T.I'S, STAY HIGH..! **Air Stalking (Proof), Covert Micro-chipping & Defamation Attempts**


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  • Dennis Staser
    Dennis Staser 3 months ago

    Aussie Gamer, They (the covert aerial harassers) use the helicopters and small aircraft) that they fly over targeted individuals, to falsely and further impress into the minds of their conscripted recruits, accepting the gift cards at ground level (zero altitude) that the targeted individuals are bad bad people: It's called: propaganda. Best Wishes ,Stay safe and well

  • TI addtheM
    TI addtheM 3 months ago

    I get stalked by air strikes in the same manor it's quite scary wen u are outside with people. .

    • Shen Ji Solar
      Shen Ji Solar  3 months ago

      TI addtheM most people are oblivious unless you tell them about it

  • Mo Love99
    Mo Love99 4 months ago

    Got my first choppa today I actually felt grateful..like hey I must be doing something right I've leveled up from just street work, haha! I was like "Wow! Lil Ol' me? What have I done to be so special?" But it's not me..it's the ONE within me...the DIVINE, the CREATOR, the TRUE LOVE. It's within ALL of us..we just have to do the work to let it shine as there are so many factors working to suppress. I would have looked at this with a sense of fear just a short time ago. Remember everything is to prepare you for your higher purpose. Try to look at everything no matter how challenging with a sense of gratitude and purpose. Respond with LOVE. Don't react out of impluse. NOT BE AFRAID or retreat. Negativity thrives on fear and doubt. Doesn't mean all those negative thoughts won't rear their head again..of course they will but it will become much easier. The most important thing is to put in the INTERNAL work. Dig deep. Get to the root of negative feelings and triggers. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.That's part of the process..but we're for a reason and have DIVINE PROTECTION! This along with two other amazing blessings manifested--one of financial security and one in an amazing opportunity in real estate!! I literally have done nothing but try to let my DIVINE LOVE LIGHT shine to those around me and move with INTENT and PURPOSE. You don't have to do anything "grand". I don't do social media, TVclip, speak to large groups, etc. I just made my first internet comment 2 days ago! That's how powerful the DIVINE LOVE LIGHT within you is. They pulled out the choppa, hovered over me, along with the usual suspects including the lady parked directly in front of me with lights on bright in the middle of a sunny day. 😃😄Also, I've found that when you try too hard to get others to see the truth or the light it creates resistance. Always remain POSITIVE around others who are unable to understand what you're going through. It will start to become more and more effortless. Many will start to seek it themselves. HANG IN THERE FAM! I know it's so hard sometimes and you may feel extremely tired, defeated, and alone. Seek support from others going through similar experiences...even if it's just listening to videos online, reading others stories, comments, etc. If you ask GOD will give you means of support. Also, always listen to internal GPS and will guide you. I apologize for the book haha, it was just flowing and I felt led to share. Like public journaling lol. Btw journaling is also helpful. Especially when you can look back and see your evolution. Anyway, this is just some of my personal insight and experience. Hopefully it will be help someone. Peace and much love!! 💓💗💖💜

  • Slim Jimpaco
    Slim Jimpaco 4 months ago

    this guys a boss

  • SuburbanoidMisfit111
    SuburbanoidMisfit111 5 months ago

    You have the eyes. Our eyes are always different. Even when they are dark brown, like ours, they GLOW and look so otherworldly. Demons hate it when we look into their eyes because they know we can see them.

  • 11 11
    11 11 5 months ago

    Theu see indoors from Cameras and WiFi pulse from one unmanned plane to another and infrared camera and such.. these look like average planes but can hover.. They are the same planes that streak the sky with fine metal we breath to make us more conductive.. these planes can also glow like a white orb.. And they also follow and do the survaillence.. at night they like to be around your home and appear as stars. I feel these also do the direct energy weapons on us.. when the WiFi pulse happens the lights in your home will flicker super quick, can happen unnoticed.. you might even notice at street lights they use those cameras, some have a white light that turns on when the cameras going. It's these planes they look like average planes.. This is key, draw attention to the planes.. alot of the planes that follow me are horizon air.. Alaska airlines or southwest airlines they are also quiet.. They say on the plane app like Gerald howard,,,mark pasqualino.. Nick dean, Florida metal.. They don't move and there altitude and speed will say 0, they will just hover.. But they can turn off and not be on the app.. I'm looking for similarities between us TIs.. like I saw 11:11 alot um I was premature,, very artistic, partied.. I need your guys input.. I have had these planes hover like 75 ft over me and come up beside me terminator style on the freeway to intimidate.. I know others seen it.. it was insane

