• Published on Feb 7, 2019
  • Hi Beautiful! Today I put box dye to the test. I have always been curious if this stuff actually works. Doing a direct comparison to professional color felt like the only way I could really uncover the truth!
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  • Brad Mondo
    Brad Mondo  2 months ago +8144

    Who's the shit? You the shit.

    • I like Squirrels
      I like Squirrels 8 hours ago

      YOU SWITCHED THE HEADS!!! You switched the heads after you washed them because the box dye have darker eye shadow and eye brows and then you wash them and the “professional dye” has dark eye brows and eyes shadow and the box dye have light brows and eye shadow

    • Emma Louise
      Emma Louise Day ago

      Bitch what did you just say?!

    • Chloe Bleach
      Chloe Bleach 2 days ago

      I'm unsubscribing at you switched head 😑

    • Emily Dunham
      Emily Dunham 2 days ago

      You obviously switched the heads. The stains were obvious and you perpousfully did a bad job on the box dye and it still came out better. It's better to bleach with a professional but dying darker isn't bad, also, the box shows you where it'll generally come out to on color from your original hair so you know what it should look like

    • Becca Sissy Mojica
      Becca Sissy Mojica 4 days ago

      +The Lovely Mel Chan it only matters what you think but I still love dip dye

  • Melissa Blessa
    Melissa Blessa 20 minutes ago

    Why not just be honest? 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Natasha Lee
    Natasha Lee 3 hours ago

    The scalp is dyed on the winning head because you applied the box dye with your hands and rubbed it into the hair/scalp.
    You might have actually got away with the switch if you applied the box dye professionally man 😂

  • Yomary Rodríguez
    Yomary Rodríguez 6 hours ago

    Can’t believe u really switched the heads 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️🤣

  • C Wag
    C Wag 7 hours ago

    Brad, honey. People don't like being lied to, and your attempt at "duping" your viewers to not go with a box dye was a fail. You think we're dumb? This proves that you think your audience is stupid. Not a good look, best to address it and move on😘

  • Marie Vilson
    Marie Vilson 8 hours ago

    actually rebecca won because tammy got the box dye

  • sugakookie with my tae pls

    I'm sorry but this is giving me bts V boy with luv vibes

  • Kylie Kaii
    Kylie Kaii 17 hours ago


  • Yxmtoon S
    Yxmtoon S 19 hours ago

    Hey brad can you try peroxide bleaching for your hair

  • Dallas Olive
    Dallas Olive 22 hours ago

    Did anyone think maybe the switch was an accident?

  • stephanie kilgore

    12:36 the box dye hair color has a red line at the forehead and is on the left side. 13:10 same red stain but you say its the professional one at 12:49. i would never go to a liar to get my hair done ever

  • Gaming with J Gaming

    The box dye when I bought it it was 7 dollars for me

  • Kristina Houston

    I have been dying my hair for years. You have to use the conditioners in the box. You said you weren't probably going to use it. I love how soft my hair feels after a box dye!

  • Raquel Rodriguez
    Raquel Rodriguez Day ago +2

    Um, you're actually supposed to leave the box dye on for 45 minutes if it's non-colored hair. If you're just touching up, then you leave it on for 25.

  • Kloey McGowan
    Kloey McGowan Day ago

    afterwatching this i imediately went to sallys and bought box ye to dye my hair XD XD XD XD XD XD

  • Elusive Illusion

    He didn’t factor in the price of the scale, bowl & brush.

  • Josie Gassner
    Josie Gassner Day ago

    You should react to Tiktok’s people doing their hair

  • S S
    S S Day ago

    After he’s applied the professional colour at 8:44, you can see a stain of dye that looks like a beauty spot under the lip on the left. At 13:46 you see the same spot but this time Brad’s claiming it’s the box dye head, but it’s not and this specific mark proves it. I’ll give Brad the benefit of the doubt though and say his clumsy ass messed something up at the wash basin and he’s accidentally mixed them up. I find it hard to believe he’d deliberately and quite obviously shit on his own reputation. If anything this vid should be a lesson to Brad about his own incorrect bias. It was just a lousy comparison vid. Anyway, besides all that I don’t think it was deliberate, and I’m still watching and I’m still a fan, but sort your shit of Brad 🤦‍♀️

  • Sara hejsan bulleri bulleri bock

    Am i the only one who thinks he looks like Liam Hemsworth

  • Darcy Halfpenny
    Darcy Halfpenny Day ago

    Why did you switch the heads ?

