#33 The Making of Babel fish candy for Towel Day 2016

  • Published on May 15, 2016
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    On our equipment from the late 1800's we make a batch of Victorian fish that are pina colada flavored. We are using equipment one of our oldest peice of equipment, dating from before the civil war. You can buy our candies at www.pd.net
    Now for the rules for our on-line Poetry Contest.
    The Vogon Poetry contest.
    Rules: The worst original poem will win as judged by us. No appeal is possible.
    Poems must be both posted to this thread, and sent to vogon@pd.net to be considered for this contest. We must get the poems by midnight on the 24th, Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-5). Late entries will go to the spam folder.
    Contestants will be judged on the 25th at the Slam. They will be judged by the staff of Lofty Pursuits and anyone who is standing around and willing to judge. There tends to be a very small willing judging pool. If you come to Lofty Pursuits that night and plan to try to swing the judging by becoming a judge; bring beer.
    We hold the right to narrow the contestants before the slam. I admit to being unclear on if the number of contents will be narrowed, or each of the contestants themselves will be narrowed. It stands to be an interesting night.
    All winners give us the right to do whatever we want with the poems.
    Haiku's may be judged in a sub category.
    We plan to edit this description and post the winners. Depending on the amount of beer that it will take to judge this contest, that may take a few days. Be patient
    We will e-mail the winner and let them know if they won to get their shipping address. We will send candy. No idea how much candy. I think it depends on where you live. If you are overseas, we may be cheap and send the lightest package possible.
    Short poems have a better chance of making the cut to be read and judged.
    Longer poems have a better chance of burning longer to start that evenings bonfire.
    Paul Neil Milne Johnstone is no longer allowed to enter poems.
    All poems must meet 1986 minivan safety standards. Do not taunt poems.
    There is no judging criteria, but this is in a kid friendly shop. Non-kid friendly poems will not be considered.
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  • One Card Short
    One Card Short 8 days ago

    Is Pina Colada supposed to be in lieu of Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster flavor?

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  8 days ago

      I couldn't get the gold bar to dissolve in the sugar.

  • Air_
    Air_ 13 days ago

    Please tell me the music I’m begging you.

  • Kaysler
    Kaysler 22 days ago

    What happened with the bad poetry contest

  • Ron McKickass
    Ron McKickass Month ago

    its december 1 2018 and at the time of the video he said he had 50k subs. I look at it right now and it says 406k subs. Glad to see this guy is doing well. I have liked these candies for a long time now.

  • Kilara Dietrich
    Kilara Dietrich Month ago

    @lofty pursuits. Watching this vid late as I'm buying some babel fish that's out now. I love it just watched your black berry goth candy canes...you really do know everyone... I'm still in awe that you met Douglas Adams. 😁😍🤩

  • redPANDA Quote
    redPANDA Quote Month ago

    The so long and thanks for all the fish is honestly the best thing to come out of the remake movie. There is a special place in my heart for Douglas's most popular series.

  • Alan Higgins
    Alan Higgins Month ago

    42, the "Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything".

  • jealousharibo
    jealousharibo 2 months ago

    This voice-over reminds me of Welcome to the Night Vale both in terms of the sound and the type of informations we acquire.

  • Juan Sanchez
    Juan Sanchez 2 months ago

    oh no! I see you getting burned by the pot at @1:41 :(

  • sharkrunaway
    sharkrunaway 2 months ago

    This music is giving me anxiety....

  • Sam Dickenson
    Sam Dickenson 2 months ago

    As a big H2G2 fan, I applaude you for this.

  • legofanguyvid
    legofanguyvid 3 months ago

    This sounds like an expensive candy, but you ever make a candy with saffron?

  • Najey Rifai
    Najey Rifai 3 months ago

    You should have made it Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster flavor.

  • TheCptCoy
    TheCptCoy 3 months ago

    Do you sit strapped into Poetry Appreciation Chairs when you judge?

  • Jerry Giesler
    Jerry Giesler 3 months ago

    What's that white powder on top of the molten candy? Citric acid?

  • Jupiterninja95
    Jupiterninja95 4 months ago

    The fact it filled 42 bags fills me with immense joy

  • Racheal Venegas
    Racheal Venegas 4 months ago

    What about a candy for A Wrinkle in Time. .. or The Giver?

  • Gabriel Morgenstern
    Gabriel Morgenstern 5 months ago

    My family lives in Florida so next time i visit ill go there.

  • Aiden Blanckenberg
    Aiden Blanckenberg 6 months ago +1

    This is the most worst video ever

  • Teh42blue42
    Teh42blue42 6 months ago

    I really wanna know what Paul johnstone did to be banned from submitting poems

  • cyko phor
    cyko phor 7 months ago


  • lesslighter
    lesslighter 8 months ago

    anything but Vogon poetry..

