These Aren't Your Typical Smartwatches

  • Published on Jul 21, 2019
  • Apple and Samsung don’t just dominate the smartphone market in the US; they also make most of the smartwatches I see on a daily basis. So for this video, I wanted to introduce you to three less-common smartwatches. Whether they'll be counted among the best smartwatches of 2019 remains to be seen; but each of these is interesting in its own way. Join me for a look at the Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 4G LTE; the Casio ProTrek WSD-F30; and the Garmin MARQ Captain - and be sure to vote in my Smartwatch 2019 Review Poll [in the Community tab on my Channel page] so you can have a say in which of these gets the full review treatment!


    MrMobile's Summer Smartwatch 2019 Roundup was produced following several weeks with a TicWatch Pro 4G LTE, Casio ProTrek F30, and Garmin MARQ Captain. The TicWatch and ProTrek are review samples on loan from Mobvoi and Casio, while the Garmin MARQ Captain was purchased by Mobile Nations. In keeping with MrMobile’s review policy, no compensation was requested or accepted, and no manufacturer was given editorial input or copy approval rights on this video.

    TicWatch Pro 4G LTE [Amazon affiliate link]:
    Casio ProTrek F30 [Amazon affiliate link]:
    Garmin MARQ Captain [Amazon affiliate link]:

    Garmin MARQ Series Detailed Overview Hands-On [DCRainMaker]:
    Casio ProTrek WSD-F30 Review [Wareable]:
    TicWatch 4G LTE Review [Android Central]:


    “Burning Man" by Zac Nelson, available at Premium Beat:
    “Neons” by Hartley, available at Premium Beat:
    "Fashionista" by Olive Musique, available at Premium Beat:

    This post may contain affiliate links. See Mobile Nations' disclosure policy for more details:
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Comments • 364

  • T3CHGY007
    T3CHGY007 5 days ago

    great video captain my captain!

  • jcardboard
    jcardboard 5 days ago

    I don't have a smart watch, just a dumb watch, so I'm wondering why do watches like the ticwatch have numbers round the bezel? It's like a slide rule on an analogue chronograph or something, except it doesn't move so...

  • akittl
    akittl 9 days ago

    I love my Garmin 5x but All these watches now need include Wireless charge its the 2019+ year

  • PGI Cruiser
    PGI Cruiser 11 days ago

    TicWatch Pro 4G LTE when it's finalized.

  • Gee Eee
    Gee Eee 13 days ago

    I'll wait till they do things like blood-work and dispatch of cancer killing nano bots before shelling out even $500. As these things become obsolete by the time you finish signing that credit card receipt. As my grandma used to say: There are two types of fools in the market, one hoping to sell crap and one actually buying it.

  • Terry Gujjar
    Terry Gujjar 18 days ago

    Totally agree, a smartwatch over $1500.00 is not worth buying. This is an age where smartwatches are introduced almost every quarter so not sure if investing this kind of money on a smartwatch is going to be a smart move.

  • Emre Can
    Emre Can Month ago

    Thanks Micheal, now i found THE Smartwatch. I appreciate so much. THANKS 😄😄😄

  • Qiqi Trading
    Qiqi Trading Month ago

    COOL!!!nice watch...

  • Andrew L.
    Andrew L. Month ago

    Garmin is doing what Citizen did in the 90s with the ProMaster series

  • Leonhart Leong
    Leonhart Leong Month ago

    Sorry can ask opinion is there any (smartband?) do have blood pressure function ?
    My sibling need it for travel outside soon so wanna get one for her thanks~

  • Mike Benjamin
    Mike Benjamin Month ago

    Great video captain 100 thumbs up, you are my favorite TVclip channel .Beam me up Scotty I mean captain.

  • Mikayel Միքայել

    No thx to wear os witch is a joke when compared to watch os and tizen i am gonna stick to my GW42mm for next three years since Samsung actually updates the watch only downside on my GW is that Samsung Pay is not supported in my country and G-pay is not on GW but not a issue big enough to get a hot pile of trash called Wear os and GW knock offs

  • Mikayel Միքայել

    All them are very ugly there's a reason behind why Samsung and Apple dominate the market

  • Cyborg KiWi
    Cyborg KiWi Month ago

    All those in favor of MrMobile changing his channel name to Captain Mobile?

