• Published on Sep 21, 2018
  • A sad goodbye to my chrome wrapped Lamborghini Huracan!



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  • Ethan Ayre
    Ethan Ayre 3 months ago

    Wrap it in pearlescent purple

  • Ethan Ayre
    Ethan Ayre 3 months ago

    Wish I could spend money like you 👌

  • A-Vids Car Channel
    A-Vids Car Channel 5 months ago

    The same face expression on every thumbnail...

  • Arnold BB
    Arnold BB 6 months ago

    clickbait still going on... clearly he didn’t crash the car just wants views...

  • Phillip Coker
    Phillip Coker 6 months ago

    Clickbait bs.

  • Subscribe To Pewds
    Subscribe To Pewds 7 months ago

    Put a v12 in it

  • Ahmed Ahmed
    Ahmed Ahmed 7 months ago

    blue chrome wrap would be nice

  • Hudson Reed
    Hudson Reed 7 months ago

    Just try a new colour but black out you brake calipers to sum it all up

  • Emmanuel Akomaye
    Emmanuel Akomaye 7 months ago

    satin black

    WIGGYDON1 7 months ago

    Do a Nero lip kit on it check yannimize channel

  • Tuddie
    Tuddie 7 months ago

    Get a Mike Tyson face tattoo

  • Zain Sabir
    Zain Sabir 7 months ago

    Satin grey

  • Kenan Kenan
    Kenan Kenan 7 months ago

    Yelow yelow yelow yelow yelow and yelow

  • Poulson Plays...
    Poulson Plays... 7 months ago +1

    Wrap it satin orange 🍊 it would match perfectly with the calipers and interior !

  • Calum Smith
    Calum Smith 7 months ago

    Satin khaki green would look so good

  • Elmo Biles
    Elmo Biles 7 months ago

    Satin PPF the black

  • Rawrvek vindy
    Rawrvek vindy 7 months ago

    use camo wrap with black and dark gray

  • Zander Roos
    Zander Roos 7 months ago

    Definately get it lowered. maybe wrap it dark army green

  • Lee Monckton
    Lee Monckton 7 months ago

    Keep it black

  • Kompoism
    Kompoism 7 months ago

    Gloss PPF and leave it... Stu has done such a good job with that it looks like a grand piano, classic! The gloss also contrasts well with the main part of your wheels and the spoiler.. A blacked out lambo always looks good, and yours with the wheels looks sick as it is. If you get bored later maybe an orange pinstripe on some details here and there but it really does look the nuts atm.

  • gorito21
    gorito21 7 months ago

    Ppf or satin ppf.

  • stuart noble
    stuart noble 7 months ago

    Satin black with a gloss black balboni esq stripe

  • Daniel Latty
    Daniel Latty 7 months ago

    10:06 thank me later

  • FE93Born2Race
    FE93Born2Race 7 months ago

    Clueless Terry hahaha

  • Alex Birch
    Alex Birch 7 months ago

    Chocolate brown gloss/satin

  • Thomson Racing
    Thomson Racing 7 months ago

    Maybe a satin/matte army green or something? So many “normal” colors have been used, I feel like you need some kind of marmite color👍

  • Ultimate Human Machines

    Keep the black man, fits well with the new wheels and makes it look more stealth. rather spend the money on something else

  • Mathias Lunde
    Mathias Lunde 7 months ago

    Satin grey and liberty walk it!!!

  • Graham Herd
    Graham Herd 7 months ago

    Wrap in the Porsche Miami blue, that would look fantastic

  • bishmr
    bishmr 7 months ago

    Looks absolutely sick! Stay gloss black but make the side skirt/lower intake/vent gloss grey

  • Michael Griffin
    Michael Griffin 7 months ago

    This is kind of getting back to videos of nothingness...content has massively improved in recent weeks but this has all the signs of a return to videos that are churned out just for the sake of it.

