10 True Scary Cult Survivor Horror Stories (Vol. 3)

  • Published on Oct 30, 2019
  • 10 True Scary Cult Survivor Horror Stories (Vol. 3) includes experiences from those who participated in a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object...
    SPECIAL THANKS to Eichelyn for their Time Lapse Art submission:
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    Story 1►0:00
    Story 2►5:40
    Story 3►9:55
    Story 4►16:44
    Story 5►19:49
    Story 6►24:02
    Story 7►28:56
    Story 8►33:38
    Story 9►38:29
    Story 10►45:36

    DISCLAIMER: All stories within this video are provided with explicit permission from their respective authors. Thank you to all who participated in today's video!
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  • Rainbow Unicorn Destruction

    Your drawings are wow.... 😍 also your voice is beautiful

  • Anita Hendricks
    Anita Hendricks 9 days ago

  • Jon Sprong
    Jon Sprong 29 days ago

    Who the hell as nine friends they all hang out with??

  • scottie magaha
    scottie magaha Month ago +1

    i literally listen to scary stories to take naps..

  • ElfinGreene
    ElfinGreene Month ago +1

    Ok I'm obsessed with this intro!! What is that magical sound

  • cephalon owl
    cephalon owl Month ago

    Name of the intro

  • Krystal Santos
    Krystal Santos Month ago +2

    "A lying liar who lies"

  • UnXplainable
    UnXplainable Month ago

    i used to mod on PlayStation and let's say i used to abuse other parties i thought i had the best programs and after a year and a half someone with stronger equipment and programs fried my router i had to litterly buy a new one. needless to say i don't do that anymore.

  • B Barbour
    B Barbour Month ago

    Need to post that it's a repeat I've heard these before

    • ShonColle
      ShonColle Month ago

      B Barbour okay I was thinking I’ve heard these stories before.

  • ravyn Krivak
    ravyn Krivak Month ago

    how do you skip on youtube? they took away double tap skip

  • Joshua lopez
    Joshua lopez Month ago

    Where can i find story number 3

  • Skylar Tipton
    Skylar Tipton Month ago

    Creepy picture of the black eyed adult

  • Blocko Network
    Blocko Network Month ago

    Does anyone else remember the first story

  • Anita katzina0152 Kissmyass

    Night church?
    Yeah, sounds legit.

  • jade geisbrecht
    jade geisbrecht Month ago

    um thoes would definitely not be pagans at all😂

  • Dan Jones
    Dan Jones Month ago

    whats the drawing app called?

  • Turboed Dude
    Turboed Dude Month ago +1

    I'm a member of a cult called G*59

  • K Newb
    K Newb Month ago +1

    Goes out to play with a ouija board
    Comes across cult and takes off terrified

    ...but you were going to play with a ouija board?

  • Frightmare
    Frightmare Month ago +1

    I wonder what evil gods they were worshipping in the first story...stuff that gets you sick for a week...religion like that gotta have some evil gods right? Cults are interesting...especially those that worship beings like Cthulhu.

  • Sophia
    Sophia Month ago +3

    I live in north wales and that castle story is absolute bs.
    You can’t just walk up into a castle unless it’s just ruins then there would be no standing tower.
    I live next to a castle and you cannot enter it at night.

  • Jenna Fleming
    Jenna Fleming Month ago

    I was not expecting you to say at the end... Not sure how I feel about it.

  • Nitza Montes
    Nitza Montes Month ago

    The girl with the ling distance relationship run girl run your boyfriend is a psycho. I had a friend go through something similar and it was her psycho boyfriend all along

  • n/a n/a
    n/a n/a Month ago

    I've known way more honest & trustworthy drug users than bible thumpers.

  • clarissa gundy
    clarissa gundy Month ago

    Crazy 🤪 cults wtf‼ Great vid & ty 4 sharing hope ur Howl-O-Ween was good‼😊

  • Gus Strandberg
    Gus Strandberg Month ago

    Intriguing stories, gives me a few story ideas...

  • Emmie
    Emmie Month ago +2

    Story 1: "I didn't want to creep her out too much, eventually she dropped it." Why not just tell her what they said? She's an adult not a child

  • Christian Lopez
    Christian Lopez Month ago

    Love ur new intro been a fan for years man

  • Declan Pritchard
    Declan Pritchard Month ago

    I am in from England and I'm now married with in a long distance relationship with my wife have you tried downloading WhatsApp it's a messaging site it's to free and apparently is quite hard to break into

  • stacey oakley-triller

    I came close to getting conned by some lady from a cult while I was working one day. It never came to my mind it was an odd thing that she was interned in knowing about me, and asking questions that only friends and close people would ask til one of my managers warned me about her. She had tried to con her and another co worker in the past. Kinda creepy, so I asked management how to deal with situation in the future.

  • dylan sky
    dylan sky Month ago

    When I was in one I lost some money had a good time learned alot then realized its gay left and am 10000x happier tbh they made me worse for a while

  • Joe Hirsch
    Joe Hirsch Month ago +1

    Story 2 is definitely Welwynn Preserve 😭 sounds about right.

  • Julie R
    Julie R Month ago

    I know he didn't just tell that joke?!?! 🤣😂🤣😂
    Are you a parking ticket...fine!

