This Beach Hut has a HIDDEN SECRET

  • Published on Jun 15, 2017
  • It looks like a normal beach hut but underneath is more than meets the eye.........
    To see how we built this click here
    Order The Colin Furze book aimed at kids 6+ which is full of little projects to turn them into little inventors and loads of pictures of my previous projects
    Also as people have asked in the build video if this is still up but no we took it down after filming as someone would most likely take a dump in it or it will collapse in time, the beach was returned to normal.........apart from a massive crater muhahaha.
    Want to see the underground bunker i built in my back garden go here
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  • colinfurze
    colinfurze  Year ago +8900

    It's finished and for a random idea i had it turned out great. Now this project has caused quiet a stir and even been called my most dangerous project as digging in sand is risky. It was sad to take it down as i couldn't leave it there as someone would prob take a dump in it and it would collapse at some point but we shall remember it as the best beach hut the east coast has ever seen................cut to old people crying. SUBSCRIBE as next week its just as crazy.

    • Mohammad Mustaque
      Mohammad Mustaque Month ago

      colinfurze can it survive a nuclear apocalypse

    • CFADful
      CFADful Month ago

      colinfurze where exactly is this? State/Providence

    • Alex Johnston
      Alex Johnston Month ago

      colinfurze is the best!!!!!

    • Alina Quant
      Alina Quant Month ago

      colinfurze I

    • John Canniff
      John Canniff Month ago

      colinfurze this is a poem not yet written. all that is left to do is write the poem.

  • Dilomitive - Fortnite
    Dilomitive - Fortnite 18 hours ago

    Use that as a bunker for a doomsday atack

  • Sunny shah
    Sunny shah Day ago

    Someone better not fart while down the second or third floor

  • Average Termz
    Average Termz Day ago

    This is so cool, I am a fan of compact areas and compact builds!

  • Helpful _ Cancer
    Helpful _ Cancer 2 days ago

    I can't stop laughing, you're fuckin awesome dude

  • Bobby Bricks
    Bobby Bricks 3 days ago

    Is it cramped?
    What has become of it now?

  • DESTROYER Of Youtube

    I tried to make this but, i found water underground, and i made good thing, to collect water and stuff

  • Desert Rain
    Desert Rain 4 days ago

    Duble Secret House

  • Prince DJ Jr
    Prince DJ Jr 5 days ago

    What if someone thought that was a tolit and then they💩

  • læzy lozer 2600
    læzy lozer 2600 7 days ago

    Art m8, beautiful

  • AL Vian
    AL Vian 9 days ago

    Good joob

  • Sergej Pančenko
    Sergej Pančenko 9 days ago

    in the USSR so built toilets

  • Jo Bernhardt
    Jo Bernhardt 10 days ago

    Uh, ventilation? I know, it’s only oxygen.

  • Olivia Jeffrey
    Olivia Jeffrey 12 days ago


  • Rafael Rivera N.
    Rafael Rivera N. 12 days ago


  • mich xD
    mich xD 12 days ago

    Really cool

  • ÖverFlöd
    ÖverFlöd 13 days ago +1

    And then it comes an tsunami... 🌊

  • Fluffy Candle
    Fluffy Candle 13 days ago

    1:03 "ohhh what's down there darling!"

  • ewdryk
    ewdryk 13 days ago

    1:10... The Pedo Dungeon Vibes in this shit, nibba.

  • Bosdu
    Bosdu 14 days ago

    И нахуя?

  • Michael Funston
    Michael Funston 14 days ago

    Shame people with vandalise it.

  • Yanil Ait
    Yanil Ait 15 days ago

    Pleez make 5 another floors 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Jayden Sisco
    Jayden Sisco 15 days ago

    I wanna see more of these

  • Gera Melendez
    Gera Melendez 15 days ago

    You should do an other one bigger with a bed an living room

  • Michael G
    Michael G 16 days ago

    Interesting, a vertical oceanside coffin. ;)

  • lucas0468
    lucas0468 16 days ago

    Very nice needs stove cups mini fridge and toilet

  • Newtat
    Newtat 17 days ago

    Dumb...... One way in and out is unsafe. Stupid af!!!!

