10 Foods that Can Kill You Instantly

  • Published on Mar 15, 2017
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Comments • 7 752

  • Anagirl 1234
    Anagirl 1234 2 years ago +4720

    I actually have a lot of hemlock growing in my backyard...
    I need to get the mower and QUICK

  • Debbie Mcclure
    Debbie Mcclure 19 hours ago +1

    Nope to all of them. They say, even when the blowfish is prepared correctly it still makes your lips and tongue tingle from the toxins. Tyfs God bless you

  • Jasmine Paige
    Jasmine Paige Day ago +1

    who else thought of "my strange addiction" by billie eilish when he mentioned belladonna

    ISAAC LACAZE 3 days ago

    mmmmmmm. Nope cheese

  • angela duffield
    angela duffield 4 days ago

    He'll to tha nah......

  • big coochie
    big coochie 5 days ago

    who is joe?

  • FreedomOrNothin
    FreedomOrNothin 9 days ago

    Well, most beautiful women are deadly so the name makes sense.

  • FreedomOrNothin
    FreedomOrNothin 9 days ago

    When it comes to mushrooms, "if it bleeds blue, it's good for you" (except for two kinds) look up Paul Stamets if you want to understand more.

  • KiwiCupcake
    KiwiCupcake 9 days ago

    How to Unvenom Pufferfish:
    Put it in a tank filled with bored dolphins
    Let them play with it (apparently they know how to extract their venom)
    Carefully take out its liver
    Bon Appetite!

  • Eh-lien
    Eh-lien 13 days ago

    yeah ill take an order of nope, with side of screw that.

  • Sniper Logic
    Sniper Logic 14 days ago

    Eat Korean bullfrog and croak,

  • SlapppsTV
    SlapppsTV 14 days ago +2

    don't mind me, i'm just here filling up my grocery list.

  • Anthony Freeman
    Anthony Freeman 17 days ago

    I still think anyone who consumes hakarl is secretly a psychopath

  • Trust nobody Trustsnuthin

    First I think it’s stupid to even think to take a deadly chance on ingesting any of this stuff!not only is it gross and unappetizing but it’s lethal so why roll dice??those that do eat it or try to?are stupid enough to do so!and bring on what they tempt fate!are you that dumb?when there’s thousands of safe awesome great tasting and appealing foods available??if you are?then you deserve what you get cuz your stupid

  • Trust nobody Trustsnuthin

    Bella Donna means beautiful lady not woman Bella is beautiful and lady is Donna

  • yuklz
    yuklz 20 days ago +1

    *taking notes*

  • Malevolent Mulysa
    Malevolent Mulysa 22 days ago

    WOW Never! I don't have a death wish.

  • mikitz
    mikitz 24 days ago

    At least here in Northern Europe, we don't really call the death cap 'food'.
    I usually eat to *avoid* dying.

  • JRAZED13 k
    JRAZED13 k 26 days ago

    Damn Europe

  • KrissyLynn Horan
    KrissyLynn Horan 27 days ago

    Natural selection ig idk why ppl will eat this stuff knowing it’ll kill them

  • Joshua Gibson
    Joshua Gibson 28 days ago

    SUPER annoying. Otherwise I'd be watching all of his videos. The stupid facials ruin it. As well as the 90s style lock your lips and speak like that one black dude that made it popular back then.

  • Ryan Lugo
    Ryan Lugo 29 days ago

    Thank you Matthew for existing. Your videos are awesome.

  • Renek Hüva
    Renek Hüva Month ago

    So is a real women

  • Donald Caldwell
    Donald Caldwell Month ago

    is mat santoro from Canada?

  • Raven Troglin
    Raven Troglin Month ago +3

    Technically, some of things are edible...but only once.

  • B0rder55
    B0rder55 Month ago +1

    It's not technically food if we can't eat them

  • Mr. B
    Mr. B Month ago

    “A whole lotta no” 😂 got that right

  • Lord Pumpkin
    Lord Pumpkin Month ago +7

    If I had a last meal on death row, it would be all on this list. The guards won't have the pleasure or satisfaction of killing me.

