Natalie Portman Is a Human Wikipedia


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  • Jose Ignacio Osorio Ponce

    Go0d song..

  • ari
    ari 9 days ago

    PADME 🖤

  • Роза Турегельдинова

    Her laugh...😍

  • MicrowaveBackground
    MicrowaveBackground 15 days ago

    Who wouldn't wanna dock his canoe in Natalie's port, man

  • Maxi. the.1st
    Maxi. the.1st 16 days ago

    She looks so beautiful, so smart.

  • Xiomara Ramirez
    Xiomara Ramirez 21 day ago

    Natalie carries herself with such beautiful elegance

  • Let's Dil Merkezi 00905346967077

    I am impressed she is even better than meD::D

  • Charlie Theroux
    Charlie Theroux Month ago

    When was the Felon released?

  • King Ugly
    King Ugly Month ago

    She is so gorgeous kill me now.

  • Tom Coyne
    Tom Coyne Month ago

    She is the best

  • Robert Harris
    Robert Harris Month ago

    I’ve loved this woman since I was 11.

  • J Bro
    J Bro 2 months ago

    "Let her go Anakin! LET HER GO!"

  • bete bet
    bete bet 2 months ago

    natellite portman weird white guy fans are so annoying usually the same white guys that like asian girls

  • Sirius XXX
    Sirius XXX 2 months ago

    I love her 😂❤

  • Sirius XXX
    Sirius XXX 2 months ago

    She's so cute!

  • Mahmuda Kabir Moni
    Mahmuda Kabir Moni 3 months ago

    I don't really get too much happy time...I saw some good videos related to me this I don't want to ruin it. Nobody would do I guess .

  • Ramez Ernest
    Ramez Ernest 3 months ago


  • Maxie Braxton
    Maxie Braxton 3 months ago

    Why is a human being close to perfection?

  • Happy Saint
    Happy Saint 3 months ago

    1:03 fake laughter

  • Mercedita Jarabejo
    Mercedita Jarabejo 4 months ago

    One of favorite actress in Hollywood.With brain and beauty:)

  • Davis Meng
    Davis Meng 4 months ago

    Fuck You

  • elisabeth moss
    elisabeth moss 5 months ago

    she’s so lovely

  • Anghela Brigitte
    Anghela Brigitte 5 months ago

    Love her love her love her love her

  • Facundo Cabral
    Facundo Cabral 5 months ago

    Jimmy Shut The F_ck Up and let her talk!!!

  • elcarmi
    elcarmi 5 months ago

    BAE 😍

  • Anouk van Sas
    Anouk van Sas 5 months ago

    Beautiful, smart, great mom, sweet & an activist. SHE IS P E R F E C T ❤️

    GIRISH REDDY 5 months ago

    She's so beautiful.

  • JP Angeles
    JP Angeles 5 months ago

    She's not that smart

  • Fuzzyscarfandmittens
    Fuzzyscarfandmittens 6 months ago

    It's called being curious and actually wanting to know what things are. Funnily enough I remember searching for the same thing trying to find out the history of this song and what it meant. The truth is, half of it is jibberish. The writers heard some people singing these lyrics during Mardi Gras, they wrote down what they thought they were saying, and built a song around it. And nobody is quite sure exactly what the people were originally saying except, like she says, it has it's roots in creole.

  • Inima Djanna Farkas Istvan

    So am I. Also a gemini. I love knowledge

  • ASPECT 00
    ASPECT 00 7 months ago

    Anyone else listen to Natalie’s rap,by the lonely island

  • Nina Kowalik
    Nina Kowalik 7 months ago

    I'm not that into her type of beauty, but she's really good actress

  • Willie Saleh
    Willie Saleh 7 months ago

    her sucks are cleaner than all the Arabic leaders put together

  • gael crane
    gael crane 7 months ago

    I’ve seen her on other shows, she always talks about going to Harvard, she’s obnoxious as hell and so very impressed with herself. A big time phony!!!