  • Antoine Slater
    Antoine Slater 7 months ago

    Matte olive green

  • K!NG Of K!NGS
    K!NG Of K!NGS 7 months ago

    batman style

  • alisdair shapcott
    alisdair shapcott 7 months ago

    Satin PPF

  • Razbo77
    Razbo77 7 months ago

    Satin sand or satin green, using air ride systems does not ruin the rid of the car and you can set it to whatever height you like?🤔

  • Razbo77
    Razbo77 7 months ago

    Satin PPF

  • Drake Ignis
    Drake Ignis 7 months ago

    If you look closely, you'll see Paul's Murci in Grigio Telesto kind of wrap

  • Shaund Bhana
    Shaund Bhana 7 months ago

    rap it yello

  • amg4472
    amg4472 7 months ago

    Satin PPF

  • sean ho
    sean ho 7 months ago

    Satin and lower

  • Oskar
    Oskar 7 months ago

    Gloss ppf it any leave it black it looks so sick and suits you in all black

  • Brennan Warhurst
    Brennan Warhurst 7 months ago

    Keep it Black. Maybe wrap it a matte black or satin Black or just ppf it. I don't think grey or anything like that would maintain its stealth look

  • Daryn Swanevelder
    Daryn Swanevelder 7 months ago

    Is this car Higher ? Lol looks good still

    JAMIE DEARING 7 months ago

    You should defo wrap it in red !!!!!!!!!

  • Marc Fennell
    Marc Fennell 7 months ago

    New wheels... yeah, mad modifications.... You want a supercharger, air ride and a mad colour.

  • P Dizzle TV
    P Dizzle TV 7 months ago

    Deep candy wine red

  • Marko Polo
    Marko Polo 7 months ago

    How about Miami Blue, the black wheels, orange calipers and interior would go well together?

  • SharpVEVO
    SharpVEVO 7 months ago

    satin PPF

  • gary morton
    gary morton 7 months ago

    keep her black m8t

  • Mike Junior
    Mike Junior 7 months ago +1

    Murder it out or wrap it in satin white with black detailing

    7AMOOD AL MAWALI 7 months ago +1

    It needs lowering springs

  • S 44
    S 44 7 months ago

    Satin Black would be mental

  • Niko Lautala
    Niko Lautala 7 months ago

    Royal blue satin or gloss

  • Leo Mendes
    Leo Mendes 7 months ago

    Gloss black

  • M Guy
    M Guy 7 months ago

    Chrome torques

  • CarspottingUK
    CarspottingUK 7 months ago

    A really nice blue (something that looks like triple layer paint) with the black would look cool with italian pinstripes on the wing mirrors. Or just white.

  • Rob Beacham
    Rob Beacham 7 months ago

    How about a nice satin blue, or Tiffany blue?

  • Maikel K
    Maikel K 7 months ago

    Let me guess without watching the only took the wrap off and going to rewrap it but in another colour but you needed a dramatic clickbaity title?

  • Thomas Andrews
    Thomas Andrews 7 months ago

    The A45 blue camo on the hurricane

  • Harry Metcalfe
    Harry Metcalfe 7 months ago

    Keep it black!!

  • Sharif Haque
    Sharif Haque 7 months ago

    Or do it normal silver with black accents

  • Sharif Haque
    Sharif Haque 7 months ago

    Do it satin matte grey

  • hlias papadopoulos
    hlias papadopoulos 7 months ago

    satin white maaaate

  • Dody Hidayat
    Dody Hidayat 7 months ago

    Omg i wan it :(

  • AGM06
    AGM06 7 months ago

    Black looks sick!

  • BGK
    BGK 7 months ago

    Black out the brake calippers and switch the badge with a chrome bull and carbon background badge!

  • john odonnell
    john odonnell 7 months ago

    change it to nardo grey !!

  • Alistair Robertson
    Alistair Robertson 7 months ago

    Stop wrapping. Looks X10 better black.

