7 Unwinnable Boss Fights You Can Beat If You're Good Enough

  • Published on Jul 18, 2019
  • If a game really wants to put you in your place, the easiest way is to drop you into a boss fight, usually early in the game, that is unwinnable. This reminds you that you, the player, are a worthless scrub who will have to go on a hero's journey before you can defeat the big baddie.
    Except sometimes those bosses aren't quite impossible to beat - whether that's through cunning, skill or just sheer bloody mindedness. These seven bosses might seem like they're just a delivery vector for a humiliating story cutscene, but you can actually defeat them.
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Comments • 4 413

  • Kone Whatsthenamespolicy
    Kone Whatsthenamespolicy 20 minutes ago

    Honestly demons souls first boss would be more impressive than the asylum demon. Asylum demon I was able to do it after a while from being able to survive more than two hits. I actually beat Leon on my first play through. I was having fun reflecting his fireballs and it just happened

  • JusMonika
    JusMonika 31 minute ago

    You forgot the hardest boss of all,

    Inner Agent 3 In Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion

  • Beta Maxis
    Beta Maxis 2 hours ago

    I never even fought Ser Cauthrien because she was a good person who just believes Loghain's lie that you abandoned and left the king to die and are planning to conquer the nation for the country your order is largely from. Ergo I surrendered so as not to unnecessarily kill good people as collateral damage, and just sneak our asses around her and her men in the future. I never even knew she was considerably tougher than any other fight in the game.

  • Matt Mustang
    Matt Mustang 4 hours ago

    Dislike, because the title dont make no snense

  • Nesouk Kefka
    Nesouk Kefka 7 hours ago

    Etna from Disgaea 2 the first time you encounter her, her stats are insane at that point of the game, but it's actually possible to beat her getting an alternate ending as a result.

  • Cody Franczak
    Cody Franczak 7 hours ago

    the asylum demon? what he's weak as shit. especially if not fat rolling

  • Lylantares
    Lylantares 8 hours ago

    The first Gades fight in Lufia 2... if you play the game normally, he'll kick your ass as supposed to show you that a Sinistral is way too much for mere humans. but if you level up and play a very tight tactic, he's totally beatable.

  • Raptor Jesus
    Raptor Jesus 8 hours ago

    Guild Wars also had a level with a big powerful ally dragon called Glint,
    but you could choose to steal one of her eggs making her an optional extra boss,
    but at that point in the game she'll kick your butt!
    but you can go back far later in the game and actually win.

  • Ashley
    Ashley 9 hours ago

    Nameless king in dark souls 3 is worse. I was stuck on that fuck for a week before i finally beat him. Also obligatory sephroth from kingdom hearts. My ex bf also spent days on that fuckin boss before he beat him. He said he was never doing that shit again lol

  • GertMega
    GertMega 16 hours ago

    wait that dragon age origins battle was suppose to be lost?! I played the game on the hardest difficulty and owned that shit.... i mean it wasnt easy no way in hell, but still...

  • Chrome AjacKs
    Chrome AjacKs 17 hours ago

    The first dark souls boss was easy to beat ... and I suck at that game lol and I didn’t use fire bombs

  • Devonvox
    Devonvox 18 hours ago

    "Asylum demon is difficult, seemingly impossible at first."

    If you're braindead, yes.

  • Jr White
    Jr White Day ago

    Should of used Gwyn's fight cause you actually need skill to beat him, they even used his theme wtf

  • Wingo Family
    Wingo Family Day ago

    the dungeon guardian in terraria has 9999 health, 9999 defense, 1000 attack, flies, has the movement speed of a freaking god, and multiples of him can and will spawn right before you get murdered by him instantly

  • Several people are typing

    Yoooooo a tales of game

  • Fell Dragon Grima

    I don't know if it counts, but the final duel against Obi-Wan in the Revenge of the Sith video game. The game even rewards you with an alternate ending if you manage to best him!

  • Undead117
    Undead117 Day ago

    Father Rodin on Bayonetta. Damn he was hard

  • Ryan Bennett
    Ryan Bennett Day ago

    Killing the Asylum Demon wasn't very hard

  • Giovanni Balduzzi

    Now I feel proud for beating Ser Catherin on my first playthrough! I did not even know it was optional. the good ol' days where a mage warrior with some traps could tank for days while two other mage nuked everything witch combined aoe. It was definitely helpful that you could see her army before engaging, and mages are totally balanced.

  • Lunar EternityCommentaries

    I'm going to mention Tales of Symphonia. You can beat the Kratos fight it just takes time.

  • SunnySeviper 526
    SunnySeviper 526 2 days ago

    no 2nd Lieutenant Lorence? DISLIKE

  • Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith 2 days ago

    How about the dungeon guardian from terraria? They are wicked fast and can one shot you, but with the proper items you can reflect the attack

  • Jarroldo
    Jarroldo 2 days ago

    Talking about using speed and agility while fat rolling...