  • Laura Bennett Fedor
    Laura Bennett Fedor 6 months ago

    Words of wisdom

  • eevie
    eevie 6 months ago +1

    high = breaking mind control programming :)

  • paul leftwick
    paul leftwick 7 months ago

    if in england maybe its the weed hog copters?

  • paul leftwick
    paul leftwick 7 months ago

    maybe energy is recorded from others and dubbed over others ?

  • paul leftwick
    paul leftwick 7 months ago

    see if you chop branch or cell sample it reacts in real time when you put lghter upto it on board a plane and micro waves can identify your bone structure like as acurate as dna test

  • TitoTorrero Damulira
    TitoTorrero Damulira 7 months ago

    Supervise visit! Damn

  • TitoTorrero Damulira
    TitoTorrero Damulira 7 months ago

    Wow! I made that observations about injections in year 9 to year 11. Whole bunch of guys and girls went to take the injections; I avoided it. Maybe my targeting and organized gangstalking started to increase ever since!

  • D J
    D J 7 months ago


  • Leroy Smith
    Leroy Smith 9 months ago +1

    Im 54 I noticed when i was 16 so all the insults and fights i was unaware of was stalking with family involvement bigtyme!!
    Im very psychic!!!
    I pick them Demons up immediately!!!
    And give them an earful they cant take that!
    I always call them souless hellbound demons!
    Satans robots!!
    90% of the tyme with my wife and everytyme fa 12 years im crazy!!! to her????
    No brother your not crazy and neither am i or no other T.I.
    I prove to family and my wife even this morning with the train derailment in Washington St.
    Last week i posted a disaster coming sunday morning i posted 911 illuminati falseflag!!! with the date being a 13 day and 13 cars off the track!!!
    When there is a major Earthquake anywhere in the world i have faint spells and me and my wife are at the mall when i had my faint spell!!!! the next day Indonesia had a 6.5 quake!!!
    My suns mother did the same to me!!!!
    went to the Sheriff and said the same thing!!!!
    Because she caught me with my daughters mom when she was pregnant with my sun!!!
    She moved to Texas when she landed @ the airport her niece was runover @ the airport and killed!!!!!
    And she spent 45 days in a psycho ward and 60 days in jail fa a mental breakdown!!!!!
    Ancestors are powerful!!!!
    She was calling me fa 2 years!!
    Crying to me asking me why is she going through this Hell?????

  • Crystal Suggs
    Crystal Suggs 9 months ago

    she was planted to ruin you

  • Crystal Suggs
    Crystal Suggs 9 months ago +2

    i get airstalked too..they are trying to break your connected frequency to thee most high..

  • Ronald Hamilton
    Ronald Hamilton 9 months ago

    thks we needed all support from every ti in the world..God bless.

  • Leslie Beckwith
    Leslie Beckwith 9 months ago

    o wow, my pc is messing up already, ok lets pray.............thanks for this, i feel for you... it's been seven years for me and i trust no one, not really... friends and family are leaving... they want me to go back to God, right where i was when they stomped on me.. you would not believe my story and i'm sick of thinking about telling more people to be ignored again.thanks

    • Leslie Beckwith
      Leslie Beckwith 9 months ago

      subbed to you, please sub to me,so i know you are real, thanks dear

    • Leslie Beckwith
      Leslie Beckwith 9 months ago

      i would really like to hear more about your harassment, i know i just met you but mine are getting bad, they want me to be good and torture me at the same time, all day, everyday,thanks, i liked this alot!

  • woow interested
    woow interested 10 months ago

    It's seems as we're the enemies,we as good spirited people who only seek peace

  • Slave Mason
    Slave Mason 10 months ago

    11:25 haha good one bro

  • Servants Research Ministry

    Love it! And love you!

