"GLOCK" Hard Trap Beat Instrumental | Dark Rap Hip Hop Beats Instrumentals | Newstreetmelody Beats

  • Published on Apr 22, 2017
  • "GLOCK" Hard Trap Beat Instrumental | Dark Rap Hip Hop Beats Instrumentals | Newstreetmelody Beats
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  • Newstreetmelody
    Newstreetmelody  2 months ago +69

    Hey fam !! "GLOCK V" IS NOW AVAILABLE !!! GO GO GO !

    • #ABZ10LFC
      #ABZ10LFC 17 days ago

      can i use this in one of my vids pls
      i will credit pls

    • KingJed10
      KingJed10 21 day ago

      Hey is this beat for free i help my friend make music ill give credit as well

    • rontae BEANS
      rontae BEANS Month ago

      Can I use this for a song

    • Zyon Terrell
      Zyon Terrell Month ago

      Can I ask you something can I use this beat for my rap sond please

    • Gabriel Marcin
      Gabriel Marcin Month ago +1

      Is this on soundcloud

  • Carlos Kenee
    Carlos Kenee 2 hours ago

    Pull up block with the Glock and your girl gave me top with the cop

  • Gat Mack
    Gat Mack 3 hours ago

    Chill gat bruh

  • Clark Robison
    Clark Robison 8 hours ago


  • J. Kento
    J. Kento 22 hours ago

    this beat fire 👍👍

  • J. Kento
    J. Kento 22 hours ago


  • Klijent Izvanredan
    Klijent Izvanredan 23 hours ago

    For more beats check my channel and subscribe! ❤️

  • Charles Lee
    Charles Lee Day ago

    check out my new beat

  • Justin Dean22
    Justin Dean22 Day ago

    Can i use this?

  • Xavier Henry
    Xavier Henry Day ago

    can you do something with jeff the killer sweet dreams and remix it

  • Ville s
    Ville s Day ago


  • Super Max
    Super Max Day ago +1

    Thats a cool Music

  • Dark
    Dark 2 days ago +1

    play this at 0.75 speed lit

  • DJ Darlington
    DJ Darlington 2 days ago

    This beat helped me reform my flow. I am a 90's rap style born in 80's crack ERA but I like to tell get homies out. Thanks for this track.

  • Alex Cussen
    Alex Cussen 3 days ago

    Saw a cop pulled out my cock and he tught it was a glock he shot me me inda cock turn around i see shrek he say u wanna race i sed no dis aint no comp then he say get fuck out this is my swomp walked home wi a frown then i see a clown walking down the town his face round looks bout 500 pound i hit wi my cock knocked to the ground then he starts to cry so i got his sister chloe and gave her a blowie

  • jordan bradley
    jordan bradley 3 days ago

    This rap go hard

  • Addy Kabir
    Addy Kabir 3 days ago

    milti roj ni hope
    dalu dope/gaane
    beta roj khake /smoke
    hati hui/ muje ni hosh shane /din raat ka
    bade bol
    mae ni bolu
    sidha kholu tera sar headshot aake
    thikana hota nj sher ka
    dikha mere area me
    tere jaise bhot shane
    bakchodiyan lagadu mai dot shane
    karu mai nayi khoj
    fir b mae kuch nayi khojta
    wm star/ time barbad karta roj ka
    koi ni mere jaise
    tu mere jaise baut haan
    tu khelna chahta beef
    chote mai sher hu
    tere jaise bhed mera khana roj ka

    MC BYGONE 3 days ago

    if you love this you would appreciate my youtube channel 😎 🤙
    on god i gots that dope hip hop day after day... i really really do not know any thing else!

  • Baby Darren
    Baby Darren 4 days ago


    YUNG SARE 4 days ago

    Everyone Please Listen To My Beats I Need An Opportunity Thank You 🙏

  • LAW
    LAW 4 days ago

  • Skylmouv
    Skylmouv 4 days ago


  • Keisha Livingston
    Keisha Livingston 5 days ago

    I need like

  • Tyler Pugh
    Tyler Pugh 5 days ago

    Ill sit in a cell for years come out screamin at my pears like who snitched while i hit em with a bat like a pitch all i hear is them bitchin bout doing time when they cant even bust a ryhme im spittin lead with every bar hoping this shit makes me go far im lyrically sparing my demons in my brain so i wanna blow it out with my 45 please dont let me drive on the side walk cause i think all they do is talk on my name 😂All they do is talk on my name so god damn is it a shame they cant go ome day without being a lame lil snitch ill put a glitch in the system that makes the whole world shake to all them bitches there is no second take just wait till i push em in a lake just for being a fake ass gangster from the hood but ive been up to no good before a teen my raps can get pretty mean so much rage to write i couldent use one page so much pain i could fill a ocean bitch i put this shit in motion There bars so dry they might need some lotion as i proceed with caution im in the spot to cause a blood clot in mummble flow

  • Antonio Palacio
    Antonio Palacio 5 days ago

    Is a Glock a normal pistol or is it fully automatic?

