As Impeachment Ramps Up, Trump Melts Down

  • Published on Oct 9, 2019
  • Jimmy celebrates the worst day of the year, Congress was supposed to hear testimony from Trump's Ambassador to the European union, Gordon Sondland, The White House sent a letter to Democrats saying they would not cooperate with the impeachment inquiry, Trump is so paranoid he wants his staff to take lie detector tests, and Sean Spicer continues his run on 'Dancing with the Stars.'
    Is Donald Trump Trying to Impeach Himself?
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    As Impeachment Ramps Up, Trump Melts Down
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  • Jessica Oppegard


  • Lorna Nunez
    Lorna Nunez 4 days ago

    Rich people and their money he pays millions of dollars for Trump to use him as a puppet

  • Phillip Lewis
    Phillip Lewis 5 days ago

    The transcript was perfecto and there goes a flying pig.

  • Zamora Lowe
    Zamora Lowe 7 days ago +1

    These guys are so stupid, who voted them into office, I wondered if they’re embarrassed,? They make America look dumb

  • error code 1
    error code 1 10 days ago

    Its like chrumpsters think you can be the accused & the judge at the same time

  • Thomas Tamir
    Thomas Tamir 13 days ago

    Cheer up Jim. you and Rachel might get off some day.

  • Cofefe
    Cofefe 14 days ago

    Trump: President Z, nice country you have there. It would be too bad if something happened to it. I'd like to help you but first, do me a favor.

  • Karen Terpko
    Karen Terpko 14 days ago

    Love it🙌

  • JohnnieRhodes
    JohnnieRhodes 16 days ago

    Kimmel’s days are numbered !

  • Stephen Wilson
    Stephen Wilson 18 days ago

    Trump has America booming yet you have evil corrupt people like kimmel trying to get our best president America has ever seen out. Trump will win 2020 by the biggest landslide ever.

  • Mabelline B
    Mabelline B 18 days ago

    yes, it is,, it's my b'day and i am 69 !!!!!! woot !!

  • Jenn smith
    Jenn smith 21 day ago

    democrats have been melting down since November 2016.
    November 2020 they'll be jumping put of windows & slashing their limp wrists when Trump wins in a landslide.

  • Justin Parker
    Justin Parker 21 day ago

    This didn't age well...

  • Jose Medina
    Jose Medina 21 day ago

    If you invest you know very well this guy has completely brought down the economy

    • Jose Medina
      Jose Medina 21 day ago

      Jenn smith nah every time your shitting president opens his mouth he brings down every stock

    • Jenn smith
      Jenn smith 21 day ago

      you must be an awful investor.

  • The Restoration of Dr Who

    what happened with Matt?

  • Jeanine D
    Jeanine D 22 days ago

    I believe Trump really didn’t think there was anything wrong with holding up aid to Ukraine then asking them to investigate the Biden’s because that’s how he’s always done business. He hasn’t yet learned you can’t run our country like a business (or dictatorship). Going back thru the years, his corrupt business dealings were written about, but he did no jail time because he always had fall guys. Wanting corruption investigated? Yes please, so he’s holding up any investigation into his own corrupt actions. So sick of his hypocrisy.

    • Jenn smith
      Jenn smith 18 days ago

      @Jeanine D

    • Jeanine D
      Jeanine D 19 days ago

      Thanks Jenn! I’ll check that out.

    • Jenn smith
      Jenn smith 19 days ago

      @Jeanine D
      on You Tube "Biden made Ukraine fire top prosecutor investigating son's firm"

    • Jeanine D
      Jeanine D 20 days ago

      Hi Jenn. I don’t deny Biden is corrupt. I haven’t read enough about him yet though. When or where did he admit paying off the Ukraines? I’d like to watch that! Do you recall?

    • Jenn smith
      Jenn smith 21 day ago

      yeah but joe biden still blackmailed the Ukraine into dropping an investigation of the money laundering firm that paid his kid $50K a month for nothing....right?
      & Biden admitted it on nothing to be gained, everyone knows Biden is corrupt.

  • ACHE
    ACHE 24 days ago

    i would watch the donald capone movie :)

    RHONDA ROSE 26 days ago


  • clayton delanie
    clayton delanie 26 days ago

    Speaking fo Melt Down's 2016 was epic. 2020 will be a repeat. BOHICA

  • M P
    M P 26 days ago


  • Pharaoh Zeno Russell
    Pharaoh Zeno Russell 27 days ago

    Lock him up! Lock him up!

  • Lilac Lizard
    Lilac Lizard 27 days ago +4

    Fun fact re "kangaroo court", in Australia we don't say someone "has a few screws loose" if they act like trump, we say they "have a few roos (kanragoos) loose in their top paddock (brain)". So "kangaroo court" seems like a highly appropriate court to me. Where else would you have a trial for a bunch of kangaroos loose in someone's brain?

