"GLOCK" Hard Trap Beat Instrumental | Dark Rap Hip Hop Beats Instrumentals | Newstreetmelody Beats

  • Published on Apr 22, 2017
  • "GLOCK" Hard Trap Beat Instrumental | Dark Rap Hip Hop Beats Instrumentals | Newstreetmelody Beats
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  • Newstreetmelody
    Newstreetmelody  2 days ago +1

    Hey fam !! "GLOCK V" IS NOW AVAILABLE !!! GO GO GO !

  • timmy jones
    timmy jones 15 hours ago

    SO Mills & D-Jones- Bricks 2 by Lil Vorhees soundcloud.com/lilvorhees66/so-mills-d-jones-bricks-2 on #SoundCloud

  • Ioannis Ormanidis
    Ioannis Ormanidis 16 hours ago

    Can i find this on deezer?

  • Dipflat
    Dipflat Day ago

    Lovin the beat!

  • Hardcore Rap 4 Life


  • Ali Baba
    Ali Baba Day ago

    Pretty Kool my Motoz3 with JBL speaker 🔊 sounds amazing 😎

  • young joels-tv
    young joels-tv 2 days ago

    Check my channel i also produce beats

  • Claasic
    Claasic 2 days ago


  • Shawn Lopez
    Shawn Lopez 2 days ago +2

    Got the glock in my backpack coming to ur block watch out for the clock tik tok when i get there im finna pop off clean ur blood up with mop all hear is pop pop get lost ya you know im lethal killing people call that evil got eyes in the sky like an eagle call that illegal. This rap was just for fun ya im done got the gun watch out this rap was ezzy call me drizzy.

  • BeatsByAC
    BeatsByAC 2 days ago

    Sick track, love that piano and bass. 🔥🔥🔥💣💣💣

  • vNotifyy-
    vNotifyy- 2 days ago +1

    Beats called glock
    Not talking about my waistline, this ain't black ops
    Around my neck there might be a few rocks
    Hit it like tick-tock as I look at the clock
    Call me Ben because on my wrist there's 10.. Went to KFC got a bucket of hens
    Bitch we don't pretend we commend or I just command aye Swervo give me a hand with the brand and not giving it to the ass of the cattle
    We treat this like Red Dead (2) when I'm riding on the saddle, I'm Kratos I fight my own battles
    This rhythm is a hassle
    Looked out the window and on God my eyes glowed as I saw that UFO
    So went back to crib and watched some Naruto as an orange haired guy put metal in his nose, call him Pain
    This shit is coming from the membrane like an author, Mark Twain or the frontal cortex
    Aye this Crash Bandicoot 2: Attack on Vortex
    Wait Attack? Like that Titan? Cause my boys always be fightin'
    Smoking this green I stay lightin'
    I'm Clark Kent for the Daily Planet I be type writin'
    She say she like Teddy the president, a rough rider
    World War II in the sky because we dog fighters
    No, not that high because of all the weed as we smokin the green, we sipping lean, we popping beans this isn't median or mode so this must be mean, fuck them fiends
    I isolated myself like Socrates
    And ahhh typed until the beat ended 😂

  • Lil Scoob
    Lil Scoob 2 days ago


  • Lil Belly
    Lil Belly 3 days ago

    Good ! Look my channel And subscribe @openhead Label ! THX ! #openhead team ! ❤️❤️❤️

  • 2seks3fem
    2seks3fem 3 days ago

    Is this free

    GBP BEATZ 3 days ago

    PLEASE never stop making these beats🙏🙏

    I'm kinda addicted to your beats bro...
    You really inspired me making my own music🙏
    I already uploaded my best beats 🔥
    I will upload a new one later this day