  • Eagle eyes Records
    Eagle eyes Records 5 days ago +5

    I see lots of days
    I ain’t found no ways
    I work hard and something happens strange
    What it is ??
    Time change
    I got range
    I have name
    I got fame ..............
    I change time not the change what time need
    I ain’t do any drug and a big no to weed
    I struggle I play
    I fight I pray
    I work hard and get something strange
    What it is ??
    Time change
    I got range
    I have name
    I got fame ..............
    With whom I begin they are still with mee
    I am not doing any concert charging no feee
    I am not good I am bad
    Bad for those who ditch me I am mad
    I made my own ways and something happens strange
    What it is?
    What it is ??
    Time change
    I got range
    I have name
    I got fame ..............

  • Jordan Plair
    Jordan Plair 5 days ago

    Run up on sight wit a knife on a bike

  • Audrey Huber
    Audrey Huber 6 days ago

    Sleepovers… fun….. Craziness.. And of course FRIENDS… here we go x3 Yall know sleepovers, my best obbession, I dont know why, but i have an acception, to the sleep-over. I know x2 . I hit, you with a 40k this is going to be a perfect day (whispers) Pew pew pew wil sa- ayy hay, like coachella when they go on the stage.: I act all innocent, but im really not I really am, a MONSTER!! I’m a poser, im an actor , im a monster, im a laugher, I laugh at you, when you fall, I will wish you get hit with a ball.. Yeah… Goodnight x2, I’m going… to sleep… shutdown!!!

  • Audrey Huber
    Audrey Huber 6 days ago

    I rapped to this song
    it was good!!

  • Latanya Knoble
    Latanya Knoble 6 days ago

    lit beat bro

  • Melvin Taylor
    Melvin Taylor 7 days ago

    Ridding around and my whipp catch me hopping out in my shit holding my Johnsons lets get it popping wit my magics on no tricks ion need lue Kain to switch kicks I'm just a immortal flawless fatalities im wearing all mink's thats all animalities buy you a bottle or give you drink call it babilities snatch out your bink's I'm ridding wit money like I work for the brink's my 40 push ups compared to pull ups will leave yo ass stank I should be instinct I'm dropping all dimes you passing a dime but missing the links... Bar's without bar's💯😘✌😇

  • Name Here ____________

    Started out slanging
    Found myself banging
    Rapping about bad shit
    Cause I ain't never had shit
    Score three chicks
    Like a hat trick
    Look at my side bitch
    She will never say shit
    I wish a bitch would
    Slap her with my dick
    Cover me I'm going in
    You need a friend
    Team up with me
    Maybe you'll win
    Never again
    Never again
    Never pretend
    I dont like booze
    I don't like gin
    I dont do fools
    I always grin
    Tell you the truth
    Call it a trend
    Smoke in your face
    Call it the wind
    that was an awkward sound
    Sounds like you moved your bowels
    Looks like you kept your frown
    All over grandmas couch
    What is your next move now?
    How can you milk this cow?
    How can you not get found?
    Throw those boxers out
    They just look too brown
    Throw those brownies out

  • luan fã do lucas neto soua

    Tá chave

  • Consistent Beats
    Consistent Beats 7 days ago

    This is fire

  • Earl Gaskins
    Earl Gaskins 8 days ago

    I'm rapping to this

  • Kiarra Cheatum
    Kiarra Cheatum 9 days ago

    it's hard

  • Anijah Freeman
    Anijah Freeman 9 days ago

    That beat hard

  • Brinnixs
    Brinnixs 9 days ago

    Pls check out my new beats thanks

  • Menace Got Beats
    Menace Got Beats 9 days ago

    tvclip.biz/video/ouosduax2r4/video.html new swae Lee / French Montana Latin beat .. Like, comment & share !

  • TwiTelf
    TwiTelf 10 days ago

    Je voudrais bien acheter l'instrumental pour mes rap ?

  • Willy Fleureus
    Willy Fleureus 10 days ago

    Nice, checkout mine.