  • MrQmicic
    MrQmicic 27 days ago

    Jimmy, you are a tool. No literally - a tool in leftist hands.

  • Maddock fitzsimmins
    Maddock fitzsimmins 28 days ago

    Wow, Kimmel has really filled in his dush bag.

    • Nina NinaNina
      Nina NinaNina 25 days ago

      Maddock fitzsimmins what’s a “dush” bag?

  • Maddock fitzsimmins
    Maddock fitzsimmins 28 days ago

    OK, so let me get this all straight. because there is so much overwhelming evidence that Trump has broken the laws of our constitution in so many ways, the dems have decided to hold off on any vote to move forward on doing anything about all the hard evidence they have on him? He has separated families at the boarder which is unacceptable because he is not black? Seems to have colluded with Russia although not a thread of evidence has been presented and is racist and hates gays even though he has done more for blacks then Obama and was the first president in history to include LGBT rights in his inauguration speech. He has done more to reduce the crime, rapes, human and drug smuggling directly associated with the southern border then any other president in history at a time when all of these things are twice as bad as they had been prior to Obama. For his work saving these lives and preventing these rapes he is labeled a racists who wants to stop citizens from other countries abandoning their country to come to the US for our generous welfare spending. have I missed anything? Like possibly an actual reason to think he is bad for the country? maybe some pussies out there can say they don't like to be grabbed? better not ask that of the liberal's cheerleaders Antqweefa, their all about grabbing things like attention but they are after all, the basement dwellers who were ignored by their parents so I guess they need it.

  • Songs Mirth
    Songs Mirth 29 days ago +1

    Please my fellow Americans I beg you to read this article I came across by accident. "Beyond Reason: Mental Retardation: An Overview." It's totally Trump! It explains why he does what he does and why he is what he is. It's explains why he hasn't any morals and such a limited vocabulary. Why he can't read or write well and why he has to have an aide to help him with his tweets which he always does in public. Why he doesn't have any honor or ethics. Why he always tries to please strong men even though he's now become a murderer of the betrayed Kurdish people to please the President of Turkey. :( Why he openly cheats on his wives and doesn't feel it's wrong at all. Why he and Steve Miller have no consciences at all when they got six Spanish speaking little children killed and never said a thing. Mentally he's about seven or eight. He doesn't care that he always breaks our laws and people around him KNOW he's retarded. It explains why he's a bigot on so many levels. His Father and Grandfather were ones. It's why his Father could never figure him out. It's why he tried to get five black innocent children (the oldest was 15 and they were all raped in prison. They were convicted with no evidence at all) killed in New York city. It's why he can't read books or reports of any kind or use a computer. Or even sign his name correctly. I could go on and on. Please pass it on. And our enemy, the psychopath, Putin put him in office deliberately because he loves to spit on America! And Xi and Kim were told all about Trump by Putin and how to get what they wanted from him and it works! :( Songs

  • elibutton
    elibutton 29 days ago

    Lamar Odom - LMAO! We've all been there I guess.

  • B.T.
    B.T. 29 days ago

    Biden got a 1.5 billion contract without even having to show a track record... and a week after his father threatened China like he did the Ukraine.

  • jeff evans
    jeff evans 29 days ago

    elect a moron to potus , you get 1,000 morons

  • Abdulrahim Barhi
    Abdulrahim Barhi 29 days ago

    Please tray to make translated by Arabic you have to match Arab watching you

  • James Madison
    James Madison 29 days ago

    Why no blue haired obese transgender person of colour as host or sidekick? Investigate!

  • 54markl
    54markl Month ago +1

    What makes me uneasy is that the thoughts of the right wing people might sound perfectly reasonable to them, but it seems like inhuman gibberish to me. They have gotten very different. But I can’t help detecting a hint of genetic sportativity in all this. Maybe two hominid species walk the earth again, and that never turns out well. Denisovan hominin emerges like Lazarus to have a rematch with his old foe Homo Sapiens. What hath cousin marriage wrought? 🧐

  • Kate Jagger
    Kate Jagger Month ago

    I just turned 40 on October 8th!

  • Anthony Rodriguez
    Anthony Rodriguez Month ago +2

    Trump is really getting into the Halloween spirit with all this talk about witch hunting

  • taxiuniversum
    taxiuniversum Month ago

    The President’s big ass isn’t orange, it’s pink like some poor piggy that has never seen the sunlight. He has that orange stuff applied only on his face.

    • chuckyz2
      chuckyz2 27 days ago

      Stupidest comment ever.

  • chuckyz2
    chuckyz2 Month ago

    So fun to watch the millions waisted by the elite paying off these comedy channels and the fake media news channels and getting nothing in return except low ratings. Trump is still kicking all your evil asses and the best is yet to come. Shouldve stayed with comedy you moron.