  • Donna Taliercio
    Donna Taliercio Year ago

    I completely understand. 100percent. i am praying for u.

  • Matthew naylor
    Matthew naylor Year ago

    you are so fucking smooth about this program we in like damn you spiting truth that awesome keep gong hit me back

  • jimmy Smith
    jimmy Smith Year ago

    There's too much talk about gang-stalking theory and sad TI experiences. It does nothing for us. We need to talk more about teamwork, negating the affects, and living successful lives under the circumstances. Reach out to me, we can work together and overcome these sick operations. We need to stop complaining and start our own operation. I have some ideas. Leave your email.

  • blairbushproject
    blairbushproject Year ago

    Targeted Intelligence as evidenced! Thanks for the good thoughts!

  • Andrea H
    Andrea H Year ago

    Does anyone online have any evidence of chips and the removal of them?
    I heard it mentioned but I don't see anything documented.

  • J P
    J P Year ago

    it is real...chosen of God....rejoice your name is in His Book of Life

  • Empress Sky
    Empress Sky Year ago +8

    @10:40-- the different means by which people become injected with RFID is 1. Covertly through surgical procedures. They are inside your body while you are under anesthesia and can leave these trackers 2. With shots that are given at adult detention centers or other places. I missed a court date because I lost a paper ticket. I called the court several times before my appearance date, but they could not find me anywhere in the system. I wanted to pay the ticket and be done with it. A month later I as pulled over and taken in the back of the police car and was going to get booked that night had I not paid my own bail. The most disturbing part of the experience was that I was given a shot within ten minutes of being there, supposedly for TB or whatever, which I thought was odd, because I hadn't even been booked, yet. At that point in time, I was not awakened yet, so I did not have knowledge of the covert things going on around me. The day after this incident, I went to work and called the courts to let them know what happened, and suddenly they were able to pull my ticket information in the system. The lady apologized profusely; she said it sometimes happens that a court case can get lost in the system and not come back up until after the date has passed, which is what happened in my situation. I believe I was planted with a tracking chip in that situation. I also believe I could have received them when I had surgery in 2010, 2012 and 2013. The interference that occurs when the stalking begins is what leads the individual into isolation and further mental turmoil. My extra sensory perception was forced to kick in once I was targeted, and I became aware of being tracked by people with cell phones who, I feel, were uploading my bio-code with an app and sending the information off to database. IF it is the case this is NOT happening and ALL of these effing people are actors, then they all deserve awards, but I highly doubt that is the truth. THEN, you have the "friends" and family to whom you confide that call you paranoid, schizophrenic and blame you for past relationship issues. I went through this with my ex. HE exhibited these signs before me, and I sat there trying to figure it all out, when I should have ran. And it seems I picked up the program there after; I received the download and went through the same things. Once you are chipped, you become part of a computer similation that uses biofeedback to trap you within your own box or cage with your own thought patterns.

    • kai S
      kai S 6 months ago +1

      I actually had a dream that something like that happen to me. That I got pulled over a month after living in my new city. I was sober and taken in and remember getting a shot for no reason but for some reason on the way to where the cop was taking me I became weird felt as if I was drugged. Now I know it couldn't have been a dream just from reading your post. For days I was confused only had glimpse of what happened I got paranoid stayed home didn't go to work for a week my family thought I've gone crazy I stress about it everyday still. And I run into weird ppl all the time weather I'm at a store or bar to drink with Friends and they all give me a look that let's me know they are there. Damn your post trips me out now I know I'm not the only one. I point these people out to my friends and they say I'm just being paranoid but honestly why would these older ppl be at places that I go to when the crowed is younger? I thought I've been charged with a crime I've checked every court near my city and can't find anything. Still don't know why they took me in and why they gave me a shot and just let me go after I became normal again. And my car didn't get impounded. There's way more to the story but it's just to crazy to all say.

    • Donna Taliercio
      Donna Taliercio Year ago

      plz contact xplain more


    Staying high all the time makes us vulnerable to the negative spells. I want to stay on the ground but not lower. You are philosopher! What is your religion?