  • Mandy Hortense
    Mandy Hortense 7 months ago

    I can see why Annakin was trippin over this bish

  • ceplio
    ceplio 7 months ago +1

    Idk why but I literally retain everything so i guess im wikipedia too lol

  • Ken Ivler
    Ken Ivler 7 months ago

    I wanna clone her.

  • cowgirl boots
    cowgirl boots 7 months ago

    Rip padme

  • Kepler-22516 8507
    Kepler-22516 8507 7 months ago

    natalie portman has got to be the most beautiful and sexiest person i'ver ever seen. and when i say beautiful and sexy, i'm not talking simply about her physical attributes. she's very charming and classy.

  • Jane Burton
    Jane Burton 7 months ago +1

    Best example that youre not stupid just because your pretty. #nosexism

  • Christopher Cambronero
    Christopher Cambronero 7 months ago +1

    Nathalie i love you!!!!!

  • Claude Maassen
    Claude Maassen 7 months ago

    Jimmy has to learn to stop mumbling and speak clearly.

  • Cristi323
    Cristi323 8 months ago

    U gotta love Natalie!

  • Gaia shanti
    Gaia shanti 8 months ago

    She is so beautifull and charming and will always be. Love to see her

  • nejmeddine bardi
    nejmeddine bardi 8 months ago

    Miss portman dior

  • hannah
    hannah 8 months ago

    what is going on here

  • John Kramer
    John Kramer 8 months ago

    It's not that hard for an Israeli spy to get into Harvard. Great actress though.

  • Melissa Burdick
    Melissa Burdick 8 months ago

    Well we know she has taste, JIMMY

  • doug jackson
    doug jackson 8 months ago

    why would she wear a dress that covers her boobs?

  • Gayatri Borpatra Gohain

    She speaks so slow, but in a graceful way! Loved her demure..💗💗

  • Rich Chigga
    Rich Chigga 8 months ago


  • Rich Chigga
    Rich Chigga 8 months ago


  • Sarah Lynn Jones
    Sarah Lynn Jones 8 months ago

    She plays in my two favorite movie series Star Warsand she's in Thor

  • Kim Wagner
    Kim Wagner 8 months ago

    This is my life...

  • Anish Poddar
    Anish Poddar 8 months ago

    Her head seems disproportionately large with respect to the rest of her body

  • Bigya Chettri
    Bigya Chettri 8 months ago

    Where is the asking part

  • P P
    P P 8 months ago

    Ur A Master Natalie,
    Ur A Master ...

  • Zero
    Zero 8 months ago

    what does jimmy say at 2:46?

  • Sara S
    Sara S 8 months ago

    she's intelligent, she's a talented actor, she's a genuine badass... leave some qualities for the rest of us too, natalie

  • The Beana Lisa
    The Beana Lisa 9 months ago

    Oh man. When you go to an Ivy League school, EVERYBODY BE ASKIN' YOU 'BOUT IT. It's a bit annoying, but you get over it. since you acknowledge the deeply apparent fact that your prefrontal cortex mechanism functions at a higher capacity than that of the commonplace Homo sapien.

  • Malik Afzal
    Malik Afzal 9 months ago


  • mac3362
    mac3362 9 months ago

    Thank you for existing , Natalie Portman

  • Tojo Dirchi
    Tojo Dirchi 9 months ago

    Is it just me or Natalie's head is looking extremely big compared to her body

  • mgepty12
    mgepty12 9 months ago

    got a pretty big head

  • Drift Away
    Drift Away 9 months ago

    SHE is the perfect women.

  • Burak Anıl İnce
    Burak Anıl İnce 9 months ago


  • Ozzylad 123
    Ozzylad 123 9 months ago

    Wow KIERA KNIGHTLEY looks a lot younger !

  • Yogita Sharma
    Yogita Sharma 9 months ago +1

    Millie Bobby Brown looks like her!!