  • Mazoşist 1 Satanist


  • asher Silly
    asher Silly 5 days ago

    ya thats exactly what happend but this is kinda fire though

  • Rene Ivan Ramos
    Rene Ivan Ramos 5 days ago


  • Maki Downtown
    Maki Downtown 5 days ago

    it is a good Beat I like it so much 😎😚🙂😎😚😎😚😎

  • Gaming witturk
    Gaming witturk 5 days ago

    Can I use this beat

  • Hello Joe
    Hello Joe 6 days ago

    Ryan Bennett ya little fucking junky dog.
    You wrote statements to police and they locked up Tom.
    I bet ya parents wish that they used a fucking condom.
    Type of cunt to bash ya mum just for money to get on.
    When are you from you grew up in a manchin.
    Spoiled brat beating up on ya mum having a tantrum.
    Say that ya rap but ya never drop tracks.
    To busy stealing from ya mums purse so you can buy crack.
    That's that lets see what you got.
    A drugged fucked brain and a statement to the cops.
    That got my mate locked but ya still walk around.
    Like ya some kinda gangster even ya little brother.
    Thinks ur a wanker ya whole family hates ya.
    Slice ya with a razor punch you in the mouth.
    Ya so useless that you gotta get ya mum to clean ya house.
    You want beef dog then come down south.

  • The Funko Fanatic
    The Funko Fanatic 6 days ago

    Ur Mum Gay

  • Emre 95
    Emre 95 6 days ago +2

    c l instru ke rk à utiliser pour total benef

  • Symari Hines
    Symari Hines 6 days ago

    Cool beats

  • Typ 666
    Typ 666 6 days ago


  • Dimovv Pro
    Dimovv Pro 6 days ago

    Тук съм за да потвърдя една теория, че любовта е забравена история. Ужасно е да гледаш така отстрани как я има само при поява на пари. защото тя гледа всяка госпожица но свършат ли те реже с голямата ножица Изхвърляте като маратонка без подметка, защото от тебе вече няма никаква сметка. И това не е само случай или два това го прави всяка втора жена. Като змия е тя не и се доверявай остави я сама и напред продължавай Начина да се спасиш е само един срещнеш ли друга изчезни като дим казвам ти накрая на жена вяра нямай хващай я за ден,два и веднага бягай. Припев: (х2) Защото любовта като цвете което вече не ухае, когато е в твоите ръце, защото любовта като цвете което вече не ухае, нямам сили за твоето не. Любов или нещо което го няма потънала безна и заровена яма. като ехо далечно гласът и се чува но в материалният свят вече нищо не струва. Всеки надеждата по малко губи, а заедно с нея и желанието да се влюби. Студена застинала снежна покривка душата обгърната в ледена обвивка. Тя започва от начало но безкрай. Парче ти остава от този сладък пай път без светлина обгърнат в мрак безизходен тунел далечен тъмен бряг. Появява се като изгрева и зората. Тази неволно композирана соната. май и формулата още не е открита а горчивият вкус ти сам го опита Нямам сили..... За твоето нее... Припев: (х4) Защото любовта като цвете което вече не ухае, когато е в твоите ръце, защото любовта като цвете което вече не ухае, нямам сили за твоето не.

  • Donta McHenry
    Donta McHenry 6 days ago

    Im showin luv 2 my girl i got her a diamond ring im givin' her sum flavor im gone play dat 2k18 im bout 2 smoke sum weed im bout 2 go 2 my sister house for christmas probably sip on a ice house dats da only thing im gone do im smokin' crack i don' t deal with dat

    • clifton noble
      clifton noble 6 days ago

      this make no sense 2 me i just dont get it explain it 2 me see what i did there yeah im funny .-.

  • Beto Beats
    Beto Beats 7 days ago

    se inscrevam lá e deixem seu like mano tmj

  • Mod Cham
    Mod Cham 7 days ago

    I love glock

  • 김범수
    김범수 7 days ago


  • Vex Blue
    Vex Blue 8 days ago

    hit or miss

  • Prod. DJ R1 Official
    Prod. DJ R1 Official 8 days ago +1

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  • Karmah Hayloc
    Karmah Hayloc 8 days ago


  • Cookieboyz Entertainment


  • Gamingwithrad
    Gamingwithrad 8 days ago

    I like you I mean I love just joking I like your music though

  • Gamingwithrad
    Gamingwithrad 8 days ago

    Lol good beat

  • Shawn Cowell
    Shawn Cowell 8 days ago

    I made a song

  • xxkingAJxx27 GoD
    xxkingAJxx27 GoD 9 days ago


  • Jesper
    Jesper 9 days ago

    If you can’t freestyle just try it we All getting saved by this beat🔥

  • Takima Armstead
    Takima Armstead 9 days ago

    Hitem with block shot let it hit that shit

  • ScottFree 702
    ScottFree 702 9 days ago

    Check out my beats tvclip.biz/user/ScottFree702

  • Никола Ивановић

    100K likeessss

  • BWells02
    BWells02 9 days ago

    hi all

  • Monster Gaming
    Monster Gaming 9 days ago +2

    Mois Ist King und macht Handyhüllen xd

  • LitInDaHoodYa _Yt
    LitInDaHoodYa _Yt 9 days ago

    Yo someone I need someone to write me a diss using this beat, I'll pay u and everything but I need to see a sample of what u got 1st