    • Shen Ji Solar
      Shen Ji Solar  Year ago +2

      FREEHUMANDATA _ Stay High: Referring to the higher altitude of our being, nothing else... Grounding is essential.

  • Soldier Boyz
    Soldier Boyz Year ago +1

    #We are Love and Light# Victory is ours

  • Naturally With Karen


  • Targeted Individuals Be Strong

    I almost forgot. Like the video. Good energy and higher vibration is very important while enduring this torture. Well done.

  • Targeted Individuals Be Strong

    Earth has been a prison planet for thousands of years. Some, like us of the old world have been awakened to see the corruption, deceipt, and greed. Over 30,000 children a year die of starvation while these elite entities that are actually Annunaki murder more and look for more ways to enslave humanity. We are the light workers who chose this point in time in order to raise our consciousness in order to change others around us. their auras change just by being near us and the powers that be know this and will stop at nothing to put the empowered individuals in cages or coffins in order to silence our awakening to the sleep walkers or gridsters. I believe they are now using A.l.C.'s (Artificial Intelligence Clones) and\or robotoids to replace family members in order to keep tabs on heavier targets. Let's do our job wakening the masses in creative and innovative ways to change our consciousness of this reality. This will be eventually what lifts the veils completely to move into Christ's higher consciousness. Wake the gridsters and finish the game.

    • Uneedyoazzbeat
      Uneedyoazzbeat 6 months ago

      Yas girl, yas!

    • Sarah Allen
      Sarah Allen Year ago

      Targeted Individuals, the awakenings, underground bases, cloning chambers

  • Flash1026 #801
    Flash1026 #801 Year ago +1

    I agree with mostly everything you said...I definitely get attacked from the sky mostly although I have neighbors that are part of it to. God Bless brother

  • Maria Jacobsen
    Maria Jacobsen Year ago


  • TheOlivecat
    TheOlivecat Year ago

    More music, the group is called Gregory Alan Isakov, and the album is called That Sea, The Gambler, share these if you think they help tvclip.biz/video/oSUDogiEb_Y/video.html

  • TheOlivecat
    TheOlivecat Year ago

    This is good too, the group is called Morphine, and the album is called Cure for Pain, tvclip.biz/video/XWKYxhyKja4/video.html

  • TheOlivecat
    TheOlivecat Year ago +2

    Hey free spirits, they is jealous, music will help you, it helps me, take in lots of music, discover new music, travel through youtube for music. This is instrumental until "Children of the Sun", singer sounds like Jim Morrison, I just discovered this today. Don't worry folks, people are waking up, you keep waking up too, we are getting to see the truth, let's keep our eyes on our hearts, on the trees, the sun, the sky, the oceans, the wilderness and all that live there. The Group is called Dead Can Dance, The album is called Anastasis

  • Israel Arredondo
    Israel Arredondo Year ago

    Much love me friend Simon

  • Ra Star
    Ra Star Year ago +4

    yes family that on point being seeing choppers and planes even drones…police harrasment raise that vibration they cant come near iv seen even..people playing roles its a joke….bro! when that chopper came over your head in that video you said you could see it crashing lol thats exactly what i do..go nature and the assisters will protect us always…iv been in the woods middle of nowhere and still get stalked so i think it was vaccination shot or the TB but also they no what planet we our from day one they take the womans percenta that tells them what planet were we came from and they don’t want us to unite yin yang….but its already played out…they can’t stop the most high’s seeds of mass destruction good work bro! ill see you on the inside stay strong family!

  • Goddess By Birth Janeane Maxwell

    I absolutely adore this video...and the comments. People are truly awakening, and having others to confirm and clarify the similar events in their lives is a blessing. Thank you for all of your sharing and caring. Your joyful spirit and high vibrations is much needed and well received. Man....once we realize our true identity and power that we carry and manifest because of our father, the most high, our creator who abides in us....our mind and conscious becomes more clear and our love becomes more authentic and unconditional...especially for those who have no understanding of the evil which exists in them and uses them to bring harm to others. Our strength comes from loving and understanding others, and from being dually tuned❤Again...thank you. Infinite love and respect...