  • Airan Medeiros De Lima
    Airan Medeiros De Lima 10 months ago

    Excelente atriz 👏👏👏

  • How T
    How T 10 months ago

    what idiot wouldn't let Natalie Portman into there school? she's probably not a genius but it makes their school look that much better having nat walk around campus duh lol

    • Ed Kaye
      Ed Kaye 3 months ago

      Wrong. She graduated Valedictorian of (the #1 student ranking) of Syosset high school in 1999 with a GPA of 4.0. Get your facts straight.

  • New illuminati
    New illuminati 10 months ago +1

    But wikipedia have lots of wrong information lol

  • Gbate Dating
    Gbate Dating 10 months ago

    Intelligent lady

  • Sunilmahesh Babu
    Sunilmahesh Babu 10 months ago

    Love you baby

  • Chazy Minoda
    Chazy Minoda 10 months ago

    This woman wins at life..

  • demonichi des
    demonichi des 10 months ago

    Did you notice she has really short arms, compared to the rest of her body 🤔

  • C J
    C J 10 months ago

    Jimmy Fallon has got to be my fav night show. I don’t like the others.

  • crv
    crv 10 months ago

    When stupid people think a piece of paper or a fancy school means anything. I definitely don't know if she's smart or not. I don't interact with her.

  • Vishesh Singh
    Vishesh Singh 10 months ago

    Defination of a classy women.

  • bender
    bender 10 months ago

    Natalie portman and gal gadot are two of most favorite actresses of all time

  • punkcrown
    punkcrown 10 months ago

    i live in a third world country and have 0.000000001 chance to get into harvard cause money but i would love SOOO much to get into it :(

  • ardasounds
    ardasounds 10 months ago

    She giggles so cute.

  • Syed Faeq
    Syed Faeq 11 months ago

    Lets not forget that that BA degree from Harvard was in *dramatic pause for effect* psychology. Now you now a university has made it when you're respected even for getting a psychology degree from it. Its as useful as getting a degree in English Literature. LOL.

  • Yolo USA
    Yolo USA 11 months ago


  • DreamDemonify
    DreamDemonify 11 months ago


  • Shell Angel
    Shell Angel 11 months ago

    Guys, the Psychic Twins have a new ghost video TRENDING #6!

  • e
    e 11 months ago

    Harvard AFTER she gained her celebrity status. I would still spend my life with her in a heartbeat, but she isn't some Mozart.

  • ultaa coz.
    ultaa coz. 11 months ago

    Jimmy please shut the fuck up when you interview, I need to listen u guess to answers your questions not your stupid joke.

  • Nix
    Nix 11 months ago

    she says 'wikkepedia'

  • Sovereign
    Sovereign 11 months ago +1

    The most perfect woman in the world

    • Joe Coe
      Joe Coe 11 months ago

      Sovereign Still?

  • diego altamirano
    diego altamirano 11 months ago

    Is Jimmy going to let her talk sometime??? Or the whole "interview" is about him interrupting her?

  • Edgar takio
    Edgar takio 11 months ago


  • Doogle Ticker
    Doogle Ticker 11 months ago

    Is Jimmy drooling? Or is that me?

  • angel gu
    angel gu 11 months ago

    oh mathilda from the movie "leon" 😍

  • Patrick Todd
    Patrick Todd 11 months ago +1

    "Its only because I'm so in love."

  • Dr. Villiam
    Dr. Villiam 11 months ago

    She's seems so bland compared to the way she acts on screen.

  • Dr. Villiam
    Dr. Villiam 11 months ago

    Is it me or is Natalie Portman giving Jimmy Fallon a does of his own medicine with all the fake courtesy laugh.

  • Harry Boland
    Harry Boland 11 months ago

    There's no finer ass than a Jewish girl can take that to the bank.

    KONSERVATIV_ORK 11 months ago

    Say NO to Jewish control of media

  • Philip Bell
    Philip Bell 11 months ago

    Are her breasts still in budding mode?

  • Pujaarchana Talukdar
    Pujaarchana Talukdar 11 months ago +1

    She's perfect!