  • Newtat
    Newtat 17 days ago

    This unsafe and beyond stupid....

  • Beezle Da Warlock
    Beezle Da Warlock 17 days ago

    Lol no wonder why they made you pull it down...
    No bracing done while building it, walls and no decent supports after it was completed, full on death trap.
    Walls could collapse easily killing anyone in there.
    Oxygen circulation problems too.
    I think it’s a bad idea teaching people to start digging massive holes at the beach as well due to the fact someone could get seriously hurt or killed.

  • Kevin Umiten
    Kevin Umiten 17 days ago

    Wow i dropped my jaw from amazement 😑

  • DV Mobile
    DV Mobile 18 days ago

    At 1:57 I see light at the left of the camera but at 2:11 it's gone, why?

  • Domino Masters
    Domino Masters 18 days ago

    Now get out

  • jignesh gharat
    jignesh gharat 18 days ago

    what will you do on high tide and water coming closer to the hut... btw I like it yeah....

  • Eduard Atapov
    Eduard Atapov 18 days ago


  • weaselboy04
    weaselboy04 18 days ago

    Wait... it he is in England then why did he measure in feet in the previous vidio?

  • FunnyVids? Nah
    FunnyVids? Nah 18 days ago

    That could make a very good tsunami or nuke bunker. Just add a ton of food and water down there and you'd be good

  • big bald baby Roberts
    big bald baby Roberts 19 days ago

    I know where this thing is

  • Thomas Mcclure
    Thomas Mcclure 19 days ago

    I have the marvel wallpapers

  • Francis Reviews
    Francis Reviews 19 days ago

    I swear none of these creative engineering types aren't ever claustrophobic. Like The Real Guys in their sub. The enthusiasm for building cool shiz just surpasses fear.

  • Анатолий Беляев

    Лол, собрал туалет на пляже

  • Ildarey
    Ildarey 19 days ago

    Not recommend be there inside alone. Because you may collapse from lack of oxygen and die.

  • DED
    DED 19 days ago

    я вначале подумал что он туалет делает деревенский =D

  • longshaftsas 1987
    longshaftsas 1987 20 days ago


  • Jake Plummer
    Jake Plummer 20 days ago

    Only a matter of time till someon shits dow the hole.

  • Withercraft 05
    Withercraft 05 20 days ago

    How do the kids get back up from the kid area?

  • george h
    george h 20 days ago

    2:20 Never give Colin The Mona Lisa.

  • something bacon
    something bacon 20 days ago


  • Mega Halo Productions
    Mega Halo Productions 20 days ago

    I would have taken gaming things into it

  • MrEye4get
    MrEye4get 21 day ago

    Air! I need air!!!

  • Null Zero
    Null Zero 22 days ago

    Colin's solution to the UK housing crisis lol

  • Jeffswag21 yo1
    Jeffswag21 yo1 22 days ago

    1:27 lmao

  • Noah Novak
    Noah Novak 23 days ago

    why can you see the sun outside at 2:04

  • Nolan Knows
    Nolan Knows 23 days ago

    This guy was meant to be A hobbit... hey, you should build a hobbit house next

  • dr Bonifacy von Wungiel

    Is it still there?

  • Shpingo
    Shpingo 24 days ago

    Why is every comment sayin how dangerous it is and how they are claustrophobic like take time to appreciate how cool this thing is

  • Its_ashachu 025
    Its_ashachu 025 25 days ago

    Hidden bunker

  • BarackBananabama
    BarackBananabama 25 days ago +1

    The tide is high but I am moving down.
    I'm gonna die in the No. 1.
    No. 1.
    No. 1.
    I am not that kind of boy
    who used to build things like that.
    O no, no, no, no ……

    NO CONTENT FOUND 26 days ago

    really cool ;)

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    Pon su títulos al español

  • Roger Syversen
    Roger Syversen 26 days ago

    who farted?

