Call of Duty: WORLD WAR 2 (*NEW*) - OUR FIRST OFFICIAL LOOK! (Trailer, DLC, Release Date + MORE!)

  • Published on Apr 21, 2017
  • Call of Duty: WW2 is OFFICIALLY going to be COD 2017 - Check it out! :)
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    Call of Duty: World War 2 (COD WW2) is officially the COD coming this year, 2017. Call of Duty: WW2 will be made by Sledghammer Games, the same studio that made COD: Advanced Warfare. The game is set to be "boots on the ground", meaning no boost-jumps!
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  • Ali-A
    Ali-A  2 years ago +1040

    Call of Duty: WW2 is OFFICIAL - NO JET PACKS IN COD 2017! 😍
    Stay tuned for all the latest news, as we build up to it's official reveal next Wednesday. SMASH that "LIKE" button if you like the look of this new COD! 👍🏻

    • Daniel pro 1135
      Daniel pro 1135 Year ago

      Ali-A love the videos

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      Pandda_mash Year ago

      Ali-A I

    • hckr_ calibr3
      hckr_ calibr3 Year ago

      Ali-A I have turned nitifacations I would love to get a shout out next

    • Keith Higgins
      Keith Higgins Year ago +1

      Ali-A I have put notifications on and Wow Can't wait to get Cod WW2 on my PC I already made my very own T-Shirt about it!

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  • Feeney Ladd
    Feeney Ladd Year ago

    I would really like to start collecting cod merchandise the hat would be a good starting point

  • Evan O Callaghan
    Evan O Callaghan Year ago

    good game

  • La Chiva
    La Chiva Year ago

    Ali A is such a corny dude it's cringy

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    Brian Sull Year ago

    ali i pleasurebnydelfbto youtbawsome cintent♥♥😏😏😏😏 keep up thr great stuff dadiiiiiiii

  • naruto toma
    naruto toma Year ago

    This game will be the fkn best if there is co-op camping

  • Nafis Mumin
    Nafis Mumin Year ago

    ail a can you play black opp 3 zombies Chronicles


    Best cod player

  • ZizzleNinja
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    Conformed ✅

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  • Sgt. Woods
    Sgt. Woods Year ago +1

    Sledgehammer is practically stupid to think that they've got us in the palms of their hands just by going back to what the CoD franchise started off as. Let's face it, they have absolutely no experience and good ideas whatsoever, thus making them utter garbage, and nothing can compare to CoD, CoD2, and World at War. Infinity Ward and Treyarch will always prevail. Condrey and Schofield should just get lost already.

  • Ryger Thomas
    Ryger Thomas Year ago

    I love playing zombies its hard endless!!!!!!!:))))))

  • TC Claymore
    TC Claymore Year ago

    wow what awesome game and I could beat this brit

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    gamer G Year ago

    ha he only plays cod and he is older than 13

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    Play gta5

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    im getting cod ww2 for christmas

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    play mw3 plz

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    I just started a new yt channel and I play black ops 3 on xbox one if you guys maybe want to collapse, you can message me on xbox NightKiller429 and maybe reply to my comment

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    Texas Doggo Year ago

    Dude. You should try titanfall 2 it's pretty good. Give it a go

  • Nagles Eurospar Bruff

    Ali-a i saw u at gamercon.

  • courage nice
    courage nice Year ago

    Great video my friend:)

  • Joe Roberts
    Joe Roberts Year ago

    Ali...u need to play some S&D

  • Jchizzle25
    Jchizzle25 Year ago

    ali what is your favorite gun

  • 5000 subscribers with no video challenge

    Bruh, his eyes are blue like the ocean.

  • Worldofgames
    Worldofgames Year ago

    Hey, Ali-A Record a video about Minecraft, or just play it now. Because I might start playing now!

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    Can you do all the campaign

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    Ali a is dirty minded

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    Ali a funk you're wife and brothers hahaaaa

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    S.k Kanwal Year ago

    Ali a is transgender

  • nunya business
    nunya business Year ago

    Hi, was wondering if you could tell me when the Beta releases and how long i have before i lose a chance to get a spot in the beta release?