  • The Lord And Savior Tachanky Kang

    I got a small tail from a damfino bag and ordered 2 bags, best purchase

  • Mia J
    Mia J 11 months ago

    Finally got around to ordering some fish, glad I did. Going to get another bag for a friend turning 42 soon.

  • Yo Baby Guuurrrlll


  • Hyde K Vanshdadd
    Hyde K Vanshdadd Year ago

    The statics are pissing me off :l

  • Cameron Jackson
    Cameron Jackson Year ago

    Lol, That's hilarious that you ended up with 42 bags.

  • Joseph Pignataro
    Joseph Pignataro Year ago

    Bought it, stuck it in ear, 10/10 would (and did actually) buy again!

  • Rylan Stoner
    Rylan Stoner Year ago +1

    Pineapple is my most favorite flavor and plant. It originated from pioneers felling the plant. They said that it looked like a apple and felt like a pinecone. Thats the origin of the word pineapple

  • Krystal Kvidera
    Krystal Kvidera Year ago

    Ugh I wish I was a candy maker

  • Gammergirl2016 cool

    Stop with the static noises it's not funny

  • Mao mau
    Mao mau Year ago

    that's such an amazing story about douglas adams!

  • H Maas
    H Maas Year ago

    Love the Hitchhiker's homage.

  • Jenny Betts
    Jenny Betts Year ago

    Love that book

  • anyjen
    anyjen Year ago +1

    For health reasons I can't have candy anymore, but I can still enjoy seeing it made. Thanks for uploading these videos! My favourites are the ones where the rollers show up. :)

  • Olive InPeace
    Olive InPeace Year ago

    Thanks for all the..... uh the great story and the candy

  • Ali Cat Supports Melanie

    Roses r wet
    Violets r wet
    Everything is wet
    It's raining

  • Chris Hutchins
    Chris Hutchins Year ago

    damn babel fish.

  • vaiojoe
    vaiojoe Year ago


  • Emma can't come up with a creative username

    I just love his voice like it's so calming

  • rainbow Flower
    rainbow Flower Year ago

    When is towel day?

  • Babel Fish
    Babel Fish Year ago +2

    I approve.

  • Babel Fish
    Babel Fish Year ago +3

    I approve.

    • Chris Walford
      Chris Walford 9 months ago

      Babel Fish : would you run for President now?

  • Mark W
    Mark W Year ago +2

    I stuck the damn fish in my ear. THEN I saw this video :(

  • Alyss93
    Alyss93 Year ago

    New life goal - make it to Lofty Pursuits for Towel Day.

  • HydraTheHusky
    HydraTheHusky Year ago

    What do you do to the sugar to make it liquid like that? Sorry if this is a stupid question

  • parker benz
    parker benz Year ago

    Just stopped by lofty pursuits, picked up a bag of this candy and the flavor is amazing! I somehow managed to arrive to your store JUST as the candy reached 310 degrees, and watched you make some chocolate flavored heart drop candy for a birthday party! Very cool and hopefully I can see you make more candy another day soon!

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  Year ago

      +parker benz Good possibility of me making candy between 11 and 5

    • parker benz
      parker benz Year ago

      Lofty Pursuits great! Making any candy monday? Im going to have to stop by again to get more babel fish!

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  Year ago

      +parker benz yes. 7am till 10pm

    • parker benz
      parker benz Year ago

      Lofty Pursuits ah, are you guys open labor day?

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  Year ago

      +parker benz we make some most days, but when varies a lot.

  • Kyle
    Kyle Year ago

    So when customers purchased these candies, upon leaving did they say, "so long and thanks for all the fish!"

  • A Rocket Booster
    A Rocket Booster Year ago


  • Nimmo1492
    Nimmo1492 Year ago

    You've gained a subscriber from a fellow Douglas Adams fan.

  • ariesegamesofwar
    ariesegamesofwar Year ago

    I AM MADE NOW YOU ARE I AM MAN NO I'M STAR my vogon poetry

  • [sic]
    [sic] Year ago

    Ach! I can't hear over the music.

  • Sebastian The Hot Sauce Dude

    So long and thanks for all the 🎏!!!

  • Loïc P
    Loïc P Year ago

    Wouldn't it be more practical to use powdered food coloring?

    • Loïc P
      Loïc P Year ago

      Lofty Pursuits thanks for the reply, I wish I could taste the stuff you make but it's gonna cost a lot if it's shipped to Belgium :(

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  Year ago

      +Loïc P powdered food coloring needs to dissolve in water. Cook sugar for my candy has almost no water in it. The powdered stuff just ends up looking like green suspended in the candy. That being said if you ever need any powdered food coloring I have a lot I'm not using.

  • extremelyhappysimmer

    EXACTLY 42 bags? No way!