  • Hedgehog
    Hedgehog 2 days ago

    What about the dungeon guardian from terraria everyone used to think it was impossible.
    But now it's kinda easy

  • Quinton Allen
    Quinton Allen 2 days ago

    first time i played dragon age i beat that battle and thought i broke the game so i started over. i lost that time and learned thats how i continue the quest line.

  • martijn van weele
    martijn van weele 2 days ago

    I never actually beat the Taurus Demon. On one of my attempts, I tried to roll past him and accidentally rolled off the wall. Apparently, he thought that was a great idea and jumped after me, so in quick succession, I get the "you died" and "victory achieved" messages. Sure enough, next time I climb the tower, there's no Taurus Demon...

  • Kiedis Hunt
    Kiedis Hunt 2 days ago

    Or u could have a crap ton of health potion like you doing all will Dragon Age Origins and beat everything

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max 2 days ago

    I love fighting things that are not supposed to be beat, its heaven.

  • HappySaladd
    HappySaladd 2 days ago

    these bosses we're absolite nothing if i started to awakem my rage mode

  • Rizky Wahyu Ramadhan

    I don't remember being captured to prison in DA :O, it seems I killed Cauthrien

  • DeLaw
    DeLaw 2 days ago

    Wait so this list doesn't include your parents when you're trying to ask them to buy something expensive that has value to you but not to them😮?

  • InsideDBox
    InsideDBox 2 days ago +2

    I remember Legend of The Dragoon game, on the hero tournament, you should be lost from Lloyd on final.
    But if you keep defending, not attack. He will withdraw from the fight and you win.
    Aah good memories

    • sobek suwek
      sobek suwek 2 days ago

      No, if we keep defending Lloyd will use a cutscene attack (a normal combo) and dart instantly lose.

  • josh fike
    josh fike 3 days ago

    Asylum demon is completely beatable even if you don’t go through the gate, it even drops a pretty good weapon if u kill him without going through the gate

  • Eeb Neeb
    Eeb Neeb 3 days ago

    I have literally never lost to squall I didnt know yu could until this moment...

  • Cobb B
    Cobb B 3 days ago

    While I won't bullshit and try and say I beat the unbeatables in ds first try, when it comes to both kingdom hearts and dragon age I didn't actually know that at the time I originally played them they were unbeatable.

  • Jaxper
    Jaxper 3 days ago

    The title might as well have been: "The color green is red if you try hard enough".

  • Gregory Moran
    Gregory Moran 3 days ago +5

    Wolf dies after literally only getting his right arm chopped off. But the guy he just beat lives after getting stabbed all the way through his rib cage to his back *twice* and walks away as if it never happened.
    This is the kinda shit in games that makes me want to punch someone.

  • Darc Hart94
    Darc Hart94 3 days ago

    People lost to ser cauthrien? Really?

  • Arenteus
    Arenteus 3 days ago

    Lol I did not even know there was a prison scene in Dragon Age Origins, since I just smashed Ser Cauthrien head on the only 2 times I ever completed the game. From my experience, even though it is a LONG time since I beat that game, I would not consider her an unbeatable boss.

  • FoxdenRacing
    FoxdenRacing 3 days ago

    I'm most disturbed that Squall says something other than "..."

  • JesterDay's Alternative

    The dungeon guardian from terraria anyone?

    • SwellowTheSecond
      SwellowTheSecond 2 days ago

      JesterDay's Alternative I was looking for a comment mentioning the dungeon guardian. Glad I found one.

  • Rick Sacchins
    Rick Sacchins 3 days ago


  • Dragonslayer 901
    Dragonslayer 901 3 days ago

    I beat him with the broken sword so you don't need the black fire bombs.

  • Haykal Chairan
    Haykal Chairan 3 days ago

    Pretty sure that DAO boss is managable even in nightmare difficulty in PC. The footage even in the 360 ver where it's "more action oriented." It's hard, but I don't think it's on "unwinnable". The reward on that boss is even skippable. And the prison scenes is just the game saying to you "lol you're noob, git gud." Who wrote this? Game journalist?

  • Agathokakological
    Agathokakological 3 days ago +1

    just never understood how at the end of a game when you make an mc op and for some reason that ending power isnt canon so in the next game youre a scrub again

  • Brandon Su'a
    Brandon Su'a 4 days ago

    When you put up Kingdom Hearts, you should’ve put Sephiroth from part 2. Part 1 Sephiroth is hard but part 2.... almost harder than playing DDR blind with no legs

  • DukeApples
    DukeApples 4 days ago

    The last cutscene, with the explosion, blowing Nemesis face down...why did you not edit him in saying "stars"...the set up was perfect...but no pay off.

  • Wesker JHG
    Wesker JHG 4 days ago +1

    Looks like not everyone knows Heishin from Yu-Gi-Oh forbidden memories PS1... you’re supposed to lose against him but you can still beat him

  • phaledax
    phaledax 4 days ago

    13:30 I won that battle on accident, and could not figure out what to do, so I tried it again and won it for a second time. Then also could not figure out how to get around this bug. then I tried it a third time and gave up first and it all worked out. As a result I was confused for about 15 years until I saw this video. So hats off :)

  • Lars Alexander Larsen

    If the boss is impossible to win against, and you win, it wasnt impossible to begin with you chump.
    Impossible = No one won against, never will win against it

  • Mr X
    Mr X 4 days ago

    You don't need to be "good" to kill nemesis

  • Savyar
    Savyar 4 days ago

    I play dragon age numerous times and never knew I could lose that fight so I went until won the fight every time. You learn something new

  • Mon Core
    Mon Core 4 days ago

    I thought for sure the demon of hated was the one on the list... Guess i was wrong.

