Money, Politics, and Fake News: How the DOJ is Using an Obscure Law to Fight Back…

  • Published on Jun 21, 2019
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  • Jess Mitchel
    Jess Mitchel 5 days ago

    Obviously this was posted months ago but still, black cherry or vanilla! ;)

  • Speaking Truth Always


  • Speaking Truth Always

    All MSM gets an email from DNC every morning with their talking points for the day.

  • None of your Business

    No one:
    America: No one is allowed to manipulate and influence international politics besides us!

  • SeeThru Plays rblx
    SeeThru Plays rblx Month ago +1

    Wtf beautiful bastards?

  • link10909
    link10909 2 months ago

    All news sources financially supported by foreign governments should be compelled to register as foreign agents (including ones in harmony with the US govt like BBC). Failure to register should result in arrest/ejection from the country as foreign intelligence agents. I have no problem with other countries adopting that same standard for press from the US. This is only a bad thing if instead of being applied based on objective standards it becomes a blacklist for media which disagrees with the powers that be.

  • KappaKilljoy
    KappaKilljoy 3 months ago +1

    Yes RT is a propoganda machine, it's a bloody state news agency. But the Rome finance comments are pretty god damn accurate. [edit: you might want to be careful how you're pronouncing the word "duties"]

  • John Borgen
    John Borgen 4 months ago

    If the message doesn't fit my's got to be fake news!

  • ChaosTherum
    ChaosTherum 4 months ago

    Oh shit that means that the Young Turks would have to register soon. Since they are directly funded by Qatar.

  • Jack
    Jack 4 months ago

    So many bots in the comments that its hard to keep track.

  • JustPassingThrough
    JustPassingThrough 4 months ago

    I agree with FARA in concept, but in application, I find that it can indeed be used to detrimental effect. Having said that, I personally see it as an overall good, provided it has the right oversight. So... any other administration but this one...

  • Deus Duran
    Deus Duran 4 months ago

    That’s what they focused on for RT? I thought the whole nationalist especially racially motivated nationalist promotions, it’s really the major fuel for a lot of American white nationalist movements when I say white nationalist I mean the individuals who actually seek white prosperity founded on ideals and desires for 1950s conservative ideas, RT goes on about anti establishment as well as covering stories in South Africa and treatments of whites there, infact I believe they are the only, Ive seen RT more as a conservative VICE news, both rely heavily on modern controversy and a specific audience while RT may seem to support a rage against the machine of globalism and progressivism VICE pushes for the spreading of the previously mentioned ideals

  • Tails Clock
    Tails Clock 5 months ago

    RT sounds like they understand the US pretty well after hearing all those things they've said about it. They just became a lot more trustworthy. Though Russia funded is still a big red flag.
    Now if they coud just do something about the propaganda coming from within America itself, maybe the people there can finally begint to realise just how awful things really are and start putting their foot down to make some good changes. No "news" organisation is more harmful to the American people, than the American Propaganda stations. Existing to pit friend against friend and tear a rift with this left vs right that doesn't really exist outside of America. To Europeans, American Left and Right are just Right and Right. There is no left wing group. Outside of America left means good, and right means bad. It's really that basic. That's how mislead things have become in America where truth is harder to find that a doctor willing to save your life for free.
    News media needs to be heavily scrutinised and given a bar of quality to reach. And when they don't, they need to be labled as failures. I want to see every american outlet be labled unreliable. Imagine, if these people were finally forced to look elswhere. They might just come here. An America that collectively watches the Philip DeFranco show. That's a good America.

  • Shayne Gibbons
    Shayne Gibbons 5 months ago

    It's interesting as the American govt used tools of propaganda against Latin America and even Iran for years, now they're angry when it's being done to them. Anyway I don't see FORA being effective as it does set a very dangerous precedence when it comes to legality and foreign relations. Case in point, the argument could be made that since RT is on the list, then AJ is next, then why not the BBC, or French or Canadian news agencies? Laws are made to govern everyone, not those you choose to impose it against. There are other means and ways of banning foreign intervention, however, American politics loves spending dollars to influence elections so I doubt congress will act to stop outside sources from investing...

