Greatest Animated Disney Musical of All-Time? | MOVIE FIGHTS

  • Published on May 24, 2019
    EMMA FYFFE (@EmmaFyffe) vs JULIA PRESCOTT (@juliaprescott)
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    What Character Could Kill John Wick? MOVIE FIGHTS
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  • Screen Junkies
    Screen Junkies  Month ago +38

    What is your pick for the greatest animated movie musical, and why?
    *Movie Fights will be moving to a monthly schedule come July. This way we can focus on making the best episodes for you. Don't worry though, all throughout June we will be having some epic fights where Dan faces a gauntlet of fighters culminating in a blow-out Last Fighter Standing match for the belt. Honest Trailers Commentary will be moving to **** in July*
    *Time codes will be added after the conclusion of the live stream*
    One: Speak up and join the conversation- we encourage respectful debate.
    Two: Respect your community- racism, misogyny, homophobia and hate speech aren’t tolerated.
    Three: Don’t go looking for fights.
    Four: “Be nice.” - Dalton from Roadhouse

    • Gabriel Leroux
      Gabriel Leroux Month ago

      Screen Junkies there is still one question up in the air: Movie fight will go monthly and during the week, fine, im really disappointed but i understand.... But does the move means it will now get pre recorded? Or will you do live during weekend? Because one of the MAJOR part is the interactivity with the fans, and that would be a shame to loose that :/
      Signed: your old SJPlus caller
      Gabriel from Quebec

    • klownstarz
      klownstarz Month ago

      Well that sucks.

    • Marcus Middleton
      Marcus Middleton Month ago

      Henry Cavill would be a great Terminator

    • salaam boss
      salaam boss Month ago +2

      how come no studio can make good movies like dinsey
      Every animated from a major studio other than dinsey has a lot of slapstick in it like madagascar storks boss baby
      only dinsey makes meaningful stories without slapstick how is this possible do you they have copyright for making good movies.

      F.Y.I. i wrote I dinsey bc they might sue me for writing this comment
      you know they can sue anybody for the smallest of reasons

    • Vic Populi
      Vic Populi Month ago


  • Alexis Metz
    Alexis Metz 4 days ago


  • Jenna Chrol
    Jenna Chrol 9 days ago

    Just because something is loud, frantic, and draws on a comedic reaction doesn’t mean it is a good argument.

  • Renee W
    Renee W 9 days ago

    Also, if moving to weekly means that y'all can do more work on other rad things like Power Levels and Fandom Uncovered, I'm totally okay with it. Excited to see what comes out of this. Even panel discussions like the X-Men video a few weeks ago was SUCH great stuff, I hope this means more stuff like that can get made!

  • Renee W
    Renee W 9 days ago

    Really loved these ladies and this episode!!

  • Arena Warrior
    Arena Warrior 26 days ago

    How about 2 times a month? Monthly is way too far apart

  • Harrison Lynch
    Harrison Lynch 29 days ago

    Wolverine would make an interesting slasher film. People could kill his mutant friends and he could go Magneto from Apocalypse but more slasherish.

  • Samantha Davidson
    Samantha Davidson Month ago

    Julia Prescott wins 2019 passion award.

  • Reed NW
    Reed NW Month ago

    I miss the bargain bin fights and trick questions :/

  • Reed NW
    Reed NW Month ago +1

    I hated how political the second round got. I get it, but I just want my movie fights

  • Quentin Ezell
    Quentin Ezell Month ago

    Julia is annoying. The missing at the end was BS please just be fair. Emma should hasn'won forever ago

  • dakingofmc
    dakingofmc Month ago

    Im happy for this change

  • Nick  Lance
    Nick Lance Month ago

    Such a great series, rather see the great movie fights when they happen organically than see average level movie fights every weeks.

  • Brad Mull
    Brad Mull Month ago

    So there's still no podcast version? Shame I used to love these fights

  • Brennen Richardson
    Brennen Richardson Month ago

    Sad movie fights wont be weekly anymore. However, thank you all so much for the transparency. Quality is always more important than quantity. Love you all

  • Jay S
    Jay S Month ago +1

    After the first round I could not see Emna losing this however Julia woke up for the speed round.... glad I stayed with it as almost turned off after round 1

  • Jay S
    Jay S Month ago +1

    They wont give Josh Brolin this as his first comedy wasn't argued Danielle...

  • Joshua Lynch
    Joshua Lynch Month ago +1

    I always love when Emma wins anything

  • bengolious
    bengolious Month ago

    Worth it for the speed round.

  • Libanesa maria
    Libanesa maria Month ago +1

    Oh come on, why did you two had to bring politics into the conversation 😩.

  • Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo

    Very good

  • Catrina Bush
    Catrina Bush Month ago

    Ugh! Why is Danielle's outfit so dang cute today!? Like seriously, I need all the pieces!!!

  • Tank Gunner
    Tank Gunner Month ago

    Joe laughing in the background is still my favourite thing ever

  • Tank Gunner
    Tank Gunner Month ago

    Screen junkies is still my favourite TVclip channel ♥️

  • Golden Goose
    Golden Goose Month ago +5

    *in Darth Vader's voice* NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO
    I do have a question though...what happens to the belt? Are you guys gonna melt it down and make an owl perch?

  • Gloria Duran
    Gloria Duran Month ago

    Im excited for this change! This could mean mooooreeee videos for us. So Im in

  • Leo Terry
    Leo Terry Month ago

    Will miss this showb

  • Shawn Kramer
    Shawn Kramer Month ago

    Sad to see less of the show but I’ve been enjoying a lot of the content coming out. Hope all of the screenjunkies are doing well!

  • joker2258
    joker2258 Month ago

    Joins fandom “nothing will change” a month later we aren’t doing a weekly movie fight
    Why don’t you remove your weekly 5 minute trailers each week? Is that too much change? Just kind of lame.

  • Nathan Brown
    Nathan Brown Month ago +2

    The changes being made to these channels just makes me sad... :(

  • David Campbell
    David Campbell Month ago +1

    This has been one of the best weekly shows in the film internet space for the past five years. End of an era, but thanks for the weekly entertainment over the years

  • redman777ful
    redman777ful Month ago +1

    Ok...the fact that she kept saying we were living in a reality like the handsmaid tale is laughable. Give me a break.

  • wales007
    wales007 Month ago

    Change is good thing even if I love weekly Movie Fights. I will be happy with any change u make guys... As long you keep the concept of many people giving their opinions. 💙❤️

  • Justin Yob
    Justin Yob Month ago


  • Zachary Faulkner
    Zachary Faulkner Month ago

    Community needs a movie

  • Colin Snowadzki
    Colin Snowadzki Month ago

    This is absolutely one of the best episodes I've ever seen!

  • Jeff Buford
    Jeff Buford Month ago

    Strong dislike for reducing the frequency of the show, I know sometimes the questions are...meh...but still is an enjoyable part of my week

  • Peter Cordes
    Peter Cordes Month ago

    Question suggestion: "What actor/actress will you watch in *anything* they're in?" Hopefully we'd get arguments about people who elevate any material vs. people who are just fun to watch even in bad movies for whatever reason.
    Possibly Nic Cage vs. Bill Murray vs. Daniel Day Lewis.
    or Tilda Swinton vs. Anna Kendrick vs. The Rock
    Although picking actors like DDL who are just choosy about what projects they work on isn't exactly what I was thinking of, so maybe the wording can be tweaked, like "even in a bad movie". e.g. Mr. Right was mostly a bad movie, but Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell together made it worth watching.

  • M.C. Langer
    M.C. Langer Month ago +1

    Hi Screen Junkies! I will help you with the Honest Trailer of "Aladdin" (2019): That movie is basically Disney's "Hitch", where Will Smith is a fourth-wall breaking character (Genie/Hitch) that helps a loser (Aladdin/Albert... damn! Even both of them start with "Al"!) to score with a rich girl (Jasmine/Allegra) that Al met before without any help. So Will Smith uses his powers to transform Al into somebody who apparently looks like a better and cooler prospect, even gaining the favor of rich girl's best friend (Rajah the Tiger/Magnus). Nevertheless, the bad guy (Jafar/Vance), who wanted Will Smith's help before but didn't get it for being an undercover a*****e, shows his real intentions and causes the truth to be revealed: Al is just a simple guy helped by Will Smith to look cooler. At the end, rich girl stays with Al just because she loved his real self, Will Smith loses his powers but gets a girlfriend, and everybody celebrates in Al and rich girl's wedding, closing with a choreography number where the main characters show off how good they are dancing hip hop..

  • Eden Ganaël
    Eden Ganaël Month ago

    do SHAZAM! honest trailer

  • ryanscottadkins
    ryanscottadkins Month ago

    What a great speed round. One of the best.

  • Darryl Giors
    Darryl Giors Month ago

    Taika Waititi as Mrs. Doubtfire!

  • Jessica Garcia
    Jessica Garcia Month ago

    Climate change IS real

  • Bianca Fynn
    Bianca Fynn Month ago

    Can we get jeremy jahns in here to argue! Please

  • G00N3R7883
    G00N3R7883 Month ago +1

    To be honest I'm not disappointed about less Movie Fights. Some episodes are really good, but others not so much. It always depends on the quality of the competitors. Sometimes they're really knowledgeable and I enjoy listening to their ideas, like Dan, Spencer, Clarke to name just a few. But sometimes the competitors are clearly lacking knowledge, unprepared, and either give a "I'm so wacky lol!" joke answer, or just constantly shout and interrupt their opponents. Some episodes have been ruined by someone going way too far on social issues.

