Vincent Lambert, Frenchman at heart of controversial right-to-die case, has died

  • Published on Jul 11, 2019
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    The waiting- if not the fighting or the debate- is over. Vincent Lambert, at 42, has passed away.Over a decade ago, in 2008, he suffered a near fatal car accident. In a vegitative state, doctors tried for years to see signs of brain activity. Then, in 2013, they and Lambert's wife decided to pull the plug, with the support of 6 of the young man's siblings.But his parents - both devout Catholics - challenged the decision, arguing that they hadn't been properly consulted.A court ruled in their favour, and Lambert was kept on alive.Two years later, the European Court of Human Rights made a landmark judgment, ruling that French doctors could take him off life support.Once again his parents launched legal appeals..even trying to take the case to the UN. But, after much legal back and forth, the French state council, and then highest case of appeals, ruled, on June 28th, to end life support.
    Lamberts parents have since filed a suite for attempted murder, but they said in a statement they were quote "resigned" that this was the end. //Called in France "l'affair Vincent Lambert" - the case has been followed nationally for years. It has created a debate about euthanasia. If it is akin to murder, as some see it.Or, if it should be made legal in France because-for others- such a step should be a dying person's choice...In France, a 2016 law does allow terminally ill patients to be sedated, but there is no legal lethal injection to quickly end suffering. //Vincent Lambert's case does provide a rare lesson though for an entire nation the importance of writing down, even when young and able bodied, your views on how -if tragedy strikes- you wish to die. For legal experts agree, had Vincent Lambert written his wishes, his care would never have been up for debate.
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Comments • 6

  • Monika Edyta Pietrzyk
    Monika Edyta Pietrzyk 5 months ago

    whih "right-to-die"??? It's rather right-to-kill-when-not -comfortableto-take-care-of !

  • Barba Kan
    Barba Kan 5 months ago


  • Nickle
    Nickle 5 months ago +3

    Deliberately killed. That's murder.

    • Nickle
      Nickle 5 months ago +1

      @Lilo The core problem. If you choose to kill me, without my explicit consent its murder.
      Even with my consent, that's more than dodgy.

    • Lilo
      Lilo 5 months ago

      You wouldn't want to live that way yourself.

  • That girl
    That girl 5 months ago +1

    Just send them to Germany, here forced euthanasia is part of the course!