Mission: Impossible Theme and Title Sequences

  • Published on Apr 17, 2016
  • Mission Impossible Theme by Lalo Schifrin
    1. Intro Seasons 1-4, 6
    2. End Credits Season 1-4, 6
    3. Season 5 Intro
    4. Season 5 Credits
    5. Season 7 Intro
    6. Season 7 Credits
    7. Mission Impossible '88 Intro
    8. Mission Impossible '88 Credits

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  • Imran Anwer
    Imran Anwer 10 days ago

    Ethen..! Ethen OPEN THE DOOR....! 😂👍👍

  • FA Q
    FA Q 16 days ago

    Same Steven Hill from "Law & Order" !

  • Jose angel Pérez pelicano

    The first theme Epic!

  • alvin wijaya
    alvin wijaya 18 days ago

    I love Mission impossible 88 with Jane Badler,
    For that movie was close to Tom Cruise style

  • Michael Fitzgerald
    Michael Fitzgerald Month ago

    Carol Kaye says (Carol Kaye: Sessions Legend Interview" time 12:20) she and Earl Palmer (Drummer) did this tune, but to my ear it sounds very much like a stand-up bass we are hearing here.
    Now you might say Carol plays stand-up too, but she chose bass partly because she would only have to carry ONE instrument to work every day.
    She spoke of "muting" the bass notes; perhaps this gave it a stand-up feel?

  • sightinsight
    sightinsight Month ago

    1st is the theme of MI

  • Barry Lonyai
    Barry Lonyai 2 months ago

    i wish they would keep this show on one of the many cable networks this is a very very classic show from the 1960s great great actors and actresses .

  • Jane Edwina Seymour
    Jane Edwina Seymour 2 months ago

    Fab then. Fab now. Bongos-a-gogo hipcat forever.

  • WTD Productions Inc. DBC 10

    The best action tv series in television's history Mission Impossible

  • Aryaman Kantawala
    Aryaman Kantawala 2 months ago

    (Peter Graves and James Arness are brothers)
    James: I'm in Gunsmoke, lil bro. Beat that.
    Peter: *shares this link*

  • Aryaman Kantawala
    Aryaman Kantawala 2 months ago

    Season 5's intro must've failed since it obviously was to everybody a bad version, so that's probably why the first theme was brought back in season 6.

  • Thelonliness TLL
    Thelonliness TLL 3 months ago

    My favorite is 4:25

  • Marcos Daniel Moyano
    Marcos Daniel Moyano 3 months ago

    In 5/8, the best!

  • absolute white trash
    absolute white trash 3 months ago

    it still gives me chills whenever i watch the original theme song. the intro where jim phelps (peter graves) receives his mission briefings was also a favorite moment of mine. although after seeing Graves in the "airplane" movie, i could never again see him in a serious role. "hey jimmy, have you ever seen a grown man naked?" LOL, such a funny movie!

  • Achi & Argus Manaloto
    Achi & Argus Manaloto 3 months ago


  • The First One
    The First One 3 months ago

    Where the heck is tom cruise

  • Michael Schmidt
    Michael Schmidt 3 months ago +1

    Nothing beats classic.

  • Michael Schmidt
    Michael Schmidt 3 months ago

    Nothing beats classic.

  • Greekpapi
    Greekpapi 3 months ago

    If I dont hear the bongos and wooden stix, its not the real theme song.....

  • Ryan Neidlinger
    Ryan Neidlinger 4 months ago

    I listen to this in my head whenever i'm doing anything dangerous and or foolish, and thus fun

  • Aitch Cee S
    Aitch Cee S 6 months ago

    THanks for making this superb video.

  • Aitch Cee S
    Aitch Cee S 6 months ago

    I"m in love with Martin Landau.

  • Juan Carlos Herrera Vidal

    M:I before Tom Cruise

  • hbermpi
    hbermpi 6 months ago +2

    The bongos put the coolest accents on this 5/4 time signature and don't forget the claves that help define the "1" (there's a triangle with the flutes in the intro).

  • Frank Denardo
    Frank Denardo 6 months ago

    I noticed Robert Goulet

  • todd matheson
    todd matheson 6 months ago

    Inferior sin el tamor latino

  • sharksofdoomHD
    sharksofdoomHD 6 months ago +1

    I just noticed ..Leonard Nimoy’s credit as Paris the man of many faces isn’t in ANY of these!

  • Kash Kuzmiak
    Kash Kuzmiak 7 months ago

    Hay maker get a logo

  • Chris L
    Chris L 7 months ago +2

    i like the 5/4 time signature.

  • Jordan Thomas
    Jordan Thomas 7 months ago +1

    Expect the impossible!

  • Paul Putnam
    Paul Putnam 7 months ago

    Later versions were somewhat watered down but the gritty original remains one of the great TV themes of all time and still captures the excitement of a ground-breaking series. (Casting a black actor (Greg Morris) in a lead part was almost unheard of in American TV shows of the period.)

    • JW G
      JW G 2 months ago

      Greg Morris' real life son was cast as his character's son in the short lived 1988 revival. Outside of Graves returning as Phelps Greg Morris was the only original series cast member to reprise his role.