  • Polish gal
    Polish gal Day ago

    How do you guys know he for sure switched the heads because I’m trying to get a nice vibrant violet like the second head!

  • Floof The Bird
    Floof The Bird Day ago

    The odor criteria shoulda been left out. By the time you were judging the odor and affects of the box dye, you had already been exposed to the fumes of the other dye in an area that isn't well vented. Due to that, you really didn't have fresh senses to judge the box dye like you did with the salon dye. . .plus the salon dye was developing RIGHT NEXT to where you were testing the box dye, so, tainted sample as well.
    Plus you DID switch the heads for the reveal! I am hoping that was an honest mistake though as the two heads did look almost the same save for the eye shadow, and it's easy to miss a few marks, so if you switched them by mistake then, hey, it happens, you're only human.

  • Bella Carlin
    Bella Carlin Day ago

    It’s clear that Brad switched the heads.
    Please give an honest review if you do it again and 19$ and 13$ is not a 5$ difference it’s a 6$ difference because 19$ - 13$ = 6$.

  • XX OO
    XX OO Day ago

    Brad, wtf.

  • Jennylynn Harker

    Where did you buy the box dye to where it cost $13. I get the same brand and it’s $8.95

  • Rowa Paragon
    Rowa Paragon Day ago

    Just gonna throw this out there. I have been using box dye on my head since I was like 6 at first to deal with lice but then I just kept doing it... I have honestly never had a problem. I'm 18 now and have never gotten my hair dyed professionally. From ages 6 till I was probably 13 I always had my hair dyed blond. And I always got told that my hair was gorgeous and vibrant and healthy. When I was like 16 I died my hair in the morning one day then went to the local salon the next and got it cut and she kept praising how healthy my hair looked... Box dye isn't bad unless you do it wrong. Also, I wanna say that he did a horrible job putting the box dye on the head. He could have applied it the same way he applied the professional dye just with his fingers instead of like... I don't know... What he did... Correct me if I'm wrong but yea...

  • ShadowGrimWolf
    ShadowGrimWolf 2 days ago

    Neck... neck everywhere...

  • Purple Raven26
    Purple Raven26 2 days ago +2

    Who else is getting trunks vibes cause of his hair😮😮

  • jamless queen
    jamless queen 2 days ago

    Lol he switched the heads 😂 we still coo tho still subbed

  • Nea Nicole
    Nea Nicole 2 days ago

    Why is he using no type of technique with the bottle....

  • jamless queen
    jamless queen 2 days ago

    "you look beautiful as always"
    *Sits down looking like a potato*

  • Emily Woodworth
    Emily Woodworth 2 days ago

    Oh, but honey... that was embarrassing for you. If you were going to switch the heads, you could have at least used identical hair colour lol.

  • Alexei R
    Alexei R 2 days ago

    I actually used that exact box dye a couple years ago and it looked exactly that color (the nice one bc as everyone pointed out the heads were switched), BUT THEN.... it bleached in the sun after a few days and became this awful burnt red that looked so dry and drained and extra bad with my skin tone and it didn’t go away until my friend (hairdresser in training) redyed it for me 😫

  • Pretty Potato ;3
    Pretty Potato ;3 2 days ago +1

    My mom and sister use box dye

  • Jodie Rodriguez
    Jodie Rodriguez 2 days ago

    I do my box dye(Garnier Nutris) much different. I'm curious now to see how different it would be if I used something from Sally's. Next time!

  • Dricka Williams
    Dricka Williams 2 days ago

    Sir you really tried it...deep plum and a red violet aren’t even close to the same colors....

    Then you switched the heads 😂
    Funny guy

  • Panda Cow
    Panda Cow 2 days ago

    The heads were switched!?

