J vs Ben: HARDEST Forbidden Forest Trivia Quiz EVER

  • Published on Sep 27, 2018
  • Play along with us :: www.pottermore.com/features/the-forbidden-forest-quiz
    Today J and Ben face off once more in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to find out who knows more about Hogwarts famous Forbidden Forest!
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Comments • 2 009

  • Keith Grubaugh
    Keith Grubaugh 3 days ago

    How often is something or someone bleeding in the Forbidden Forest and there are no thestrals to be found?

  • Amanda Majewski
    Amanda Majewski 4 days ago

    Ron was bit my the dragon and was in the hospital wing

  • Dean Pierce
    Dean Pierce 5 days ago

    Seriously! You guys have to record whilst tired more often
    I’ve been listening whilst at work, silently cracking up!

  • Sunil Permaul
    Sunil Permaul 7 days ago

    Harry dying and facing Voldemort again..
    *Voldemort:* "HACKS!! I call hacks!!"
    Also, I got *20/23*

  • marinus18
    marinus18 11 days ago

    Hagrid said "safe" to mean 'secure'. That it's the hardest to break in there. Gringods is plenty dangerous as it's huge, damp, icy cold and has countless monsters as well as several dragons.

  • DG TV
    DG TV 11 days ago

    How does Ben think cho was in Hagrids magical beasts lesson and not Luna when they're both from the same house? Which is moot cause only Gryffindor and Slytherin had the lesson together. And to top it off the question 18 didn't have all the answers. In the book there was a Slytherin who could also see the Thestrals too.

  • Brit Litsch
    Brit Litsch 13 days ago

    I know this is late but the person Neville saw die was his grandad.

  • Minecraft pixel
    Minecraft pixel 13 days ago

    Ok little thing, shouldn’t Harry have always been able to see thestrals because he saw his mother die in front of him when he was a baby? Is this explained anywhere?

  • RedWizardFox
    RedWizardFox 14 days ago

    I always wonder why they read the questions not in order on the screen? Doens that just confuse him???? I mean it's probs for us at home listening to it but idk its weird...

  • dragonweyr44
    dragonweyr44 20 days ago

    Ron doesn't get detention because he was in the hospital wing after Norbert bit him and his hand ballooned up

  • Eline vd Poll
    Eline vd Poll 20 days ago

    There was another kid who could see the thestrals, I just read that

  • Guðbjörg Gísladóttir

    My "score" was higher than I expected... but not as high as Bens. What I remember most is that film 2 was not as "dull" as I found book 2 to be.

  • Harrison Jones
    Harrison Jones 22 days ago

    All of the class should have seen the thestrals because of the spider in forth year

  • Sasha Slee
    Sasha Slee 23 days ago +1

    16:49 that does not look like Voldemort!

  • Ed_Baggins 25
    Ed_Baggins 25 23 days ago

    Ron got bitten by Norbert so he was in the Hospital Wing.

  • Haley Smith
    Haley Smith 24 days ago

    It would be awesome to see J.K. Rowling take one of these quizzes with you guys.

  • Haley Smith
    Haley Smith 24 days ago


  • Ice-Claws IceWing NightWing

    Harry: I have to die by the hands of Voldemort
    Ron: His plan is insane, stop it now please

  • D Wayne
    D Wayne 25 days ago

    i gotta be team hagrid in the middle of loving and hating it also also actually actually i got 13/23

  • Animator 11
    Animator 11 25 days ago

    The one about the detention varies from books to movies tho

  • uneedh2o
    uneedh2o 29 days ago

    There's an instance BEFORE the Krum one where Ron is like talking with food in his mouth and says "Er-My-Knee"

  • Nathan Sternenberg
    Nathan Sternenberg Month ago +1

    I legitimately got the how many chapters question without the multiple-choice. They were "The Forbidden Forest" in the first book and "The Forest Again" in the seventh.


    Harry get doused in Grawp's blood so it isn't just a bit of blood.


    i thought masog was mesogog haha google it

  • zeb jensen
    zeb jensen Month ago

    the forbiden forsts name realy start to loose meaning after book two as they go into it so much some times sevreal times in one book. it should be called the unrecommended forest, or the unwise to enter forest but forbidden just looses meaning.

  • Kimberly Rose
    Kimberly Rose Month ago +1

    Ron has been bitten by Norbert. Madam pomfrey took care to him and he couldn't come with them to bring Norbert to charlie, that's why he wasn't catched

  • Taz Creates
    Taz Creates Month ago

    Blibbering Humdinger is my spirit animal... wait a minute

  • Aiden Carrillo
    Aiden Carrillo Month ago

    I got 11/23, which is 47%. Result: Unicorn Spotter.

  • anomonyous
    anomonyous Month ago

    There were 3 people who could see thestrals in Order of the Phoenix, I checked again to be sure. Here's the exact wording:
    "There were only two other people who seemed to be able to see them: a stringy Slytherin boy standing just behind Goyle was watching the horse eating with an expression of great distaste on his face; and Neville, whose eyes were following the swishing progress of the long black tail."

