• Published on Feb 7, 2019
  • Hi Beautiful! Today I put box dye to the test. I have always been curious if this stuff actually works. Doing a direct comparison to professional color felt like the only way I could really uncover the truth!
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  • Brad Mondo
    Brad Mondo  7 days ago +6004

    Who's the shit? You the shit.

    • OOF oof
      OOF oof Day ago

      Brad Mondo thank you Brad thank you :)

    • Sariah Vasquez
      Sariah Vasquez Day ago

      The mannequins are switched, you can tell from the dye on the forehead and the neck. I’m thinking you might have got mixed up when washing them.

    • Laura Goodwin
      Laura Goodwin Day ago

      omg XD

    • Ceire Kerlin
      Ceire Kerlin 2 days ago

      You are shit.

    • Abigail Kinsey
      Abigail Kinsey 2 days ago

      If you didn't use the shampoo and conditioner that the box die came with it wont be as shiney.
      If you did idk what happened.

  • akuma hiroshi
    akuma hiroshi Day ago

    i think he switched the heads after he stain it with hair colour because hair colour do stain when you use it i know since it happens to me a lot when i colour my hair

  • Sarah Kay
    Sarah Kay Day ago

    Between 13 and 19 there's a 6 dollar difference, just sayin.

  • xviciouso
    xviciouso Day ago

    Act like the professional dye doesnt come with that same piece of instructions paper 😂😂😂

  • DesecrationSmile2012

    I’m CONVINCED that he switched these dolls to pretend that the professional color came out better.

  • Fati Musa
    Fati Musa Day ago

    This video remind me why I unsubscribed long time ago. You are a liar. You switched them.

  • Stephanie Frye
    Stephanie Frye Day ago

    I was a little confused by the color results while I was watching the video, but I didn't realize the heads were switched until I read the comments, and then it all made perfect sense to me. I just wanted to suggest to Brad that maybe you should review the video and your memories of the day and I think you'll realize that it's possible, and likely, that the heads were swapped sometime during the middle or end stages of this experiment and then you could just admit to that possibility and apologize to your viewers. It will feel embarrassing, but it will make you human again to everyone, because right now you're separating yourself by not responding to the concerns that people are commenting to this video about the heads being "switched." The head you have labeled as "Box Dye" in the end of the video looks like professional work using a beauty supply store dye. There is an even, consistent tone and it's almost natural looking. The head you have labeled at the end of the video as "Professional Color" looks bright and garish like box dyes do just as soon as they're on the hair. There's a pretty vibrancy, but also a harshness to it. You can see the intensity of the color processing by looking at blazing color left behind on the plastic scalp. Those bright box colors impress at first, but they always fade and tarnish. I'm not gonna suggest that anyone hold you too accountable for the mistakes and shortcomings within this video. I just don't think science is your strong suit yet, but I do appreciate the effort you made to investigate these 2 different, polarizing methods of coloring hair and I was entertained by the video as usual.
    Edit: removed comma

  • meli
    meli Day ago

    you cant be comparing completely different price points.of cors the proff one is gonna be better thant something from the drugstore.like wkat do u expect

  • Alexis Mariano
    Alexis Mariano Day ago

    by the end of the video I remembered Joy from Inside Out hee hee

  • LadyMoxley
    LadyMoxley Day ago

    The reason box dyes 'fail', is because DARK haired people use the dyes for lighter colors or bright like colors which makes the tones come out wrong or not bright enough. If you want the colors to come out correctly, you NEED to basically BLEACH the hair to a blonde color before, then apply the color you want. It ALWAYS works for me and never failed. Box dye is A LOT cheaper than salon and I've gotten my hair done at a salon and THEY MESSED IT UP and didn't do what I wanted and I ended up having to not only pay for a bad hair cut, but also a shitty dye job. Please don't crap on people who use box dyes/non salon dyes.

  • Chelsea Baker
    Chelsea Baker Day ago

    I miss blonde Brad.....

  • Garima Mehrolia
    Garima Mehrolia Day ago

    You are funny and cute 😂❤️

  • Cfaerify
    Cfaerify Day ago

    Makes me kinda mad that the tools cost $20 but the service is $170 plus tip. Salons are just so inflated and in the end it's just hair. I'm not going to spend a small fortune trying to upkeep that shit professionally.