  • Bobby Lawrence
    Bobby Lawrence 5 months ago

    I’m getting tired of politics

  • James Palmer
    James Palmer 5 months ago

    9:57 - Phil, did you just say “Sunny’s?” It’s pronounced “sue knee” and not “sun-e.”

    • James Palmer
      James Palmer 3 months ago

      Sofia . I’m talking about his pronunciation. I know how to spell it.

    • Tas
      Tas 3 months ago

      No it's sunni tf

  • chetzmom 4
    chetzmom 4 5 months ago

    I'm more worried about TVclip, Facebook & Twitter "censoring or blocking" Independent Alternative Media, to "protect citizens from fake or harmful content." NO ONE changed their vote in 2016 or 2018 because of what the Govt calls "fake news." Just because RT has a tag saying (they are partially funded by Russian Govt), doesn't mean they are fake news. MSM all have the same message, "The Establishment,Corporations & War are AWESOME!" Yes, Tucker Carlson (FOX) is against war with Iran. But, look at how ALL MSM is Pro War, they just bicker on WHERE.

  • chetzmom 4
    chetzmom 4 5 months ago

    There are only FIVE media companies in the US: National Amusements(CBS), Disney(ABC), Time Warner(CNN), Comcast(NBC) & News Corp(Fox).
    First off, US politicians should wear racing jumpsuits w/SPONSOR patches. If you believe that our politicians are not already controlled by the Saudi's, look at the WARS we are in.
    The Press is suppose to be adversarial to the Govt. When the MSM & Govt talking points are the SAME, it's called propaganda.

  • Swifty
    Swifty 5 months ago +2

    I don't know if RT is right or wrong but the moment you let government decide news, it losses it's credibility.

  • About time for a Revolution

    *Long rant in defense of journalism*
    Extremely disappointed by this reporting of RT during this fight for free journalism. Taking that many quotes from from the DOJ and government officials makes people stop questioning those organizations when we have known their words aren’t always trustworthy.
    RT is a progressive channel. I watch Americans in America covering American news when I see one of their shows..... not foreign agents. I’m sure I’m gonna get labeled a bot for having this opinion, but I have 1 show I regularly watch on RT, and seen docs and a few other shows and its not anti American in any of those things....
    Covering news that doesn’t serve American corporations and special interests isn’t treason, and I’m glad someone’s funding channels like RT and Al Jazeera because we don’t get NEARLY ENOUGH international and in depth American news coverage in political media nowadays. I was clueless about my own country and the countries around the world before independent media started showing me what wasn’t covered.
    Those sites/shows as well as networks not funded by the MSM helped me understand what’s going on in a context that doesn’t intentionally try and manipulate you, but inform.
    A free press is the cornerstone of a sustainable democracy and if we have networks funded by other governments blocked by our own government and given a “foreign agent” stamp on their content, we no longer have a free press. Many of these people are Americans who have American ideals, and as journalists shouldn’t be banned because of who was willing to fund their reporting. If your views are too controversial for mainstream media, you will get fired or demoted into obscurity.
    Journalists in the US have learned, If you’re angry about wasted spending in the military budget, say, “let’s stop having so much war” feel no fear calling out people on both sides of the isle equally when they deserve it, or don’t hold the status quo for corporations and rich donors....... You have to find work at independent sites or get shows on foreign networks to keep being a journalist.
    If we ban these sites, it basically censors them and turns American mainstream media into state funded media. Why? Because the government agencies are the ones who are claiming these terrible things occur on channels from regions the USA already has beef with...... TVclip has started to comply because US industry doesn’t want those channels to have ad revenue.... WHAT A COINCIDENCE. Censoring any ACTUAL journalism starts dismantling free speech.
    If you read this far thanks.
    Check out both networks being red flagged by the establishment and mentioned in this video.... sample their content and listen for any actual reason that news would be able to threaten our country. It’s not gonna be easy.
    Seriously. This could be a MASSIVE step towards a more authoritarian media policy, in increasingly fascist government..... We really need things to go the other way around. We don’t want to end up with state run media.

