Venom Projected To Break October Opening Weekend Record

  • Published on Sep 14, 2018
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    John answers viewers questions about Sony's Venom movie projected box office take.
    Andy Coffee writes, With Venom now getting a PG-13 rating and we’re getting closer and closer to the release, I wanted to know what you think the film will do on opening weekend? Some were saying as low as $30 million. How do you think it’ll do?
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  • The Batman
    The Batman 7 months ago +1

    Over 500 million worldwide later wt 80 million opener... Hats off to venom

  • Giannhs Zarkas
    Giannhs Zarkas 9 months ago

    100 million plus opening weekend

  • Bobby Vee
    Bobby Vee 9 months ago

    I could see Venom breaking the record for October. That isn't a huge number to beat.

  • Clothy22
    Clothy22 9 months ago

    What if Venom makes a lot of money and is also very good. The executives at Sony might think, “You know what would make even more money? Spider-Man v Venom.” I’ve listened to your opinions on the matter John, but honestly I think Sony will want Spider-Man back regardless of how Venom does.

  • Clothy22
    Clothy22 9 months ago

    Like a turd, in the wind.

  • quokan
    quokan 9 months ago

    I’m thinking about 30-40 mill.

  • George Harry
    George Harry 9 months ago

    Not saying much october is the worst month for movies apparently

  • VikingofNature69
    VikingofNature69 9 months ago

    Nice Mcoc icon for Venom in the bottom left

  • Faydreams Mystic
    Faydreams Mystic 9 months ago

    yeeeeeah no not with they way the thing actually looks... i mean the vemon the sm3 looked better and thats saying somthing

  • Brandon Peralta
    Brandon Peralta 9 months ago +1

    i want r-rated venom film

    • John Carlos
      John Carlos 9 months ago

      In the new MCU opposite RR's Deadpool-averse

  • Fernando j r
    Fernando j r 9 months ago

    Is a venom
    Movie, he has a big following,

  • Darwyn Palencia
    Darwyn Palencia 9 months ago

    Can't wait to see this movie

  • I don't get likes
    I don't get likes 9 months ago +1

    Venoms already a disappointment if it's not projected to make more than antman opening weekend or overall.

  • George Lucas
    George Lucas 9 months ago +1

    Narrator: It didn't.

  • G -Watch
    G -Watch 9 months ago +2

    I hope Halloween kicks venoms ass

  • bombus467
    bombus467 9 months ago +1

    A “spider-man universe” WITHOUT spider-man? That is what WHO wants to see John??

    • 1D4ever
      1D4ever 9 months ago

      bombus467 Exactly makes no sense

  • Jakazu
    Jakazu 9 months ago

    What if venom does well and Sony wants Spiderman still?

  • Gregg Perez
    Gregg Perez 9 months ago

    I need my movie pass to survive long enough to see Venom😂

  • JQ
    JQ 9 months ago +4

    I personally don't know anyone who is going to go see Venom. Most of my friends agree it just doesn't look good at all, Venom himself looks off, the CGI looks sub par, the dialogue is horrible, and it feels like a movie from the early 2000's.
    Also, I see it the other way around. If Venom does well, Sony will pull Spider-man from the MCU to square off against Venom in their own movies but if it tanks they will work out a long term deal for Spidey to stay in the MCU.

    • Mad Jack
      Mad Jack 7 months ago

      well i got a story for you x)

    • George Harry
      George Harry 9 months ago

      oX Poo Xo the dialogue is spot on but ya it does seem pretty lame it’ll only be pg 13 and still won’t have spiderman in it. Still tho that dialogue is directly pulled from the comics. “Turd in the wind” does sound lame but his character was invented in the 90s. Turd in the wind is spot on for the 90s

  • Top5NoQuestions
    Top5NoQuestions 9 months ago +2

    I believe it'll open around 80 to 90 million. Y'all just don't know how many people are pumped for this movie. Even people I didn't even think knew about Venom are ready to see it.

  • Top5NoQuestions
    Top5NoQuestions 9 months ago +1

    That bad ass trailer did it. I know so many people excited to see it.

