Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker D23 Special Look Reaction

  • Published on Aug 27, 2019
  • Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker D23 Special Look Reaction!
    We go through the generations as this one draws to a close!
    Timestamps Listed Below:πŸ‘‡πŸ½πŸ‘‡πŸΏπŸ‘‡πŸΎ
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    Run dat ting back: 4:05
    Run dat ting back: 6:18
    Run dat ting back: 11:41
    Run dat ting back: 15:08
    Peppers the thing: 18:07
    Run dat ting back: 20:05
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Comments • 644

  • Bradley Keats
    Bradley Keats 23 hours ago

    You guys NEED to react to Kylo meets The Emperor!

  • AirborneAloha
    AirborneAloha 7 days ago

    β€œ C3PO” that sound he made πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ aaaaaaaaa

  • AirborneAloha
    AirborneAloha 7 days ago

    That’s crazy especially the red lightsabers which I’ve only seen in rebels by the grand inquisitor as a temple guard

  • 2Finna
    2Finna 9 days ago

    This is like if the gang in Attack the Block started to do youtube videos. lol

  • Zachary Drahm
    Zachary Drahm 14 days ago

    Rey is what Jar Jar was meant to be.. Nothing but a phantom menace working behind the scene for a sinister cause.. Rey manipulated Kylo into killing Han Solo because if he didn't he would've turned to the light-side but Rey needs Kylo so she forces him kill Han, you can even see Kylo face expression's change like he wasn't in control with a shock impression for a split second before looking up at Rey with pure rage and anger as if he knew she made him do it.Which is Why he's out to kill Rey in Vengeance for killing his father, his master and potentially tried to kill his mother, Rey almost made Kylo kill Leia but she couldn't control him as Rey was with Luke and couldn't use force powers around him to avoid blowing her identity so she made Leia's device trigger some kind of force around it enough for Kylo to sense "Rey's" location which lead straight to Leia. Rey is Palpatine's apprentice, So the title Rise of the Skywalker is clearly indicating Kylo becoming a Jedi OR rising against the Empire. If Lore is correct, the Skywalker bloodline will always restore balance to the force.. Kylo becoming a Jedi would bring balance, as Anakin brought balance by becoming a Sith. You can't have one without the other just like the yin yang. So in this trilogy the Dark Side is basically at their peek of power while Luke is the last Jedi, Rey was never a Jedi if she was a Sith portraying to be a Jedi. Again Luke was never hiding from the Order he was protecting what's valuable to the force & Jedi order, Who always had suspicions of Rey and basically put on an image towards Rey that he's nothing but a hermit as he doesn't want to let his guard down. When Luke constantly asked Rey who she was and where she come from FIVE TIMES IN A ROW as if he's seeing right through her lies i knew for that moment Rey's character was becoming more suspicious as the movie went on.. But watching the scene where Kylo kills Han you can clearly see his face expression change like he wasn't in control when he killed Han.. Right then and there reveals Rey's true identity without even realising because no one takes notice of the smallest details

  • ShaggyShahid
    ShaggyShahid Month ago

    Bro it’s not a vision, the twist is gona be Rey is Palpatine’s daughter

  • Tokiofritz
    Tokiofritz Month ago

    Aw, man! Was looking forward to the guys losing it and instead they were just meh about it all.

  • Matt Secord
    Matt Secord Month ago

    I think this might be the very last star wars movie ever.If they are bringing back everyone. Also everyone is going to turn evil.....😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😑😑😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • alexakazeo
    alexakazeo Month ago

    3:46 best reaction

  • DBArkham
    DBArkham Month ago

    The intent in which Joe calls for the ting to be run back is fucking classic

  • 1Gsouljah
    1Gsouljah Month ago

    I just noticed that that black thing that explodes when Kylo Renand Rey are fighting is Vader's mangled helmet probably on a stand. Look at the large piece as it flips around. I also think I saw a thumbnail somewhere where Rey's eyes were blackish(with a small red center) and a scar over her left eye. When I clicked the video it never showed it in the trailer but that single pic has me believing Rey is going bad or gets possess by the Emperor.

  • Hamet Ndiaye
    Hamet Ndiaye Month ago

    Rey will fight a dark Rey in front of the emperor

  • Jeremy Estrella
    Jeremy Estrella Month ago

    Now we know why C3PO said β€œtaking one last look sir at my friends β€œ ...
    They wiped his memory probably to hack sith or first order console...

  • Katelyn Davis
    Katelyn Davis Month ago

    I dont want to hear anything until then

  • Zayd Shakur
    Zayd Shakur Month ago

    I can't WAIT to see your reaction to the new trailer! Freakin BombBad fa' REAL!!!