  • Ace2020boyd
    Ace2020boyd Month ago

    Still waiting for a watch to be better then my Pebble

  • James Jones
    James Jones Month ago

    Just to much money for a smart watch.

  • Cameron McCray
    Cameron McCray Month ago

    Still waiting on Google

  • kevin dellatore
    kevin dellatore Month ago

    Personally. If you have an iPhone just get an Apple watch, if you have a Samsung phone get the Galaxy Watch and anything else and get a fossil or something.
    For $300 with the TicWatch you're better off getting a Galaxy Watch even if you don't have a Galaxy phone. The bezel makes navigating the OS so much better, even better than the Apple watch.
    Other two are just plain ripoffs.

  • mena seven
    mena seven Month ago

    Interesting smartwatches.

  • szewei85
    szewei85 Month ago

    Haha cool

  • Matt Tyler
    Matt Tyler Month ago +4

    1,850 😲😲 I nearly fell off my chair. When you said expensive I was thinking 800 max 😳

    • Matthew Shank
      Matthew Shank 26 days ago

      Matt Tyler bro... I hear you. I really really love the MARQ expedition. Beautiful. But it’s 2400$ CAD up here in Canada. Yes... that’s 2400$ bones. + 13% tax...
      That’s 2712$ dollars. No way. Sorry garmin

  • Wimpy Denton
    Wimpy Denton Month ago

    You can play pupg with some smartwatches.. Or doom, quake 3 and so on. And the smartwatches i mean cost 80 euro on Amazon. From kingswear

  • ohiohamguy
    ohiohamguy Month ago

    Just picked up the tick watch LTE it's an amazing watch and the LTE is active, nice review..... Love that Garmin

  • Maochan81
    Maochan81 Month ago

    Still looking for an upgrade from my 2 years old Amazfit Pace. I charge it once a week and love trans reflective display. Would love to see something similar with more smart features.

  • KanadianSpaceProgram

    $1850??? 😬

  • Movie Memes
    Movie Memes Month ago

    That garmin better allow me to transform into different aliens for that price

  • Ishtiak Khan
    Ishtiak Khan Month ago

    1800+ for a watch, well....... I better stick to my chinese $100 watch

  • epic gamer
    epic gamer Month ago +2

    Can you review withings steal hr sport please

  • Daley Wear
    Daley Wear Month ago

    Not sure if it's just me, but Mr Mobile's videos have been jumping a bit recently? I watch a lot of TVclip videos, as well as Netflix, but this issue only seems to affect Mr Mobile videos.
    Is anyone else having this issue please?

  • n!tromy
    n!tromy Month ago


  • Darren Embry
    Darren Embry Month ago

    o hey that's my watch face 0:13 1:20 1:45 :-D

  • Jesse Lioce
    Jesse Lioce Month ago

    We do not talk about superman iv

  • Jesse Lioce
    Jesse Lioce Month ago +2

    Everyone who watches ltt knows that casio by now :-D

  • Iron Synergy
    Iron Synergy Month ago

    I really want the Garmin Marq Athlete but it's way overpriced imo

  • MP The Law
    MP The Law Month ago

    Long live pebble

  • Jeffrey Lewis
    Jeffrey Lewis Month ago

    i still have my Asus zenwatch 3 as my daily. I really need an update. it's been great, but it's DEFINITELY showing its age the past 6 months.
    which im okay with, since i bought it literally the first month it was released.

  • thomas bialy
    thomas bialy Month ago

    you should do xiaomi / hami amazfit line and mi band

  • sterling archer
    sterling archer Month ago

    Still hoping someone makes a hybrid watch of sorts that allows some basic fitness tracking, aand swappable watch faces. I don’t want notifications or apps, I just want a super customizable watch that can also track my day to day stuff.

  • Roy Spray
    Roy Spray Month ago

    TicWatches are junk. I bought one and sent it right back.

