How To Sing In Tune - Three Simple Steps

  • Published on Mar 13, 2015
  • Three simple steps to help you sing in tune.
    Nicola xx
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  • Little Birdy got the worm

    as a singer I make a good pest controller. All the bugs leave the house.

  • Robert Bosonac
    Robert Bosonac 18 hours ago

    can you sing " By the Window " and I'll help you out ?

  • King2DiTing
    King2DiTing Day ago

    Great info appreciate it 💯👑💯

  • oudaram1
    oudaram1 Day ago

    Very helpful video, thanks! (But I'm not sure what my eahs are! Just kidding!)

  • OntCanGuy
    OntCanGuy 2 days ago

    Very impressive instruction. Should be mandatory training for all church congregations!

  • maswack
    maswack 2 days ago

    Thank you

  • Allen Barclay Allen
    Allen Barclay Allen 3 days ago

    Most people don't know that we have a dominant and a subdominant ear between left and right, for direction perception.!
    Some people we classify as tone deff are not that way at all..! They have threw genetics a wider range of toneal perseption from ear to ear that's all, and shining on key is as simple as cotton in the ear that's causing the mestake..!
    Don't let them be ashamed of this I've seen top forty perfessionals make this mestake with a montering ear plug in the wrong ear or not panning the correct pitch to the correct ear with headphones..! And it's Helarious these perfessionals are singing off key.!
    So you half to deturmin your domminent on pitch ear..!
    I descovered this tuning pianos to exacting harmonic perducing even pitch..!
    When I did Concert pianest demanded I tune their classical piano..!

  • Derkatron Johnson
    Derkatron Johnson 3 days ago +2

    "Singing in tune is the most vital thing you can do to sound good"
    🤔 ok now I'm intrigued

  • KeithRobTV
    KeithRobTV 3 days ago +1

    I’ve been having breathing problems for years. I would like to work directly with you to over come my pitch/breathing problems

  • MTG Des Llave
    MTG Des Llave 3 days ago

    Awesome.. really helpful

  • Ron Forster
    Ron Forster 3 days ago

    So helpful! Thanks!!!

  • Jay Moto
    Jay Moto 5 days ago +2

    "It's actually really hard to do" haha I could of helped you out, it's easy for me to sing flat lol

  • Erdogan Essat
    Erdogan Essat 6 days ago +1

    thank you so much great tips.

  • Clare Kuehn
    Clare Kuehn 8 days ago

    Your musical hearing video link did not pop up in the video at the appropriate time and there's no such link in the description.

  • Dmitry9000YT
    Dmitry9000YT 14 days ago +4

    "you have to sing in the middle of the chord"
    Diminished Chords: ?

  • A P
    A P 19 days ago

    I have bad general
    Me always behind and off tune
    Is it possible to develop music hearing?

  • Dave Gibbs
    Dave Gibbs 19 days ago +1

    Great video, Nicola

  • SynergyCeleste
    SynergyCeleste 20 days ago

    How is it that people who are lifelong smokers can sing so well??? They CAN'T have better air flow than a Non-smoker?!

  • TheMerryPup
    TheMerryPup 22 days ago +23

    "You are a wind instrument."

    I've heard that before. But not about singing.

  • k t
    k t 22 days ago

    Not a response to the above info. but to a response below. Remember to use be wise and to use caution when others are offering help to you. Are they legit? Are they looking for those who are vulnerable? Check out their references! Always remember that you are good enough the way you are.

  • Swaga Pastor world
    Swaga Pastor world 22 days ago

    I really need to sing in public but am always shy

  • Reon Neptune
    Reon Neptune 23 days ago


  • Ethan Carlson
    Ethan Carlson 24 days ago +1

    You paint some very colorful pictures that my mind’s eye can see when I’m training my voice.

  • Miss Tery
    Miss Tery 24 days ago

    I sound like a drowning cat but if I'm in the shower singing idgaf and if the world is cringing and praying to be deaf it means I'm enjoying myself and FTW

  • Zennorman
    Zennorman 26 days ago

    Good advice ...can't sing but very very occasionally I have hit the right note & it's an extraordinary feeling..liked & subbed..

  • eagle49
    eagle49 28 days ago +1

    Wow Nicola, you command attention! What a great teacher, you could make a video on how to spin a top and get thousands to follow it. I wish you were my math teacher when I was young lad in grade school. I play guitar and sing at little gigs but always looking for a some help. Thanks! Ahhhhhhhh. lol

  • Oh Yeah?
    Oh Yeah? 29 days ago +1

    Great tips. Cheers.