  • Chineack Wa
    Chineack Wa Month ago

    What the heck I've seen water hemlock in my neighborhood am I going to die like whenever I'm around it's like I can't breathe and my throat burns even though I'm not even touching it,should i be scared?

  • Martin Fairclough
    Martin Fairclough Month ago

    The giant bullfrog looked like my ex wife lol

  • Martin Fairclough
    Martin Fairclough Month ago +1

    Wimen can be poison to.? Coz the last time i slept with my partner she poisond me???? She give me the clap lol lol

  • Martin Fairclough
    Martin Fairclough Month ago

    Ill stick to canned food. Or pot noodles. And wen it comes to fish ill just stick to tinned oysters .

  • Rafi Pro Standoff 2

    PufferFish cause poison

  • Extra Chrispy
    Extra Chrispy Month ago

    #5 I think I’ll stick with calamari

  • Nathaniel Vinsek
    Nathaniel Vinsek Month ago

    Ho hell to the no no no

  • TheSilverSp0on25
    TheSilverSp0on25 Month ago

    He looks like thanos

  • chavonynne z
    chavonynne z Month ago

    last two english yew....and water hemlock...are there other versions of these two plants that grow in NY?? because both of these were around my house where I grew up and not one of us kids ever got sick from them.

  • DeathMetalPrincess
    DeathMetalPrincess Month ago

    ...just as he was saying 1 fish 2 fish I got a mouthful of water. Then when he said dead person... I no longer had water in my mouth..

  • Its Us
    Its Us Month ago

    Now I'm *dying* to know what these foods taste like.

  • Jennifer Hughes
    Jennifer Hughes Month ago +1

    OMG! I would totally snarf on some Ackee fruit! I am a type 1 diabetic and I could down the apple then binge on junk food! 😋

    • Army 101
      Army 101 29 days ago

      Type 1 diabetic squad where u at?

  • SamUL
    SamUL Month ago

    This is why I hate cheese

  • Devany Brown
    Devany Brown Month ago


  • Rita Malik
    Rita Malik Month ago

    I don’t think I ever be hungry enough to eat these items, rather starve

  • Jody Boo
    Jody Boo Month ago

    🇯🇲I think the lord, i don't eat ackee even tho am an jamaican 😊

  • Fuzzy Friends Rescue Volunteer

    Who in the world would eat those octopus or any of that stuff for that matter.

  • Ultra Chara28
    Ultra Chara28 Month ago

    Don't eat ink cap mushrooms if you've consumed alcohol.

  • Donald Jones
    Donald Jones Month ago


  • Stella Lins
    Stella Lins Month ago

    I know that Water Hemlock is dangerous because I read Warrior cats

  • sammi
    sammi Month ago

    Thanks ;)

  • michael miller
    michael miller Month ago

    See that's why I don't like mushrooms

  • zahria
    zahria Month ago

    Sokkertease 😂

  • 17845 8888
    17845 8888 Month ago

    Did you know any translate actually a means to poop in a different language

  • I love Serial killers

    I myself would never consume any of these, I would however add baneberries to a huckleberry pie

  • Patrick Weber
    Patrick Weber Month ago

    What about the Doll's Eyes plant?

  • Mr Crispy the alton towers guy

    The thumbnail looks like thanos

  • namibian YouTuber
    namibian YouTuber 2 months ago

    I live in Namibia and the bull frogs aren't that dangerous, they always appear during rainy season and they free to buy locally no Black market needed..

  • Puppy Chan
    Puppy Chan 2 months ago

    I have hemlock in my backyard

  • Puppy Chan
    Puppy Chan 2 months ago

    I had go puke then you said maggot cheese

  • Puppy Chan
    Puppy Chan 2 months ago

    I really lucky that I didn’t eat none of these foods

  • The_Mad_Player
    The_Mad_Player 2 months ago

    Well, I know what I'm having for dinner