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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino  8 days ago +4990

    I had so much fun eating my Diamond Play Button! Thank you all for 10 million subscribers! What was the first video of mine that you watched? 😊💕

    • shuddhota's home
      shuddhota's home Day ago

      You are so cute!love you

    • Abigail Bragaglia
      Abigail Bragaglia 4 days ago

      Rosanna Pansino I'm soooooooo sad u died in Escape The Night

    • Lavender Doggo
      Lavender Doggo 7 days ago

      Rose and Joseph You know she isn’t 😉🙃😎

    • Brianna Gallardo
      Brianna Gallardo 7 days ago

      Rosanna Pansino you are the best

      GEMS EARLEY 7 days ago +1

      the first vid of urs i watched (when i was little) was when u and Mo made the princess cakes. i've been here since nerdy nummies and i think since you've had 800 thousand subs or something

  • Nessa Carty
    Nessa Carty 22 minutes ago +1

    Milk milk milk milk!!!!🥛🍫

  • Zainab XOX
    Zainab XOX 23 minutes ago

    Aww cookie is so adorable 😍

  • Kaylah RRG chan
    Kaylah RRG chan 29 minutes ago

    Ro you should make chocolate replay button!!!!!!!!💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  • Janella Altman
    Janella Altman 40 minutes ago

    You should make a a cake with it like maybe blueberry cheesecake and do it with mark like this so that ro would see it

  • D. Modix
    D. Modix 43 minutes ago

    فديت الحلوييين 🤩🤩😩

  • Kimberly Ciulla
    Kimberly Ciulla Hour ago

    I like both milk chocolate and dark chocolate

  • G Grocock
    G Grocock Hour ago

    Make a marshmallow diamond play button

  • janethmcpeak
    janethmcpeak Hour ago

    Is it just me or should rosanna put molds of the playbutton on her baking line

  • TheMystical Blue
    TheMystical Blue Hour ago

    Milk chocolate

  • rachel anne cruz
    rachel anne cruz Hour ago

    dark chocolate is the best

  • Maryam Ahmed
    Maryam Ahmed 2 hours ago

    Dark chocolate all the way

  • WolfSpirit1292
    WolfSpirit1292 2 hours ago

    you should try making a red velvet cake with the diamond play button =)

  • Abdulmalik Alzuraigy
    Abdulmalik Alzuraigy 2 hours ago +1

    White chocolate is the best

  • Ellie :D
    Ellie :D 2 hours ago


  • fantastic playz
    fantastic playz 3 hours ago

    Milk choclate and white choclate

  • Nardeen Niki
    Nardeen Niki 3 hours ago

    Milk chocolate

  • Estrella
    Estrella 4 hours ago

    the first video i watched was ur MLP cupcakes

  • Estrella
    Estrella 4 hours ago

    i am learing how to make microwaved cupcakes and i am going to my super market ACME to pick up my ingredients pls wish me good luck if i fail ☺😉 thanks

  • Chloe And Zoey Lawlor
    Chloe And Zoey Lawlor 4 hours ago

    # milk chocolate 🍫

  • Amalie Whyte
    Amalie Whyte 4 hours ago

    I hate both milk and dark chocolate I only like white chocolate

  • Manya Kumar
    Manya Kumar 4 hours ago

    I like milk chocolate better!

  • Shriya Dhalla
    Shriya Dhalla 5 hours ago

    Ok...... what about a diamond play button entremet....and you can glaze it....and make the center crystal clear part with isomalt.....💎💞

  • the cute puppy 194
    the cute puppy 194 6 hours ago

    # milk chocolate

  • Neon Whiskers
    Neon Whiskers 6 hours ago

    Just answering the question, to be honest I love dark chocolate as much as I like milk chocolate. I do like milk chocolate on candy bars like Heath and Crunch bars.

  • Sawdah Saibah
    Sawdah Saibah 7 hours ago

    I like dark chocolate and no one else in my family likes it 😢

  • derpy panda
    derpy panda 7 hours ago

    Dark chocolate is the best!!!!!

  • Ayla Erencan
    Ayla Erencan 7 hours ago

    I love Dark Chocolate!!!!!!!

  • Amy Munster
    Amy Munster 8 hours ago

    Make a gummy diamond play button!

