"GLOCK" Hard Trap Beat Instrumental | Dark Rap Hip Hop Beats Instrumentals | Newstreetmelody Beats

  • Published on Apr 22, 2017
  • "GLOCK" Hard Trap Beat Instrumental | Dark Rap Hip Hop Beats Instrumentals | Newstreetmelody Beats
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  • Newstreetmelody
    Newstreetmelody  2 months ago +60

    Follow me on Instagram if you want 😉

  • Jonida Isha
    Jonida Isha 10 hours ago

    Ca konge pasha zotin

  • Jonida Isha
    Jonida Isha 10 hours ago


  • Corey Jurrens
    Corey Jurrens 20 hours ago

    Can I try to write a song to this p.s. I've never written a song yet

  • Nacho Screw
    Nacho Screw Day ago


  • Titi Toto
    Titi Toto 2 days ago +1

    Un fais bellek. Rk

    WAVY BANNZ 2 days ago

    Glock tucked not giving a fuk fools get plucked like feathers pull quick like Mayweather who want it they can get it.
    Team on a sceam coke on the triple beam cash rules everything around me.

  • Nine
    Nine 3 days ago

    cs:go boys? + 2019? :D

  • Angelo Welch
    Angelo Welch 3 days ago

    Hot beat

  • Hila Pizu
    Hila Pizu 3 days ago

    Awesome beat! Can I use this for non profit use?

  • Oh my sister Sister
    Oh my sister Sister 3 days ago

    This is my favorites beat I always tap to this

  • Lil Ahk
    Lil Ahk 3 days ago


  • Xénon kille76
    Xénon kille76 4 days ago

    Rk total benef

  • Frostboy X
    Frostboy X 4 days ago

    Umm first let me clear that this is a rap all about me so lets start at the Trash can look i was there and you were higher than me now im high And your down like i was Now i got 22 subs i work hard to heard them not like you that you buy em

  • Larah Dauphinais
    Larah Dauphinais 4 days ago

    Told my mama ima ball,
    Hated the way she took that fall,
    I came to save the day one day for all,
    My family,
    I'm handling this pain,
    Hopin there's greatness in the long range,
    Get out my way as I have no time to stall,
    Had nobody there to call,
    As the realest,
    Til I met the homies,
    They chose me,
    Now we growing,
    N showing up,

  • The Roblox Phantom
    The Roblox Phantom 4 days ago

    I'm like hot grease, I'll pop you in one minute, niggas don't say shit to my face, they be starting what they can't finish. I'm not here to play games, no mario cart, no sonic today. They say I'm extra like the gum, once they see the glock 18, then they run. Niggas be rapping about shit they don't be doing, I'm up on here and i'm muthafucking proving it. What's one word to describe me? Incredible, I ain't cried in years, nigga my tears and shedable. Cause listen, I'm a god, I'm a dog, ima demigod with the semiglock, send shots at yo head that you can't fucking block, think you better than me, then you actually better stop, all your rhymes are a flop, wanna kill to birds with a stone, but I wanna use a rock. Because I'm Snowy, aka 14summers with the glock 18, put a shot in yo knee, think you better than me, better wake up out yo dream. Then you wake up with a big pile of blood on yo pillow, they you pee, knock yo ass out, grab yo blanket, go to sleep. I been doing this for years, I be having niggas in tears, ima hit you so hard, it's gonna bring a wave to yo peers. Ima send you out with a bloody eye, ima send you out with a fucked up thigh, ima send you home with a mind that's gonna make you rethink your whole life.

  • Jonathan Vezina
    Jonathan Vezina 5 days ago

    sup man what you tag for vue like this you can help me ?

  • Zarriah Campbell
    Zarriah Campbell 5 days ago


  • D u S e M
    D u S e M 5 days ago


  • Jordan Brown
    Jordan Brown 6 days ago

    the day we met I knew you were the one for me you introduce yourself as methamphetamines at first I kept you a secret I love you too much to spare as our relationship progress you taught me not to care I thought I was so special everything was great the more I gave in to you the more he seemed to take staying away for weeks my life was slipping away but you kept telling me tomorrow will be okay how could you do this to me lie to me time and time again I'll wait for ensuring me your love will never end you got into my head made me say things I should have never said you even had me convinced I'll be better off dead I have my whole life ahead of me but you laughing my face all the things I want love you told me that hate I've been able to turn you down once or twice you just keep coming back in the form of ice. I finally got the courage to kick you out the door I gave you all I had so you're not welcome here any more step to me I'll put this 40 to your doom nigga cock it back pull the trigger with no hesitation my nigga leave you six feet under where you belong my niggaa you

  • samurai_kendii
    samurai_kendii 6 days ago

    Piano sounds like it's from a badass anime

  • shymir Mungin
    shymir Mungin 6 days ago


    UGLIBEATZ 7 days ago

    check out my beat too !