  • Cody Closson
    Cody Closson Month ago

    fire the writer that put in 'spill the borscht'...

  • luckyDancer100
    luckyDancer100 Month ago

    Trump is a complete loony-tune

    • chuckyz2
      chuckyz2 29 days ago

      @luckyDancer100 GFU

    • luckyDancer100
      luckyDancer100 29 days ago

      chuckyz2 I’m wary of any organization that says join, or you’re evil. But I wish you well. Peace ✌️

    • chuckyz2
      chuckyz2 29 days ago

      @luckyDancer100 You go on ahead with that. I don't try to get along with lying criminals and those that support them. I get along with those that are good and right. Honest hard working law abiding true patriots. Not those trying to bring down our country with socialist loving corrupt politicians whose known intentions are to enslave Americans. You go on ahead a suck up to evil if you like. Or you can join the good fight and be a patriot.

  • Gottenhimfella
    Gottenhimfella Month ago

    8:10 in purely practical terms, it must be getting increasingly difficult to cover the POTUS "big orange ass" given that the bulk of the GOP is hiding up somewhere inside there.
    Along with Fox and the god-botherers of the US. And seemingly the criminal underworld of the former USSR. Strange who you find ending up as bedfellows in the back passages of power....

  • 63bplumb
    63bplumb Month ago +1

    Kimmel is a public figure. He wouldn't last 5 minutes under the same pressures Trump is under. It's EASY to take cheap shots at someone. it takes REAL balls to do something that will help the world. Something Kimmel knows Nothing about! And don't bring up his kid! There are Many parents out there facing that challenge without crying on TV with his kind of money!

    • chuckyz2
      chuckyz2 Month ago

      He used to be funny. He was bought and payed for and mighty buck is his god. Sad.

  • cor1nn8
    cor1nn8 Month ago

    😂😂 you go first ! 😂😂

  • Rubber dildo with a pulley in the middle

    Bamboleoooo, bamboleooo.

  • Wes
    Wes Month ago

    Jimmy Kimmel got famous by degrading women on trampolines. It's weird people take advice on presidential morality from a scumbag like him.

  • John King
    John King Month ago +2

    6:00 - Now there are two faces I would love to use as my punch bag in the gym.

  • Kathryn Wallace
    Kathryn Wallace Month ago +1

    Impeachy keen?! I'm dyingggg 😂

  • Kathryn Wallace
    Kathryn Wallace Month ago +1

    Impeachy keen?! I'm dyingggg 😂

  • jon collings
    jon collings Month ago

    I am disappointed to see the supporters of the "The Pussy Grabber" aren't putting forward any kind of argument to support their hero,................ Abuse for his critics of course but no reasoned thought offered to justify his appalling behaviour.

  • Foxtrot_Fortune
    Foxtrot_Fortune Month ago +1

    Why you don’t talk about kashmir

    • Mas Dragnil
      Mas Dragnil 29 days ago

      It's nice material but a little old-fashioned for my taste.

  • Kyle Wilson
    Kyle Wilson Month ago

    Can we hear about something other than Trump? It's become stale. I Liked you before all the trump talk!!

  • Wise Words
    Wise Words Month ago

    This is what leftist media do, ill informed followers bashing the duly elected president of a sovereign country. What a shame. Grow up people and respect your president who cares about America more than your prior president. He might not be that ideal president according to your tastes but if you dig real facts and not fake news, he’s a genuine patriot who cares for America and you American citizens (unless otherwise you’re economic refugees and illegal aliens) so does all countries to its citizens.

  • Junaid Rizvi
    Junaid Rizvi Month ago

    My marriage anniversary is 8/oct/2008😊

  • ConorConnect
    ConorConnect Month ago

    Why pick on Matt Damon?

  • D B
    D B Month ago

    Impeachment that will be the day 😋

  • Ruhul Firdaus
    Ruhul Firdaus Month ago

    Your president is just like our PM

  • *Ruh Roh*
    *Ruh Roh* Month ago

    I'm sitting here gloating my motherfucking ass off.

  • Freddy Freddy
    Freddy Freddy Month ago

    Fimmel the BS artist.

  • Hayden Helin
    Hayden Helin Month ago

    Why always CC on these videos. More population does not need subtitles.

  • Lisa C. Humble
    Lisa C. Humble Month ago

    Kangaroo court? Does he want to take this to Australia? Is this why you hosted the Australian PM?

  • debbie duccini-day
    debbie duccini-day Month ago +1

    I love the Matt Damon bash. Happy Birthday Matt!

  • Jag42-TXCTG Rd/Laser tester

    No impeachment will happen, sorry to burst your bubble.