  • artkid t
    artkid t Day ago

    Box Dye really isn’t that bad. I’ve used Box Dye and Professional. I just wouldn’t recommend cheap box bleach dyes. NEVER bleach your hair with that shit. But he dye it’s actually okay, the 99p ones don’t damage my hair, but why’re are very strong smelling. But when i buy £5 Schwarzkopf Dye it absolute great. Totally recommend.

  • Ya Mother
    Ya Mother Day ago

    He switched because the box hair dye stained the mannequins forehead and the stain was gone

  • R Heinsen
    R Heinsen Day ago

    I've got a question!
    I'm a hair model and the thing i notice is the colors the hairdressers call 'permanent' don't stay in long and change in hue and color really quickly - mostly within 1 week-
    After this happens I normally just buy a box of herbal vegan hairdye and those normally last A LOT longer!
    WHY does this happen?

  • Hobi’s Sun
    Hobi’s Sun Day ago

    Who even applies hair dye like that.... also your bias is so extremely obvious

  • Shianne Recchia
    Shianne Recchia Day ago

    Am I the only one getting anxiety from watching him do this with that coat on???😱😱

  • Julia.
    Julia. Day ago +1

    He clearly switched the heads. 🙄

  • Hannah Louise
    Hannah Louise Day ago

    Why the hell did you choose wella color of all color? I hate the wella line. Of course it’s going to look like a level 3/4 you used 20 volume. If you used 10 Vol it would be a true 3. I understand the vibrancy of the 20 but if you mix 10 and 20 vol equal parts you’ll get the vibrancy and true level 3.
    Let’s be honest here, If your an actual hairdresser you know just as well as I do that Sally’s color is not professional color. Wella is a professional brand but it’s a real low grade professional brand. You would get much better results using 3vv from joico at a lower price.
    All this proves is it’s not as true to color. Try lifting all that box color out vs the wella color and show how it lifts because I have so many clients using box dye and wanting to go blond and they don’t understand why they won’t get that in one session.

  • Alice Nielsen
    Alice Nielsen Day ago

    Can you tell me how to get a beautiful blue black hair color?

  • DJOO Hehe
    DJOO Hehe Day ago

    Looks like the male villan from the film ‘snowhite and the huntsman’

  • Alien Rogue
    Alien Rogue Day ago

    Brad mondo, is a national treasure!

  • Nicholas Spitzer


  • Melanie Dunn
    Melanie Dunn Day ago

    "I have used box dyes for years and my hair is fine. It just naturally stops growing, is darker at the ends, feels like a sponge, takes forever to dry, breaks off into my brush, has no shine without product, has black or orange undertones, and feels thinner than it used to. But those problems are just my bad hair. The box dye works great."

  • spinachmold
    spinachmold Day ago

    Does anyone know if the brown red box dyes cause red bleeding when you sweat? I know colors such as purple, blue and bright red bleed all the time when you shower and sweat and was wondering if more normal dark cherry brown reds bleed too.

  • lydia bleu
    lydia bleu Day ago

    ya’ll acting like you’ve never made an honest mistake before 🤷‍♀️

  • Carmyna
    Carmyna Day ago +1

    I once used a color like this and.. ouch

  • Marissa De Medeiros

    That box and colour is what I use 😂I love it!

  • Follow Aden
    Follow Aden Day ago

    I used to like this guy but im getting such a fake and obnoxious vibe from him now. Box dye is real regular, chill.

  • beachbaby3792
    beachbaby3792 Day ago

    Right away I saw the heads were switched...nice try

  • allie denise
    allie denise Day ago

    Try out the Artic Fox hair dyes!!

  • Breegan1000
    Breegan1000 Day ago

    i hate the term "box dye" but like, 'professional color' dye hes using came in a box.

  • Eleni Evangelidis

    I love his nail colors in this video

  • Amy Berry
    Amy Berry Day ago

    I used the exact box dye to dye my hair and my hair looks exactly like the second mannequin.