  • steve johnson
    steve johnson 5 months ago


  • CouragePope
    CouragePope 5 months ago

    I hope the Jews have to register those bastards are always meddling with our country

  • Daniel Rene
    Daniel Rene 5 months ago

    Sup. Been a fan and follower of yourself since around freshman year. I'm 29. So I finally have gotten back to watching ya vids on a more consistent basis again. Love how you mash up all news and I can watch it anytime on TVclip. I know there's probably a reason your moving the news to that rocket site. I guess I'll just check it out in more detail before I comment on it. I hope you can watch video offline because I watch mostly on my train ride to work with no internet service.

  • Dado
    Dado 5 months ago

    Good info Philip, but whats your opinion?

  • Ilja Stalberg
    Ilja Stalberg 5 months ago

    Fuck the US intelligence they lie all the time to every one including them self and RT openly says they do have Russian Bias they show russian perspective and Journalism the do is much Much better then any US or EU produce in fact this 20 years Journalism in the west have gone down to be replaced with activism

  • KlumsyK
    KlumsyK 5 months ago

    ...of course in RUssia, the government singlehandedly controls all the major media and news outlets and actively cracks down on any dissenting thought expression. So RT complaining about US government interference with media freedom is pretty textbook hypocrisy.

  • Anon Nimus
    Anon Nimus 5 months ago

    Philip DeFraudo is Very Fake News.

  • Charla aka Survivor
    Charla aka Survivor 5 months ago

    Praline’s and Cream lol Hey Phil what do you think of 5g? Is it harmful to our eyes or is this another conspiracy theory? Would love to know what you think you Beautiful Bastard. ❤️😆😂🤣

  • Travis Walls
    Travis Walls 5 months ago

    Google shil.

  • Justin G
    Justin G 5 months ago

    Don't trust this trash can. He tried to cover up all the Google bs we discovered through project veritas...kys

  • FU LibiesAgain
    FU LibiesAgain 5 months ago

    Hey everyone... just so you know. Philip Defranco is a butt plug. He may secretly feel good, but if you keep him in to long he will fill you with shit.

  • Amber McNaughton
    Amber McNaughton 5 months ago

    Coconut Fudge

  • Thomas Thomas
    Thomas Thomas 5 months ago

    2 words , amphetamine salts aka meth amphetamine aka crystal meth.

  • DK داشر
    DK داشر 5 months ago

    Al Jazeera is full of bullshit because all they say is America is fucking itself up, Saudi Arabia is supporting the terrorist in Syria and Iraq. that’s all this shit news network is all about lies and manipulation (sorry for my bad grammar)

  • Jennifer Eisenberg
    Jennifer Eisenberg 5 months ago

    I see no problem with registration of news outlets that are foreign made/run in the United States. FARA May have been passed, but We’ve not really seen it enforced. Maybe more people working that department will be a good change, FARA doesn’t seem inherently cruel to foreign agents just difficult to deal with.

  • HAUEhuaheau91
    HAUEhuaheau91 5 months ago

    Hey Philip, are you going to cover the Google incident?

  • bamasteus
    bamasteus 5 months ago

    600 dislikes. I bet they want russia to interfere again.

  • Storm4155
    Storm4155 5 months ago

    Do not criticise America in any way. Freedom in America is well and truly dead. Then the Americans have the cheek to criticise press freedom and censorship in other countries like China.

  • Zach Winters
    Zach Winters 5 months ago

    Who tf would actually cooperate with this if they were trying to cause damage?

  • Arcana Imperii
    Arcana Imperii 5 months ago +2

    Philip Defranco should just officially announce he's working for the pentagon's propaganda wing.

  • Daniel Gyllenbreider
    Daniel Gyllenbreider 5 months ago

    The US political elite lecturing the world about democracy and various freedoms has always been incredibly offensive, hypocritical and for millions of people also deadly. When it comes to media: What we see from Russia and China and other countries are attempts to challenge the total world domination of US media and entertainment. The proportions here, the pot calling the kettle black, the completely shameless hypocrisy shown constantly by the US elite….yeah it leaves you speechless.

  • Daniel Gyllenbreider
    Daniel Gyllenbreider 5 months ago

    RT has the balls to call out Google meddling in politics, so of course there are powers wanting to make life difficult for true journalistic channels like RT and many others.

