149 LBS: #1 Sammy Sasso (OSU) vs. #2 Pat Lugo (Iowa) | 2020 B1G Wrestling Championships

  • Published on Mar 8, 2020
  • Ohio State's Sammy Sasso faces Iowa's Pat Lugo in the 149 pound bracket of the 2020 Big Ten Wrestling Championships.
    #Wrestling #OhioStateBuckeyes #IowaHawkeyes
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Comments • 67

  • Aaron Gibson
    Aaron Gibson 18 hours ago

    Sasso has back points for sure

  • _ lehalf kakjihf _
    _ lehalf kakjihf _ Month ago

    sasso robbed at the end. danger zone sasso was in control lugo was on his back

  • St Dominique
    St Dominique 2 months ago

    Very close call ... I think lugo lost though 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Foo Woo-Hoo
    Foo Woo-Hoo 2 months ago


  • Julian Mayorga
    Julian Mayorga 2 months ago

    That ref is so annoying

  • Ricardo Abarca
    Ricardo Abarca 2 months ago

    Lugo looks solid aff bro lmao

  • Kyle Vruwink
    Kyle Vruwink 2 months ago


  • Keys the Sav 2
    Keys the Sav 2 2 months ago

    That’s stupid that was 2 points for back and 2 for takedown he had to 2 for takedown cus lugo let go of the leg

  • Pablo Fonseca
    Pablo Fonseca 2 months ago

    Got to say love Lugo but they failed sasso for sure

  • Grumpy Old Man
    Grumpy Old Man 2 months ago +8

    I _feel_ like that was 2 at the end, but I also realize it is a judgement call by the ref on the start of the count, per the rules. Sasso shouldn't have waited on that shot, plain and simple.

  • scott
    scott 2 months ago +1

    OSU guy should of gotten 2 pts at the end

  • Caleb Tolento
    Caleb Tolento 2 months ago +3

    The commentator called him Sammy Sosa at the very beginning 😂

  • jr birdman
    jr birdman 2 months ago +13

    Boy Lugo was incredibly fortunate there at the end. That win was slipping away fast!

    • Kevin
      Kevin 2 months ago

      jr birdman same thing when Sasso beat him too. Lugo almost got a takedown as time ran out. Two studs, plain and simple. It would have been awesome to watch them wrestle each other for a championship.

  • Dave Corsi
    Dave Corsi 2 months ago

    Doesnt matter how many championships someone wins, no one will ever remember to take off their ankle bands

  • UnderMyBrim
    UnderMyBrim 2 months ago

    Man Pat is trying way too hard to do his twitch.

  • Scott Lincoln
    Scott Lincoln 2 months ago +8

    Lugo wrestles like a heavyweight that is 149 pounds. Those are some scary underhooks.

  • Jacob Rios
    Jacob Rios 2 months ago +12

    No danger count? That was 2 at the end

  • Chris K
    Chris K 2 months ago +37

    This ref is too involved. Quit trying to dictate the match and let the athletes do their thing

  • David W
    David W 2 months ago

    been kind of a dead class since retherford graduated.

  • mike miller
    mike miller 2 months ago

    Becoming a champion off your back

  • mike miller
    mike miller 2 months ago

    Rip off

  • drdlin
    drdlin 2 months ago +20

    Easily 4 seconds of dangers...man these refs are terrible

  • Eric VerHey
    Eric VerHey 2 months ago

    Lugo got lucky on that NF ... NCAA will be fun!

  • June Smith
    June Smith 2 months ago +1

    This year is setting up for some great grudge matches at the NCAA's if the 1 and 2's get to the finals.

    • June Smith
      June Smith 2 months ago +1

      @Greg Whitsel damn a sad day Greg :(

    • Greg Whitsel
      Greg Whitsel 2 months ago +1

      June Smith 😢Now it’s all gone!!

  • corey Johnson
    corey Johnson 2 months ago +9

    South Dade was a good wrestling program they are a beast.

  • corey Johnson
    corey Johnson 2 months ago +3

    Iowa recruiting outside the Midwest is a smart ideal

  • Drew Byrd
    Drew Byrd 2 months ago +12

    Damn sasso had that.