    MEODOWLA Month ago +1

    Hi Mr.Mobile,
    Which mic are you using to record your voice?
    Sounds good

  • Unbox-Sing Tech
    Unbox-Sing Tech Month ago

    love those Ringke bezel styling covers, looks amazing!

  • Luke Dudgeon
    Luke Dudgeon Month ago

    For a run of the mill smart watch, age does come very quickly. The garmin, on the other hand, wont. I'm still wearing a fenix 3 hr. Still looks great, with the sapphire crystal. Has 100m water resistance. Still has good battery life. And the only reason I'm thinking of upgrading, is to get the garmin descent. Similar watch, with diving functions.

  • Jimmy .L
    Jimmy .L Month ago

    1800 bucks?????? Garmin you can lick the sweat from my gouch you bums. Understand your place in the market.

  • Tarek Jellali
    Tarek Jellali Month ago

    Honestly... Happy with my Steel HR 👀

  • hrishikesh bhoite
    hrishikesh bhoite Month ago

    Which is your daily watch Michael

  • Michel Le Belu
    Michel Le Belu Month ago

    I love my Garmin Fenix 5X Plus with titanium wrist band.

  • Mahmood Mahmood
    Mahmood Mahmood Month ago

    Love your videos Captain!!!!

  • Tarush Jain
    Tarush Jain Month ago

    Watches without stainless steel is not a watch 😏😏😒😒

  • Tanveer Mahtab
    Tanveer Mahtab 2 months ago

    TicWatch Pro 4G LTE

  • Jenny Nguyen
    Jenny Nguyen 2 months ago

    I am so pained. I have the opportunity to buy a Montblanc Summit 2, but realized with some advice that after 2 years this watch will be essentially worthless. It's the most stunning watch ever, but in 2 years, that won't really matter. Sigh...

  • ZoltanoMoltano
    ZoltanoMoltano 2 months ago

    screen of the Garmin is like that to support battery life:)

  • Michaël Guay-Lambert
    Michaël Guay-Lambert 2 months ago

    Garmin watch last. 🙄 and other watches are worthless without the transflective screen.

  • Mayank Patel
    Mayank Patel 2 months ago +10

    So TVcliprs with absolute Junk of a content have tens of millions of subscribers, and here we are at 800k?

    • Spills51
      Spills51 Month ago

      Kids aren't exactly enthused by sailing watches??
      Just a thought...😏

  • Ag3nt0fCha0s
    Ag3nt0fCha0s 2 months ago +4

    The only thing tough enough for daily wear on my wrist is a G shock.
    Any "smart" features needed are covered by my phone.

  • Tobi Olusola
    Tobi Olusola 2 months ago

    You guys should check the Huawei watch 2. It's good and very cheap, about $150.

  • Ryan
    Ryan 2 months ago +1

    Before 6:58: I want that Garmin
    After 6:58: Ahh not anymore

  • Croft
    Croft 2 months ago

    A mechanical watch can last basically forever, and be repaired if the mechanism wears out. A computer on your wrist is just that. It will be useless in a decade on the outside. One-off mechanical masterpieces will do nothing but appreciate in value - a premium example of which would be - sure, it legit cost the equivalent of $200 grand to create, and is worth $25 million or more today, but as an extreme contrast... a smartwatch is disposable tech, and at $1800 it had better come with complimentary oral sex by a supermodel.

  • goatee01
    goatee01 2 months ago

    The Garmin was great 'til I heard the price. Already got a Swiss Automatic that will never be more obsolete than it already is; don't need to pay the same again for a piece of tech that will be useless in 2 years. Glad this point was picked up on in the video.

  • Cameron S.
    Cameron S. 2 months ago

    Is there a bare essentials smartwatch with just a transflective lcd, phone media controls, canned text responses, and call answering/declining. Also less than $200 with 5+ days battery life?

    Oh, and don't say Pebble.

  • costafilh0
    costafilh0 2 months ago

    I would totally get the Marq Aviator and Expedition! If I was loaded of course!