  • Geovanny Cortez
    Geovanny Cortez Month ago


  • rob kennedy
    rob kennedy Month ago

    Guess what new star wars official trailer tommz.

  • Jack Nerf gaming
    Jack Nerf gaming Month ago

    The Rey thing would be her but her clone that’s why in episode 8 she tried to look for her parents but she only saw herself because she is a clone.

  • I’m blue Da be dee da be da


  • Londoner Outdoors
    Londoner Outdoors Month ago

    I never get tired of watching this reaction video. Pure quality guys. Love. It.

  • Bradley O'Brien
    Bradley O'Brien Month ago

    She’s a clone so there’s a dark ray

  • ChocoD
    ChocoD Month ago

    Luke isn't dead and he takes out Darkside Rey and Kylo

  • MadamMorgan
    MadamMorgan 2 months ago

    Everything about this reaction is LEGEND. Gentlemen I will STAN this reaction 4ever

  • A. Nicolas
    A. Nicolas 2 months ago

    03:46 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Evelina Vex
    Evelina Vex 2 months ago

    Daily reminder - DISNEY IS EVIL!

  • Booty Consumer
    Booty Consumer 2 months ago +1

    Judging by the title, and the words Luke is speaking. This movie isn't going to be about Rey I don't think. It's gonna be about Kylo

    • ciara b
      ciara b 2 months ago

      Exactly! Kylo is the last skywalker, what is the point of the last 42 years of this saga (the SKYWALKER saga) if it didn't come down to him?

  • Chris Buttonshaw
    Chris Buttonshaw 2 months ago

    NOW they try to make the movie look neat. Ryen Johnson REALLY fucked Episode 8. Can we just reboot and forget 8 happened? let this be #2?

  • Yusef Taylor
    Yusef Taylor 2 months ago

    DARK REY IS A CLONE. The Emperor had cloning bases set on Jakku--where Rey is from. I believe that the dark version of Rey is a clone that Palpatine farmed, and has used Snoke to engineer into a super Sith, so to speak; just a living breathing, hating, killing machine. Palpatine is more than likely a force ghost that has up until this point, used Snoke to get his work done for him vicariously. This is just what I think is happening.

  • ΩŠΨ§Ψ³Ω…ΩŠΩ†
    ΩŠΨ§Ψ³Ω…ΩŠΩ† 2 months ago +2

    bigups to raven clocking that one shot of naomiackie!

  • Kevin Waititu
    Kevin Waititu 2 months ago

    Who knows the rendition of the imeperial march score at the start of the video?

  • Alfredo Baker
    Alfredo Baker 2 months ago

    Oh by the way that is a vision of Rey, not a clone or anything else

  • Alfredo Baker
    Alfredo Baker 2 months ago

    The nostalgia is strong with that trailer

  • Jj Jones
    Jj Jones 2 months ago

    So, either the Rey thing in the end is a vision or It's a real thing meaning that she picks up a red saber to fight off other royal guards to get to the Emperor. I believe that the Darth Vader Breathing in the end indicates that Rey is in fact the daughter of Darth Vader (by way of cloning or artificial insemination from stored DNA after Darth Vader's death). The Emperor in the end of this montage is in fact talking to REY. She will be tempted by the Dark side, but she will choose the light.

  • Black Wolf
    Black Wolf 2 months ago

    "Run dat ting back!"

  • chad Joice
    chad Joice 2 months ago

    At least they figured it out lmao

  • Tristan Phoenix
    Tristan Phoenix 3 months ago

    You guys are awesome! Much love from Canada!

  • Jason Lipe
    Jason Lipe 3 months ago

    Bro in the white makes me excited for SW again.

  • shahntv
    shahntv 3 months ago

    Loved this reaction video. The guy on the right is clearly suffering from PTSD after seeing Rey go dark. But does she really? She has the ancient jedi texts and could learn both sides, she could be a grey jedi.

  • DjNickoDee
    DjNickoDee 3 months ago

    She's a clone.