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  Year ago

      +extremelyhappysimmer yes it was not planned. We normally get a little bit more than that but we had a couple of Bunches of Rejects. I've not used that roller before that day so I made a mistake or two on the first strip couple of strips and lost some stock. When was backing it up I counted for inventory and just stopped for a minute and realize how perfect life could be

  • Greg Scott
    Greg Scott Year ago +1

    Greg, when you add color, you use a spoon that looks like plastic-- but it can't be plastic, right? The sugar is so hot a plastic spoon would melt on the spot. Are the spoons wood?

    NEK MINUT Year ago

    So long so long and thanks for all the fish. Who's singing that

  • PrincessCadence2012


  • Tatzme
    Tatzme Year ago

    I'm jealous that you got to meet Douglas Adams... I wish I would have too. RIP

  • Boshua Borman
    Boshua Borman Year ago +2

    Does it translate Irish accents?

  • Kamal Rowe
    Kamal Rowe Year ago

    I'm about 65% through all of the books and I have to say this video and your story were both amazing and so well timed.
    I'm really glad I was able to find this before they start the highway construction project for a hyperspace express route.

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  Year ago

      get to the end, you'll find the video was filmed on the rebuilt earth

  • Danny Palm
    Danny Palm Year ago

    This would have been great if not for the static sound, its super loud and ruins the video for me, sadly.

  • Heather Gross
    Heather Gross Year ago

    I would just like to thank you. This video is what made me read Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and I will be forever thankful. It is now one of my favorite books. Thank you.

  • Rebecca Stein
    Rebecca Stein Year ago

    I wish I had known about towel day. Lol

  • Kerry Godbout
    Kerry Godbout Year ago

    These are fantastic!

  • LoudmouthLlama
    LoudmouthLlama Year ago

    Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy YESSS

  • Shaun Cartwright
    Shaun Cartwright Year ago

    My uncle has that book in his bathroom lol

  • Cat_ _b
    Cat_ _b Year ago

    My last English teacher loves this book I'm screaming next yeah I'm ordering these fish candies for my teacher

  • Dopeyquazar X
    Dopeyquazar X Year ago

    I don't know what it is about your channel but I really love watching

  • DCVertigo
    DCVertigo Year ago

    I would have loved to see a Tea flavoured candy for towel day, Arthur Dent would approve.

  • Ayden Williams
    Ayden Williams Year ago

    Damn if I wasn't late to the contest I would have submitted the poem I made in my English class. It was soooooooooo bad.

  • hall0w33nb0y
    hall0w33nb0y Year ago

    I'm 14 and have no money and my parents don't understand how much I want your candy! They say it's a waste as I can buy candy everywhere if you ever do a giveaway pleeassssee include the uk

  • BahstX
    BahstX Year ago

    Hoopiest Frood since Douglas Adams himself....It seems i'm living in the wrong state...

  • Maria Kotter
    Maria Kotter Year ago

    If I were going to perform at a Vogon poetry slam, I would spend weeks preparing and finally walk up to the mic, then spend three minutes and 42 seconds exactly screaming, snorting, smacking, screeching, and clearing my throat into the mic.

  • Jaime B
    Jaime B Year ago

    My daughter just showed me your channel! Loving all your con stories, but this one and the TARDIS were hands-down the best. 😊 And exactly 42 bags of babel fish...awesome. Keep up the great work!

  • Colorfull Cute
    Colorfull Cute Year ago

    aww I reallly wanted to buy some because I love fish shaped candies but I hate pina colada.
    Does anyone know if they made any Cotton candy favored candy?

  • Phantom Feline
    Phantom Feline Year ago

    Oh my goodness it's Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy!!!!

  • Imp Again!~
    Imp Again!~ Year ago

    It was highly improbably that the batch would make 42 bags, but clearly not impossible!

    • Imp Again!~
      Imp Again!~ Year ago

      Lofty Pursuits haha, all is forgiven! You're one of the least benightedly unintelligent organic forms it's been my profound lack of pleasure not to have been able to avoid following. :D

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  Year ago +1

      Oh, did not pick up on that. I hope you can forgive me. I hear you have a heart of gold.

    • Imp Again!~
      Imp Again!~ Year ago

      Apologies, I thought you said in the video that it yielded 42 bags. Infinite Improbability jokes and so forth

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  Year ago

      +Imp Again!~ No, the yeald of that size batch is 30-45 bags depending on scrap.

  • Heather Darrow
    Heather Darrow Year ago

    I'm surprised you didn't go with lemon for this candy, a nod to the Pangalactic Gargle Blaster. XD

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  Year ago +1

      +Heather Darrow Most people don't know this but gold bricks are Pina colada flavored. Just saying.