  • LitInDaHoodYa _Yt
    LitInDaHoodYa _Yt 9 days ago

    Can I use this for a diss track

  • Sonyco RD Oficial
    Sonyco RD Oficial 9 days ago


  • Jalen Franklin
    Jalen Franklin 9 days ago

    O.25 whole new beat

  • Rielmam Chanel
    Rielmam Chanel 10 days ago

    please listen to me, I just made it 🙏😬

  • Tim Zander
    Tim Zander 10 days ago

    ist jemand deutsch hier?

  • Ever EveryWhere
    Ever EveryWhere 10 days ago +1

    Les 10 millions!!!!🔥🔥🔥

  • Crystal Maxey
    Crystal Maxey 11 days ago

    Ayye drop da beat. Whacta want I told to to get off my block before u get knocked and ik I'm only a girl but ill beat u up so bad that u will be in New Jersey by the time I'm finished with u and u say I'm worthless but ur never gonna be perfect

  • SlUG 2
    SlUG 2 11 days ago

    That for fuck dude this is addicing

  • Devontae walker
    Devontae walker 11 days ago

    This beat hard on my kids🙊

  • Ra’kwaumte Hobson
    Ra’kwaumte Hobson 12 days ago

    Is it all right if I use this to my rap

  • Autumn Makes Bloopers
    Autumn Makes Bloopers 12 days ago

    Your all awsome

  • Soulseek
    Soulseek 12 days ago

    L’antidote - La quica

  • JT Lyricx
    JT Lyricx 13 days ago

    -----------------------------------------------WEST COAST RAPPERS------
    GIVE ME DAT x2
    This is just a little rap,call me the rap doctor, I open rap restaurant 1930, Jamestown city - Asere Royal City Movement to the world.....call me for more rap

  • Menace Got Beats
    Menace Got Beats 13 days ago

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  • Cashonda Burns
    Cashonda Burns 13 days ago

    Gskfbs sithwejf sie

  • Coolkidbecca
    Coolkidbecca 14 days ago


  • Hussam Alhatim  حسام الحاتم

    Wow 👀❤

  • Никола Ивановић

    10M lol gg mam'n

  • ambush
    ambush 15 days ago +1

    Just dropped a fire beat and its free just show love and give me credit, Check it out on my channel! please and thank you

  • John Molina
    John Molina 15 days ago

    Just started making beats. Check me out.

  • 10,000 subs because im desperate

    10m boyyy congrats

    CAMERON is LIT 15 days ago

    This is fire

  • Destiny Jones
    Destiny Jones 15 days ago

    you are lit im raping to this

  • king raphealgamer
    king raphealgamer 15 days ago

    4am in the morning try make a rap ryme with this beat

  • P Trillion
    P Trillion 16 days ago

    How much for collaboration

  • logan paul and jake paul songs

    This was my rap to this beat (cringey) okay now.
    You know that I'm the best
    i lie back and rest
    You know i spit flames
    I got all the fame
    You belong in the hall of shame
    You know that Im'a rap you to death
    You kill with bad breath
    You know that your bad
    If you beat me i won't be sad
    I'll just get payback
    Now lemme just say this to you brat
    You know that i'ma beat you
    Just to let you know my favorite color is blue
    And what does that have to do with a brat?
    He's gonna get ***** slapped
    But I'm not worried
    Anyways his clothes are always dirty
    You keep on studdering
    And your always flirting!
    You always fail
    You suck on your girlfriends toenail!
    (This is not a rap to somebody or dissing them its just for fun)
    I know it was cringey comment #CRINGE if it was hilarious/cringey