  • ROBERT NIX Alternative Rock/Pop Artist

    She offers some great little techniques here as you can see I mean HEAR.

  • Love Outdoors Fishing

    Learn how to moan loud.

  • BodenseeRuecken
    BodenseeRuecken Month ago

    Not bad. I would say:
    1. Be aware of downward going parts of a melody: To slide down is a common fault, mainly on the last note.
    2. Be aware of piano sections and slow sections: Many singers loose pitch control when singing piano or slow.
    3. "Reach" the note from above it. It may help to imagine the notes hanging down from a kind of "clothesline" representing C major.

  • Clemens
    Clemens Month ago

    What If I sing in a 442 Hz tuned band but also wanna sing normal 440Hz Songs in tune

  • Anna Toro-Bernard
    Anna Toro-Bernard Month ago +1

    great lesson...

  • random channel
    random channel Month ago

    I was sharp bc I had major tension

  • Courtney Jeffery
    Courtney Jeffery Month ago +1

    Thanks for taking the time I appreciate it

  • OrganicShine
    OrganicShine Month ago

    She reminds me and looks like my exes mom, 😍

  • Tom S
    Tom S Month ago +1


  • patata astral
    patata astral Month ago

    im tenor male, i can sing from G2 to G5. that´s useless because i sing horrible

  • Yousef Hussain
    Yousef Hussain Month ago

    I still sound shit

  • Roaring Mouse
    Roaring Mouse Month ago +1

    You're brilliant. I now understand.

  • Lizzy H
    Lizzy H Month ago

    Lol I really like singing but I succccck at it. Like when I sing people wince or immediately give feedback so idk. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong tho

  • Cherish Cruz
    Cherish Cruz Month ago +1

    Okay I don’t get it because I was flat and then I tried to fix it and went sharp 😂

  • Vaishak Krishna
    Vaishak Krishna Month ago

    How do I contact you?

  • Cloie Powell
    Cloie Powell Month ago +11

    My boyfriend said I was bad at singing. Now I’m here 😂

    • Rob Maddison
      Rob Maddison 23 days ago +1

      My boyfriend said I was bad at singing..... and that I look like a doll.

    • Busta Bass
      Busta Bass 29 days ago

      Two words..."dump him!"😕

  • El Rey
    El Rey Month ago

    Thanks for this post! Grateful for TVclip!

  • asdghaith
    asdghaith 2 months ago

    great video but you say things that people who can't play instruments are not aware of such as flats and sharps etcetera, I play guitar so I know what you are talking about

  • caroline and tigger
    caroline and tigger 2 months ago +2

    I learned a lot. Thank you.

  • Shaina Rugbur
    Shaina Rugbur 2 months ago

    Im trying to look for the singing excercise. I can't find it and there is no link to it😭

    • asdghaith
      asdghaith 2 months ago

      she said them in the video, the sigh, way, posh etc

  • Groopwo
    Groopwo 2 months ago


  • Jonas the Editor
    Jonas the Editor 2 months ago +34

    October 2019 anyone?

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 months ago +2

    As long as I’m singing w my favorite Jovi, Journey, and other songs in the shower, I’m amazing!! 🙃

  • Shahtaj Hassan
    Shahtaj Hassan 2 months ago

    How to sing exactly in unison in order sound like your favorite artist.

  • Koakoa45
    Koakoa45 3 months ago

    yeah I sigh flat lol So odd, I can hear pitch and if someone is off by the very slightest I can hear it. When most think some sound good I am cringing. I can hear perfect pitches I just cant make them. So sad.

  • Gordy Warin
    Gordy Warin 3 months ago

    She's kiwi

  • Jimmie Smith
    Jimmie Smith 3 months ago

    Eating properly helps. Meditating on the melody does wonder for me. Including throat message and practicing the days before. Helps even more when it's a God giving gift.

  • James Ross
    James Ross 3 months ago

    Wow... Beautiful, intelligent and sexy... What a package!!

  • anthony white
    anthony white 4 months ago

    Thanx...great advice!

  • Gustav Pedersen
    Gustav Pedersen 5 months ago

    This video is my favourite so far

  • Doodlelyloo
    Doodlelyloo 5 months ago

    I find myself singing to high 😩

  • Lim KweeChai
    Lim KweeChai 5 months ago

    Thanks for all the look so beautiful @@

  • Daisy Flowers
    Daisy Flowers 5 months ago +1

    That was from "My Fair Lady" She was being taught to speak like a lady!.. lol