  • Jeziuhs Christallah

    word shen ji there been loads of Chen trails on my location the full sky is black and full of lines and no natural clouds and people have no spirit or life in there being to question it there was a helicopter that flu past me when I was meditating in nature when the sheeple would have been at work dehumanized and sacred consciousness limited to a square but I went to my house afew hours later I went outside and less then afew seconds later that same helicopter was flying directly over my house and was the size of my hand in comparison

  • Kai Bio
    Kai Bio 2 years ago +1

    Powerful lyrics in your outro! Precisely what it is....the game! Keep assembling! RE'Membering/Peacing together! Righteous!

  • GetUtoo
    GetUtoo 2 years ago +1

    So true!

  • geri Konecy
    geri Konecy 2 years ago +3

    there not human Brother VLASH Hybrids

    • geri konecy
      geri konecy Year ago

      Mico, if you would like to know more, these Vlash are 10% essence and a lot of them go crazy eventually but go to , DS AHK Channel and find out a lot more on what is really happening in this world and who is really who here. thanks

    • Mico Media
      Mico Media Year ago +1

      VLASH HYBRIDS? You mean clones/robotoids? I'm curious. Tell me more.

  • King Lions
    King Lions 2 years ago +1

    It's good to see young people like you still have hope and faith, but then you get idiots coming around getting in your way. keep up the good work.

  • Rammy Yana
    Rammy Yana 2 years ago +1

    they are cowards thats why they have to kill us.cos they are afraid of us.

  • Rammy Yana
    Rammy Yana 2 years ago +2

    they fly over my house everyday..when am talking to someone they bring around ambulance,firetrucks und all...

  • alexsisSCskywatch
    alexsisSCskywatch 2 years ago +2

    I like your style

  • Lotus Jumproom
    Lotus Jumproom 2 years ago

    Priceless! You just totally picked me up! Thank you Love!

  • Mark B
    Mark B 2 years ago +5

    Same things are happening to me. Get stalked by planes and helicopters every time I go out. Also see a lot of vans and commercial vehicles all the time.

    DON THEKICKASSTI 2 years ago +1


    STAGEDKERNEL 2 years ago

    By possessing you they posses African minds to brain wash them. They upload African people on you to rule their heads. tvclip.biz/video/sfgZrRoflCI/video.html

    STAGEDKERNEL 2 years ago +1

    You stream a huge amount of energy out of yourself. It feels even on the video.

  • Old Soul Maggie
    Old Soul Maggie 2 years ago +1

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  • Trinity with me
    Trinity with me 2 years ago +10

    Brother I have been a victim for 13 years now 24/7 I am tormented and anguished with it all. I lost my unborn baby, my children, my jobs, my homes my degrees, and have been pemently disabled now with what has been said to be mental disorders. I know however, I have been targeted but can prove nothing. I believe on my Lord and Christ and it is satan the accusers works. I can't believe this is happening to so many while there cries are not heard Christ will be back to do away with this evil!

    • TitoTorrero Damulira
      TitoTorrero Damulira 7 months ago

      Scary part is being EEG cloned to respond negatively to other TI's or family member who could be one! Silent war

    • Leka Hill
      Leka Hill 11 months ago

      Kimberly Keating 🙏

    • LionessTee d
      LionessTee d Year ago

      Shen Ji Solar Jesus Christ IS savior please know him because his NAME ALONE will break the magic of these trolls following you. Demons FEAR his name because he IS Savior

    • Donna Taliercio
      Donna Taliercio Year ago

      ME TOO!

  • martel hinds
    martel hinds 2 years ago

    Hay brother fellow T.I here I recognize the place wherte you have made this vid it's not so far away from me you wanna meet up?

  • Lord Nose
    Lord Nose 2 years ago

    fuckin nuts la.

  • Sylvia Johnson
    Sylvia Johnson 2 years ago +1

    I agree with you! I had a helicopter follow me today I was at the park actually, it went by twice. I actually live like 5 mins from Detroit Metro Airport (Dtw) and so it's quite easy for them to attack me, but I did notice an army plane fly through one day, when we did a rent a car for my husband, that told me a lot right there. I notice them put up signs at like the bus stops, even though I don't really take the bus that often... etc..

  • JAY G
    JAY G 2 years ago

    Thanks Bunt I will be sure to reexamine the information I got from his site.