  • *Ethr!x* H
    *Ethr!x* H Day ago

    I use Bltz or ion and its da bomb i Agree Fuck Box Dye gross

  • Ava Parkerson
    Ava Parkerson Day ago

    The James Charles of hair

  • Amber S
    Amber S Day ago

    Feria sucks. I love garnier, with the exception of one color I tried. It leaves my hair feeling and looking healthier than before I dyed it and it smells good.

  • KimShea22
    KimShea22 Day ago

    Box dyes are not that bad at all. I've been dying and highlighting my own hair for over 25 years now and I've never had any problems. I've got a Blonde Brilliance kit from Sally's in my bathroom right now waiting for Spring to roll around.
    EDIT; Omg, he DID switch the heads! Their eyes are different. That's how you can tell. Brad, honey, I thought you were better than this!

  • MegaCassie83
    MegaCassie83 Day ago

    OMG the hair. 😍😍😍😍

  • samantha hoffman

    i use a box dye to do my hair. i really like them, the smell is bad with certain dyes but it does a really good job on my hair

  • Emily Stenger
    Emily Stenger Day ago

    um ive never gone to a professional and my hair always turns out great... its something that people fo when they don't have the money to spend on a hair salon.

  • Maryanne Miles
    Maryanne Miles Day ago

    Thanks, Brad! I will save my money and buy some Feria. After you accidentally switched the heads and raved about the Feria, I'm sold!

  • Allie Burns
    Allie Burns Day ago

    another thing you might not know about box dye (Since you said you've never used it before) is that it makes your hair really hard to brush through after dying it which is why they give you the conditioner. It basically makes your hair extremely stiff and difficult to deal with

  • Anastacia Pryor
    Anastacia Pryor Day ago

    The only box dye I trust and use every time I color my hair is the brand Splat. Literally, it looks so good when my hair is finished.

  • j lb
    j lb Day ago

    so disappointed that you didnt do a fair test

  • Gothygirl84
    Gothygirl84 Day ago

    Ive used box dye for many years and i get it at Wal*Mart for like $9-10. Never had any problem with the toxic smell. It always smells nice to me. And after i wash it out and use the conditioner that comes with it, it comes out very vibrant and shiny on me like the box shows. I have used professional dyes before but they don’t last as long as the box and they don’t come out shiny on my hair which saddens me. I rarely use professional dye cuz of that. Plus, it costs me a little over $20 so that makes me more sad. My hair and wallet reacts to box dye a lot better so i use whats best.
    Aside from that... i want to say, with that blue hair, you look like Future Trunks from the anime Dragon Ball Super!! 💙

  • Øøf_Mya Yee
    Øøf_Mya Yee Day ago

    You gave me the best compliment. But it was a lie I look like a monkeys butthole

  • Alba S
    Alba S Day ago

    I love box dye ... since I moved my hair stylist is so far away .

  • Lindsay Blamires

    So now, these twins walk into a salon and want a balayage.... Which one lifts out easier? Does the box dye create funky colors while lifting? Does one feel more damaged than the other? I need to know!

  • Panda Bear
    Panda Bear Day ago

    I... I can only afford for box dye. :(
    The box dye where I live is only about 7 dollars but the professional hair dye is like 25+ dollars and I don't have a job. 😂

  • Meimimme •
    Meimimme • Day ago

    Idk... I always use box hair dye... and today I used box bleach to get rid of my black hair and my hair is still soft, shiny and pretty 😂😂😂

  • TiaLudwig1998
    TiaLudwig1998 Day ago

    I have been dying my hair with that exact dye for 2 years and I absolutely loved the colour. It starts out as a purple but in the light it’s red , then it fades to a perfect red

  • lin2theZ
    lin2theZ Day ago

    6. Does it last?
    As someone with 40% gray, the boxed stuff fades QUICKLY.

  • iheartliaangelic


  • iheartliaangelic

    Wooooooooow! This is literally the biggest crock of bullshit ever! I immediately went to the comments when he came back to the table - Clearly the red one is the box color and the fact that he’s yet to address his “mistake” makes me lose ALL interest!

  • Haily Valente
    Haily Valente Day ago

    Am I just high or do you look like Damon Salvatore

  • Reese Morris
    Reese Morris Day ago

    It stains everything!!!!?? And when it gets wet it runs!!???