  • Jose Menodoza
    Jose Menodoza 10 days ago

    Yo waaay better on 1.25 x speed *ayee*

  • pennxwise
    pennxwise 11 days ago

    Goood joob 🔥
    And yeah guys you would just make my day if y’all go check my beat out and leave your opinion in comments. Sorry to spam but can’t promote myself otherwise. Peace ✌️

  • Karim Lahrichi
    Karim Lahrichi 12 days ago

    Kripax Puto!!!!!!

  • Alexandre HOANG
    Alexandre HOANG 12 days ago

    c la prod de "total bénef" de RK

  • Diti Trimi Tiki
    Diti Trimi Tiki 12 days ago

    Uchiwa tu passe devant chez moi tu vera je vais te choper et si c est pas moi c est mes gas du 481 et si il te chopent pas je serai obliger de te ramener chez ta famille et je ne veut pas un bruit parce que t es un chiwawa et tu aboie et je te ramainerai au bois

  • Kardell Trent
    Kardell Trent 13 days ago

    Pull up on yo block with the muthfucking glock nigga not talking bout money we gon pull we gon pop cook a nigga like some roast beef you acting like you dont fucking know me

    End verse:
    You know i shoot like kobe. Yo bitch was acting kinda funny i gave her this dick hmmmm yummy

  • Diti Trimi Tiki
    Diti Trimi Tiki 13 days ago


  • Akeila Cosey
    Akeila Cosey 13 days ago


  • Chris Fuller
    Chris Fuller 13 days ago

    I need to use this instrumental

  • Infinity_ Fortnite
    Infinity_ Fortnite 13 days ago

    Rk 👌🏽

  • JackLife 2030
    JackLife 2030 14 days ago

    Make my rap

  • Papsy Paptorious Paps
    Papsy Paptorious Paps 14 days ago

    Bro can u email me ur details at papsy.paptorious.paps@gmail.com

    FILTEREGO BEATS 14 days ago


  • Türke kurde
    Türke kurde 14 days ago +1


  • Jbreezy
    Jbreezy 14 days ago

    I think I wrote a fire song to this 🤷‍♂️🔥

  • Tomas Trejo
    Tomas Trejo 14 days ago

    Bad ass beast bro😎

  • Papsy Paptorious Paps
    Papsy Paptorious Paps 14 days ago

    My G this beat is off the hook mad keep it up bless

  • Roman Boswell
    Roman Boswell 15 days ago

    No lie this sound kept black beat by Gucci mane n lil pump 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • iSarixz -
    iSarixz - 15 days ago

    Rk fait belek

  • Y-AMG Prod
    Y-AMG Prod 15 days ago


  • Workout boy
    Workout boy 16 days ago


  • Aaliyah Davis
    Aaliyah Davis 16 days ago

    I love you an amazing song that is just like you know you are the best thing I'm never

  • moi moi
    moi moi 16 days ago

    Rk le renouveau du rap fr💚💯

  • JAHUXNEE aka DonQuenthai BLAXEGOLD aka Pitt

    Subscribe to my channel ok iite love I subscribe to your channel greatly appreciate you beat