  • Tarek Youssef
    Tarek Youssef 7 months ago

    Loooks better with the black

  • Andy Spencer
    Andy Spencer 7 months ago

    Dark matte blue

  • Tarek Youssef
    Tarek Youssef 7 months ago

    Or just stay with black and ppf

  • Tarek Youssef
    Tarek Youssef 7 months ago

    Orange would match the interior accents

  • Tarek Youssef
    Tarek Youssef 7 months ago

    The black was always better

  • Matt Trotman
    Matt Trotman 7 months ago

    Black looks nice but I think you need a contrast against the new black wheels. Don’t go chrome but maybe satin or matte. Check out Seb’s latest video 5 mins in as there’s a stunning Aventador with an orange interior, orange callipers & it’s this stunning blue 😍

  • Adnan Hadadi
    Adnan Hadadi 7 months ago

    Gloss black with satin ppf

    NOSE DIGGERS 7 months ago

    Or Wrap The Car Green And The Calipers Green And Put THE PERFORMANTE Green, White And Red Sticker On The Side Skirts

    NOSE DIGGERS 7 months ago

    Wrap The Mirrors Orange

  • Darren Lawrance
    Darren Lawrance 7 months ago

    I have an Audi A7 and I’m thinking of getting it wrapped is it expensive to do ?

  • Darren Lawrance
    Darren Lawrance 7 months ago

    Looks amazing now you have your very own Batmobile 👍👍

  • Soren Busschaert
    Soren Busschaert 7 months ago

    Satin PPF, maybe with orange accents and definetly do something about the wheel gaps...

  • Google YouTube
    Google YouTube 7 months ago

    Wrap it satin olive green! 👍🏽

  • Jansen Wilder
    Jansen Wilder 7 months ago

    Metallic Bronze or Rose Gold. Mixed with Silver lining.

  • J.R. Rouse
    J.R. Rouse 7 months ago

    Lamante purple like that 600 McLaren that parker reviewed

  • Dean Flet
    Dean Flet 7 months ago

    Archie this is perfect color match for the Lamborghini exterior Grigio Telesto & Arancio its a color match interior Nero Perseus and color matches Black Wheels and Orange Calipers. Now that's a perfect color combination to a near perfect car.

  • AL
    AL 7 months ago

    Wrap it matte grey and then add aircraft details like the Liberty Walk cars have with the "intake" markings etc if you want a Stealth look.

  • Paul Webb
    Paul Webb 7 months ago

    Looks awesome now it’s back to standard. Don’t wrap it again!

  • Dennis Van Beeck
    Dennis Van Beeck 7 months ago

    nardo grey, never saw a sportscar in that color

  • shayaan rehman
    shayaan rehman 7 months ago

    Satin nardo grey but keep black element around the car what match the wheel would be on of a kind with that colour

  • Stefan Kwasniewski
    Stefan Kwasniewski 7 months ago

    British Racing Green Wrap dude

  • MrHogzylla
    MrHogzylla 7 months ago

    Keep it as it is. Black is sickkkk 👌🏻

  • Keith O'Reilly
    Keith O'Reilly 7 months ago

    Satin nardo grey with heat treated exhaust tips

  • Led Zep
    Led Zep 7 months ago

    Need man hands

  • Sab7254
    Sab7254 7 months ago

    No doubt - satin PPF.

  • Ronny
    Ronny 7 months ago

    Dark Green like the Performante launch color would look absolutely gorgeous or mayyybeee Matte Black

  • scottishtornado
    scottishtornado 7 months ago

    Car looks classy now. If I were to wrap it and go full stealth I would go for matt black. No need to chav it up with stupid colours.

  • elyor fayzullaev
    elyor fayzullaev 7 months ago

    5:42 just sitting there & watch the boys take chrome off... aww how cute

  • dangerous1059
    dangerous1059 7 months ago

    Less is more.

  • hamfos
    hamfos 7 months ago

    just ppf the black mate. like you said. looks like a bat mobile

  • Matthew Coates
    Matthew Coates 7 months ago

    Satin PPC Archie, then lower it!

  • Sean XX00
    Sean XX00 7 months ago

    Midnight purple