  • Linda García
    Linda García Month ago

    Minute 18:16 .-
    Guy: Run (to his friends)
    Me.- Imagines the guy running to an elictric guitar just like the meme

  • Candice Perry
    Candice Perry Month ago

    These cults are non religious

  • ebolahh_Same
    ebolahh_Same Month ago

    Happy Halloween buttersocks 🦇🦇

  • Laura Henriksen
    Laura Henriksen Month ago

    Friggin love the end line... hahaha why thank you Sir 🤣

  • bdsaints1986
    bdsaints1986 Month ago +21

    I feel like Brandon and Ivan are the same guy and that girl should unplug and meet some real people🤣

  • dagr8warren
    dagr8warren Month ago

    Dude your on a watchmojo list

  • oOzephyrOo
    oOzephyrOo Month ago

    Just in time! I was sniffing around for some good cult stories to draw to, and this popped up! Thank you Lets Read!!

  • Patty H0skins
    Patty H0skins Month ago +1

    💜🎃Let's 🦇Halloween 🎃💜

  • wrong Way
    wrong Way Month ago +2

    "...little Latina Chick" pissed me off for some reason.

  • Kay Miracle
    Kay Miracle Month ago +8

    Anybody else love when Let's Read does the character voices? LOL

  • Delicious Lee
    Delicious Lee Month ago


  • wambui kim
    wambui kim Month ago

    Poor cat being nailed to the wall.... Gosh!! Those pigs. So horrible

  • Kiran K
    Kiran K Month ago

    A great present for Halloween so thanks Let's Read! 🗡🍊

  • Dark Horror
    Dark Horror Month ago +1

    Happy Halloween!

  • Sparrow Cunningham
    Sparrow Cunningham Month ago +41

    Story 3 honestly sounds like this girl is getting toyed with by the dude who just enjoys upsetting her and making her jealous. I tried one long distance relationship long ago and it was similarly dramatic af. Sometimes these people can't get dates in their area for a good reason.

    • Danny Did It
      Danny Did It 13 days ago

      Sparrow Cunningham I needed to read this. Thank you.

  • A3L2A3N
    A3L2A3N Month ago

    I remember that Downey story read by someone named kingspooks i believe. never found it again. Ive been to that asylum as a teenager with a few friends. heard some weird things to be honest. thank you for this video

  • Curious_ Lobster
    Curious_ Lobster Month ago

    I just wanna take the time to notice how he takes the time to subscribe to himself in each video 😆

  • Kleng Amarth
    Kleng Amarth Month ago


  • brocowsci
    brocowsci Month ago

    Lol 8 is so fucking fake

    • brocowsci
      brocowsci Month ago

      You couldn't burn an animal without the smoke being extremely visible for anyone supposed to be monitoring the premises

  • SupermansLois
    SupermansLois Month ago

    OMG the one in Downey, California. That's my hometown so I know that well, not to mention I used to work near there. I've been to that building quite a few times and stuff was going on from when I was in high school, so a little over 20 years ago. There is actually a few abandoned hospitals in Downey that are haunted or said to be haunted that kids like to do stupid crap in. Cops are always around though and Downey cops do not play around so you've got to know where to park and where to hide. LOL wow been awhile since I've been there, Downey has changed a lot so I don't know if they are even there anymore.

  • Thelisha Thomas
    Thelisha Thomas Month ago

    Are you a parking ticket? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Alexandralite
    Alexandralite Month ago +5

    I'm so sick of people saying pagans do sacrificial crap. There's a huge difference between pagans and satanists.


    Compare your group/church to the B.I.T.E modle. If it matches it well you should very seriously consider getting far away from it.

    DARBYCRASH WASHERE Month ago +12

    For anyone trying to leave a cult please TVclip Mr.Atheist, Telltale, or the Atheist Experience. All of these outlets have wonderful advice, and great information. Good luck!

    • Coconutscott
      Coconutscott 16 days ago

      I'm a surfer, I'm in the cult of the waves duuuude....

    • Donnie V.
      Donnie V. Month ago +3

      Atheism is another cult.

  • Casey Vance
    Casey Vance Month ago +4

    I had almost the same experience as the Joanna story!! The asian name was "Ahn Sahng-hong". They are very, very aware that once you know their leaders' names and even the name of their church, you can look them up and figure them out, so they keep it concealed until they've indoctrinated you.

  • lite raine
    lite raine Month ago

    Love your stories. Let's read. Happy Halloween 💀😈🎃

  • Brad B
    Brad B Month ago

    OMG, I have been to that asylum in Downey in my past. "shady weird kids." naw, you where the kids out of your element. I had homies who made a hidden smoke room with a large double door cabinet, it was pretty cool (decades ago .) They would scout so they had a few times where they haunted the place for the "ghost hunter" types.
    Now, the satanist thing was VERY VEEEEEERY unlikely, and tbh is bullshit. The dude with the 6 inch knife...now that was VERY VEEERY possible and in that areas culture, you would have probably been fine and they wanted to blaze it.

  • zero 6902
    zero 6902 Month ago

    Not to be a party pooper but I've been to that place in Downy and it's gone now and the neighborhood it was located in was pretty nice not shady lol

    • brocowsci
      brocowsci Month ago

      Story was obviously fake