  • Hitmonkey
    Hitmonkey 9 months ago +3

    I think between $50-65m opening with a huge drop-off in the second weekend. Also breaking the October record isn't impressive when hardly any other big movies have ever been released in the month.

  • The Narrator
    The Narrator 9 months ago +1

    I feel like Halloween could do better than venom. Never forget the juggernaut IT of september

    • The Narrator
      The Narrator 9 months ago

      Adrian Steven Din I’m not hating on it. I really hope it’s good. Sony just worries me a bit. I just think Halloween is going to be a humongous film. It’s going to be the biggest horror film released close to Halloween in years.

    • Adrian Steven Din
      Adrian Steven Din 9 months ago

      Dude venom is a marvel film how can halloween beat this movie and why do people hate this movie so freakin much????

  • We Are Rip City
    We Are Rip City 9 months ago

    No way this movie does under 40mill as some were saying. Venom does at least 55-60. HUGE cult following and people love Tom Hardy

  • Tramaine Terrance
    Tramaine Terrance 9 months ago

    I'll be there to support Venom.

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith 9 months ago +7

    The graphic 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Izzy Meh-Zone
    Izzy Meh-Zone 9 months ago +1

    Sony is making the film on 100 million dollars budget. So, opening weekend is going to be interesting. I hope the film does well, but I don't see a lot mainstream folks going out of their way to

  • FaB92 N
    FaB92 N 9 months ago

    Its Venom. So much Famous !
    70M$ Opening Domestic US

  • JonnySuite13
    JonnySuite13 9 months ago +1

    How much money would it really make, if it was rated R?

    • Yxng Aj
      Yxng Aj 9 months ago

      Probably at least 30 or 27 or atleast 46m

  • The_Artistic_Movieman 98
    The_Artistic_Movieman 98 9 months ago +15

    I have faith in this movie!

    • Adrian Steven Din
      Adrian Steven Din 9 months ago

      @Akeem Whatever hater

    • Akeem
      Akeem 9 months ago

      Kristopher Victorian you’re expectant faith is disturbing

  • Nalidus
    Nalidus 9 months ago +1

    Well, to be fair, if it comes in at $20 mil, then Sony execs will be popping bottles. Just, different types of bottles.

  • Said Charanek
    Said Charanek 9 months ago

    am i wrong to still think sony should keep the Spidey License? tbh id rather them have the property and include venom and all in the films then have them separate. sure sony isnt consistent with positive reviewed movies but at least we can have a light/dark version of the characters and step into that darker world of spiderman, whereas disney Marvel studios at this point wont go that route.
    hence my slight disappointment in xmen returning to marvel

    • 1D4ever
      1D4ever 9 months ago

      Spiderman in the MCU Xmen and stay separate

  • Shellyman Studios
    Shellyman Studios 9 months ago +11

    A $65-$70 million opening is a good reasonable spot for Venom.

    • Mad Jack
      Mad Jack 7 months ago

      how about 80 million opening in the us and China $110 Million lmfao dang venom destroyed

    • justin nolan
      justin nolan 9 months ago

      @Supersky GMNG if Sony fails they take Spiderman back from marvel.......

    • Adrian Steven Din
      Adrian Steven Din 9 months ago

      @Supersky GMNG Lol why would you want a film to be bad that doesnt make sense!!!!!!! LOL

    • Ajay
      Ajay 9 months ago

      @Jakazu and ****u

    • Ajay
      Ajay 9 months ago

      @Supersky GMNG **** u

  • Respected Knight
    Respected Knight 9 months ago +8

    RT: 25%
    CinemaScore: B-
    OW: 45 million
    Total: 105 million
    WW: 375 million

    • nickoli singh
      nickoli singh 8 months ago +1

      lol am coming back here to laugh cuz i believe its gonna open above 75 million

    • Adrian Steven Din
      Adrian Steven Din 9 months ago

      @Real Paranormal Oahu i know my comment is pointless i forgot to read your whole comment.Sorry about that.

    • Real Paranormal Oahu
      Real Paranormal Oahu 9 months ago

      @Adrian Steven Din, aren't all predictions assumptions? So wouldn't it make make all predictions stupid? Which in turn makes your comment pointless?