  • Joel Clark
    Joel Clark 2 months ago

    The ref talk too much, he needs to just shut up and Lugo stalled way too much

  • Kurt Hajroja
    Kurt Hajroja 2 months ago +1

    The ref is trying too hard

    • El Man
      El Man 2 months ago

      By trying you mean won't shut the fuck up??😂😂

  • Tom Bystander
    Tom Bystander 2 months ago

    That was a horrible call. I'm happy for pat but Sammy got robbed

  • Anthony Munoz
    Anthony Munoz 2 months ago

    Is he Cuban ?

  • Steeve Cantave
    Steeve Cantave 2 months ago

    Since Zain left, the 149lbs is basically where guys who can't win elsewhere take their shots. That's one of the reason Kolodzik came back, and I think he's the favorite to win it.

    • Cazimir Silkovich
      Cazimir Silkovich 2 days ago

      Zain Retherford of Nittany Lion fame? His leaving dictated the whole 149 lb. Weight class in the NCAA? Wow

  • Stephen Oni
    Stephen Oni 2 months ago

    'Sammy Sosa, Sasso' hahahaha!

  • Brett
    Brett 2 months ago

    Lugo with the extra curriculars... he reminds me to much of his coach

  • M
    M 2 months ago

    Looked like a pretty clear two at the end there. Ah well, they will likely see each other again at the NCAAs.

  • Rudy Corona
    Rudy Corona 2 months ago +2

    Great match
    hopefully they meet again in the finals at the ncaas

  • Shaun Murphy
    Shaun Murphy 2 months ago +1

    So manymatches the refs botched.. Its getting rediculous

  • Rob Gallagher
    Rob Gallagher 2 months ago

    to be continued in 2 weeks... both matches have been razor close w/ questionable calls... but tonight, the score should've been 5-2

  • Juan Perez
    Juan Perez 2 months ago +1

    A lot of hate for Pat and for the call at the last second. They literally reviewed it and they didn't count it for a reason. I agree that If there was a couple extra seconds then it would've been a 2, that ain't the case. These guys wrestled their heart out and are now 1 for 1 this season. Can't wait to see how round 3 goes if they meet at NCAAs. Could honestly go either way with these 2.

  • George Adams
    George Adams 2 months ago +6

    Can’t believe Lugo wasn’t hit with stalling earlier when he was hanging on to Sasso without a mat return. Then when he was clearly stalling with less than a minute in the third. Unbelievable. Then he flexes his arms as though he won. I predict he’ll go down early in Minneapolis.

    • Kent Burandt
      Kent Burandt 2 months ago +1

      karson bellmard That’s literally the rule bud but ok

    • karson bellmard
      karson bellmard 2 months ago

      Kent Burandt you don’t know much about wrestling do you lol

    • Kent Burandt
      Kent Burandt 2 months ago +1

      If you are "aggressively attempting" to return your opponent to the mat it is not considered stalling. That is why it wasn't stalling. In my opinion Sasso was stalling on his feet the first period.

  • Black Ops Geek 99
    Black Ops Geek 99 2 months ago +11

    10:38 the clock doesn’t start

    • bmoneymasta
      bmoneymasta 2 months ago +2

      look at the scoreboard they were ahead on the digital screen

  • Ralphie Wigs
    Ralphie Wigs 2 months ago +4

    That was a fantastic tournament. The best part is that it could all change in two weeks! These guys are great...congrats to all!

  • D M
    D M 2 months ago +1

    Total bullshit. Look at the clock at the end, Lugo is on his back starting at 0:04 until the final whistle.

  • Bobby Glory
    Bobby Glory 2 months ago +35

    First time I’ve ever heard pat lugo talk lmao

  • Oof Oof
    Oof Oof 2 months ago

    Great ref

  • Kole Adams
    Kole Adams 2 months ago

    Is that lil dicky

  • The Matturbator
    The Matturbator 2 months ago +13

    Even though it's low scoring if you know wrestling you'll know this was a great, technical match. The results literally came down to the last second.
    Should have been take down for Sasso at the end btw. There were three seconds on the clock when Lugo exposed.

