She moved out there bc she wants to promote her new products. Why does she have to make up excuses

  • L. Wyse108
    L. Wyse108 21 hour ago +1

    When the cocaine kicks in.

  • April K
    April K 22 hours ago +1

    She legit needs to seek help. I have depression, anxiety and panic disorder and I empathize with her. This is the beginning of a breakdown.

  • Stephanie Haro
    Stephanie Haro Day ago

    Omg so....#1 thank god you were not in your house when the ceiling collapsed or your dogs and man. That's a blessing for sure. #2 you're beautiful.
    However, moving to Los Angeles in a bad ass house that you have to rent and hiring someone to decorate for halloween is not a disaster. You are lucky enough to afford to live in a bad ass house in LA and hire people to assist you with your troubles while many people who have disasters happen like our recent wildfires have been living in hotels with their families and cant afford to miss a day of work. You really need to stop.

  • M W
    M W Day ago

    How does insulation get under the chair? Staged!!!

  • Jessica S
    Jessica S Day ago

    You didn’t thoroughly look into the people who built your home. You just said “I want it” and jumped in headfirst without taking any precautions. It makes it easy to understand how you ended up working with a disreputable lab for your makeup brand.

  • Alyssa Hewitt
    Alyssa Hewitt Day ago

    Fashion video??

  • Alyssa Hewitt
    Alyssa Hewitt Day ago

    You are a beautiful soul inside and out❤️ I hope everything gets better!!!

  • Veridiana Lasalle

    People grow and change we never going to be the same specially when people always with negativity day and night sure you going to change plus you can't never please anybody just do you and whoever really love you will love you and follow you no matter what.take care

  • Janet M
    Janet M Day ago

    This girl is just awful, completely disconnected from the real world. Are people actually this vacuous?

  • Flaviana Pulido
    Flaviana Pulido Day ago

    I love the NEW Jacklyn!!!!!!

  • Angel Bird
    Angel Bird Day ago

    Dude I’m sorry people are being so rude and mean to you. Your videos lift me up so much and I know you’ll get though this 💝 💓💕

  • Frenchell Hampton

    This is so painful to watch. It's all over the place. I think at this point it may be beneficial for her to work with someone who can help her rebuild her brand name because her talking is basically ruining her label.

  • Mariana Bracho
    Mariana Bracho Day ago

    Are you looking for help?...

  • Victoria Sokolskiy

    I love your highlight on your cheeks! Such a glistening goddess

  • Janie Marquez
    Janie Marquez Day ago

    Must be hard to have an assistant, a beautiful home and money....meanwhile I wish to have money and a job while I'm battling stage 4 cancer ....over her

  • Lisa M.
    Lisa M. Day ago

    Anxiety and adrenal stress (Cortisol) when severely elevated can cause inflammation. This can lead to extreme mood swings and appetite changes. It can also cause make one look bigger due to water retention. It will pass, but, definitely see a doctor Jaclyn.

  • leticiamal91
    leticiamal91 Day ago

    Hope things get better Jaclyn. I really admire your strength and resilience. Always a fan ❤

  • Gabriella Diaz
    Gabriella Diaz Day ago

    Love you, and your realness. fuck the haters. They have no idea what your life is like. Keep doing you girl💜

  • Steph Dowell
    Steph Dowell Day ago


  • Hatem Alowdy
    Hatem Alowdy Day ago

    Keep going girl!!

  • bustedtailight
    bustedtailight Day ago

    Girl my sister has a hole in her ceiling that she can't afford to fix and works 12 hour shifts regularly. This is every day life for so many people and talking like this makes you so not relatable anymore. You can talk again and again about your "hard times" but at this point you're talking to an audience that is at a different wavelength than you.

  • Stephanie Monroy
    Stephanie Monroy Day ago +1

    My life is a disaster 🙄 rich people problems , they need to watch some documental about poverty in the world

  • Lisa D'Amato
    Lisa D'Amato Day ago

    Wow you are a hot mess.

  • Rhi1000
    Rhi1000 Day ago +2

    How can someone say so much, yet say so little. Get a grip, Jaclyn.

  • theColdest waterbottle


  • Morgan Julio
    Morgan Julio 2 days ago

    I hated scrolling through these comments and seeing all the negativity after you just asked them to be nice. You’re human. And from one cancer to another, feel all your feelings sister. Listening to you talk about how much of a homebody you are and how anxious you can get completely resonated with me. I love your videos, Jaclyn. Please keep being you, in whatever form that may be. Happy, sad, anxious, skinny, thick- you’ve got my support and I hope I can be louder than some one the ones that just want to tear you to pieces.
    And I would love to see a cancer inspired makeup tutorial (ie. cancer women tend to have rounder facial features, small noses, light colored eyes)

  • Chelsey Griffin
    Chelsey Griffin 2 days ago

    Self care is so important guys. Remember that

  • Sergio Caldera
    Sergio Caldera 2 days ago

    Story Short Long

  • Sergio Caldera
    Sergio Caldera 2 days ago

    Bruh comments are lit 😂

  • Crackmy Contour
    Crackmy Contour 2 days ago

    As a slightly older viewer, get blood work. Take meds if you need Em. No shame. Be happy...do your best to right your wrongs, go forward and give it your best. Then, if it doesn't fit you, save your dollars and retire middle class.