  • Shane Hartmann
    Shane Hartmann 5 months ago

    Rocky Road

  • Mark Lipka
    Mark Lipka 5 months ago

    Important information!

  • Irving Chies
    Irving Chies 5 months ago

    some RT documentaries are really good, but, from the getgo anyone can see the newsy part is plain propaganda and doesn't cover news in an unbiased manner

  • JohrnyReport
    JohrnyReport 5 months ago

    But google is allowed to completely shutdown the right.

    Yeah okay. Coward

  • MIDBC1
    MIDBC1 5 months ago

    Hitler did the same thing to foreign news companies before he kicked off his attempt at world domination......then it got to the point where all people were sent to jail or the concentration camps or executed on the spot if they were caught spreading or listening to foreign countries news

  • Lance Babcock
    Lance Babcock 5 months ago

    Black Raspberry, its smooth and creamy. Yes, I read the description.

  • ShatteredDreamer828
    ShatteredDreamer828 5 months ago

    You pronounced sunnis wrong, it’s pronounced ‘soonies’ (I am one)

  • Wayazaexa
    Wayazaexa 5 months ago +1

    That face and whole body language at 0:00 says you were just sitting there minding your own business and all of a sudden your dad walks by naked XD

  • powerplayerGK
    powerplayerGK 5 months ago


  • Miss Dor's daughter
    Miss Dor's daughter 5 months ago +1

    RT is not a propaganda outlet.

  • Owen A
    Owen A 5 months ago +1

    Aljazeera is faked news ever ever
    my uncle worked there in 2004-2008, and he said they are lying all the time. If the person come up with a news and became this important news and stress the situation in any country, especially an Arab country they give him a lot of money. They are supporting now Muslim brotherhood with Turkey who are the main reason of the wars in some Middle Eastern country especially Libya. Turkey and Qatar think they can control Middle East by creating wars to change governments and replace them with Muslim brotherhood who are following Turkey and Qatar. In 2016 UAE was almost going to war with Qatar because they almost successed on coup against the government of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, But Turkey sent troops to Qatar in the last moment to defend them.
    My uncle was really depressed and feeling guilty in that time so he quite.
    Sorry for the long comment but i really wanted to make it clear for people who don't know.
    I'm from Germany sorry for my bad English

  • david fernandez
    david fernandez 5 months ago

    I can't get behind our government limiting journalist freedoms because we have a history of pro-war propaganda from the government itself, examples: Vietnam and Iraq.

  • Kristin Marine
    Kristin Marine 5 months ago

    RT may gloss over the negatives of Russia sure, but their criticisms of the U.S. are spot on, it'd be ridiculous to try and mask them as "propaganda." To limit the reach of foreign reporters goes directly against the freedom of the press we pride ourselves on. Criticism from abroad is essential to understanding the faults of the U.S. so we can hopefully recognize them and eliminate them, and should always be welcomed.

  • freddy04123
    freddy04123 5 months ago

    I mean RT isn't wrong... Political corruption and corporate greed will lead to a financial collapse of the US. However we don't know when that will be.

  • Tamador Al Sulaiti
    Tamador Al Sulaiti 5 months ago

    I’m so sick and tired of the hypocrisy trademarked by the US government. How is a foreign news agency operating in the US worse than launching full-scale CIA operations to dismantle foreign governments for their own benefit?
    Also, give me a fucking break, if Al Jazeera registers, so does the BBC.

    AITHER 5 months ago

    A Democrat who formerly worked under Obama supports terrorist sympathizers... Is anybody surprised?

  • Becky C
    Becky C 5 months ago

    "Government Corruption and corporate greed will lead to the US financial collapse" doesn't sound like propaganda to me.... That's just the most likely scenario of the future

  • Ameya S
    Ameya S 5 months ago

    I don't think Qatar a dictator monarchy has any business lecturing us on freedom and journalism...funny how Al Jazeera doesn't criticize it's own monarchy but does all other monarchies in the region (and thinks they'll all be ok about it); nor does it cover the exploitation of foreign immigrants as slaves in Qatar's massive construction industry among many other of their misdeeds..