    • Adrian Steven Din
      Adrian Steven Din 9 months ago

      What a stupid prediction😂😂😂 that is too low

    • John Carlos
      John Carlos 9 months ago

      I'll take the under....on all of those

  • Rose Ryan
    Rose Ryan 9 months ago

    I don't know why anyone is surprised at projected opening numbers. A lot of comic book fans love Venom ( even if they dislike that the film doesn't have the Spidey angle) and a lot of regular movie goers like horror films. At the very least, it has those fans are on board and even those who think Sony will screw it up, will be curious. I, personally, have no interest in seeing the film, but can understand how others will want to be there opening weekend
    Sony won't be happy with just making a profit; they netted 70 million on the last Spidey film that they made. It wasn't enough for them to keep the franchise going. If the film has critical success as well as Box Office, then they're on to something.

    • Supersky GMNG
      Supersky GMNG 9 months ago +1

      Rose Ryan yeah, I don't see this ending well for them at all. Hell, not gonna even see it since I don't want to support this stupid idea of a spider-less universe

    • Rose Ryan
      Rose Ryan 9 months ago

      Sony is much like WB in their thinking, always putting the cart before the horse. If it does fail, they'll either continue with what they have announced or they will completely retool their thinking on their 'universe'. At this point, it's premature to think that people won't like the film. Sony will just need to cross that bridge IF that happens.

    • Supersky GMNG
      Supersky GMNG 9 months ago +1

      Rose Ryan but if isn’t we’ll received and barely makes any money, then why continue if people didn’t like the first film

  • Željko Popović
    Željko Popović 9 months ago +4

    After PG13 announcement, I dont think so

    • Mad Jack
      Mad Jack 7 months ago

      i have a story for you :3 .....

    • ice man
      ice man 9 months ago

      @Josh Perkins
      You can't compare any comic book movie to the dark knight because those movies were directed by Christopher Nolan who is probably one of the best film directors of the modern era. Warner Brothers can't even mimic those movies which is why BvS was such a miss for the studio because they tried to mimic Nolan's "Dark" portal and it completely went sideways on them. Second you might get a little blood in a PG-13 film but and by "GUTS" what you really mean is Gore which they aren't allowed to show if the film is rated PG-13 so get your facts straight. Three I never said all comic book movies should be R, I do believe however there are certain characters that work better and do fit that model. Wolverine, Deadpool, Venom, could all work within the confines of a PG-13 film however going R rated let's you tell a better story because the director has alot more creative control which means a better overall movie if it's done right. Also you have characters that can only work in and R-rated setting, Blade, Punisher, Moonknight, and in this case most specifically Carnage. Who from all the rumors is supposed to show up as a cameo and this film and with out that R rated stamp you can never do him justice in a live action film.

    • ice man
      ice man 9 months ago

      @Josh Perkins
      Get over it? If this is a solo Venom film without spiderman then why wouldn't you go R-rated? It makes no sense at all, and your wrong Venom dosent warrant an R-rating for nudity or some shit like that. Swearing yes but more than anything fuck blood, Venom needs to have gore. And I dont care what anyone says you can get away with Venom in PG-13, he'll suck but there is no way you can do Carnage any kind of justice unless he's in an R-rated movie.

  • Warrantedspeaker
    Warrantedspeaker 9 months ago

    Don't underestimate ASIB though. I believe the projections are pretty conservative at the moment.

  • Artzy Anthony
    Artzy Anthony 9 months ago +2

    Sony should quit while they're ahead. Spider-Man shouldn't be franchised into its own cinematic universe. Just stick with the Marvel • Disney plan, at least that won't fail!

  • Hunter Jonas
    Hunter Jonas 9 months ago +6

    Great video John like always, but the star of this video was that graphic! I couldn’t take my eyes off of it!

  • Desmond Johnson
    Desmond Johnson 9 months ago

    John you know how much venom has to make to pull in a profit do you know what the budget was

    • Supersky GMNG
      Supersky GMNG 9 months ago

      Respected Knight and we have to add marketing budget to that as well, so if the total is 200 million and they have to make double to break even, then they’re gonna have problems

    • Respected Knight
      Respected Knight 9 months ago

      100 million

    • señor eric
      señor eric 9 months ago

      Desmond Johnson and??