    • Tyler Nicholson
      Tyler Nicholson 2 months ago +1

      @The Matturbator also requires the ref to make the danger zone announcement after reaction time. So all-in time is 5-8 seconds needed.

    • The Matturbator
      The Matturbator 2 months ago +1

      Rudy Corona my bad, you right. Sometimes the timer is lagging a bit on tv. But control is defined by 3 seconds of extended back exposure. 1 more swipe and that is technically control.

    • Rudy Corona
      Rudy Corona 2 months ago +1

      The Matturbator in real time it was not even 2 seconds and you need control to score a takedown.

  • Gabriel Dimas
    Gabriel Dimas 2 months ago +2

    Thank you for uploading these

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 months ago +7

    Lugo was on his back at the end and lost that match.

  • HexSpeedruns
    HexSpeedruns 2 months ago +5

    Yeah you guys can say what you want but sasso got handed the win in carver when he took 0 shots, and got three calls on his side which should have been points for Lugo. They’re even now with ref’s calls

  • Tyler Nicholson
    Tyler Nicholson 2 months ago +20

    Everyone who thinks it was two at the end: read the rules. It wasn't two, the ref had it right.
    If a wrestler breaks 90 BEYOND REACTION TIME, the ref makes the danger zone announcement and THEN begins the count. It's not as simple as 3 seconds and score.
    There was barely enough time for the ref to declare danger zone post-reaction-time and even BEGIN counting let alone count to 3.
    Lugo won fair and square, Sasso fans will just have to wait for the rematch.

    • Tyler Nicholson
      Tyler Nicholson 2 months ago +1

      @mike miller He's not "my boy"... I've only watched him one other time outside of this tournament.
      But perhaps since I'm just making excuses, you could easily refute my statements using the rule book?

    • mike miller
      mike miller 2 months ago

      Tyler Nicholson Your making excuses for your boy being on his back

    • Tyler Nicholson
      Tyler Nicholson 2 months ago

      Kemerer** was on his back

    • Tyler Nicholson
      Tyler Nicholson 2 months ago +2

      @Ethan Baker I mean, look at the danger zone call in the Kemerer/Hall match this very tournament. Hall was on his back for 8 seconds before the points were given. In this match, there were only a total of 3 seconds left in the match by the time Lugo rolled to his back.

    • Ethan Baker
      Ethan Baker 2 months ago +1

      Tyler Nicholson It was the right call because it was a judgement call. It’s completely a refs decision on reaction time. You’re right, but could have gone either way. Looking forward to round 3. 🍿

  • Devon Thompson
    Devon Thompson 2 months ago +5

    Am i the only one who thinks lugo is overrated or there is no depth at 149

    • Devon Thompson
      Devon Thompson 2 months ago

      @Crosby King doesnt mean anything.

    • Crosby King
      Crosby King 2 months ago

      All he does is win.

    • Devon Thompson
      Devon Thompson 2 months ago +1

      @dunk88 he has no offense

    • dunk88
      dunk88 2 months ago +1

      Devon Thompson I’ve been thinking the same thing every time I watch him wrestle

  • Devon Thompson
    Devon Thompson 2 months ago +4

    Im a hawkeye but i didnt agree with the call.

    • Devon Thompson
      Devon Thompson 2 months ago

      @Mike Betancourt glad i can help

    • Mike Betancourt
      Mike Betancourt 2 months ago

      Thanks for the confirmation Mr. Hawkeye. We can all sleep tonight.

  • Jeff Stewart
    Jeff Stewart 2 months ago +2

    Two Heavyweight studs for the sure. They wrestle 10 times its 5-5. I think Parris will take him in Nationals.

    • hugh curtis
      hugh curtis 2 months ago +1

      @Leeon nope, watch the video again, you'll see

    • Leeon
      Leeon 2 months ago +12

      Think you're commenting on the wrong match man.

  • james tecco
    james tecco 2 months ago +4

    Horrible call at the end. Can’t wait for the Nati, I see Sammy beating Lugo for the championship.