  • zealandzen
    zealandzen 7 months ago

    Leslie Warren was/is a huge talent.

  • Paul Putnam
    Paul Putnam 8 months ago +2

    Barbara Bain - whew !

  • Bonappettit LaLande
    Bonappettit LaLande 8 months ago


  • TheCarnivalguy
    TheCarnivalguy 8 months ago +2

    Antony (Tony) Hamilton was stunningly handsome. He died of AIDS related pneumonia in 1995.

    • ruse mode
      ruse mode 2 months ago

      What ever happened to Peter Lupus?

  • Bonappettit LaLande
    Bonappettit LaLande 8 months ago +1

    The Fugitive Theme ranks #1 with and MI #2.

  • senorkaboom
    senorkaboom 8 months ago

    I think many here are agreed, the theme song version from the first 3-4 seasons is the best. Only problem with it is I am reminded that I had to go to bed. When this was on, I was in junior high school and my bedtime was 10:00, and this came on Sunday night at 10.

  • piedpiper
    piedpiper 9 months ago +1

    Martin Landau was also a member of the cast in later years I believe. So why is he not in the opening credits?

    • Sarah Swomley
      Sarah Swomley 2 months ago

      He and his then wife Barbara Bain left mid series because he wasn't given the same billing and money as Graves were.

  • S Ma
    S Ma 9 months ago

    The H bu are changing

  • leeJay
    leeJay 9 months ago +1

    I love this music! Its hot! My folks watched this when i was little- its a no nonsense, get the criminal show! All the crap today has personal lives involved! No thanks!

  • Ronald Charles Epstein
    Ronald Charles Epstein 9 months ago +2

    I saw the '80s version

  • Toast3dSh0es
    Toast3dSh0es 9 months ago

    Hello I need to contact you please respond it’s urgent

  • The Official Nerds
    The Official Nerds 9 months ago

    BTU press uses this for some of there history book videos

  • arealmench
    arealmench 9 months ago +2

    Yep, the original very first theme is by far the best. All the others are watered down bull crap.

  • MildlyAnnoyedAHM
    MildlyAnnoyedAHM 9 months ago +1

    As a kid, I used to watch this show just to rock out to the opening credits.

  • frankenberry70
    frankenberry70 9 months ago +1

    The 5/4 time signature, awesome!

  • Paul Putnam
    Paul Putnam 10 months ago

    First series with Stephen Hill (pre Peter Graves) was ground breaking as was Lalo Schrifins' terrific (5:4 time !) theme !

  • diast0sist0
    diast0sist0 10 months ago

    Lalo argentino!

  • Pe Huén
    Pe Huén 10 months ago

    Lalo Schiffrin appears in second place at the ending credits

  • cbonklisse
    cbonklisse 10 months ago

    Only the theme from the first seasons is worth listening to.

  • SerialGothQueens
    SerialGothQueens 11 months ago +5

    This theme song is one of my best childhood memories, lol.

  • Christopher Phillips
    Christopher Phillips 11 months ago +7

    One of the best TV theme songs ever. This is what television is missing today. The TV theme song. Mission impossible again, one of the best TV theme songs ever recorded.

    • FA Q
      FA Q 16 days ago

      1) Mission Impossible
      2) The streets of San Francisco
      3) I Spy
      4) Name of the game
      5) The Protectors
      6) Starsky and Hutch (closing)
      7) The Saint (second score)
      8) S.W.A.T
      Alternates...Get Smart, Hawaii Five 0

  • Charles Haley
    Charles Haley 11 months ago +4

    0:13 is that George Takei?

  • MARIO _19_SaGiTaRiO

    Lalo Schifrin won the Oscar. Well deserved he has it. He is argentinian.

  • Señor Gato
    Señor Gato Year ago

    Season 5 ftw!

  • Mohammad Arshi
    Mohammad Arshi Year ago +4

    The First One Was Awesome

  • Fabian Ellis
    Fabian Ellis Year ago

    The theme songs of Mission Impossible and James Bond are by
    some of the most recognizable and iconic theme songs ever written. I am a
    writer and I have just finished writing a book about the next superstar
    espionage agent to grace the pages of a written text, Richard "Dick"
    Dekker, agent Xtreme Justice Six (XJ6) "The Jaguar" of the Xtreme
    Justice Agency (XJA). I have been told the character is ready for film. I am
    searching for recognizable and iconic theme songs for XJ6 for the opening
    credits, action sequence and transitional sequence that rival that of Mission
    Impossible and James Bond. Can anyone help me?

  • doginstine
    doginstine Year ago

    Many of the crews on Mission also did Star Trek at the same time. The Executive in charge of production was Herbert F. Solow Both on mission and Star Trek.

  • springpan
    springpan Year ago

    On TOP for me as the best TV theme song.
    The 1st variation, with the crisp, perfectly tuned bongos, is what made me want to become a bongocero to this day! Unbeatable theme from Lalo Schifrin!

    • springpan
      springpan Year ago

      BTW, those nice clave hits are also impeccable!

  • Pedro Valente
    Pedro Valente Year ago +6

    this is why I can't stand the MI movies. this was such an amazing show.