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    ali whats your username so i can play exo zombies with you please i subscribed a liked the exo zombies solo

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    been here since HOW TO MINECRAFT 1# good job ali I'm proud of how far I got

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    Joe Treslove Year ago

    play some ghosts

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    gconMEDIA Year ago

    Cool vid! :)

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    Rory Nugent Year ago

    Finally no future guns

  • Slit bodmod add
    Slit bodmod add Year ago

    omg guys itsa gounna be cod dogs in warfair in the past

  • Jacob Pettygrove
    Jacob Pettygrove Year ago

    ali-a i have a challange go back to cod mw3 and on recruit mode first mission try to fiinish with the orriganal weapons it givs you s and max ammo it is possible i did it thanx to a ammo crate so i thought i would sejest it

  • Ashelle Games
    Ashelle Games Year ago

    can't wait

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    Nikos Tavernarakis Year ago +1

    Wow,when cod realizes how good bf1 was and decides to do the same but worse

    • BraveAndBold
      BraveAndBold Year ago

      Little Gamer this game was in development way before bf1 was out bruh.

  • HRC Gamer
    HRC Gamer Year ago

    Your video are truly amazing. Your skill and humour is one of a kind on youtube. I have started my channel based on this and hope to produce content as good and as natural as yours one day. Keep it up.

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  • December
    December Year ago

    Not supply drops but crate drops.

  • Fiiji Ace
    Fiiji Ace Year ago

    I think it's gonna be one of the best cods

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    It would really mean a lot if people would go sub to my channel, and can't wait for this GAME!

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    Luke Port Year ago

    Ali-A, will you ever do anything thats Dragon Ball Z related. I would love it if you did

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    Your a joke get some real life skills so maybe one day you can contribute to Society

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    Mercy Year ago

    I was kidding right wait thats not ok omg that's no t o punch in woods 1 black ops zombies mod mod mod 30th maybe might release

  • Taylor Caforio
    Taylor Caforio Year ago

    I was the god of World at War. Now I'm back.

  • Simeon Selmon
    Simeon Selmon Year ago

    can anyone tell me how much is it to pre order this game can you put 3pound to secure your game

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    Hey Ali_A could you talk about callofduty can you fly planes and drive tanks????????????

  • Max Fisher
    Max Fisher Year ago

    Can't wait for it to come out!

  • 卍TBallz
    卍TBallz Year ago

    They should not add atomic bmb because was used in Pacific not in Dday.But if you make a complet WW2 multyplayer they should add the nuke and reward it with SupplyDrops. They will steel have SDrops,so why not reward us if we call the nuke

  • Simon Machin
    Simon Machin Year ago

    Battlefield 1 rip off...

  • Sam Ward
    Sam Ward Year ago

    In his eyes it could be Origins black ops 2 the four men


    I'm just glad there wont be anymore futuristic bullshit. maybe I will actually play this game's campaign

  • SW playes
    SW playes 2 years ago

    check out my broadcast on xbox one

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    what even Is the purpose of this video?

  • Luke Stevenson
    Luke Stevenson 2 years ago +1

    New Game Mode Idea, If you like my idea like to get ali A attention so he can get Sledgehammers attention
    Nemesis Game Mode
    2 Teams of 6 v 6. Each player has a nemesis on the opposite team for the entire game. You and your nemesis can see each other’s location on the mini map at all times. You can also see a marker indication over each other’s heads like in capture the flag. There are two objective locations on either side of the map; one for you and one for your nemesis. These objective locations are exclusive to you and your nemesis. The other nemesis pairs have objective locations to them as well but you and your nemesis cannot visually see where their objective locations are. When you kill your nemesis they drop a dog tag. In order to score a point for your team you must grab their dog tag and bring it to your objective location.
    Possible Added dynamic: When you grab your nemesis’s dog tag they immediately become invisible to you on the mini map and there is no longer a marker over their heads. However, they can still see you. This gives them the advantage when they are killed by you and you are trying to score their dog tag at the objective.
    Possible Added Dynamic: Nemesis kills stack. Meaning that if you kill your nemesis grab his dog tag and he kills you before you score, your dog tag is worth two points instead of one. This stacking continues until someone scores.
    Possible Added Dynamic: If someone on the other team who is not your nemesis kills you, you do not drop a dog-tag.
    Killstreaks like the Predator Missile are not allowed.
    This idea could also apply to free for all.

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