  • Reese Morris
    Reese Morris Day ago

    Yes box extreme color is terrible!!!!

  • Elizabeth Watts
    Elizabeth Watts Day ago

    I love Brad sooo much.

  • yung_blk _nappy
    yung_blk _nappy Day ago

    OK trunks

  • Joanna Otto
    Joanna Otto Day ago

    And then if you decide that you want to lift the hair after a box dye and that can be even more unpredictable

  • bonkerrzz
    bonkerrzz Day ago

    I use box dye and get compliments on my hair. Even from my hair dresser. This helps though, I want to go a different color but the box dye I bought didn't show. I wanted to try a color from Sally's but wasn't sure. I think the difference between the two colors makes me wanna try the Sally's color.

  • alyssa d
    alyssa d Day ago

    the box dye shows what it will look like depending on the color of your hair... its not gonna look like the color on top for everybody smh

  • capnmorgy
    capnmorgy Day ago

    The fact that you could not apply color via bottle application makes me question your abilities as a hair dresser. The fact that you switched the heads makes me question your character and/or your intelligence.

  • Barf Salamandruid

    It looks like you intentionally picked a much darker color of the professional dye...
    Also theres no ammonia in Feria. Read the box.

  • Barf Salamandruid

    L'oreal isnt just "box dye" it's the highest quality box dye you can get lol. And the most expensive.

  • Sara Dögg Guðgeirsdóttir

    saying I Rooted for this midway through a comparison should always be a no no, but if you really followed along he was always on the "professional" hair color side

    • Sara Dögg Guðgeirsdóttir
      Sara Dögg Guðgeirsdóttir Day ago

      I like his style and personality but reviews should always be impartial and this one is clearly not

  • Mandi Chavez
    Mandi Chavez Day ago

    Okay the heads got switch damn!!!! I think we get that now how do y’all know it was an accident and he truly didn’t know that they were. you know he has help right??? Y’all were singing his praises before this and asking for his advice he makes one mistake and y’all tear him down. Stop taking so personal if you want to use box go right head but there is a big difference in box color and professional plain and simple and if you never had professional color you have no room to talk. I have used both and the box never worked and fade fast I used every brand and none of them worked, when I got it done professionally it look great and stayed in longer. So each to the own but stop attacking someone for a mistake!!!!

  • Allison Rose
    Allison Rose Day ago

    Without his leather jacket, he's essentially dressed like Shaggy from Scooby Doo.

  • SaphiraTessa
    SaphiraTessa Day ago


  • Lewis Maitland
    Lewis Maitland Day ago

    Omg, I forgot that Americans omit the letter “u” sometimes and the spelling of “odor” stressed me out.

  • Susan Harris
    Susan Harris Day ago

    Who else noticed that he switched the heads. That marks on the faces gives it away.

  • Angela C
    Angela C Day ago +1

    Did he ever confess to switching them? Cause it’s pretty obvious lol because at 12:35 you can see a bright red line on the top of her forehead on the right and then at 13:08 when he’s supposedly drying the professional head you can see that exact same bright red line

  • Taehen
    Taehen Day ago

    He isn't taking into account the fact that for 13$ you have the dye and everything you would need to get the job done but for the professional dye he only mentioned the color and volume for a total of 19$ but actually you also need the bowl and brush and gloves and scale to mix it which adds up to way more than 19$
    not everyone has those lying around the house smh...

  • bani-bani
    bani-bani Day ago

    Okay serious option on Platinum white hair on biracial/brown person?? I need advice.

  • SaphiraTessa
    SaphiraTessa Day ago

    lifting hair? please in normal english?

  • Elisa Shakur
    Elisa Shakur Day ago +1

    Am I the only one seeing similarities in him & Damon from Vampire diaries 😂😍

  • Hermine H
    Hermine H Day ago

    'you're looking stunning as always'.... well, I just got in the shower, still have my towel wrapped around me when putting this on. but thanks anyways!!! Good to know I look good even when almost naked

  • SaphiraTessa
    SaphiraTessa Day ago

    I'm kinda shipping the blue hair

  • Amy Bass
    Amy Bass Day ago

    The heads were switched !!! The box dye was so much more red! Nope! Box dye every time!!