    I'm guessing this refers to Theodore Nott whose mother died and who is later described as "weedy" and "stringy". There's also the possibility it referred to Blaise Zabini, his mother was famously beautiful and her husbands all died suspicious deaths but he's described as tall, dark skinned with high cheekbones.

  • Carlo Arroyo
    Carlo Arroyo Month ago +2

    I just wanna see Ben win all the time hahaha he's so adorable when he does #TeamBen

  • Someone Human
    Someone Human Month ago

    7:45 he was in the hospital for the dragon bite

  • randi reacts
    randi reacts Month ago

    The one with which was sent in the forest for detention is different in the movie than in the book. In the book, it was harry, Hermione, draco, and Neville. In the movie, it was harry, Hermione, draco, and Ron

  • Pengwenee
    Pengwenee Month ago

    On Question 18, in the book, wasn’t a Slytherin able to see the Thestrals? Not Malfoy but a random one? Hmmm. 🧐🧐

  • Cindy Helms
    Cindy Helms 2 months ago

    6:43, That was my exact confusion on that question.

  • Emi Plays Games
    Emi Plays Games 2 months ago +1


  • Shaun Kennedy
    Shaun Kennedy 2 months ago

    Red Sparks was tri wizard terny. Neville grandfather

  • Caleb Twist
    Caleb Twist 2 months ago

    I would buy that shirt

  • Alyssa_TNT Gymnast
    Alyssa_TNT Gymnast 2 months ago

    16:43 they need to have someone watch the video after it's edited before they upload it

  • Alyssa_TNT Gymnast
    Alyssa_TNT Gymnast 2 months ago

    Ron is not there because harry and hermione are delivering Norbert to Charlie's friends and draco was trying to get them in trouble and Neville was trying to warn them and then they all ended up in detention.

  • Alyssa_TNT Gymnast
    Alyssa_TNT Gymnast 2 months ago

    Unicorns should be called uniHORNS

    • Lord Parbr
      Lord Parbr Month ago

      Alyssa_TNT Gymnast “Cornu” is Latin for “horn”

  • Nikon
    Nikon 2 months ago

    Ron gets bitten by Norbert and has to go to the hospital wing

  • Luka 13
    Luka 13 2 months ago

    J:10; Ben: 7

  • Kai de Lyons
    Kai de Lyons 2 months ago +1

    I know this is months late, but there was a third person in Harry's class who could see the Thestrals. He's not named in the book, but his description makes me think it's Theodore Nott. Page 393, OotP.

    • Kai de Lyons
      Kai de Lyons 2 months ago +1

      "Most of the rest of the class were wearing expressions as confused and nervously expectant as Ron's and were still gazing everywhere but at the horse standing feet from them. There were only two other people who seemed to be able to see them: a stringy Slytherin boy standing just behind Goyle was watching the horse eating with an expression of great distaste on his face; and Neville, whose eyes were following the swishing progress of the long black tail."

  • Noah Largen
    Noah Largen 3 months ago


  • Noah Largen
    Noah Largen 3 months ago

    He just cursed

  • Victrola Tipperary
    Victrola Tipperary 3 months ago

    It was Neville's grandfather btw

  • Tortoise Gaming
    Tortoise Gaming 3 months ago

    I think Ron isn't in the detention because he's in the hospital wing.

  • Ari Ari Ari Viderci
    Ari Ari Ari Viderci 3 months ago

    shouldve read out the names because its select all that apply 17:33
    here is the other slytherin dude who can see them
    so they both got it wrong ~

  • Mr Anonymous
    Mr Anonymous 3 months ago

    Nevilie saw his Grandfather Die

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson 3 months ago

    I got 18 correct like J. I missed the freakin true or false question because I wasn’t being careful. But I correctly guessed the Forrest chapter question. I also got the Arrogog wife question right when looking at the multiple choice answers, but there is no way I would have guessed the right answer. So I didn’t give myself credit for that answer.

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson 3 months ago

    There is an error in the thestral question. It should have been read as a “name all the apply”. Because there was a 3rd kid who could see the thestrals in the class. But they don’t mention his name. Just that he is in Slytherin.

  • Cyrus Bower
    Cyrus Bower 3 months ago

    hagrid first uses raw meat to summon them at lesson

  • Rory Isabellla
    Rory Isabellla 3 months ago

    didnt neville see his grandfather die?

  • Alli Johnson
    Alli Johnson 3 months ago

    20 of 22

  • Lisa Josie
    Lisa Josie 3 months ago

    Actually, Theodore Nott could see the Thestrals, as well!

  • Mia Woodall
    Mia Woodall 3 months ago +1

    You guys should watch movie flame. They do videos on the life of characters and everything you need to know about...

  • aangelloves
    aangelloves 3 months ago

    Anyone scream his grandfather when they were trying to figure out who Neville had seen die 😂

  • Olivia Mitchell
    Olivia Mitchell 3 months ago

    I think you guys were confusing Barty Crouch Jr. and Barty Crouch Senior.

  • jonnezq
    jonnezq 4 months ago

    18:36 neville has seen his grandfathers death

  • oathompsonjones
    oathompsonjones 4 months ago

    ron was bitten by norbert so was in the hospital wing at the time