  • Anıl Tankut Dilaver
    Anıl Tankut Dilaver 8 hours ago

    Take it easy on the lip-fillers we can't understand what you're saying.

  • Victoria Soto
    Victoria Soto 8 hours ago +1

    Team milk chocolate

  • Aubrie Roberts
    Aubrie Roberts 8 hours ago

    Milk or white

  • Christina Rivera
    Christina Rivera 8 hours ago

    I knew this channel since i was 6 and now i am 10 this channel brings me back memories :)

  • Aubrie Roberts
    Aubrie Roberts 8 hours ago

    You should get backing spray it has flower in it and works really really well

  • MoonShield

    Dark Chocolate~ mmm ♡

  • Adan Salinas
    Adan Salinas 9 hours ago

    How are skinny? teach me!

  • Genevieve Garcia
    Genevieve Garcia 9 hours ago

    I love you're dog she or he is so cute. :)

  • Taher Limdiwala
    Taher Limdiwala 9 hours ago

    I love you. The best😍😘

  • Taher Limdiwala
    Taher Limdiwala 9 hours ago


  • Baby Phil
    Baby Phil 10 hours ago

    boo 🤣😱

  • FTS Vlogs
    FTS Vlogs 10 hours ago

    Last video for the summer

  • Thalisha Estrella
    Thalisha Estrella 10 hours ago

    I like milk 🥛 chocolate 🍫

  • Savvy Rose
    Savvy Rose 10 hours ago

    Omg I wish you were my mom or al least related because you are so sweet and great food also COOKIE IS SO CUTE and your one of my favorite youtubers next to matpat And we would have so much fun and molly seems awsome two

  • Molly Korosu
    Molly Korosu 11 hours ago

    whos here because of derek?

  • Naomi Joy
    Naomi Joy 11 hours ago

    Was that pink lemonade from Trader Joe’s because I think I get the same one!

  • manal khan
    manal khan 11 hours ago

    I love 60% dark chocolate 🍫❤️

  • Afsheen Aleem
    Afsheen Aleem 12 hours ago

    Nerdy nummies loge cookies love it

  • EmmaTube
    EmmaTube 12 hours ago

    Dark chocolate

  • Faisal B
    Faisal B 12 hours ago

    I was here before 1mil. Miss the old intro 😢CONGRATS RO❤️❤️

  • jayleen lopez
    jayleen lopez 12 hours ago

    Your really short :) I thought u were about a little bit taller

  • Anthony
    Anthony 12 hours ago

    I like white chocolate! ( waits for the haters to tell me it's "Not real chocolate!!.." )

  • gamersgeeks 101
    gamersgeeks 101 13 hours ago

    i perfer milk chocolate but my favourite is white chocolate

  • Emma Downs
    Emma Downs 13 hours ago

    I only eat Dark Chocolate

  • Michelle Elizabeth
    Michelle Elizabeth 13 hours ago

    You said here we go cudy

  • sheccabaw
    sheccabaw 14 hours ago

    It's really fun to see you experimenting with a new recipe on the spot! I love the videos where you fully know what you're doing ahead of time, but this kind of felt like a throwback to OG Nerdy Nummies where a lot of stuff was still new to you. And that made me happy and nostalgic. :)

  • squad fam
    squad fam 14 hours ago

    8:16 Ro gets her stress out

  • Najla alrajhi
    Najla alrajhi 14 hours ago

    You deserve it

  • joan catotal
    joan catotal 14 hours ago

    the chocolate one is my favorite

  • Tani Patel
    Tani Patel 15 hours ago

    Dark chocolate is my favourite aswell

  • Janet Johns
    Janet Johns 15 hours ago

    Milk chocolate

  • Donna Ball
    Donna Ball 16 hours ago

    Milk chocolate is my favorite

  • Assist-a-Pro Liv’s Videos

    I’m sorry but I think that it was a little bit cheesy so just try to be a little bit more “real” next time but I liked the video you are a good baker and yeah good job ! 👍🏻 *it was not clickbait.