    • Senior Partner
      Senior Partner 2 months ago +1

      james tecco Your son is a beast at wrestling.

  • brandon jones
    brandon jones 2 months ago +33

    Whenever I have a hard time sleeping, I just start watching a Pat Lugo match

    • idoj654123
      idoj654123 2 months ago

      @brandon jones How about Keith Gavin, then. A good comparison.

    • Nate Chilton
      Nate Chilton 2 months ago

      I'm a hawk fan but this is true lol

    • hawkbabby
      hawkbabby 2 months ago

      brandon jones love it man 🙌🏻

    • brandon jones
      brandon jones 2 months ago

      @idoj654123 when I see a guy like him and his record, you start to compare him to Bo Nikal, Hayden Hidlay, Jason Nolf, and even Alex Marinelli. He doesn't stack up. Make no bones about it, he is elite but in a lower tier.

    • idoj654123
      idoj654123 2 months ago

      @brandon jones He went after it pretty hard here.

  • Say
    Say 2 months ago

    these guys are so close

  • Ty Hatfield
    Ty Hatfield 2 months ago

    Totally good work the thing is when he came out the back door and turn back over if he would’ve used his foot like a half! It would’ve secured that position a lot better and he could’ve dropped his knee down and held the person there and that would’ve been the win

  • DC Hall
    DC Hall 2 months ago +6

    Bro WHAT?! Lugo was on his back

    • Cupids Foot
      Cupids Foot 2 months ago +1

      DC Hall arms*

    • Cupids Foot
      Cupids Foot 2 months ago +1

      DC Hall I think tht crotch lock prevented it then he still has his leg so he never got behind his harms

  • mary whitehead
    mary whitehead 2 months ago +5

    That was clearly back points. Lousy reffing as usual.

  • Andrew Adams
    Andrew Adams 2 months ago +80

    The commentator was trying to do the count at the end when it was in slow motion

    • Your Dad
      Your Dad 2 months ago

      drdlin it is about control son.

    • Yellow Ranger
      Yellow Ranger 2 months ago

      @drdlin i know

    • drdlin
      drdlin 2 months ago +2

      It doesn't matter. Freeze the video at 4 seconds left on the clock and you will see Lugo is past 90.

    • Yellow Ranger
      Yellow Ranger 2 months ago

      At the end? It wasn't.

  • Ishaan
    Ishaan 2 months ago +42

    lugo's dad looks like a pitbull

    • Holy Woof
      Holy Woof 2 months ago

      f2000305 hahah that’s sad

    • Slim Machado
      Slim Machado 2 months ago

      Ishaan Ali Patricio Pitbull

    • idoj654123
      idoj654123 2 months ago +1

      Yeah, he's definitely the kind of at-home coach, he tells you to do something and you do it.

  • Rio
    Rio 2 months ago +15

    Clearly a 3 count at the end? And of course you can never over turn the ref

    • Ricky Rome
      Ricky Rome 2 months ago

      The guy with the only takedown won

    • CrimsonDrago
      CrimsonDrago 2 months ago +2

      @dunk88 i went back and counted on real time. it was a 3 count. sasso got robbed

    • dunk88
      dunk88 2 months ago +2

      Rio just don’t count to 3 in the slow motion replay ok

  • Peepmysneaks
    Peepmysneaks 2 months ago +9

    Horrible call at the end.

  • Always Teste
    Always Teste 2 months ago +89

    I feel like if they were on the same team they'd be good friends

  • Jake Riegel
    Jake Riegel 2 months ago +18

    Sasso got robbed

    • Michael Lotenero
      Michael Lotenero 2 months ago

      @Shizy Biz no way

    • Shizy Biz
      Shizy Biz 2 months ago +7

      So was lugo the first time they meet, it's a win win situation 🤣

  • free ninj
    free ninj 2 months ago +38

    That was definitely 2 at the end

    • Devon Thompson
      Devon Thompson 2 months ago +1

      I thought he deserved the points. Im a hawkeye fan

    • Mike Ferster
      Mike Ferster 2 months ago +2

      these refs love iowa wrestlers it quite annoying...