  • T Trend
    T Trend 7 days ago

    Tao đang feel and fly khi thằng lồn này xấc xượt
    Never never die track này xong mày mất lượt
    Lúc tao overnight thì tụi mày láo chó
    Nge vần câu là hight track này xong mày cáo phó
    Ey nè con trai, mày đéo được cần như wifi
    16 bar tặng mày ko rep nỗi thì bye bye
    Học vấn như con cặc chính tả vẫn còn sai
    Quăng cho cục beef miễn phí ráng mà nhai
    Bình thường đéo ai diss tụi mày im như con công ngủ
    Nge tao rap xong chắc nhảy dựng lên như là cu ngổng
    Tao ko nhận mình đỉnh, chỉ thường thôi
    Giết mày trong 1 track như game tao thường chơi
    Nguyên team đi vào đây thì tao cân cho
    Nói bậy hay xạo lồn củng đéo hay ho
    Trình mày bao thấp đừng đem so đo
    Được ngồi cùng tao hên cho mày đó
    Ngẫm và nghĩ lại đi nhạc tao là đương đại
    Nhạc mày ví như động vật nhai lại
    Hút cho cố vào rồi có ngày củng đi trại
    Đỉnh như tao là khi nhạc mày hết mùi nước đái

    - [ ]

  • Mary Coleman
    Mary Coleman 8 days ago

    This is good

  • Official Free Beats
    Official Free Beats 9 days ago

    delicious beat

  • Andrew Shunk
    Andrew Shunk 9 days ago +2

    i made a rap to this and now I cant get girls to stop chaseing me thx for making this beat this helpee me get every girl in my school

  • MabixBeats
    MabixBeats 10 days ago

    shit this is soo lit bro how about a collaboration ?

  • Tyrone Full
    Tyrone Full 12 days ago +2

    Yo can I use this for my song

  • VeNoXx
    VeNoXx 12 days ago

    Der jugo rappt wieder gemal weg lass mal bevor ich schieß biraa

  • tonton depoze
    tonton depoze 12 days ago

    Abonnez vous avec votre channel s'il-vous-plaît

    NBT_FISTME 12 days ago

    Yo how much?

  • Timm
    Timm 12 days ago


  • Marcus Sanchez
    Marcus Sanchez 12 days ago +1

    @ .15 seconds
    pull on ya block i aint doing no explaininng

  • Ebony Phillips
    Ebony Phillips 13 days ago

    lol 😂

  • hamadou dagnogo
    hamadou dagnogo 14 days ago


  • Dillon Alvarado
    Dillon Alvarado 14 days ago

    1.25 speed is lit 🔥🔥 🔥

  • Ricky show Beast subway surfers

    You’re stupid

  • Sremm_ Life_24
    Sremm_ Life_24 15 days ago

    Play it at 1.5x speed, make you wanna switch lanes in traffic😂😂

  • Noah Price
    Noah Price 16 days ago +1

    Can I use ur beat on a song

  • Lil Bug3xx
    Lil Bug3xx 16 days ago

    Me and my cousin made a rap to this bumping song

  • Noas LSN 03
    Noas LSN 03 17 days ago

    Elams dans le bloc

  • Gabriel Lopes
    Gabriel Lopes 17 days ago

    C pa l instru que elams il a utilisé a un moment

  • Yuppe Beatz
    Yuppe Beatz 17 days ago

    I need 500 subs ❤
    let's go

  • URBAN030
    URBAN030 17 days ago

    Brett 👽

  • Koby jones
    Koby jones 17 days ago

    UFF best beat

  • GohanAvantdEtreNul
    GohanAvantdEtreNul 18 days ago

    On est dans l’auto sa mere
    Calibre a la main pret a faire des rafale auto
    Chez nous deux mecs en moto sa fait trr trr
    On reviens fort de la tess on va niquer le game et Eva Mendess
    Fiou fiou sa part de partout trr trr
    Sa nique tous
    Tous jaloux de mon flow sal pute dans mes showcases a crier bou bou
    J’éclabousse ta soeur oklm dans mon scooter
    J’avance j’recule cache ta peur
    J’sors le tazer sa fait tzz tzz
    Mon téléphone vibre sa fait tzz tzz
    Monte monte sur mon lampadaire
    J’monte j’monte sur ta grand-mère
    Tu veut me mettre a terre
    Figure toi que c’est toi qu’on va perdre
    Trop d’inspi trop de llets-bi
    Marche pas sur mes Yeezys
    On te monte toi et tes filles
    Fait pas la folle oh grosseuh folle
    Chez nous que des fous on te met 1 coup 2 coup tu miole
    3 coup 4 coup tu finis chez paul
    5,6 tu bois ta pisse
    7,8 tu m’suce la bite
    9,10 On ken ta miss
    Vasi j’arrête au 10 t’facon chui le numéro uno j’prefere ma place a la votre bande de pédales a me sucer j’ai trop d’inspi même mes gars t’inspire
    Att j’respire nan j’rigole pas besoin c’est la fin

