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Chris Pratt & Bryce Dallas Howard's Kids Are BFFs

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  • Johanna90
    Johanna90 5 hours ago

    Bryce is gorgeous!

  • Josh Jackson
    Josh Jackson 19 hours ago

    Haha 😂 2027 so 12 years after the first Jurassic World

    Well I'm exited for this one it's 10 days before my 14th

    So yeah know June 16th 2004 soooooooo yahh

    Good for me, I'm definitely going to get criticized


    Bryce was like cause you really GENEROUS and I was like oh Ellen DeGENEROUS GET IT Ellen gives things cause she is DeGENEROUS

  • Rudd M
    Rudd M 2 days ago

    Hate to break it to you Chris but the Eagles won the Super bowl. Go Birds!

  • Ellie Haynie
    Ellie Haynie 6 days ago

    It’s so funny watching this after the super bowl 😂😂

  • Stella Berger
    Stella Berger 7 days ago

    I️ love you Chris your beautiful and will you marry me

  • Isaac Colon
    Isaac Colon 8 days ago

    I thought Bryce laugh in Blackmirror was acting, guess not.

  • Farisha Suhaimi
    Farisha Suhaimi 11 days ago +1

    Bryce is such a sweetheart.

  • bballlifewade33
    bballlifewade33 14 days ago

    Bryce Dalles loooks so in love with Chris. That’s just me.

  • Ducky Studios
    Ducky Studios 15 days ago

    **All because of me!**
    The way he says that

  • zaryab malik
    zaryab malik 17 days ago +1

    In love with Dallas` laugh

  • New illuminati
    New illuminati 21 day ago +1

    Chris Pratt sucks, just go to die.

  • Matti Saarinen
    Matti Saarinen 22 days ago

    Except initial specific alkkyb valuable reliable universal dozen late health contain shoe.

  • Barbara Conway
    Barbara Conway 25 days ago

    Bryce has the most annoying laugh it's like hearing nails on a chalkboard!!!

  • Dafne Turk
    Dafne Turk 25 days ago

    Ellen THEgenerous PUNS👍🏻

  • Ben Hankoc
    Ben Hankoc 26 days ago +1

    They look like a cute married couple ;)

  • Jemma Carrillo
    Jemma Carrillo 26 days ago

    He's a grown man... how is he so adorable

  • Ashley Rose
    Ashley Rose 27 days ago

    Archeonythomimus 💚

  • mariam Nawaz
    mariam Nawaz 28 days ago

    Andy dwyer is Chris Pratt, love him so much.

  • Aizah Zenteno
    Aizah Zenteno 29 days ago

    Boi, me a Seattle fan, I was born in Seattle...duh!

  • zindi1138
    zindi1138 Month ago +1

    Bryce is such a beautiful soul

  • Zeus Mightythundertube

    Bryce is such a woman. She got that cute but sexy as hell type of thing going on its fantastic. Her man is a lucky dude.

  • Viviana
    Viviana Month ago

    Idc idc I’m all here for Chris only 😍!

  • Crystian Gonzalez
    Crystian Gonzalez Month ago +1

    Oh shit, did Bryce friend zone Chris Pratt?? No she didn’t!!

  • Adam G.
    Adam G. Month ago

    She's a saints fan 😱😱😱 me too

  • Brenda Matsuda
    Brenda Matsuda 2 months ago

    I love chris so much I’m legit like his biggest fan ❤️

  • Avia Levy
    Avia Levy 2 months ago


  • stanfemales only
    stanfemales only 2 months ago

    They are such precious people Omg I am in love 😍😭

  • scott elkins
    scott elkins 2 months ago

    Ellen is the shit! Sorry to cuss but got me super excited to share gems!

  • Tabris Fru Lar
    Tabris Fru Lar 2 months ago

    Bryce is me.
    No idea at all when it comes to football.

  • pabriny
    pabriny 2 months ago

    I wanna see Bryce in more Black Mirror episodes she's so talented!!!

  • Maret upton
    Maret upton 2 months ago

    Guessing that Chris didn’t watch the Seahawks get crushed by the jaguars Sunday.

