• Published on May 29, 2017
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  • Hope Martel
    Hope Martel Year ago +11246

    Abby should probably learn that SHE is the one who needs to watch her mouth.

    • Amber DaPanda!!
      Amber DaPanda!! 9 days ago +1

      i agree with you,abby is the one who screams at jojo and she learning something to jojo?bruh what an stupid woman,i hope shes dead now.

    • Monica Cruz
      Monica Cruz 20 days ago

      Abby is better and nice and JoJo is mean

    • Lafayette
      Lafayette 26 days ago


    • ScarletOMG Rosetta
      ScarletOMG Rosetta Month ago

      Hope Martel yes!!!!

    • Yaneris Cornelio
      Yaneris Cornelio Month ago

      I agree with hope martel

  • Mlptoys And fun
    Mlptoys And fun 4 hours ago

    Btw abby is nothing compared to jojo she is more popular (and also i think jojo is mean)

  • Cutie _nerd2110
    Cutie _nerd2110 18 hours ago


  • Tay Tay xox
    Tay Tay xox 2 days ago

    Jojo say too much likes

  • Briana Mcgraw
    Briana Mcgraw 2 days ago

    It's jojos

  • BJBat Gaming
    BJBat Gaming 3 days ago

    0:17 u can tell she's trying not to get herself in Mackenzie's bad books

  • Zoe love it
    Zoe love it 3 days ago

    1:53 JoJo is flatter than a table

  • Jia Grover
    Jia Grover 3 days ago +1


  • lilly green
    lilly green 5 days ago +1

    Abby is a monster horrifying If I was Jojo I would go up to her and say "Excuse me, Who you yelling at Coz I know your not helling at me"

  • Cade Redfield
    Cade Redfield 6 days ago

    why do authority figure's always think there god-like and the people under them have no right in questioning them??? !

  • Pete Donahue
    Pete Donahue 6 days ago

    Abby’s a bitch

  • ItsBlue g3laxy
    ItsBlue g3laxy 6 days ago

    3:02 gabby died not be rude she wasnt even tAlkng to her when she asked Gia the order of the solos

  • Tea with Sister shane #sisters

    ❤️red or blue💙

  • Lucie Marns
    Lucie Marns 7 days ago

    0:50 is my inner demons lol

  • Anna Beaudry
    Anna Beaudry 7 days ago

    Finally a kid that has a spine on this show

  • SBAnneMae
    SBAnneMae 7 days ago +1

    Funny how only Jojo see's Abby now, and look at the way she treated her. Maybe should have chose Jojo for your favourite kid.

  • Lucy Haverty
    Lucy Haverty 8 days ago

    Jojo is a bitch

  • Hannah Lozano
    Hannah Lozano 9 days ago +1

    Poor Jojo. Her childhood seemed to STINK!

  • Hannah Lozano
    Hannah Lozano 9 days ago

    Abby is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo men! OMG

  • Kendall Tibbatts
    Kendall Tibbatts 10 days ago +1

    “She deserves nothing” said Abby she even made her cry but you know what 10 years later Jojo is giving Abby gifts in hospital

  • Little Jedi
    Little Jedi 10 days ago

    I am really ad vanced

  • Vs Presets
    Vs Presets 10 days ago

    *Do like think that like you like feel like bad that like you like didn’t get to like see my like solo?*

  • Vs Presets
    Vs Presets 10 days ago

    I honestly sometimes think Abby’s doubt the whole thing for the show, sometimes u can see her be nice and the she catches herself and says something rude

  • Ava Gerrits
    Ava Gerrits 10 days ago +1

    But Jojo didn't even interrupt Gia and Abby.

  • Annabelle Bannon
    Annabelle Bannon 11 days ago

    Jojo is a bitch

  • Liza Pureday
    Liza Pureday 12 days ago +1

    i feel bad for jojo at 0:50

  • Kittygirlawesome
    Kittygirlawesome 13 days ago

    I think Abby is being rude because I mean like come on Abby their kids you make them cry. And when you were talking to Jojo and you thought she interrupted you weren't even talking like come on stop yelling at your girls

  • River Hurst
    River Hurst 15 days ago

    Jojo is a spoiled brat

  • Nina cuthbert
    Nina cuthbert 17 days ago +1

    Abby and Maddie are being a bully jojo

  • Roux Bestz
    Roux Bestz 19 days ago

    Abby is a brat. I don't like how she behaves. She must learn to respect. Everybody have their own opinion. So you must accept that.