  • Music Life Studioz
    Music Life Studioz 19 days ago


  • kelly lewis
    kelly lewis 19 days ago

    Torry and travion and Travis

  • Jayon Buchanan
    Jayon Buchanan 19 days ago

    Best beat ever 🔥🔥🔥💯💯👌🏾👌🏾

  • Brittany Zeigler
    Brittany Zeigler 20 days ago


  • Ra'Niyah Johnson
    Ra'Niyah Johnson 21 day ago

    I'm making s song

  • Yoruki
    Yoruki 21 day ago


  • Dewayne Singleton
    Dewayne Singleton 21 day ago

    Go listen to my new song on SoundCloud

  • 천사악마
    천사악마 22 days ago

    내가 쓴 가사들은
    내 핸드폰에 깔려있는 게임보다 much than
    쇼미 8지원 핑계로 내 랩들을 세상에 공개
    반복하진 않아 오디션 프로그램 참가
    But 반복해 새벽까지 깨어 있는 짓
    내가 걷고 있는 길은 new street
    Tang 쏘고 boom 터뜨려
    내 숨겨온 가사들을
    한번에 보여줘 그래야 가능해 호응유도
    많은 rap skill도 뛰어난 발성도 없으면
    많이라도 작업해서 보여줘야지
    New trend를 follow
    But another rapper's flow는 not follow
    I make my style for me and my parents
    어두울때 들어왔던 방안은 해가뜨기시작할때서야 밖으로
    내 삶은 드라마 같아
    극적인 장면이 반복되어서

  • Zeukrob
    Zeukrob 22 days ago

    Where is "Nice Beat Violin Piano {Rap} Instrumental By NewStreetMelody_(720p)" made in 2011 approximately?

  • ChILDiSh
    ChILDiSh 22 days ago

    Cop sirens in the air
    Know you tryna see me near
    Got my GLOCK and im shooting hair
    Get my gang on my block tryna see who got knocked
    Gotta go on my clock
    Big ol watch i took a shot

  • ChaySollitt 21
    ChaySollitt 21 23 days ago

    Is this free

  • Baki Beats
    Baki Beats 23 days ago +1

    I made a beat like this one on my channel🔥 Make sure you check it out💯🔥🙏

  • Palace of C
    Palace of C 25 days ago +1

    I need my glock theres time on the clock

    Imam a glory dashi lory

  • Mosva
    Mosva 26 days ago


  • Yanis Mrl
    Yanis Mrl 26 days ago

    Que mon glock dans l'çon-cal on l'dégaine et fera trop d'crime
    Et l'feukeu crame
    Dans ma tête c'est zéro billet et zéro femme
    A l'entrée d'la tess on entend tous le girophare

  • fortnite godness
    fortnite godness 27 days ago

    I rapped to this and did good

  • Marcus Boesen Jensen
    Marcus Boesen Jensen 27 days ago

    Hey its Marcus here i Will just request kan i take your beat to My song.. Its a verry good beat

  • Daedae McCowan
    Daedae McCowan 28 days ago

    Aye when I hit the door I'ma rap the floor 😂 only gang I'm sticking is that 44

  • Jayden Bateman
    Jayden Bateman 28 days ago

    I Swear my life's been getting harder I don't know who I can trust. but I don't know how to open up. swear my my life is getting harder these kids are looking up to me. sick of feeling pressured sick of everybody Judging me. living under pressure I don't want them to look up to me I wanna do better. people saying that They proud of me But what have I done tell me what have I done . all these unfinished chapters in the book of My life. I had to take a step back and look at my life. I don't wanna deal with these jokes tied like a puppet on ropes Please cut the ropes

  • o o f
    o o f 28 days ago

    Man, why tf people always gotta make songs/rap about Glocks?

  • Crunch Time
    Crunch Time 28 days ago +1

    Check us out on this beat:

  • Sethy Plays
    Sethy Plays 28 days ago

    Hey man this beat is cool. Do you mind if I use this beat in a up coming rap of mine.

  • Supreme team Ace
    Supreme team Ace 28 days ago

    These beats are so cool

  • Linus Thörnqvist
    Linus Thörnqvist 29 days ago

    Ah lyssna , aina är på span kickar rs hela dan, röker på min holk , blir lack på folk

  • zegudbeatz
    zegudbeatz Month ago


  • Supreme Beats
    Supreme Beats Month ago

    Elle tue cette prod👍

  • Ynxg Beats
    Ynxg Beats Month ago +1


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  • nas the judge
    nas the judge Month ago +2

    c'est vraiment bon ! il faudrait une pointure pour rapper dessus !