  • loren gershon
    loren gershon Day ago

    I'm in love with your hair!! 😍😍😍

  • Liv Coote
    Liv Coote Day ago

    why's he keep going on about box dyes and ammonia??? are most box dyes in america not ammonia free or is he just really biased and chatting shit?

  • Lili Williams
    Lili Williams Day ago

    okay first off,, uh most people still use a brush with box dye lmfao. second you’re kinda being dramatic most box dyes smell really good tbh. i’ve used both box dye and professional dye. i like putting together the box dye kits i think it’s fun and fresh tbh haha

  • vesnja divkovic
    vesnja divkovic Day ago

    My mum always gets box color for herself, but she mix it the way he mixed proffesional color, and she also applies it the same way.

  • Sam Turpin
    Sam Turpin Day ago

    Pfft you're biased because you're a hairstylist to you it may not seem that expensive but one of the few times I tried to get my hair professionally done I had a hard time finding someone who would even dye it without cutting off 8+ inches and the ones who were willing Wanted 4-$500 but don't worry touch ups every month or so are only 250-$300

  • Demii Cordero
    Demii Cordero Day ago

    I use both, and they actually both shine in my hair and if you use the shampoo and the conditioner from the box it makes your hair smell good but thats just me

  • Niko Chan
    Niko Chan Day ago

    Brad be looking like Eric from Gossip Girl

  • Katelyn S. Bolds

    I have gotten my hair bleached and dyed a lot. I’m a natural dark brown/black color and lighten to a bright natural blonde. The three times I’ve had it done professionally, they’ve absolutely ruined it. It wasn’t tinted properly, ended up looking orange and they ended up charging me way more than they had previously quoted. Finally I just decided to do it myself. I use professional bleach from Sally’s and tint afterwards with a box dye which gives me the perfect color and luster.
    Professional color cost me - $160
    Self color - $30
    End of story, don’t be afraid to try something yourself. You might not have the nack for it, but you can always try. Hair grows out.

  • Meg McBrayer
    Meg McBrayer Day ago

    Literally trying to get that exact box dye out of my hair right now. 😂

  • Jelena Lenaje
    Jelena Lenaje Day ago

    THEY ALL COME OUT OF A FUCKING BOX....like wtf I had my hair done "professionally" and its nothing better then doing it myself except it costs more cause they blow dry it and style it and thats the only reason they charge you MORE. (My opinion and experience)

  • Sailor Loona
    Sailor Loona Day ago

    I love your enigma look

  • MissPronounced
    MissPronounced Day ago +1

    Holy shit, the classism in recommending people go to a stylist over doing their hair themselves is just wild. Dude, I get less than $200 a month and a dye job costs upwards of $100 where I live, I'm definitely buying dye for $10 and doing that shit myself at home. Especially when hairdressers don't actually listen to what I want done and do what they think looks better, I'm not paying my entire income for a color I don't even like

  • TheFungirl27
    TheFungirl27 Day ago

    I always use box dye. I never had an issue.

  • xXAva NekoXx
    xXAva NekoXx Day ago

    Does anyone else get flustered by his intros like "hey beautiful you're lookin gorgeous today!" Or like is that just me

  • TETSU Y.
    TETSU Y. Day ago

    I don't really like box dye's texture which is really watery. But it's easy to spread on your hair without any technique and salon's hair dye is much harder texture compare to box one. Which you can put the hair dye anywhere specifically. But really hard to spread.
    They are just different. Also you need developer if you use salon hair dye.
    If you have technique and constantly dye your hair, I'd recommend salon one. Otherwise, just buy box dye but good rating one.

  • Jade -alia
    Jade -alia Day ago

    L'oreal is sold at most pro stores, it's a good brand, using that box dye and then a Wella color....basically both were less expensive pro colors

  • Kiya Sibley
    Kiya Sibley Day ago

    The sad thing is I just used that exact box hair dye

  • The Sassy Whale
    The Sassy Whale Day ago

    So I use this $3 ammonia free hair dye every 3-5 months and it has been pretty good to me. Best box dye. It doesn't fuck up my hair like others do and the color lasts quite a while.

  • Just call me Art

    Damn brad why you switch the heads