  • Blu Wolfe
    Blu Wolfe 2 days ago

    B. Rad, ur hair looks awesome. How'd you get that shade?!? That's a badass Jacket too.

  • Maria S
    Maria S 2 days ago

    Aghhhh I wish you would’ve gotten the “ammonia free” it doesn’t smell 😭😭😭 I just dyed my hair with box dye a few weeks ago for my job interview and trust me, my roommates heard me reciting “brad mondo would kill me for doing this.” In the isle whilst shaking my head and sighing 😂😂😂

    • Maria S
      Maria S 2 days ago

      Plus the fact my box dye was $3 😭😭😭 not even a high priced and supposed to be “higher quality” I wish I would made a video of it with a tag 😂😂😂

  • mommy2jamesnbrooke
    mommy2jamesnbrooke 2 days ago

    Hahahaha I had to laugh at the "It was not that predictable... as I suspected" basically I predicted it would not be predictable :P

  • Nevaeh Simpson
    Nevaeh Simpson 3 days ago

    It even says on the side the recommended hair color and the hair was darker

  • Nevaeh Simpson
    Nevaeh Simpson 3 days ago

    L’Oréal kinda sucks I know from experience. Even then I feel like you switched them

  • Hamna Mahar
    Hamna Mahar 3 days ago

    God I want brads hair

  • олен
    олен 3 days ago

    is it just me or is that blue hair in that style making Brad look like Wade's avatar from Ready Player One

  • Sandy
    Sandy 3 days ago

    Not a fan of that one. They do make one meant for dark hair or red hair called "Préférence Infinia" that I love. I use color brown black. I have a lot of grey...well white hair and my natural color is a dark brown. The coverage is amazing, and it lasts better than any. It comes with a tube of refresher which is garbage, but the actual dye is quite nice... That being said, there's nothing better than having a salon do it for you while you sit and read. (I just can't afford it every time)

  • Kpop Trendy
    Kpop Trendy 3 days ago

    Do this again but with blonde hair

  • Destiny Marie
    Destiny Marie 3 days ago

    $40?! It costs $45 for me to just get a trim!

  • Trish Raniszewska
    Trish Raniszewska 3 days ago

    I don't think I've ever seen box color look quite that bright before.

  • Trish Raniszewska
    Trish Raniszewska 3 days ago

    Box color is perfect when dying my hair & roots BLACK month after month!

  • Kimori Suto
    Kimori Suto 3 days ago

    Shouldn't have used that box brand lol xD There are better ones

  • Razzleberry 14
    Razzleberry 14 3 days ago

    Brad Mondo V.S Box Dye is equal to Simplynailogical V.S Fake Holo.

  • J Harder
    J Harder 3 days ago

    $20 for the professional product?! Then why the FUCK does it cost over $100 to get done at a salon?!?!

  • Ana Ketzler
    Ana Ketzler 3 days ago

    I definitely think he switched them because whenever I dye my hair with box dye it makes it sooo shiny and is always a vibrant color if you dye it bright.

  • Cindy Morgan
    Cindy Morgan 4 days ago

    U should have done splat thats what i did my hair with... 10 mounths ago... Got a little lighter but it is not dry or damaged

  • Brooke Lovell
    Brooke Lovell 4 days ago

    Once my sis died her hair pink by herself cause our mom let her

  • wow ok
    wow ok 4 days ago

    what about,, semi permanent dye that comes in a box

  • niamh d
    niamh d 4 days ago +1

    he definitely did not switch heads, yall are just seeing what you want to see, if you look at the 8:50 mark of the video the professional colour mannequin head has stains in the forehead area, the exact same stains you see on the professional colour head after they've been washed out, I'm really not understanding what box dye stains you think you're even seeing considering he WIPED OFF THE BOX DYE AND EVEN SAID "OH" AS HE REALISED HOW EASY IT CAME OFF, fed up of people on youtube comments always jumping to accuse someone of something, just admit that professional hair colour is better, oh and get a grip

  • Marisa Marauszwski
    Marisa Marauszwski 4 days ago

    they were definitely switched. But on purpose? We don't know , maybe it was a mix up and he didn't notice. But you can clearly tell that there is no way that the " professional head" came out more red then that box dye lol. no flippin way mann.