  • Adriana Garcia
    Adriana Garcia 20 days ago

    LOL she needs that's problems

    • Adriana Garcia
      Adriana Garcia 20 days ago

      Why do all the white kids are rich and rost nuubs

  • Aishwarya Konwar
    Aishwarya Konwar 20 days ago

    I think that Jojo was more rude than Abby because Abby is a older person and she is very stubborn and stupid

  • Aishwarya Konwar
    Aishwarya Konwar 20 days ago

    Ok something's really wrong with Jojo

  • PUGGIRL 8 Ich bin Ich

    Abby is just rude I'm not standing up for JoJo but she is mean

  • Kim Mohon
    Kim Mohon 21 day ago

    Fuck abby

  • The Amazing Friendship Channel

    I’m so sorry about that girl who was being mean ☹️

  • nicole usaiwevhu
    nicole usaiwevhu 21 day ago

    Diva is like a satanist

  • Akaila Mackenzie barcelona

    Abby should not fight Jojo because I’m a big fan of Jojo siwa

  • Catherine DeLeon
    Catherine DeLeon 24 days ago

    JoJo Deserves it

  • David Dolan
    David Dolan 25 days ago

    When people say Hell's Kitchen is drama filled and bitchy, I just point them to shit like this.

  • Gp Paniagua
    Gp Paniagua 25 days ago

    Alot of ego in that child seriously

  • Renz Fernandes
    Renz Fernandes 27 days ago +1

    ABBY IS dunb

  • Marley Amy
    Marley Amy 28 days ago

    Boo jojo

  • Ruby-Grace Unusotame
    Ruby-Grace Unusotame 28 days ago +1


  • Kimberly A Lewis
    Kimberly A Lewis 28 days ago +2

    If Abby would get off her sorry big but and these and help the girl with dance routine show how to do the dance the right way with help and practice these girls would be doing okay.

  • Jessica Perdue
    Jessica Perdue 28 days ago +1

    Know wonder no one likes Abby

  • Loïc Vienne
    Loïc Vienne 28 days ago +1


  • theyyluvv kaeee
    theyyluvv kaeee 29 days ago

    she gets it from her mom👎🏾👎🏾.

  • Hillary Poitra
    Hillary Poitra 29 days ago +2

    Ima big fan of jojo and Abby is a big mouth

  • mystery girl
    mystery girl 29 days ago

    Everyone is hating abby when she was just being strict I don't agree with her but jojo is a brat

  • Flying Kids
    Flying Kids 29 days ago

    Omg i thinm abby is much more rude like wth sne sou,d not shout at kids

  • watch and subscribe
    watch and subscribe 29 days ago

    abby is a monster. she always kicks her

  • Linda Jenkins
    Linda Jenkins Month ago

    I never cared for Jojo nor Abby they rude period

  • LPS Chocolate Chip Cookie



    It says jojo’s rudest moments I mean the last one kind of but most of it is Abby’s rudest moments. Jojo is just sticking up for herself

  • ItsJust Deja
    ItsJust Deja Month ago

    She’s so rude wth

  • Miz. UNICORNpoo
    Miz. UNICORNpoo Month ago

    And to think she was the only one (unless theirs someone else idk) who visited Abby while Abby had cancer

  • Miz. UNICORNpoo
    Miz. UNICORNpoo Month ago

    When someone complements you
    “Wow did you make that?”
    *tries to be humble* “yeah, oh it’s nothing anyone can do that”
    When someone insults you
    “What is that, a _”
    this is me and my friends
    Me and my enemy

  • xime._. 001
    xime._. 001 Month ago +1


  • Rosa Chavez
    Rosa Chavez Month ago

    Umm jojo you are not MJ becuse one you would need better dancing skills oh and work better on you "r" thanks

  • Humble Bass
    Humble Bass Month ago

    Talk about a jealous woman. And at/over a kid. I can't stand grown ups like that.

  • Friends Forever
    Friends Forever Month ago

    Literally Abby’s SO ANNOYING

  • Aybree Landeros
    Aybree Landeros Month ago

    I think Abby takes stuff to far but jojo is disrespectful

  • Hazina Ramos
    Hazina Ramos Month ago

    Abbys a big @&£!?!?!@& pig!!