  • Milkbones Xxx
    Milkbones Xxx 3 months ago

    When you really think about it there really might be a reason C3p0 eyes red and why Rey turns to the dark side the big reveal may be what we should have realized Anakin our chosen one comes from manipulation of mediclorians by a Sith meaning yes Anakin as a child has used dark side power before he met Padmae before his mother died before something pushed him to be a Sith it was his Destiny to be both that’s why he had visions of padmae and his mother and knew what would happen Because not only is the big reveal that he comes from a Sith and the dark side and that’s what Yoda and Mace sensed as to why they didn’t want him trained and also why the Jedi had to end the double whammy will be that He still actually is the Chosen one even tho he comes from a dark side Sith and a light mother hints brings the BALANCE to the force on a scale balance is not one half down and the other up no matter which side is up that is out weighing. Balance is equally both sides the chosen one uses equally both sides for the greater good thats why Rae will use both sides. The force ghost or something is going to let her know she has to use both sides of the force

  • Curry Phillips
    Curry Phillips 3 months ago

    WUT, WUT!!! skdhsnvlqelmweojoelemve bruv! lsvlrnvlqekvqenbk bruv! llerejbqebnqenkd vjetoiv wut! bruv! wojelrvjkdkeb nah, nah

  • Travis Warner
    Travis Warner 3 months ago

    Hi please watch the KYLO REN reacts to D23 Rise of Skywalker

    LORD SNOW 3 months ago

    Its pretty clear when luke says a thousound generations live in you know kylo ren is officaly the last skywalker

  • John Cluphf
    John Cluphf 3 months ago

    Man, so many people are getting this wrong. That's not Rey. Look at the cast to the movie it's some other chick. Her character is unnamed

  • chris christodoulou
    chris christodoulou 3 months ago

    Dark Rey is may be a vision or Palpatine possessing her. We'll find out for sure in December.

  • Umar Patel
    Umar Patel 3 months ago

    β€œYour journey nears its end”. Palpatine is talking to Anakin/Vader

  • Ollie James
    Ollie James 3 months ago

    I’m calling it right now snm
    1. Anakin is going to be resurrected in some form of way to finally bring balance back to the force and take on Palpatine in a final epic duel. Rey will then defeat Kylo and go on to train her own new form of Jedi. Don’t forget the boy at the end of the last Jedi who was force sensitive! These are the children that will help build the new Jedi Order.
    2. Rey is a Kenobi, facts.
    3. Rey will not turn to the dark side, she will face her demons and eventually take down Kylo
    4. β€œYour journey nears its end” is actually Palpatine talking to ANAKIN about his journey
    * β€œYou’ve passed on all that you know” Luke talking about his father ANAKIN
    * They are going to Vader’s last resting place in The Rise Of Skywalker

  • lucas james
    lucas james 3 months ago

    OMFG I HAVE SOOOOOOO MANY QUESTIONS DARK REY RED EYE C 3po what the fuck is going on

  • agenttheater5
    agenttheater5 3 months ago

    I swear, the trailers for these movies are not good for people. From what I can see most people who watched the trailers for movies number 8 and 9 were all one viewing away from having a nervous or mental break-down.

  • BillieBob’s Dad
    BillieBob’s Dad 3 months ago

    TCNs’: what if at the end he is speaking to Vader himself to complete HIS journey?

  • tomos161
    tomos161 3 months ago

    I recommend reading the Son of Suns trilogy by Blank101, its an fan written alternative Universe which spins off from the end of Episode 5 The empire strikes back.

  • Bobby Moncada
    Bobby Moncada 3 months ago

    Rey turns to the dark side and Vader comes back to fight Rey and kylo because Vader turns to light side

  • Danny Gallows
    Danny Gallows 3 months ago +2

    People still do reactions...??

  • Yikcir Azogaraz
    Yikcir Azogaraz 3 months ago

    TCN Fam! At 1:42, when it gets dark right before we see Darkside Rey, change the speed to .075 and you can hear someone whisper something. Some believe that it's Anakin's line, "I hate you." Others think it says, "I destroyed it." Check it out.

  • 19FlyingWombat76
    19FlyingWombat76 3 months ago

    Rey as Sith is 100% just a kind of nightmare like she had on TLJ ;)

  • Chris Robinson
    Chris Robinson 3 months ago +4

    Raven: "What.......What.......What?!"
    Everyone: we feel you, fam

  • israel villasenor
    israel villasenor 3 months ago

    Love the reactions, I’m as shocked as you guys!!!

  • Kayla Miller
    Kayla Miller 3 months ago

    I love the reaction for the trailer of the rise of skywalker coming out. I also loved how they showed all the Star Wars movies up until this last one which is TROS. I don't care what the others says I am hyped and I love Star Wars. I am a positive fan and I hope you are too.

  • usama hendrix
    usama hendrix 3 months ago

    When he says run da ting back ffs πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Pontus
    Pontus 3 months ago

    The return of Anakin Skywalker, reborn to fulfill the prophecy as the Chosen One.