  • Kivar Dhawan GodMode144 Novels

    Every individual and situation may be different, so each will have to respond accordingly. But I think your response and overall attitude is the best way of dealing with this issue of being targeted. It takes a lot of strength and shows so much authenticity of character on your part. Leading by example, Shen Aijin!

  • humble revolver
    humble revolver 2 years ago +1

    At first we resist our negative circumstances; angry, frustrated, and feeling ‘wronged’ that ‘bad’ things are happening to us and threatening our sense of control. However, if we take a breath and accept that it just is what it is, and while it may be a low point in our life and it definitely isn’t fun, it hurts, and is a struggle, it will inevitably pass and does not define us. We can say confidently, “Yeah, I’m experiencing a low, so what.” Everyone and all of life has lows, it’s built into the fabric of nature and the universe, it’s just to be expected, without them life would be boring and lack relativity. The low points are not personal, they just are, as in free from judgment, neutral, and in no way, shape, or form define our soul, karma, or sense of self. What does define us however, is how we deal with them! And therein lies the power of the realization of humility, not needing to always be externally “up or high” and our circumstances perfect. Regardless of circumstance we can always be at peace and in bliss at the magic of life because we don’t resist what is.
    When we get this, hilariously it becomes just that, so what? And as if we are struck by lightning, our mood can change from pissed off and trapped in negativity to one of laughing at how much life sucks at the moment and guess what, that’s okay! We fight that things aren’t “perfect” in our eyes, but that’s all just the con of the ego telling us it’s not perfect. Everything is always working out for us but only if we get out of the way and let it. If we stop resisting life’s lows we give it no power and thus become free and truly liberated. The circumstances may or may not change right away but they won’t need to because it doesn’t matter anymore. Resistance implies that our life’s circumstances define us as a person, while surrender and nonattachment to the external circumstances implies gnosis of the illusion it truly is, thus giving it no power - the essence of transcendence.

    • humble revolver
      humble revolver 2 years ago +1

      +Shen Ahjin “See all ‘failures’ and setbacks as blessings in disguise. There is wisdom within all things, thus leading us closer to what it is we are seeking.”
      Another powerful reminder to keep with us throughout our journey is to faithfully, without doubt, see all setbacks, disappointments, and ‘failures’ as perfectly orchestrated lessons and guides to our goals. More important than the goal itself is what we become during the process of overcoming our obstacles, and it is through our trials that we become the person we are desiring to be. Dwelling on negativity only stagnates our growth and could only be coming from negative influences of selfishness from within or outside of us. These things are not of truth, and are a clever con to distract us from our evolution. Negativity is the constant nagging of the demonic world pulling us into self-loathing and self-defeat, keeping us from ever accomplishing our dreams and rising out of mediocrity and imprisonment. For the truth is we are capable of more than we could ever dream of, are loved beyond comprehension, and are cherished, valued, and specifically needed more than we could imagine.
      As we replace negative habits with right habits leading towards our enlightenment we will quickly feel the empowering effects that come from withholding the emotional energy negativity is craving. Negative habits are like addictions that can run deep and often twist and connive our thoughts into making us believe we will be better off if we give in. Yet we can use this fact about addiction and temptation to our advantage by seeing that it also demonstrates our power if we are able to say no to them. It may be helpful to think of this experience as literally negative forces desiring to feed off of our negative energy thereby satisfying them through our misery. If instead we chose to see all seemingly negative experiences as blessings, our emotions and energy regarding the events will be shifted and therefore no longer give refuge to negativity and we will be empowered as conquers over our mental and spiritual state. All of that energy we would have given away we now get to maintain, bolster, and utilize to vitalize our efforts. This becomes self-fulfilling and inspires us to greater heights, unlocking new levels of self-discipline, power, and presence within us that we never knew were hiding.

    • Shen Ji Solar
      Shen Ji Solar  2 years ago +4

      I do suggest that we embrace and overcome our struggles without denying or resisting them, whilst maintaining a healthy attitude.
      STAY HIGH, is relative to your vibratory level. Ensure that your cellular and mental vibration are naturally high, so that even during the natural lows in the ebb and flow of life, you still remain above the influence of the inferior forces.