    Hopefully less episodes = higher overall quality.

  • Richard Martin
    Richard Martin Month ago +1

    And I turned this off at Emma's second answer. Come on guys. Can't we argue about movies without bringing politics into it?

    • ryanscottadkins
      ryanscottadkins Month ago

      Lmao stop being so butt hurt and watch the speed round it was great.

  • Kevin Stanton
    Kevin Stanton Month ago

    Skip to 12:12 to start

  • Alexander Guerero
    Alexander Guerero Month ago


  • Iván Splvd
    Iván Splvd Month ago +1

    I'll miss the weekly shows but support you guys all the way

  • Grif Kitten
    Grif Kitten Month ago

    Thank Thor? Okay okay. I thank Lara.

  • badmoon722
    badmoon722 Month ago

    Fight begins at 11:36

  • charmedfan7704
    charmedfan7704 Month ago +1

    Simba and Nala weren't ever thought to be Stockholm Syndrome. Simba never tried to hold Nala captive, or had her offer herself to be his captive in order to free someone she loves.
    And he wanted her just because they fell in love, not to break a curse or any other BS. I mean, that's literally why Beast starts being nice to her, not til after Lumiere points out that she could be "the one".

  • GLJohn Stewart
    GLJohn Stewart Month ago

    A Quantum Leap movie would be interesting

  • Randy
    Randy Month ago +1

    “It is a horrible time to be a woman right now” is the last thing I heard. I came here for movie fights, not abortion rights.

  • Daniel D
    Daniel D Month ago +1

    This will be weird I’ve watched movie fights every week since your very first one, it’s come along way since then and I love it. I’d rather keep MF than these over videos you’ve started to do since fandom took over

  • james pranger
    james pranger Month ago

    I like 2 person movie fights. with 3 people, there would constantly be people interrupting and talking over each other. that shit gets really annoying.

  • ineedarealitycheck
    ineedarealitycheck Month ago +1

    This has to be one of the most entertaining movie fights I've seen in a long while. Please bring these ladies back again for more!

  • RoscoesWetsuit
    RoscoesWetsuit Month ago

    Can we get one Honest Trailers movie fight before it leaves weekly? They're so great it's a shame so few between Spencer, Joe and Dan exist. Sad to see it leave weekly but your reasoning makes complete sense.

  • softmouse
    softmouse Month ago

    Six Seasons and a Movie

  • Aiden Cordon
    Aiden Cordon Month ago


  • salaam boss
    salaam boss Month ago +1

    How come no studio can make good movies like dinsey
    Every animated from a major studio other than dinsey has a lot of slapstick in it like madagascar boss baby
    only dinsey makes meaningful stories without slapstick how is this possible do you they have copyright for making good movies.

  • Chimp Champ
    Chimp Champ Month ago

    Round table once a month is still better than standing fights once a week; my glass is half full.

  • Lt.Hippie
    Lt.Hippie Month ago

    I kind of like this decision for movie fights because it allows some of the fighters more time to really think think out the questions and refine their answers.

  • Nick Chronis
    Nick Chronis Month ago

    once a month :(

  • imkluu
    imkluu Month ago +7

    Keep the politics out, please. It makes for bad arguments, and forces sides which aren't fun any longer.

    • ryanscottadkins
      ryanscottadkins Month ago

      Why are you crying? There's no crying in movie fights

    • Theo Freier
      Theo Freier Month ago

      Yes, please stop talking about the dire state our society is currently in because movies never do that!

  • Courtney Gilmore
    Courtney Gilmore Month ago

    For round three, i loved both of those shows and that would've been so hard for me to decide but I think I would've leaned to smash because WE NEVER GOT TO SEE BOMBSHELL. At least not fully and I would've loved to see that...but I also want to see Ang as a father, actually trying to parent his kids

  • Jon Wozniak
    Jon Wozniak Month ago +2

    Fun as always! But gotta say I miss Drunk Movie Fights...

    • Creech786
      Creech786 Month ago

      Jon Wozniak Those were some of the greatest movie fight episodes of all time.

  • Evie A
    Evie A Month ago +1

    This movie fight made me laugh so hard! Julia and Emma are both amazing. Julia made me laugh so much!

  • Pajo Lee
    Pajo Lee Month ago +1

    Julia... Hmm. Guess I'll skip this one.

  • Tuvya Maeir
    Tuvya Maeir Month ago +8

    Skipped ten minutes ahead the moment Wonder Woman was mentioned for horror and then the commentary with the Captain America choice. Dumb and insulting.