  • Lisa Jennings
    Lisa Jennings Year ago

    What an incredible story about meeting Douglas Adams. I am a fan of the books as well so I can only imagine how much of a treat that was! Pizza with a legend!!!! Thank you so much for sharing. Sorry to have missed all the towell day festivities, I hope it was hypnotic. :)

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  Year ago +1

      +Lisa Jennings fandom in the early 1980s was very different than it is now. I don't enjoy it now it's a whole lot less personal.

  • Juanita Sparkes
    Juanita Sparkes Year ago +1

    This scene is one of my most favorite from the original HHGTTG!!!! I LOVE this scene... I am so glad you included it in your video!!!! :D

  • April Pendley
    April Pendley Year ago

    Before getting cancer and having to have a hysterectomy, we we going to name our firstborn boy Douglas Adam. HG2G saved my life in high school.

  • edens edge
    edens edge Year ago

    That was a great story, I really enjoy how personal you make almost all your videos, I appreciate your willingness to share with the rest of us.

  • Dami Nooki
    Dami Nooki Year ago +1

    So our local candy shop is very similar to yours, but uses a custom made cooling table (1943, Berlin is the original date and location) and a drop roller which a woodworker recently designed is being used there now.
    I told them about lofty pursuits and they lived the channel, and since I'm a regular customer at numpty's (that's their shop name) I usually get invited behind the counter to talk to the owner (72 year old original owner)
    The only thing he thinks you could do differently is to use powdered colouring before you pour the sugar onto the cooling table (but apart from that you use liquid colouring, your methods are so similar to numpty's)

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  Year ago

      +Dami Nooki do they have a web site?

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  Year ago

      It's been there for 70 years or so. I got an Irish call center for a support call once, he looked at my site and said there was a shop like mi e down the street from his grand mother. I'd like to visit some day.

    • Dami Nooki
      Dami Nooki Year ago

      Lofty Pursuits I hope they haven't liquidised the company (no pun intended) candy shops are hard to come by in England, especially in Ireland, since that's the first one I've heard of

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  Year ago

      Oh, and powdered colors work well in the pot, but with the image candy I like to use liquid. it gives me more control. just a personal thing. I find if I add powdered colors on the table it never colors evenly unless I pull the candy.

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  Year ago

      Dami Nooki There is a place in Cork Ireland that also has equipment. There used to be one near Leeds, but I saw their equipment go up for sale a.few years back so I assume they are no more.

  • Doxie Lain
    Doxie Lain Year ago

    Happy towel day 2017!

  • Ekay
    Ekay Year ago

    Holy crap, is that firefly music!?!?!

  • dena wade
    dena wade Year ago

    the answer is 42!!

  • Bill Kendrick
    Bill Kendrick Year ago

    Wow I had no idea what a hoopy frood you were!!! 😍

  • Ariel Harmony
    Ariel Harmony Year ago

    I was watching this video and realized I wasn't subscribe to you guys! I've been watching your videos for months and I absolutely love you guys

  • Elvis Ourfali
    Elvis Ourfali Year ago

    I am subscribed to this channel.. I love these videos.. but PLEASE never use the loud static noise... it destroyed your video

  • baconology
    baconology Year ago

    please explain how you arrived at the conclusion that sugar is a non-Newtonian fluid. it's viscosity is heat dependent not shear dependent.

  • Coolshows101
    Coolshows101 Year ago

    Sticky hard candy is like gluing rocks to your teeth.

  • David Edmondson
    David Edmondson Year ago

    I was never lucky enough to meet Douglas Adams but Ken Campbell, who was directing the first stage show of the Guide, came into the games shop I was working in and spent ages playing with a robot quiz machine.
    On a sort of related note, your videos got me thinking about sherbet lemons which in turn led me to discovering that in US editions of Harry Potter sherbet lemons become lemon drops and, confusingly, Universal Studios sell "Sherbet Lemons" which are actually lemon drops. There could be a good market for proper sherbet lemons in the US. There is at least one TVclip video of making them on an industrial scale.

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  Year ago

      +David Edmondson Sherbet in the USA specifically referrers to a low dairy form of cream.

  • Harper Grace
    Harper Grace Year ago

    I must try some of that lovely looking candy 🍭

  • patprop74
    patprop74 Year ago

    I you guys plan on doing that static thing again , I ll never watch another video of yours again! what a wrong with you guys ear rapping us like that in this video !

  • Panda
    Panda Year ago

    always wondered if you make chocolate?

  • The Lord And Savior Tachanky Kang

    were do you get the machines

  • Rinzle
    Rinzle Year ago

    why am I just seeing this video nao omg don't panic

  • Esther Gerlitz
    Esther Gerlitz Year ago

    I love your videos especially the voiceovers

  • ernest eidson
    ernest eidson Year ago

    what a really hoopy thing to do.
    now how about pan galactic gargle blaster candy?