  • Tokitheboss
    Tokitheboss 16 hours ago

    I can't tell if she's just tiny or if everything else is super sized

  • Lizzy Green
    Lizzy Green 16 hours ago

    You would be on the show sugar rish

  • jesssibean
    jesssibean 17 hours ago

    i like white chocolate :/

  • Fatuyamu Drammeh
    Fatuyamu Drammeh 17 hours ago

    It would be everything if the chocolate in the play button wasn’t fully set in the middle than it goooed everywhere 🤤

  • GamingSEA
    GamingSEA 17 hours ago

    I love youuuuu. I can’t believe you replied to my comment once I will never forget that. You’re soo positive and sweet. Thanks for being so weird and cute at the same time. Your a big inspiration to my life. Tell Molly congrats 😘

  • RosieG
    RosieG 17 hours ago

    You and Zoella are Diamond play button buddies. You ladies are killing it!! Congrats.

  • Eclipse Solaris
    Eclipse Solaris 17 hours ago

    Ro: Diamonds taste good!
    Me: Hmmm....

  • Cool Girl
    Cool Girl 18 hours ago

    I like milk chocolate much better

  • Vanessa Villegas
    Vanessa Villegas 18 hours ago

    You should put organic lemonade and put berries in it😍

  • Cynthia Haddad
    Cynthia Haddad 18 hours ago

    Whats the dogs name

  • XxRifle Penguin
    XxRifle Penguin 18 hours ago

    I only ever tasted milk,white and dark chocolate and blue chocolate

  • Mystical Winter Fox
    Mystical Winter Fox 18 hours ago

    Can I have some? :P

  • Ava Sharma
    Ava Sharma 18 hours ago

    Thought you were actually going to eat your real one

  • Angela Rodriguez
    Angela Rodriguez 19 hours ago +1

    Make a jello play button!
    Or a huge soap play button

  • Grace Maziarz
    Grace Maziarz 19 hours ago +1

    When are you going to have a TV show?!

  • Chelsea Giannino
    Chelsea Giannino 19 hours ago

    Milk chocoooo

  • Rachel
    Rachel 20 hours ago +2

    Oh, Dark Chocolate is way better :) I agree with you Ro

  • Lissette Perez Nunez
    Lissette Perez Nunez 20 hours ago

    I was just thinking now that You have a niece You can teach Her how to bake and make videos with her

  • Tanasha Wayne
    Tanasha Wayne 20 hours ago

    i HATE............... DARK CHOCOLATE YUCK😝😝😝😝😝😝 NO OFFENSE ROSANNA I 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫

  • Daphne
    Daphne 20 hours ago

    Ro and her doggie are matching
    (Dress) ( Collar )

  • Gracie Htoo
    Gracie Htoo 21 hour ago

    TVclip should had make her a cake diamond play button

  • Soundarya Lahari Kamalapuram

    That was so much chocolate

  • Bts Lover
    Bts Lover 21 hour ago

    What was it like meeting Derek Gerard

  • Twitchy33
    Twitchy33 21 hour ago

    RO: It is like a ro spa

  • Twitchy33
    Twitchy33 21 hour ago

    Milk Chocolate I hate DARK

  • Tia Chapman
    Tia Chapman 22 hours ago


  • Addyventure
    Addyventure 22 hours ago

    Dark chocolate team for the win

  • Pramila Kamble
    Pramila Kamble 22 hours ago

    Nice video love it

  • Tulika Rathod
    Tulika Rathod 22 hours ago

    milk chocolate

  • Mallory Cromley
    Mallory Cromley 22 hours ago +2

    🍫dark chocolate

  • Martha Roper
    Martha Roper 22 hours ago

    Cookie is like my mom os soooo awesome!! Congrats on the play button!! U deserve it

  • Robbie Tamayo
    Robbie Tamayo 22 hours ago

    I want you back at escape the nights😭

  • Demi Ogunyinka
    Demi Ogunyinka 22 hours ago

    I love Ro Ro why did u half to die in escape the night it was so sad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Ramgopal Menon
    Ramgopal Menon 23 hours ago

    Dark Chocolate!!

  • Audrey Waggoner
    Audrey Waggoner 23 hours ago

    I prefer dark chocolate, but I love both!

  • Sophia Betesh
    Sophia Betesh 23 hours ago

    Please do a diamond. Play button mirror cake