  • isabel ericson
    isabel ericson 4 days ago

    reallyyyyyy obvious that you switched the heads. Especially since the professional one had a spot on the chin form the dye. In the results you tried to keep it hidden but you can still see it at some points.

  • Sharae Brown
    Sharae Brown 4 days ago

    I'm so sorry Brad I didn't listen to you and now my hair is stained GREEN I am so sorry 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

  • Shadow of The rose garden

    “Because my client is plastic” lol I’m dieing

  • Lily Dobrzynski
    Lily Dobrzynski 4 days ago

    Btw they dont premix box dyes because after ur done with the bottle ur supposed to rinse it out because it can explode actually it even says so in the instructions haha

  • babe brown
    babe brown 4 days ago

    He has no reason to switch anything
    People don’t believe anything anymore lol

  • It’s Private
    It’s Private 4 days ago


  • Ani
    Ani 4 days ago

    It's ok the box dye showing a more vibrant color, they were different anyways. No reason to lie or switch heads...

  • Ani
    Ani 4 days ago

    I've used professional and box dyes since I was a teenager, and let me tell you, the best results I got with box dyes. My hair turns out softer, shinier and with a more natural color using box dyes. In my country permanent hair dyes don't smell like amonia at all, they are like a shampoo... I know you wanted to show how an inexperienced person would apply dye at home but you can mix it in a bowl just like you did the professional dye. Also you switched heads, the color spots on doll's neck clearly show they were switched.

  • Red taehyung hixtape

    Wella is God awful I'd much rather box dye or just go to a professional

  • amy chism
    amy chism 5 days ago +2

    *when you've box dyed your hair this very morning*

  • Debi Freeman
    Debi Freeman 5 days ago

    That blue looks gorgeous with your eyes.

  • Wing Less
    Wing Less 5 days ago

    You guys claiming he switched the heads he didn’t. Professional color oxidizes dark and the stains match up. There was no switch

  • Oliver27
    Oliver27 5 days ago

    People saying she didn’t switch them coz “there’s the same stain on the forehead in the blowdry and the reveal” - that’s because they were switched before the blowdry. Notice at 11:38 the smear on the neck of the box dye head and then at 13:01 the same smear on the “professional” one 🤔

  • luplup
    luplup 5 days ago


  • Hannah Creech
    Hannah Creech 5 days ago

    Cause everyone has something to weigh hair dye with...

  • Valeria Hernandez alvarez

    “I will be giving this box dye a very fair test and I will not sabotage it”
    *switches the heads*😭😂

    • Shaylynn White
      Shaylynn White 3 days ago +1

      I noticed the same thing! When he was dying them he cleaned all the dye off the forehead for the box dye, while the professional dye one had staining on the forehead. But when he was reviewing them it was the opposite.

  • Jeff
    Jeff 5 days ago

    I think you switched them around

  • Chloe Jordan
    Chloe Jordan 5 days ago

    Always watch these videos when I’m feeling down cause Brad always starts with a compliment makes me feel a little better

  • Leah Brushett
    Leah Brushett 5 days ago

    All I heard in this video was “I was taught to say that box dye is the devil not matter what, even when I switch the heads!”

  • Leah Brushett
    Leah Brushett 5 days ago

    I’m sorry sis....but are you really trying to play it off like you didn’t just switch the heads? You gonna tell me that red scalp formed within that cut time? Girl...stop. We know box dye has been stepping it up lately

  • Evelyn Hernandez
    Evelyn Hernandez 5 days ago

    Your fake and switched the heads

  • razioli o
    razioli o 5 days ago +71

    ive been using that EXACT box dye for five years and let me tell you, he DEFINITELY switched the heads. ive been watching brad for so long and i have no idea why he'd ever do this 😭😭

  • Madilyn B
    Madilyn B 6 days ago

    i just watched a 4:30 ad
    and enjoyed it
    what is wrong with me

  • Trips1103
    Trips1103 6 days ago +13

    You know what? Screw you. You know how much it costs to dye hair in a salon compared to doing it at home. A lot of us simply can't afford it every single month.