    • Ugo La Fougère
      Ugo La Fougère 28 days ago

      Écoute Elams - Glock et tu verras ce que ça donne

  • Mh 91 _
    Mh 91 _ Month ago

    C’est l’instru rk ?

  • Grizzly Beatz: Free Type Beats

    Gave this a thumbs up. Beat is 🔥 checkout my latest upload

  • Susan Morgan
    Susan Morgan Month ago

    This is great on mdma

  • Atem Lul
    Atem Lul Month ago +1

    I can rap to this beats

  • Shawty Red
    Shawty Red Month ago

    this beat go hard nro

  • Grizzly Beatz: Free Type Beats

    This is nice

  • Feteley YT
    Feteley YT Month ago

    Total beneff!!!!

  • DAB of Beats
    DAB of Beats Month ago


  • Billie Addict
    Billie Addict Month ago +48

    Tryna make it through put on a facade
    Never got a shot my path already made
    Said they’d be there but I knew they lied
    Pretend it don’t hurt when they said they tried
    Gave up on life felt lost forever
    Would I learn to love myself, no never
    A little bit of hope made its way through
    When you told me you love me an I knew it was true
    Hid a secret of your own apologetically
    felt wanted when you said you liked me
    What, what the fuck is wrong with me
    Couldn’t be together, just wasn’t right
    What if that shit had ended in a fight
    I let you go, a huge mistake
    One I didn’t mean to make
    Said it was okay yet still got jealous
    Gettin a bit overzealous
    Lovin him, relivin him, seemed you were ravin him, felt the lust when you was dissin him, missin him, kissin him
    Told me you were hurtin’ an showed me the cuts
    Cried together that night, too far apart
    Begging you for another way
    “Please, please, just one more day”
    Thoughts rushing in my head, your depression
    You were still my angel who fell from heaven
    I needed you, you were all I had
    My only one real comrade
    I want to be with you for all the time we have left
    You can’t go now and leave me bereft
    I need you to live to see another day
    I don’t deserve you but want you anyway
    Society hatin on us
    Cmon don’t be a wuss
    Afraid to admit it but I’m in love with you
    I love you too, don’t misconstrue
    Had a connection from the start
    Stole my soul, along with my heart
    Tryna act normal but it still hurts
    Remembering all those precarious words
    Didn’t know how much was missing till you filled it in
    Seeing you and can’t help but break into a grin
    You helped me find my way
    I need ya, need ya, need ya... for just one more day
    Only wake up in the morning to see your text
    Wouldn’t look forward to what’s next
    You’re always talking about needing me
    So why do you always try leaving me
    Say you can’t deal with it anymore
    My heart and mind fighting a war
    Without your love I’m hopeless
    I know you don’t want my condolence
    You’re telling me to shut up but I can’t stop
    I won’t, I can’t let it drop
    Saying your time is due
    Thinking about life without you
    I might as well not exist
    Only thing I’d do is reminisce
    Wouldn’t live in the moment, I’d be in my memories
    My one, my only place with amenities
    But you ain’t dead yet, can’t stop trying to save ya
    I want you with every single flaw

  • Hesham Uddin
    Hesham Uddin Month ago +2

    Play this at 0.75x 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    FEW PIPA Month ago +1


  • Killa Ks
    Killa Ks Month ago

    Can I use this Beat for a musicvideo

  • Mcheal Holmes
    Mcheal Holmes Month ago


  • Sophie Mendoza
    Sophie Mendoza Month ago



    Hola como estas me interesa usar este instrumental...

  • chessey cheese
    chessey cheese Month ago

    play this at 1.05 fire

  • boik YT
    boik YT Month ago

    play this at 0.75 speed

  • xxxtentacion 13
    xxxtentacion 13 Month ago +1

    Play it at 0.25x LIT🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Killer For940
    Killer For940 Month ago

    You r cool

  • Gaming Lounge YT
    Gaming Lounge YT Month ago +2

    I‘m feeeling this man ❤️✅🤟

  • Gaming Lounge YT
    Gaming Lounge YT Month ago +1

    I Feeeeeeel it ❤️🤟✅

  • Ladi Blind
    Ladi Blind Month ago

    Love it man

  • Jameka Mcdonald
    Jameka Mcdonald Month ago +1

    Hot 🤘🏾🤘🏾

  • andrew hollend
    andrew hollend Month ago +2

    Glock in the side of my pocket cocked and loaded ready to fire