  • Feli Dawn
    Feli Dawn 2 days ago +1


  • Lumpysmack LSP Beau TAY Princess

    Long story short.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 days ago


  • T K
    T K 2 days ago +65

    “I don’t want to be held accountable for anything that I say.” - Jaclyn’s life story

  • Michaela Nickersonyahoo

    She’s on drugs 😂😂

  • Lily
    Lily 2 days ago

    I love how you showed your stretch marks. Makes me feel a bit better of myself . You look great!!! ❤️❤️❤️ fuck what others says!

  • Miss Saferz
    Miss Saferz 2 days ago

    A white girl with first world problems 😂 complaining about life while wearing Givenchi clothing 😂😂😂 poor girl talking about how sad being a Kardashian should be and blaming shit on her zodiac sign! I wonder if she ever realizes how ridiculous she sounds. Everything about her is gone, her humble attitude, her marriage, her happiness. Poor thing, not having anything but money

  • Yesenia Moreno
    Yesenia Moreno 2 days ago +2

    Well, good thing you're rich enough to afford it.

  • Celestial Love
    Celestial Love 2 days ago +5

    I'm laughing at how all you idiots are throwing around the word "mental illness" now as an excuse for everything. Mental illness? PLEASE. Her "anxiety" is because she's worried about how people are going to respond to the launch and whether she'll make enough money. Her savings and company are literally on the line. How is she gonna afford all those designer things if she loses money?
    She doesn't really have anxiety. If she did she wouldn't be able to comfortably interact with an entire team of people and run a company and throw multi million dollar Halloween parties surrounded by a large group of friends and acquaintances. Real anxiety is where people feel trapped - like they can't even go out and spend time with friends let alone deal with coworkers in a business environment. They want to be able to do all that, they wish they could but they're held back by anxiety. You're full of shit. Quit pandering to some privileged chick who can hire decorators for a temporary house in expensive LA.

  • Lexis Guidroz
    Lexis Guidroz 2 days ago

    Jaclyn, girl I see you for the human being that you are! EVERYONE has hardships and go through difficult times no matter how much money or material things they have and people just don’t realize that. You’re still human, still Jaclyn. Just like you said, people grow and shed a new skin over the years. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Focus on you, your family, God! Everything happens for a reason. I think you look amazing! You’re glowing in a different way I haven’t seen before! You look healthy and beautiful. I haven’t been tuned in to your videos lately because my life has been hectic, but coming back to watch how much you’ve grown is beautiful in itself! The anxiety shown through your video does not turn me off of you because that is normal and that is life and I see that you are trying and that you still care enough to even give us a glimpse of what you’re dealing with. I have always and will always love you girl! Praying for you and your family always😘😘

  • Maria Hausken
    Maria Hausken 2 days ago

    what is peoples problem? terrible comments on here.
    just wanted to say that this video touched me. haven't been watching a lot of your videos before, but I really like this.

  • JKenipela
    JKenipela 2 days ago

    I really hope you get the help you need from better people or services that’s not social media. I think you need to find a new happy medium to clear off your shoulders. Find a church to go to. You never know.

  • Ariwang Sa
    Ariwang Sa 2 days ago

    Jaclyn, dear, you are an adult! What is the knowledge that you carry to the world in this video? 🤦🏼‍♀️ look within yourself! Your soul! Stop. Stop for a moment, otherwise I’m afraid you may break down. This, all this is trash, it’s all meaningless! Please stop and come back to yourself, to the true self.

  • Christina Rose
    Christina Rose 2 days ago +7

    That highlight looks off and her cheeks look awful damn 😭

  • Stephanie Sims
    Stephanie Sims 2 days ago

    Good for her, be kind! It costs nothing to be nice to others.

  • Sheena M
    Sheena M 2 days ago

    Depression and anxiety are very real and yes, people are unfair and hypocritical about the weight gain. BUT, no one wants to watch someone just talk about their suffering, anxiety and depression over and over in multiple videos. At least do your makeup while your talking about how hard anxiety can be!! It’s just gotten to be like she’s beating a dead horse with this, we get it, it sucks, it’s hard, it’s gotten boring and depressing to watch.

  • Olivia Han
    Olivia Han 2 days ago +30

    This is what happens when you start hanging out with Nikita Dragun smh

    • Erin Kay
      Erin Kay 2 days ago +4

      Olivia Han Seriously. This is why I like people like RachhLoves and KathleenLights. They’ve been doing this for a long time but they stay humble and don’t heavily involve themselves with with these problematic people. They move to LA and they get involved with these people and it just gets them in a world of hurt.

  • Ilaria
    Ilaria 2 days ago

    Everyone grows and evolves in life. I only watched this video after I discover you are launching bew cosmetics.
    I am sorry for you because you are developing in a way doesn't seem meaningful and positive in the long term. However good luck

  • Mikaela Delgadillo
    Mikaela Delgadillo 2 days ago

    Girl that face makeup 🤢