  • Beni Rizvanovic
    Beni Rizvanovic 17 days ago +6

    schnell schneller wer ist der schnellste?
    die frage des tages doch du bist der letzte
    ich weis wie du bist du bist nicht mal die hälfte
    von mir wert du bist wie ein nilpferd
    brauchst du bedenk zeit oder willst du weg sein
    komm in meine west side doubletime kecknime
    motherfucker du bist nicht mim rap weit
    doubletime massaka undercover rap style
    denn mein rap reizt alle rapper heutzutage
    serc motherfucker und die andern rapper gucken alle
    wollen alle meine rolle spielen denn die jucken alle
    ich muss wieder rappen weil sich immer wieder rapper
    mit dem anaconda rapper in verbindung bringen
    newcomer kommen wollen alle übernehmen
    deine gegend ist am arsch wenn die kindaz es betreten
    ich kenn deine parts deine bars line slang
    ich kenn deine gang denn du warst mein fan
    also pass lieber auf rede bitte bisschen anders
    gib mir dein canta dann hol deine amcas
    ich bin rezident straße du weist
    dass kokain razzia hol dein gancia
    übertreibe alles wenn du rapper bist du penner
    singst immernoch die selbe scheisse weil du gar kein rapper bist
    sag mal bitte wer du bist und ich sag dir was du bist
    du bist eine homo bitch weil du deine freunde fickst
    ich bin wieder da mach mal die connection klar
    dieses jahr wirds anders sein doubletime massaka (2x)
    2. Strophe
    schnell schneller wer ist der schnellste?
    die frage des monats doch ich bin der beste
    ich rhyme paar zeilen und schreibe die texte
    du bytest und bytest und willst mich verletzen
    ich mache deine olle wenn ich will in ner Min. klar
    ich mache mit der olle wenn ich will für ne Min klar
    ich ficke ich schicke dir die fotos über whatsapp
    alle kriegen macken wenn du motherfucker boss rappst
    serc motherfucker und ich werde niemals weggehen
    6 jahre hintereinander bin ich schon im rap game
    alle rapper wollen anaconda rapper tot sehen
    halt dich an ich kack in dein mund doch ich will weiter hoch gehen
    du bist nur ein Noname du hast kein fame
    also kannst du dissen wen du willst oke?
    ich ficke deine mutter denn was anderes fällt mir nicht ein
    du opfa du prahlst mit dein opfaverein
    ich kenne sie bange sie rappe die checke die family
    ich ficke die rapper die rappen alle immer gleich
    meine zeit kommt alle können vorbei kommen
    alle rapper machen alle welle mit nem mikephone
    was ist mit dem kind los wieso bist du sinnlos?
    Serc gegen dich sowie apple oder windows
    anaconda big baba wir machen hier big para
    wir haben hier beef aber trotzdem bleib ich eure Nummer eins
    ich bin wieder da mach mal die connection klar
    dieses jahr wirds anders sein doubletime massaka (2x)
    3. Strophe
    schnell schneller wer ist der schnellste?
    die frage des jahres doch ich bin der beste
    doubletime in deine fresse und ich rappe übertrieben
    komm in meine gegend und dann kannst du sehen wie rapper fliegen
    executiert deine ex kommt auf vier
    aber irgendiwe ist dein ???? back wie ein tier
    bleib immer real haste das hier
    du weist was ich meine wir hatten ein deal
    ich bin dieser rapper und die weiber fallen in ohnmacht
    deine nette fette ghetto eule mit dem dougnat
    jeder will ein autogramm haben aber keins da
    dafür mach ich fotos und die werden immer einser
    ich bin wie ein eismann eis eis kalt
    nice wa ich mache das einwandfrei
    auftritte ich kann das auch live ganz geil
    doubletime attacke und das war Part 3!

    Mehr songtexte: www.songtextemania.com/365_songtext_serc651.html
    Alle Infos über Serc651: www.musictory.de/musik/

  • Lil JuJu
    Lil JuJu 18 days ago

    Who wanna do a song together

  • Can't Vibe
    Can't Vibe 19 days ago

    This beat is dope!!! Keep gindin’!

  • The Cowboy
    The Cowboy 19 days ago


  • lil dook Pan
    lil dook Pan 20 days ago


  • Alex bates
    Alex bates 20 days ago


  • Jamal Edwards
    Jamal Edwards 20 days ago

    So litt

  • zeljko holik
    zeljko holik 20 days ago

    was this sampled from flexin by not greg?

  • Angelica Murry
    Angelica Murry 20 days ago

    I like that beat

  • Salmane Nijari
    Salmane Nijari 20 days ago

    Rk 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  • triggerdturtle0 yt
    triggerdturtle0 yt 20 days ago

    Mans got clapped yuh, ain't got notin on that yuh, (really fast) if you see me I'ma make your face bleed better call the police, I'ma bouta go insane, (slow down again) everything inside my brain, don't call me a fool, next thing you know pop pop pop I'll be shooting up the school, (fast again) laugh at me and you'll see why everyone respects me, mans got clapped yuh, ain't got notin on that yuh, pop pop pop mans got dropped, all ready know fist up in yo chin, stop that stupid grin

    TEEN VAMPIRE 666 20 days ago +3

    Put it on0.75×

  • Elite
    Elite 21 day ago


  • Joey Bakker
    Joey Bakker 21 day ago

    cool en

  • Bad Bad
    Bad Bad 22 days ago


  • Dominik Bauer
    Dominik Bauer 22 days ago +2

    Dieser beat killt alles ich schwöre

  • Vanessa Shepherd
    Vanessa Shepherd 22 days ago

    this go hard

  • Lamont Hurt
    Lamont Hurt 23 days ago

    Love. It

  • Lamont Hurt
    Lamont Hurt 23 days ago


  • Sarah matrious
    Sarah matrious 23 days ago

    Dam this beat drop harder than my i dropped on my girl

  • Vickie Roy
    Vickie Roy 23 days ago


  • Ikhsan Kurniawan
    Ikhsan Kurniawan 23 days ago +1

    As same as flat earth

  • Rich Ojeda
    Rich Ojeda 23 days ago

    This that NewStreet Glock to u on Ur Street/ur Sweet Droppin the Keys on this Beat/eyes Sleepy Cause this Dude Cheifs True Green/I freestyle WTF do U mean/Spit Sickly/Empty the Glock out u catch 16/Like Yrs if she 16 lol

  • Lil Stunna
    Lil Stunna 23 days ago

    Can i use this for non profit?

