Homemade Hydraulic Hulkbuster


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  • colinfurze
    colinfurze  2 months ago +3237

    This thing is the most complex thing I've ever made so thanks to eBay and thanks for watching, subscribe as more crazy Projects on the way internet.

    • Nooby Noob
      Nooby Noob 21 hour ago

      Do a roblox player

    • Kea Morshed
      Kea Morshed Day ago

      Vagina Floss, what the freak do you mean? That was awesome. 👍

    • Victor Frankenstein
      Victor Frankenstein 7 days ago

      Colin, if you don't go and challenge those MegaBot Inc. frauds, I swear, I WILL be sad.

    • Sis bro Life
      Sis bro Life 8 days ago

      Mac it fli

    • Lebron Abella
      Lebron Abella 13 days ago

      colinfurze i'm your biggest fun but can you answer this question can your hulkbuster walk?

  • c.j m
    c.j m 2 hours ago


  • boom boom
    boom boom 3 hours ago

    How much would it cost

  • Adly Rachman
    Adly Rachman 16 hours ago

    Hahahaha thanos....

  • Michael Seale
    Michael Seale Day ago

    This nigga just became tony stark.

  • asif khan
    asif khan Day ago

    cool i want this

  • JanKaszanka
    JanKaszanka Day ago

    real world power armor

  • Heath 72 Larsen
    Heath 72 Larsen Day ago

    You are rich.

  • gabriel peña
    gabriel peña Day ago

    that's incredible no one in 5 lives can do it and all his team are geniuses

  • tạ duy anh Fh
    tạ duy anh Fh Day ago


  • joe herters
    joe herters Day ago

    1:38 this is for kids right? u shouldn't be flippin us off

  • ChaseGamer
    ChaseGamer Day ago

    if ur realy good i want u to put on a suit the is the hulk baster in the suit where u move and the suit moves when u move

  • black jack
    black jack Day ago

    Привет из России

  • dark gamer
    dark gamer 2 days ago

    Real robot penis

  • NamelessKiller9900
    NamelessKiller9900 2 days ago

    i like how they duct taped him to the flame thrower fist

  • Deluxe Video
    Deluxe Video 2 days ago

    Is he stil Maried ?

  • Аноним
    Аноним 3 days ago


  • 쌈밥유튭
    쌈밥유튭 3 days ago +1


  • Sheena Baburaj
    Sheena Baburaj 3 days ago


  • Ridho Noerfauzi
    Ridho Noerfauzi 4 days ago

    Very nice work !!!

  • Brayton Veloz
    Brayton Veloz 4 days ago

    That sound effects ;)

  • subasio yuen
    subasio yuen 4 days ago

    how much did this cost I want to make one, plz tell me

  • Minh anh Lê nguyễn

    Wow amazing

  • Poonam thapar
    Poonam thapar 6 days ago

    Can you build mark 48

  • Petrick Tjiong
    Petrick Tjiong 7 days ago

    Awesome !!!! 😎

  • Gerardo De Jesus Sosa Vazquez

    Like si solo lo viste por la miniatura y no entendiste ni un cacahuate👍

  • Geoff Stephens
    Geoff Stephens 7 days ago

    Do you park it in the garage at night?

  • Abhishek Singh
    Abhishek Singh 7 days ago


  • Амир Кулиев

    Bilding Freddy from fnaf

  • Everyday Is Awesome
    Everyday Is Awesome 8 days ago +1

    2:19 imagine the flamethrower got accidentedly activated *:O*

    • BlueAwesomeDinosaur
      BlueAwesomeDinosaur 7 days ago

      That's what I was thinking the whole time, why put yourself on the flamethrower hand?

  • Jacob Van Der Woude
    Jacob Van Der Woude 8 days ago

    He should make a Fnaf Animatronic

  • Семыч Телячев


  • Spider-Man
    Spider-Man 8 days ago

    Make a Iron-Spider suit from Avengers Infinity War

  • Carlo - Ian GamerPro294

    I want to see it walk...

  • Muzaki Syafrur Rido Rido

    The Giant hulkbuster

  • Cherish Ireland
    Cherish Ireland 9 days ago

    Insanity, I'll say I thought it was going to drop you in your melon or tip over on ya during the duck tape bit lol. 😅

  • CtGuy
    CtGuy 9 days ago


  • Shevchuk channel
    Shevchuk channel 9 days ago

    you crazy

  • MOD ltd.
    MOD ltd. 9 days ago


  • Maksim Maks
    Maksim Maks 9 days ago

    Nice suit!

    A SEM ANIMATION 9 days ago

    Сколько ты $ потратил на него ?

    A SEM ANIMATION 9 days ago

    Капец крутой

  • Aditya's craft
    Aditya's craft 10 days ago

    Why it can't move means move forved

  • Jean Saintil
    Jean Saintil 10 days ago

    Make it walk

  • Adam Caven-Brown
    Adam Caven-Brown 10 days ago

    You should make mark 1 and the flamethrower

  • Otoniel Velez
    Otoniel Velez 10 days ago

    Some one did a better one not tryna be rude

  • Testaneticaband
    Testaneticaband 10 days ago

    Change the channel! THUD! much satisfying xD

  • Fireboy the gamer
    Fireboy the gamer 10 days ago +1

    Imagine how the neighbors reacted when they first saw that

  • Sameer Junaid
    Sameer Junaid 10 days ago

    you are super

  • Aroldo Peixe
    Aroldo Peixe 11 days ago

    Hello! Please build Donnie's (TMNT) stick (movie of 2014).
    He is awesome!

