CLG REACTS | Sylas The Unshackled Champion Trailer - League of Legends

  • Published on Jan 8, 2019
  • Busted? Balanced? Check out PowerOfEvil, Stixxay, Biofrost and Wiggily’s reaction to Riot’s latest champion Sylas in CLG REACTS.
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Comments • 78

  • Julie N
    Julie N 4 months ago +55

    These are always amazing!

  • Linards Žagats
    Linards Žagats 3 months ago

    this is just busted

  • Johnsmile Khoirom Loitongbam

    Reply with Stixxay x Biofrost fanfic links ty 🌝

  • Javier Ponce
    Javier Ponce 4 months ago

    I've been a clg fan since i was 25 now 31 how can I buy stock in clg?

  • This is an Original Name

    Any Counters for Sylas?

  • Dan Li
    Dan Li 4 months ago

    "Oh no, God. Riot. Not this again." Same Stixxay. SAME.

  • Tân Hưng
    Tân Hưng 4 months ago

    "These champions are so cool, and you have Annie."
    - Biofrost -

  • Bell
    Bell 4 months ago

    Kung Fu Panda did it first

  • Dardan Bajrami
    Dardan Bajrami 4 months ago

    Rise up, brothers and sisters! Whatever they bring, we'll match it! Crush the oppressors, claim your birthright! And burn their kingdom to the ground!

  • Siegram Akito
    Siegram Akito 4 months ago

    Imagine ganking a malzahar as sylas. malzahar ults your team mate and sylas is like "NO U"

  • Fled Ged
    Fled Ged 4 months ago

    Vincent is really just super nice tho like not a crying bitchass bc of sylas beig op and hes always been so cool so i guess bc of him ill root for clg

  • Veynnn
    Veynnn 4 months ago

    Not like this riot. Same.

    BEING CUTE PNG 4 months ago

    They must know the Lore :(

  • Cdu Sles
    Cdu Sles 4 months ago +1

    Let's channel almost die before realizing champion reveal reactions gets the most views and attention out of any other content.

  • AbyssArray
    AbyssArray 4 months ago

    Use a team of.. Jayce, Nidalee, Zoe, Kalista, Karma. No functional ults to steal xD

    • Jeremy Daniel Petilla
      Jeremy Daniel Petilla 4 months ago

      AbyssArray like Karma, the empowered abilities will be shown when activated

    • AbyssArray
      AbyssArray 4 months ago

      +Jeremy Daniel Petilla Interesting, changing from melee to ranged is much weaker of an ult though, Jayce's passive makes it flow a lot better. Interesting note for the Kalista though, how about Heimerdinger?

    • Jeremy Daniel Petilla
      Jeremy Daniel Petilla 4 months ago

      AbyssArray still functional tho. For Jayce Sylas gets the Ranged form w/ abilities, Nidalee the cougar form w/ abilities. Same as with Shyvana and Elise (Dragon and spider form respectively) Sylas also gets the option to get the oathsworn item from the shop when a kalista is on the enemy team.

  • Nico Leung
    Nico Leung 4 months ago +1

    2 Stixxay in one video?

  • Parker Kane
    Parker Kane 4 months ago

    Being a adc main i had the samd reaction as stixxay ahhhhhhh fuuuuuck

  • Omega Drake
    Omega Drake 4 months ago

    I got blue essence for him . He’s like god of war lol

  • Alberto Pareja García
    Alberto Pareja García 4 months ago +1

    PoE with the 2000iq plays before knowing what the champ actually does

  • luisfelipe luisfelipe
    luisfelipe luisfelipe 4 months ago

    prestar mais atenção no video e bom viu

  • Michael Lim
    Michael Lim 4 months ago +3

    I’m a simple man. I see Vincent “CHAD THUNDERCOCK” Wang, I click.

  • Gregg O'Donnell
    Gregg O'Donnell 4 months ago

    The cooldown reset looks broken, look at how he pyke ults, then steals ult again and ults a second time.
    Basically you could never pick amumu into this ever

    • Viowolf
      Viowolf 4 months ago

      +Gregg O'Donnell he killed mf with the first ult and got the reset

    • Gregg O'Donnell
      Gregg O'Donnell 4 months ago

      +Jason M he didnt kill them for the reset. it looked like he pyke ulted, stole ult, then ulted again

    • Jason M
      Jason M 4 months ago

      You know that Pyke ult has resets if you kill with it, right?