  • renee chen
    renee chen Month ago +1

    they’re both rude 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Lightningbug
    Lightningbug Month ago +1

    Abby is literally an upset toddler in a middle-aged, can-I-speak-to-your-manager woman's crusty old body

  • Karli Petmecky
    Karli Petmecky Month ago

    Poor Jojo. I will admit I used to not be able to hand jojo but I love her now because I realized how strong she is and how she stands up for what she believes in!!! I think that Abby should learn to talk to kids better then the way she does.

  • Michelle Bauman
    Michelle Bauman Month ago

    Rude muc

  • Michelle Bauman
    Michelle Bauman Month ago

    Rude muc

  • Michelle Bauman
    Michelle Bauman Month ago

    I haven't watch it yet but from all the comments Abbey looks like she is the mean pearson

  • micaela marais
    micaela marais Month ago

    Who's more ruder?

  • Snowflake D’Alessio

    Jojo needs to learn how not to be rude

  • Evelyn Omwaga
    Evelyn Omwaga Month ago

    this all abbys fault not jojos

  • Artic Fox
    Artic Fox Month ago

    Jojo is a fucking bratty ass Child she’s selfish rude and has a big ass mouth with is bigger than her head!

  • Evie Corn
    Evie Corn Month ago


  • Kamii 257
    Kamii 257 Month ago

    Jojo can be bratty sometimes.

  • Reymundo Barrios
    Reymundo Barrios Month ago

    I just hate Abby

  • Chloe Grace
    Chloe Grace Month ago

    Abby need to learn not to be such a brat and she just needs to go right ahead and shut up

  • H2O delirious
    H2O delirious Month ago

    Idk what too think

  • Daw Than Than
    Daw Than Than Month ago

    Jeez i hate jojo but for the truth abby shouldn't yell like that

  • Ivorian Kid
    Ivorian Kid Month ago

    She is so rudeeeeeeeeee

  • Julia Krejdovsky
    Julia Krejdovsky Month ago

    0:38 . I don't understand this part. How was she being rude when she answered? Can someone explain?
    I'd appreciate, thanks!

  • XD Gamez
    XD Gamez Month ago

    Even though JoJo is a brat who the fuck is this middle aged woman having a panic attack over kids being kids

  • Kawaii Girly_gamer
    Kawaii Girly_gamer Month ago

    Abby is being really honest and sometime jo jo is rude to like omg stop with all the Abby sucks thing. It’s a fair balance. If jo jo Hayes Abby she can leave and pay 💰 or she stays with Abby. It was in the contract.

  • Dreamy kitty Cookie
    Dreamy kitty Cookie Month ago +1

    Abby should stop being crap

  • Cecilia Seabolt
    Cecilia Seabolt Month ago

    You trained JoJo like a baby she's not baby she's a teenager now she's being fine I asked you you're being mean Abby she doesn't like that her mom try to fight for her she can be in the dance you fight with her her mom JoJo does not like you no more

  • Asal n.e
    Asal n.e Month ago

    I mean lots of people say that Abby need to watch her moth but i think that exactly why every one want to work with her. When she is that Bad then why others wanna work with her so badly. I think that little kid Jojo should learn some respect.

  • Aunt Emma and Ashley

    Her face 0:08

  • Spoodle Kitty
    Spoodle Kitty Month ago

    I hate JoJo siwa so much now!!!!!

  • L̶a̶d̶y̶ Fox Wolfae


  • Edgelord
    Edgelord Month ago +1

    This woman should not be working with children

  • Cheese on Toast
    Cheese on Toast Month ago

    Yes,jojo is talking back to adults(and may be a little annoying),but Abby is going absolutely bat sh*t crazy because a eleven something year old “didn’t say excuse me“ Abby is the monster

  • Yunki Min
    Yunki Min Month ago

    Jojo's stink attitude

  • Death337machine
    Death337machine Month ago +1


  • Jenna Williams
    Jenna Williams Month ago

    Abby learn to be nice to Jojo I know I kinda hate Jojo but I feel sorry for her

  • Dream ._.
    Dream ._. Month ago


  • Jay goncalves
    Jay goncalves Month ago

    @youtube please don’t ever recommend shit like that again to me...I’ve watched some questionable stuff in my time...but seeing a stuck up little bitch who can’t dance for shit in my recommended videos is violating.

  • Rainbow Unicorn
    Rainbow Unicorn Month ago +1

    Poor Jojo 😔☹️

  • Jennifer Verde
    Jennifer Verde Month ago +1

    i feel so bad for jojo
    because abby does make people cry

  • Strange Creature
    Strange Creature Month ago

    They all AND I MEAN ALL OF THEM have created a Monster