  • M A
    M A 2 months ago

    Her laugh is awesome

  • tannermbell
    tannermbell 2 months ago

    Then the Seahawks came to Jax and got whooped by the Jags!!!

  • Vamanos Ninja
    Vamanos Ninja 2 months ago

    That jacket was a terrible idea.

  • N R
    N R 2 months ago

    Still love chris and jen better than these two

  • Elliott W
    Elliott W 2 months ago +1

    She is an absolute stunner

  • Sarah Mansor
    Sarah Mansor 2 months ago +1

    chris pratt why you so handsome

  • Bob Doubter
    Bob Doubter 2 months ago

    love these two but why in the hell are they talking about a movie that is six months away? Stop doing this Hollywood because some "expert" told you that it works. People who go to movies plan maybe two weeks in advance if that.

  • SeanyBoii
    SeanyBoii 2 months ago

    I love basketball so when I heard Pratt talking about Seattle, I was like. The SuperSonics aren’t a team any OH yeah football!!!

  • Andrea Aragon
    Andrea Aragon 2 months ago

    He’s like a big kid lol

  • James Spears
    James Spears 2 months ago

    she has big calves.

  • Mendy Peters
    Mendy Peters 2 months ago

    her laugh makes me laugh

  • Gurung Bros
    Gurung Bros 2 months ago

    That laugh just grew on me.

  • Yosif Alaqeel
    Yosif Alaqeel 2 months ago

    wow her laugh is so annoying

  • arianta619
    arianta619 2 months ago

    Chris's point of view about acting is very humbling, he realises he's just a performer of things people worked hard to create, such a class act.

  • da96103
    da96103 2 months ago

    Hey Bryce, how does Minnie's pie taste like?

  • Gurung Bros
    Gurung Bros 2 months ago

    That laugh though.

  • 3jw
    3jw 2 months ago

    I’m so Bryce

  • Horrifyingly Hillarious
    Horrifyingly Hillarious 2 months ago +2

    Bryce’s daughter is a bad ass, treating the indominus like a teddy bear

  • shawn Clark
    shawn Clark 2 months ago

    Now I can finally ship him with other celebs without stupid Anna Farris.

  • Ariana Rosado
    Ariana Rosado 2 months ago


  • Bomber 44
    Bomber 44 2 months ago

    Saints are my team too, the St Kilda Saints. Aussie Rules footy!!

  • Ricky Muzakki
    Ricky Muzakki 2 months ago

    Idk but Chris Pratt seems to be annoyed by Bryce's laugh. And also he seems to be more flirty around JLaw

  • flyersboy01
    flyersboy01 2 months ago

    10-2 vs 8-4 #flyeaglesfly 💁🏻‍♂️

  • Donny, Bali island.
    Donny, Bali island. 2 months ago

    Chris pratt very hot funny n handsome man on the world...

  • Donny, Bali island.
    Donny, Bali island. 2 months ago

    Chris pratt very hot funny n handsome man on the world...

  • Donny, Bali island.
    Donny, Bali island. 2 months ago

    Chris pratt very hot funny n handsome man on the world...

  • brainey001
    brainey001 2 months ago

    Bryce has that old classic look like Taylor Swift and i love it so much it looks so innocent and kind and professional. How can people like people who look like Nicki and Kardashians ? They're so whorish looking with their styles . Classic looking women are life

  • Daniela M
    Daniela M 2 months ago

    I absolutely admire how raw yet entertaining this interview was. I've never seen anything like this. It just seemed like they were all going out, one of the ever interviews I've ever seen.

  • Candice Figueroa
    Candice Figueroa 2 months ago

    I see them getting together..

  • nofilter
    nofilter 2 months ago

    i ship them

  • kendall kennedy
    kendall kennedy 2 months ago +1

    hearing them talk about football makes me so happy

    KEVIN_NINJA _JONES 2 months ago


  • Virginia Maldonado
    Virginia Maldonado 2 months ago

    And Dallas cowboys so 🖕we 💪

  • Virginia Maldonado
    Virginia Maldonado 2 months ago

    Eagles r the best

  • Olivia Vernon
    Olivia Vernon 2 months ago


  • Nameless Seeker
    Nameless Seeker 2 months ago +1

    Pratt is so damn naturally funny. its awesome..