  • For The Wynne
    For The Wynne 5 days ago

    When it comes to the Sekuro one: It would have been neater if they just put in an ending where you beat him. Kinda like in that one Far Cry game where you get a special ending for waiting the 15 minutes.

  • Justin Clark Azur
    Justin Clark Azur 5 days ago

    no yakuza kiwami

    you can actually beat Majima at the beginning it is a "u need to lose" quest

  • GTR Nomad
    GTR Nomad 5 days ago

    The real Unwinnable fight is only one and one only and let me point ...ONE ONLY! And is not in this list .
    Actually is not even a PC , console,android,winphone game.
    Is Symbian S60 game
    Boss Name :Aquila
    Boss LV : 30
    Boss dps: 50-150
    LV 10 basically no damage .
    Actually. You can fight him on NG hard with him LV 50 or NG+ hard LV 70
    Or if you really hate yourself
    NG++ very hard mode LV 100
    Dps 500-2500.
    You are suppose to lose the fight but if you win you beat the game .
    Now guess the name of the game because my poor NokiaN95 wont turn on and I cannot do it...and bit lazy to look on google.
    Note: You kill him and you have a surprise , well if you.....

  • Pootis
    Pootis 5 days ago

    No Lufia 2?

  • syrenet
    syrenet 5 days ago

    "key blade" this still triggers me, that is fucking key bludgeon not blade XD

  • Loganbogan9
    Loganbogan9 5 days ago

    What about the first time you fight Ultron Sigma in Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite?

  • RockTex
    RockTex 5 days ago


  • Cinder
    Cinder 5 days ago

    You can fill this whole list with from soft bosses

  • Miyukuzo
    Miyukuzo 5 days ago

    You forgot Final Fantasy Dissidia Duodecim 012. There was an option there at the start that asks you if you're an experienced pro player and when you accept it, you get transported to the final boss fight which is Feral Chaos. It's possible to beat it but it takes a long process and a sense of dodging and precise timing.

  • Karia Jin
    Karia Jin 5 days ago

    Feral Chaos in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. You can beat him in tutorial if you good enough.

  • That_one_jacob_guy
    That_one_jacob_guy 5 days ago

    I stopped watching as soon as I saw the asylum demon, you guys are on some shit if you think he was supposed to be unkillable

  • Jonathan Tanzola
    Jonathan Tanzola 5 days ago

    i wonder if its possible to beat the chaos fight you get if you say you are a master at the start of dissidia 012

  • Delta_Sly
    Delta_Sly 5 days ago +1

    The good thing about fighting Leon in KH1 is at least you can level up alot before the battle.
    I would often get block before I fought him.

    • Kenneth Joseph
      Kenneth Joseph 2 days ago

      even if you didn't get block equipped you can still counter his flame by using attack. It's possible but you need to time it just right. Great game :) I remember reading about you could defeat him in the Strategy Guide, when i did I lol'd so hard cause he just fainted. lmfao!! :'D

  • LackOf_Commentary
    LackOf_Commentary 6 days ago

    Salt and santuary has a boss like this the "unspeakable deep" salt and sanctuary is a game no one talks about but it is so good/

  • Tiramisu Desu
    Tiramisu Desu 6 days ago

    The first fight with Ridley in Radiata Stories...

  • nvbasedlad _
    nvbasedlad _ 6 days ago

    Didn't even consider the black firebombs. I ended up using the broken sword and took me around 25-30 minutes.

  • ATattooedGod
    ATattooedGod 6 days ago

    Those are some stupid old games who nobody play and like no wonder you can’t win and besides it’s called boss fight you are meant to die if you are an inexperienced video game player

    YOWHAZGOOD 6 days ago


    thats... a bit much.

    when you break up with someone, is your life truly over as well?

    seemingly unbeatable bosses (for you, because you just need to practice. but everyone does. so its ok)

    guess it doesnt flow off the tongue as well.

  • Fokn Shyt
    Fokn Shyt 6 days ago

    If you get smashed by the taurus demon...you should deinstall...no rly, stop talking bullshyt u nab XD and omg...have to stop the video here...95% of players won´t be able to beat genichiro first encounter? dude...deinstall...never talk bout sekiro again and be quiet.

  • Lord Escanor
    Lord Escanor 6 days ago +1

    Salt and sanctuary has an excellent, seemingly impossible first boss fight.

  • T Prime
    T Prime 6 days ago

    These jokes are so forced and terrible.

  • Alex A Literal Hot Pocket

    In dark souls I killed the asylum demon my first playthrough thinking it was necessary and my friends were a bit shaken when I told them I finally killed it, not realizing i wasn't supposed to