  • joesmo113
    joesmo113 2 years ago

    Great video man keep them coming Peace and Love!

  • ABUKULovethyself First

    Oh how I need to talk to you.....you share a lot of wisdom!!


    Air Stalking, is definitely REAL! I've gone through it, and still do. If you view some of my earlier videos, I show it, and speak about it. Have had low flying helicopters, and airplanes flying over my house a lot. Like you, it happens where ever I go as well. Hang in there. Peace!

    • Eric Knows
      Eric Knows Year ago +1

      I'm a ti tooo and the planes are blue and red

  • Jo sie
    Jo sie 2 years ago +2

    I love you😊 Thank You for this video.

  • JAY G
    JAY G 2 years ago +1

    Also google Tom Montalk and check out his books about the Matrix control system. Very insightful and deep information. He even covers gang stalking, reptilians,higher self and Arcons in one of his books I just cant remember the name of that one.

  • JAY G
    JAY G 2 years ago +2

    Thanks for all of your videos. I have watched almost all of them since subscribing to your channel. You have giving me so much spiritual insight and helped me become more inclined with my higher self. Now concerning the so called "T.I phenomenon I have been going through it for over ten years on a day to day basis so you can imagine that I have had over 10+ years to try and figure out what was the cause of my stalking and harassment out of the blue for no apparent reason. So through endless research and personal day to day observation from my perps I feel confident that I have connected the dots to what we are experiencing. Back in 2012 I was walking to the store and out of no where I thought of the name " StarSeed". I had never heard of that term before but it just seem to ring a bell so when I got home I googled it and long story short I realized that I fit every characteristic and trait and that was one dot I connected. When a StarSeed incarnates into earth there vibration is already resonating at a high frequency so once we are born we are being observed by the powers that be. Also throughout my gang stalking observations I noticed that the perps always wanted to get close to me or look me directly in my eyes and It felt as if my energy was being drained so I did research about energy vampires and I learned about the reptilians shape shifters how they can look intoba persons eyes and literally download that individuals thoughts thus being able to going access to their personality and make and more equipped to try and gain a "superficial" connection with that person until they feel ready to show their true colors so to speak. I believe that they make up a large portion of our population. I know this information may sound far fetched but I am almost 100% sure that they are a main component in gang stalking because they feed off our lower vibrations. The reason I am so confident in this is because these reptilians (also known as psychopaths,narcissist,sociopaths) have been in my life since my birth but I was carefree and oblivious to it until a year ago once I learned about the reptilian hybrids or "Serpent Seeds" which is described in the bible and many other historical text. I had watched a video on TVclip last year about how to actually see a reptilians true form by focusing on someone you make suspect to be a reptilian and they will began to shift if your concentration isn't broken. Well I tried this when I worked at a warehouse on the third shift with my wife and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I didn't actually see reptilians in full form but I began to see certain peoples eyes began to shift. I was more curious than afraid. And to be honest as crazy as this sounds I believe my own wife to be one. I have no doubt in my mind that her and her whole family are hybrids based on the psychic attacks they have used on me repeatedly. I know they have telepathic abilities as well. I believe that these reptilians seek out statseeds and light workers to torture them until they fall apart and commit suicide or just go crazy and can't function in society and make a positive impact on humanity. And the icing on the cake is my wife has a huge King Cobra with a scull tattooed on her thigh. I googled the tattoo to see the symbolic meaning and that is a Masonic symbol. I live in Indiana and their are Masonic temples everywhere and the masons are pretty well known to be reptilians. So like I said earlier I have been watching your videos about channeling my higher self and raising my vibrations and my wife is literally being "singed" as you so appropriately put it, by my love vibrations. She vibrates at a very low frequency but regardless I still love her because love defeats all and is unconditional. So today she took our daughter to the pool and while they were out I meditated deeply and used your energetic ball technique and also imagined my whole apartment filled with a gold light encompassing every room from top to bottom and on top of that I imagined seeing vibrations of love in various vibrant colors throughout the apartment and then I stated out loud" This is sacred ground and I am a sovereign being and all negative lower vibrational and "STS"(service to self entities) are not welcomed in this space so I command you to leave and not to come back and once my wife came back home she told me she was going to sleep over her sister's house for the night. She never stays out all night. We have been married for 3 years and that's unusual for her. That just confirms how powerful our consciousness is and how we naturally have authority over lower vibrational beings. Knowledge is power and I thank you for sharing you powerful wisdom and knowledge with me brother. We have already won this "game" as you would say so stay strong and may love and peace travel with you wherever you go. And don't pay attention to the helicopters or any other prop they set before and just focus on yourself and that way you don't feed the beast.Believe me it will stop if you ignore it because they run out of options and say "well he's no fun anymore" and give up lol. BTW I tried to contact you through Facebook but to no avail. My email is johnathangraham352@Gmail. com or johnathangraham869@Yahoo.com. Feel free to inbox me for some high vibe discussions. Look forward to it. Peace