  • Soft prod.
    Soft prod. 23 days ago

    One of your best Ones!!

  • xKingxDamionx
    xKingxDamionx 23 days ago


  • finness the kid
    finness the kid 23 days ago

    Hey can i use this and not get copy writed

  • Cristian Munguia
    Cristian Munguia 23 days ago

    this song is about school shootings
    You better run before you get shot in the head
    I'll shoot you with a ak and youre all dead
    I've Been planning this for a whole year
    Youre about get hunted like some deer
    School shooter has entered the building
    Look at all those stupid kids running
    You can run but you can't hide
    Soon enough we're all gunna die
    Im only 14 and im doing this
    And All my bullies are on my kill list
    I've been dreaming about this for many years
    I'm So glad to see all those in tears
    I killed 35 and theres 62 injuries
    That should be a lesson to all the bullies
    All the blood is leaving me light headed
    And right after i suicided

  • Brian Flores
    Brian Flores 24 days ago

    Uh yeah I got the money 💴
    Yeah wanna know something funny
    Last night I hoped on yo bit ch like a bunny
    Then I pull up you block With the Glock
    Pull it out Shoot grab your homie shit like loot yeah I got rich and I got the golden chain got my own plane selling cocaine Down in main bidding from the cops and then took the train Then I got jump and left me in pain look The hook is good just like food my ass ain’t from the hood but hope y’all think my freestyle was dope and yeah I love to freestyle But my fatass has to run a mile first and Pull up with that Fortnite Burst jk I’ll stop right after I mop Okay I’ll stop know hope you enjoyed

  • Alpha Wolf
    Alpha Wolf 24 days ago

    Yea I was here

  • the poppet guy
    the poppet guy 24 days ago

    This is my new song im first at the queue im like super glue i stick to you i pursue fame and im not lame its my aim to win this.
    Its not a game i wont proclaim my fame but i will be shamed but i dont care i dare you to make a song its not as easy as cake i dont make mistakes so whats with the miss hate
    I see you're shakin I'm quakinn and I'm overtakin you i am awaking to my potential and its quintessential this isn't essential but its fun, you look like the sun and you blind me i design this rap and make it shine but your raps are worse than a handicaps raps perhaps you should think again, you think you can make a song but youre wrong

    Yes i get it i have skill you have fame and you're lame but i always get the blame
    Im a rapper now but that doesnt matter cause ill splatter like i always do
    You think is all bout you butcha belong in a zoo im running out of words but it isnt the end
    You will decend and i will acend i know ive won
    But its just for fun look how many words i have to write in this fight im not being polite i am feeling delight
    I dont wanna partake in this but i dont wanna quit im not counterfeit.
    Dont try diss me i dismiss hate in this state ive gotten this far i am bizzare and im not the guy smoking a cigar in the minibar im just a happy dude making songs im not nasty
    Im not nasty i feel like im made of steel, i am surreal but its time to reseal for next time

  • Julien
    Julien 24 days ago

    Non fottere il mio squad
    Da C.O.G. oro
    Non fottere il mio squad
    Da C.O.G. oro
    Roccia sto col Rkomi
    Segna Calvairate
    Faccio un salto a Nord-est che Ciny è ospitale
    I miei frà fumano Northern affacciati in Aler
    Un fumo così crema
    No frè non scaldare
    Roccia ho portato il mare a Milano
    Ho ancora il rispetto di dove abitavo
    La tua squad varrà sì e no 7 carati
    Scendo in Drilliguria mi sembran Caraibi
    Falco offre cena che ha vinto ai cavalli
    Neuro SerT all'EuroBet
    Per me no, non puntare il pari
    Quando parli a Tedua devi moderare
    Tu vuoi un beat di Charlie ma non lo sai usare
    Non fottere il mio squad
    No, no, non lo fare
    Da C.O.G.O, dacci oggi il pane
    La mia pussy gira in casa in lingerie orientale
    Ha big booty jeans e inala droghe ricettate
    E non…
    Traduci in English