  • Xeleven Music
    Xeleven Music 16 days ago


  • Teolin3
    Teolin3 16 days ago +2

    D.money. I make. But you have a lot to say to me

  • Jordyn Ramos
    Jordyn Ramos 16 days ago

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  • saiyan prinxee
    saiyan prinxee 17 days ago

    Listen to ferris wheel by saiyanprinxee #np on #SoundCloud

  • Jake The Snake 100
    Jake The Snake 100 17 days ago

    I just used this beat on my channel pls check out it's called glock

  • Astromajesty
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    THE JOKER 18 days ago


  • Raymona Mcgee
    Raymona Mcgee 18 days ago

    Thanks so much for your tongue and groove on the other one is da way home now I love yo mom but she bxsrh

  • MLGJON9000 t
    MLGJON9000 t 18 days ago

    How much to make a beat

  • 1000 subs with out any v ideos

    can i use this in my video?

  • teddythekiller12
    teddythekiller12 19 days ago

    Lil nigga tryan talk all shit but when I pull up at his crib with a 30 he ain't gonna feel his shit catch me zooming throw your block with 30 bodies on me don't make me catch another Bodie on yo ass

  • Sinem Zs 352
    Sinem Zs 352 19 days ago

    C’est total beneeeef ca ❤️

  • seanwhitemusic
    seanwhitemusic 20 days ago

    21 21 21...Slaughtergang all over this beat 🗡💯

  • BlueJay
    BlueJay 20 days ago

    ill take it down if i cant

  • BlueJay
    BlueJay 20 days ago

    can i use this beat to rap to on youtube

  • Grant King
    Grant King 20 days ago

    I spelled with wrong XD

  • Grant King
    Grant King 20 days ago

    Heres all i got you guys can finish the rap.Bitch im pulling up on the block withe glock going rata ta ta.

  • jose ramos
    jose ramos 20 days ago

    I miss the Bass of hip hop. can't one of you. do it. Not bad but we need bombom.the key of hip hop Bass.

  • Young drippy
    Young drippy 20 days ago

    Put dat Glock it yo face, ima have to catch a case

  • Juan Parra
    Juan Parra 21 day ago


  • Hulu DNay
    Hulu DNay 21 day ago

    Illegales Business, Deutsche Rapper auf der Hitlist
    Augenbrauen runter, denn ich ficke diese Bitches
    Sind nur am blenden, rappen über S-Klasse
    Ich werd aggresiv, schau wie ich jetzt platze
    Leicht asozial, trette auf Gaspedal
    Jage deutsche Rapper durch die Wüste - ganz normal
    Im Schutz von Bodyguards, ihr seid keine Männer
    Lassen sich für Geld verbiegen - alles nur Blender
    Doch macht euch gefasst, ich bin der Jackpot
    Komme vorbei und guck wie ich euch wegbomb
    Alles nur Fake-Rap, ich werd dich nie vergessen
    Wahre Gangster Rapper die die eure Kiefer brechen
    Schau wie ich Steine ticke, Rap ohne Komprisse
    Hör zu wenn ich Reime schieße und euch Opfer ficke
    Ich komm mit Leuten die schlecht deutsch sprechen
    Und euer Kreuz wie ein Stock brechen, sag mir wer wird euch helfen
    Rap für die Menschen die Musik lieben
    Rap für die Gangster die mit Weed dealen
    Rap für die echten und nicht die Blender
    Rap für die Fans die stark sind wie Kämpfer
    Rap für die Family und die Freunde
    Rap für die Hustler auf der Street ohne Beute
    Rap für die Kids von den Straßen
    Rap für die Hayvans die Fake-Rapper klatschen

  • Hanan Al
    Hanan Al 22 days ago

    Beat best this me rapp

  • SPORT Time
    SPORT Time 22 days ago

    Hell no this beat is trash. It great at 0.75

    BULLSDEEP 22 days ago

    Can I use this as background music with credits in my description?

  • FD_BeAtZ
    FD_BeAtZ 22 days ago

    Hey maybe you would check out my chanel im doing free to use beat the best one ist a xxxtentacion typr beat i would like it if you would check it out here ya go: tvclip.biz/video/1Z7EGxNV1AE/video.html

  • Gagandeep Singh
    Gagandeep Singh 22 days ago

    Chk my beat