    • Shen Ji Solar
      Shen Ji Solar  2 years ago +2

      Thank you for sharing your story brother, very happy to know my vids are serving their purpose also.

  • Aussie Gamer
    Aussie Gamer 2 years ago +22

    They call it Enhanced Individuals. There was studys done on monkeys living on islands that where eating dates that had dropped on the sand. Anyway these monkeys where wreaking their teeth from putting the dates with sand on them straight into there mouths and eating them. One day a monkey washed off the sand and before long all the monkeys started doing it. Now what shocked the scientists was even monkeys on other islands that had no contact with the first island of monkeys started doing it too. And what they descovered is, Its even more powerful when it comes to us humans Certain Individuals (they call them Enhanced Individuals) have a greater influence on others and that the influence spreads. They can't have that. The way they look at it its worth there time going after these Enhanced Individuals because of the effect they can have on literally thousands of people. If you're one of these individuals and you see the way the world is and are against their plans then you better look out brother. Because they will stop at nothing to isolate and try and make you depressed and make you look crazy or evil so as to lessen the effect you have on people.

    • Leslie Beckwith
      Leslie Beckwith 9 months ago

      wow, i figured this out yesterday! just could not put it into words,thanks so much! and i love this video.. i just don't know why they let him record, but i'm not done yet

    • J P
      J P Year ago

      Aussie Gamer we win...

    • justme nonya
      justme nonya 2 years ago

      what a confirmation! !! just heard this story a couple of days ago... so wonderful.. thanks so much..

  • Shen Ji Solar
    Shen Ji Solar  2 years ago +18

    Encouragement for Targeted Individuals to use the experience as a catalyst for transcendence. This life is our greatest test, to move beyond the mind & matter planes, into the eternal and burn all ties to illusion.
    As we make the choice to use our struggles to amalgamate with God, First Source, Divine Creator, our vibratory rate increases and we move above & beyond the realm of demonic influence.
    Salvation is first found in devoting to ways of living which raise our vibratory level and unify us with the Source. It is then found in our unification with one another and rendering the separation paradigm useless.
    We are the power.

    • Richard Pipes
      Richard Pipes 8 months ago

      tinaperry172 same here bro. Kill em with kindness. GOD bless

    • Richard Pipes
      Richard Pipes 8 months ago

      Shen Ji Solar amen brother. One love. JAH bless and keep you! Keep speaking and being the light. I believe you bro. The things that happen to you happen to me also. It's crazy. Be of good courage. Peace

    • J P
      J P Year ago

      martyred supersaint use the Holy Spirit...dtop all else

    • J P
      J P Year ago

      Shen Ji Jesus is the POWER

    • Empress Sky
      Empress Sky Year ago

      I'm so going to cry!!!!!!! My relative, not knowing I had already awoken to the cell phone tactics, came and stood behind me with his cell phone while we were all at the hospital as my aunt was passing from cancer. I felt strange, but did not want to say anything. My Aunt passed that night. The next morning, I was awaken out of my sleep my the feeling of something trying to wrap itself around my heart and strangle me. I felt it in my chest and in my throat. I knew, innately, my relative had uploaded my biocode with his cell phone. I made my mother take me to the hospital. BP was out the roof. I was told it was anxiety and given a breathing treatment. I am watching these extra beings inhabit the vessels of people around me. They are able to jump on their frequency and communicate.