  • Dark Jalapeño
    Dark Jalapeño 26 days ago

    how do you do to get out?

  • John Ward
    John Ward 26 days ago

    1:31 was probably the best face I've seen in years....

  • Bla ke
    Bla ke 26 days ago

    Did you just leave it there or take it down?

  • Yoon Danha
    Yoon Danha 26 days ago

    it s bigger on the. . !

  • Robert Serrano
    Robert Serrano 27 days ago

    Some homeless guy could have had a new house but great video

  • Steven Chavez
    Steven Chavez 27 days ago

    No se inglés
    pero igual me gustan tus videos

  • Stromg Bauxid
    Stromg Bauxid 27 days ago

    Maginot line No.2 :D

  • Reverend George
    Reverend George 27 days ago

    I would love to have seen the reaction in the local council's planning office when the application for that went in. I am glad they granted the permission.

  • GodGamer THEBEST
    GodGamer THEBEST 27 days ago


  • ERNY161
    ERNY161 27 days ago

    But is it Tsunami proof?

  • Google não deixou eu colocar um nome maior que esse

    this is literally the most stupid thing i've ever saw

  • Pavel Sergeevich
    Pavel Sergeevich 28 days ago

    В Украине уже насрали бы в этот домик )))))))))))))))

  • SeVen Kin
    SeVen Kin 28 days ago

    Sập 1 phát thì chôn luôn

  • Joseph Moore
    Joseph Moore 29 days ago

    A dash of ventilation 🤔😎

  • Delitsch007 Gaming
    Delitsch007 Gaming 29 days ago

    very nice i want to have the same!

  • Bilal Hussain
    Bilal Hussain 29 days ago

    Bro why u made it ?? 😕😕

  • Pink Cat
    Pink Cat Month ago

    I thought he only built two floors

  • Игорь Глущенко

    Домик для супер интровертов (для меня)

  • Chris Noorman v/d Dussen


  • culo albino
    culo albino Month ago

    I wont be there with a big wave

  • Bodie Bannack
    Bodie Bannack Month ago

    "There was a bit of trouble getting this painting down here, but where there is a will, there is a way"
    *Stomps on painting through hole*

  • Tinku Nani
    Tinku Nani Month ago


  • Nova
    Nova Month ago

    This is a box of death

  • Pseudokind
    Pseudokind Month ago

    U need air floating

  • John Randall
    John Randall Month ago

    Did you get the permit to do so or did you just build that in 2 days then painted it

  • BubeSpielt
    BubeSpielt Month ago

    AMAZING !!!!!

  • OIive
    OIive Month ago

    This guy is mad ... really... :D :D :D

  • tama huang
    tama huang Month ago

    No air circulation ? It's killing sauna

  • king of beasts
    king of beasts Month ago

    You can survive a nuclear bomb

  • J Russ
    J Russ Month ago

    My sister used to have that same toy

  • Skwarrrk
    Skwarrrk Month ago

    That is one ugly beach

  • Hats a little
    Hats a little Month ago

    You can survive the apocalypse in that thing

  • Raptor Rough House
    Raptor Rough House Month ago

    Yes the wallpaper is facing the right way in the kids room, if you look at the elephant the play school sticker is on the right way when the blue hand is on the right in the full shot the blue hand is on the left, so the wallpaper is on right and Colin is filming backwards

  • Mr. Songib
    Mr. Songib Month ago

    be careful with CO2 inside. :)

  • Fortnite Channel
    Fortnite Channel Month ago

    4:05 so funny lol

  • Sir.Banister 463
    Sir.Banister 463 Month ago

    Can you make a bigger an taller underground house

  • Adriatik Xhakalija’s YouTube

    What if it fills with water

  • I'am Assassin
    I'am Assassin Month ago