  • apoeticmindset
    apoeticmindset 6 days ago +5

    I've used the same box dye for years, but then apparently in the US it's only used by professionals. My hair is in great condition, but then I'm really careful

  • u got me Jungshook
    u got me Jungshook 6 days ago +5

    The reason the box dye isn't pre-mixed is because box dye CAN explode

  • Demi
    Demi 6 days ago +3

    for some reason it’s annoyed me more that he kept his jacket on to dye their hair than it did the fact he switched the heads lmao

  • Ashleyandkeren
    Ashleyandkeren 6 days ago

    You switched the heads

  • Lil Vs Big
    Lil Vs Big 6 days ago

    Did he switch the heads because I swear he got the dye on the box dye one not the professional dye one plus he said that he was 'not impressed' by the professional one

  • Christina Tyrrell
    Christina Tyrrell 6 days ago +2

    I didn’t believe the whole switched head conspiracy until I saw it for myself. This is just embarrassing to the people who stand for you. Unsubscribed. ☹️

  • _Çhäçä _
    _Çhäçä _ 6 days ago

    Brad makes me feel so good in his intro
    One time I tried that box due. It was blue. I put it in and it didn’t even show that well after 30 minutes, it turned green. It’s a really bad hair dye

    • _Çhäçä _
      _Çhäçä _ 6 days ago

      But I didn’t. We read the instructions very carefully

    • _Çhäçä _
      _Çhäçä _ 6 days ago

      emma hah, lmao. I meant to put I had blue.

    • emma
      emma 6 days ago

      if it was green, then you definitely did something wrong. it never turns green.

  • Rose Clarke
    Rose Clarke 6 days ago +5

    This video? Fake
    Box dye? Better
    Brad Mondo? Cancelled
    Hotel? Trivago

    (Dead joke which isn't even funny but ok)

  • Rose Clarke
    Rose Clarke 6 days ago

    He's making fun of box dye because he wants to look like he's swimming in money with all his *"professional" shit*
    He's not even professional so the professional dyed one looked like shit

  • Kim Seokjin
    Kim Seokjin 6 days ago

    Me, a kid without any experience of hair dying and all of that stuff: **Uses box dye and it turns out amazingly**
    Professional: **Uses box dye and it turns out horrible**

  • Rose Clarke
    Rose Clarke 6 days ago

    *Sister Unsubscribed*

  • Ariana Gabriel
    Ariana Gabriel 6 days ago +3

    Had healthy hair all my life using box dye! Even hairdressers would tell me how healthy and thick my hair looks. Finally goes to hairdresser to get hair colour done. CURLS GONE! DRY BROKEN HAIR. HAIR RUINED. wish I stayed with box dyed.

  • Olivia Lewis
    Olivia Lewis 6 days ago

    like for pewdiepie

  • Muffins are good bulling is bad

    This was kinda weirs to watch as i always dye my hair with box dye but have never had a failer ans it always cone out fantastic but I have never applied it like this...

  • Jennifer Shiflett
    Jennifer Shiflett 6 days ago

    And I have marry sensitive skin and a sensitive scalp I can't use professional hair color I can only use doxed plus I don't use loreal should have gone with dark and lovely vertuly no toxic fumes

  • Jennifer Shiflett
    Jennifer Shiflett 6 days ago

    Dumb dumb the box tells u what color it will be based on the starting color of the original vergin hair it says it right on the side of the box don't go based off the lid it's on one of the sides of the box is depending on the color it comes out on dark hair will be darker brown u will see some red and blong u will git to see the red alot plus it's a Velvet which is dark it's not like a cake u see red velvet

  • Jennifer Shiflett
    Jennifer Shiflett 6 days ago +6

    He should have framed the manicans hair line with vasaline

  • Suki Numi
    Suki Numi 6 days ago

    Oh no I was hoping the comments were wrong but the heads were definitely switched that’s sucks