  • giugnolino !!!
    giugnolino !!! 4 months ago

    Hell yes riot that s so hype

  • 2Dead 2Play
    2Dead 2Play 4 months ago

    I am a huge fan of powerofevil ! As a German I am proud that we have such a talent in the lol e-sport ! Also now I need a clg shirt 😊 oh and I love all the videos on the channel it’s always interesting what pros think about the new champions.

  • Piece Of Cake
    Piece Of Cake 4 months ago +1

    1:23 stixxay knew adc fuckedup

  • grrrindz
    grrrindz 4 months ago

    Why play pyke when u can steal it. Jajajajajaja

  • Luke The Cursed
    Luke The Cursed 4 months ago


  • poor boy
    poor boy 4 months ago

    ZionSpartan mia care

  • ko_mi_kn-3 9870
    ko_mi_kn-3 9870 4 months ago +1

    i just saw that if he steals ults like jayce, karma, shivana, elise, etc. he can use all their abillity pack tho

  • Zyliath
    Zyliath 4 months ago

    You can stack cho'gath ults and get hp and size

  • Marcus Lee
    Marcus Lee 4 months ago +12

    Sylas is promoting communism guys, its like the russian revolution all over again

  • christopherwillson
    christopherwillson 4 months ago +3

    Biofrost has to stop being so handsome

  • Mergan Freemern
    Mergan Freemern 4 months ago

    i bet quinn ult will look pretty cool

  • Victor Madsen
    Victor Madsen 4 months ago +59

    I only have one question... one for all times 10 Sylas... no ultimates at all?

    • GG Yasuo
      GG Yasuo 4 months ago

      +Fancyyy Boy that will kill this love by a shot sir you are drunk af

    • quieness
      quieness 4 months ago


    • MYA PS
      MYA PS 4 months ago

      death heat fake... it’s been tested

    • Fancyyy Boy that will kill this love by a shot
      Fancyyy Boy that will kill this love by a shot 4 months ago +1

      Matt Hellstrand fake news? i suggest that you go and see if it's plausible tskk

    • Jonathan Moua
      Jonathan Moua 4 months ago +1

      +Fancyyy Boy that will kill this love by a shot That's a lie. You should drop your news reports somewhere else.

  • Piece Of Cake
    Piece Of Cake 4 months ago

    The question is can he use TK ult?

  • Trace Thomas
    Trace Thomas 4 months ago

    Oh looks its Sharingon

  • Gloria Zhu
    Gloria Zhu 4 months ago

    are we gonna get a reaction from the toplaner himself on this top lane champ

    • Counter Logic Gaming
      Counter Logic Gaming  4 months ago +1

      He was originally planned to be in the video, but wasn't feeling well! Maybe you'll get to see Darshan play it in the LCS. =)

  • Ricky Meza
    Ricky Meza 4 months ago +31

    I'm a simple man , I see Biofrost, I click

  • Keepyourpride
    Keepyourpride 4 months ago +19

    im sad u didn't put stixxay and powerofevil next to each other D; i want to see the handsome devils.

  • Keepyourpride
    Keepyourpride 4 months ago


  • Letsplaylikechamps
    Letsplaylikechamps 4 months ago +9

    Bro haven't been playing league been getting slow for me.. now with them working with marvel and the lore getting insane-- and now this champion-- Riot always bringing me back!

  • Sampion
    Sampion 4 months ago


  • MVP_KZ
    MVP_KZ 4 months ago

    OK so when is the nerf patch? :)

  • 1ce
    1ce 4 months ago

    Super early Pog

  • Marius Gul
    Marius Gul 4 months ago +24

    Wait a minute why is Stixxay getting 2 reactions ;)


  • Paper Boat
    Paper Boat 4 months ago +129

    Why isn't PoE reacting with Stixxay so we can try to guess who's who?

  • Charles Gwynn
    Charles Gwynn 4 months ago

    Very cool :)

  • Juan diego Galindo ruiz
    Juan diego Galindo ruiz 4 months ago +7

    Where is mr president

    • Counter Logic Gaming
      Counter Logic Gaming  4 months ago +3

      He was feeling a bit sick, and we didn't want him to strain his throat. =(

  • Jack Tank
    Jack Tank 4 months ago

    Why was Stixxay sitting with Biofrost, then faked a shitty accent when sitting with Wiggly..?

  • guisteh11
    guisteh11 4 months ago +40

    Cool that you make content with PoE already :D

  • T5_consoon games
    T5_consoon games 4 months ago