  • Charlie tube Hd
    Charlie tube Hd 11 days ago

    I love your Book

  • LNS TV
    LNS TV 11 days ago

    Can it walk?

  • Uncorporal Gun
    Uncorporal Gun 12 days ago

    . . . i m c r y i n g r i g h t n o w

  • WisdomVendor1
    WisdomVendor1 12 days ago

    @3:22 I laughed so hard I damn near shit myself!

  • GingerDeadMan
    GingerDeadMan 12 days ago

    hold on, did you say you did all this in 2 months?!

  • Oliver Cress
    Oliver Cress 12 days ago +1

    You can probably be the first real iron man

  • marrionette 8705
    marrionette 8705 12 days ago

    Can it walk around?

  • Noob Animator
    Noob Animator 12 days ago

    Can that thing walk ??

    VALICK 12 days ago

    вопрос он может ходить?

  • TheWolfGamer XD
    TheWolfGamer XD 12 days ago

    1:46 xD

  • James Manlangit
    James Manlangit 12 days ago

    Cant walk

  • Keegan Hribo
    Keegan Hribo 13 days ago +1

    Where does he keep all this shit

  • JD Fun TV HD
    JD Fun TV HD 13 days ago

    But its outrageous

  • JD Fun TV HD
    JD Fun TV HD 13 days ago

    You are so crazy

  • p Ritin
    p Ritin 13 days ago


  • The Animal Channel
    The Animal Channel 13 days ago

    Since u made a hulkbuster can u make Captain America’s Shield. I’m an amazing marvel fan and absolutely enjoyed this video. Just a thought

  • gaming kings
    gaming kings 14 days ago


  • Along TraveL88
    Along TraveL88 14 days ago


  • Nightpaw
    Nightpaw 14 days ago

    I must of lost track of time is this 2040

  • Sash Petrov
    Sash Petrov 14 days ago


  • Zu
    Zu 14 days ago

    Man I can't even fix a chair :(

  • BricksandBlocks
    BricksandBlocks 14 days ago

    That is so freaking awesome!

  • sefa kaya
    sefa kaya 14 days ago

    Türkler ses verin

  • sefa kaya
    sefa kaya 14 days ago

    Bu adam harika yaaa

  • Даниил Дедов

    Смотрится немного убого,нужно немного переделать корпус...

  • Amador Fernandez
    Amador Fernandez 15 days ago

    2:38 lol nasty

  • Lava Force XDXX
    Lava Force XDXX 15 days ago

    This thing could crush a human skull

  • Joseph Stassup
    Joseph Stassup 15 days ago

    Make an actual mech walker

  • Mark Tyndall
    Mark Tyndall 15 days ago

    Make a infinity gauntlet please with removable infinity stones

  • Jhon Paul M R
    Jhon Paul M R 15 days ago


  • Darlan Solenóide
    Darlan Solenóide 15 days ago


  • mokra woda
    mokra woda 15 days ago

    can it walk?

  • Jeff John
    Jeff John 16 days ago

    Just don't piss him off, that's how a super villain is made.

  • TheDestroyer32
    TheDestroyer32 16 days ago

    Colin has the best job in the world

  • Giraffe Masters
    Giraffe Masters 16 days ago

    I have a feeling Colin would be the best neighbor

  • deceptive keyo
    deceptive keyo 16 days ago

    It the very cool

  • Nicholas Ugun
    Nicholas Ugun 16 days ago

    where did you get the money to make this

  • Фокс пускач
    Фокс пускач 17 days ago


  • Giraffe with tattoos
    Giraffe with tattoos 17 days ago

    I'm sure Colin's neighbors take turns telling each other,"Shut her face! No, YOU go tell him to knock it off! That's what I thought!"

  • Oscar Baudille
    Oscar Baudille 17 days ago

    Congratulations! Amazing Every Thigs you Make!

  • Euric Cality
    Euric Cality 17 days ago

    That thing!

  • Yasilicious
    Yasilicious 18 days ago

    Oh my! That's awesome! Do you ship it to germany for us and we teach the hulkbuster some knive skillz xD

  • The JDI
    The JDI 18 days ago

    build the mark 43 from age of altron

  • No Name
    No Name 18 days ago +1

    I'd I didn't know who Colin was and woke up in the early morning seeing this out my window. I'd have thought this man was trying to take over the world with his Robot Hulkbusters.

  • FranzGaming
    FranzGaming 18 days ago

    He cant fly😱🤧😭😭

  • DWgivenz
    DWgivenz 18 days ago

    Guys like him are supposed to be rich not dumb rappers

  • nova agung
    nova agung 19 days ago


  • II Killmonger II
    II Killmonger II 19 days ago +1

    Where do you even keep all of this stuff