  • popo fresa
    popo fresa 2 months ago


  • Bruna Brasil
    Bruna Brasil 2 months ago

    Bev and ben

  • ICantPickAName
    ICantPickAName 2 months ago

    0:32 i guess you could say shes Ellen De generous

    ill leave

  • Pramit Chatterjee
    Pramit Chatterjee 2 months ago

    Both of them are so bloody awesome!

  • Agar Enkhbaatar
    Agar Enkhbaatar 2 months ago

    Cris pratts forehead is huge i just noticed hha 😂😂

  • scottypillsking
    scottypillsking 2 months ago

    just realizing bryce dallas howard is basically herself in black mirror

  • TheBigBang Studios
    TheBigBang Studios 2 months ago

    Pratt's reaction at 7:00 lmao xD

  • Isfarina Sarosa
    Isfarina Sarosa 2 months ago


  • Sherine Sum
    Sherine Sum 2 months ago


  • jetman189
    jetman189 2 months ago

    I love Jessica Chastain

  • KJ Mariano
    KJ Mariano 2 months ago

    They should be cast as Anna and Kristoff in Frozen live action.

  • Sam Gagnier
    Sam Gagnier 2 months ago

    Seriously how can you not like this guy.

  • Brittany Conley
    Brittany Conley 2 months ago

    They're so cute!!!!!!

  • mahendran rajendram
    mahendran rajendram 2 months ago

    my b day

  • mahendran rajendram
    mahendran rajendram 2 months ago

    yesterday was b day

  • Stay-C
    Stay-C 2 months ago

    When did Chris Pratt get so hot 😍

  • karlha987
    karlha987 2 months ago

    His reaction to her laugh at 7:02 had me dying

  • 2Bdiscovered
    2Bdiscovered 2 months ago +1


  • QuantumBraced
    QuantumBraced 2 months ago +1

    Chris is doing the putting-your-arm-on-the-back-of-the-bench-hoping-it-would-turn-into-putting-it-around-the-girl-you're-sitting-next-to thing. It's a bit weird, I mean she is married :D

  • simplykat17
    simplykat17 2 months ago

    Uggh I️ love them!!!😍💕

  • Ace 1o7
    Ace 1o7 2 months ago

    Bryce’s father is Ron Howard, as if Ellen doesn’t know where she grew up....
    Chris is also over compensating with this whole “Andy” charisma. This is not him! He is fun and very confident, no need to put on another persona!

  • Lagerfeld2008
    Lagerfeld2008 2 months ago

    So many Women are attracted to Bryce here in the Comments, but yeah, the Surgeon did a great Job

  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones 2 months ago

    Go Falcons baby

  • Jenny Eddins
    Jenny Eddins 2 months ago

    Seeing how sweet and sincere he seems to be makes me wonder even more why him and Anna didn't work out.

  • mquiroz90
    mquiroz90 2 months ago +1

    bryce is sexy & a beautiful big woman
    i like her personality & her beauty bryce is one sexy female

  • wilfrid fred
    wilfrid fred 2 months ago

    Damn...bryce is so charming,i almost put my girl Jessica chastam on the side. ..almost

  • wilfrid fred
    wilfrid fred 2 months ago

    Sad him and ana Harris splitted....,they was so funny

  • shynessangel85
    shynessangel85 2 months ago +7

    7:02 Look at Chris‘ reaction to Bryce‘s laugh! 😂🙊😂🙊😂

  • Quodaax
    Quodaax 2 months ago

    It should be mentioned that Dallas is the daughter of Ron Howard in case that fact escaped anyone.

    OH EMJAY! 2 months ago

    This is so refreshing to know that they still have amazing chemistry out of the movie. I was so disappointed watching Jlaw practically dead in interviews with Chris when they had amazing chemistry on film.

    OH EMJAY! 2 months ago +4

    Chris talking so fast because he's so excited. And the way Bryce looks at him jabber. Haha! Love ho comfortable they are!