How the NY Giants won two Super Bowls, then became a total mess

  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
  • When the NY Giants beat the Patriots for their second Super Bowl in five years, it felt like they were in a position to win in any situation. They weren't the best, but they knew when to turn it on. But before we knew it, everything fell apart. Plagued by injuries and salary cap hell, the Giants did all they could to stay afloat. They brought in some shiny new toys like Odell Beckham Jr., David Wilson and Landon Collins, in hopes of rejuvenating what was left of their Super Bowl core.
    When that didn't work, they jettisoned the last of the old and used free agency to bring in some fresh blood. It worked, but only for a season, and they soon returned to the decline that - at this moment - has no end in sight.
    Written and produced by Will Buikema
    Directed by Mike Imhoff
    Motion graphics by Philip Pasternak and Mike Das
    Shot and edited by Alex Hawley
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  • SB Nation
    SB Nation  Month ago +119

    Hey hey hey hey thank you! We'll have another episode of Collapse next week, then more in April, so please keep your suggestions coming. They're awesome, y'all are awesome, hope you enjoy

  • Davon Gordon-White
    Davon Gordon-White 11 hours ago

    This has to be updated we get this clown David Gettleman who let Landon Collins walk and sign with the Redskin then we trade Odell to the Damn Brown's and the rumors are that they will draft a defense player as opposed to a Quarter back.

  • NoctemAeternusMusic
    NoctemAeternusMusic 21 hour ago

    Coughlin takes too much blame when it was the GM that dismantled that team.

  • R. William Comm
    R. William Comm Day ago

    Giants are a classy team but ‘07 Giants at 10-6 regular season got very lucky on Favre interception to go play undefeated Pats & ‘11 Giants were 9-7 in the regular season. Both Super Bowls were great accomplishments but Giants never really reigned as champions. Feel good story that died but never a truly great team since Parcells left. Not a Pats fan but they’ve beat my team too many times & are the only real dynasty in NFL since 92-95 Cowboys & have wrecked the NFL for nearly 20 years.

  • Fod Woggler
    Fod Woggler Day ago

    Professional Football's Sentient Derp

  • Paul Nguyen
    Paul Nguyen Day ago

    This is why the Salary Cap and Free Agency were put into place; to prevent teams from easily forming dynasties. This is why the 49ers and Cowboys couldn't sustain their success. This goes to show that even though the Giants pieced it together, twice, to defeat the Patriots in the SB, the Patriots still come out with the last laugh.
    Since the 2011 SB loss, the Patriots have won 3x SBs and they've done it while managing their salary cap, losing key players, but replacing them with effective veterans and/or rookies. For the past 18 years, the Patriots have maintained their level of success and status as a dynasty, simply because they refuse to overpay. Even this off-season, most people were upset that they let Trey Flowers walk. But then they replaced him with someone else and will go on to win another 10+ games this season, go to the playoffs, more than likely get a first-round bye, and go from there.
    And the Patriots are also winning with undrafted players, late round picks, and "washed up" veterans

  • orangeapples
    orangeapples 2 days ago

    What is going on? I don’t care about pro sports but I have been on your channel for 2 hours. I never knew the games came with so much off the field drama. Holy crap.

  • Duck Hunt
    Duck Hunt 3 days ago

    if they have all of the best players the giants would become dynasty

  • Connor Akers
    Connor Akers 3 days ago

    Do a Collapse on the 05 White Sox

  • M Wright
    M Wright 3 days ago

    Do one on the packers

  • Nurse08
    Nurse08 4 days ago

    As much as it will pain me since they're my guys how about the 49ers post Harbaugh. 😭😭

    • rikki evans
      rikki evans 2 days ago

      Nurse08 I’m a Hawks fan and I want to see that, mainly because the Hawks-49ers rivalry was great and I believe could have been a great one for a while before Harbaugh left

  • teto85
    teto85 4 days ago

    The Giants had, and still have, crappy management. The best team on the field will win, but if it is crippled by bad management, it won't go anywhere. And Coughlin is now back with the Jags crying over players not attending OPTIONAL workouts. Why do loser coaches and executives keep getting recycled by the NFL?

  • Diego Lofranco
    Diego Lofranco 4 days ago

    LeBron-led Cleveland Cavaliers (both stints) or 2013-2015 Indiana Pacers next?

  • J. Rhodan
    J. Rhodan 4 days ago

    Should’ve been called “How Eli survived the collapse” 😂

  • Danimal The Animal
    Danimal The Animal 5 days ago

    Sacramento Kings collapse: from being an elite team in the early 2000s to a decade long rebiuld.

  • Shiela Ingram
    Shiela Ingram 6 days ago

    As a Giants fan this makes me so sad

  • TribeVegas100
    TribeVegas100 6 days ago

    Damn this was insightful. Despite being an Eagles, I remember routing for the Giants in those Superbowls. I definitely like seeing them win. Now, as for the Cowhoes....

  • Dark Demonik
    Dark Demonik 6 days ago

    Answer- Jerry Reese got exposed that's what happened every Giants fan knows this

  • Dee Eagle
    Dee Eagle 6 days ago +1

    you even missed david wilson having to retire due to spinal stenosis and of course reese doing some absolutely woeful drafting

  • O O
    O O 7 days ago

    If the NFL got rid of single elimination in the playoffs, the Pats would win the Super Bowl every year

    • ZhangK71
      ZhangK71 6 days ago

      O O 2007 Patriots almost for sure. 2001 Patriots? Not so sure about that one. Also doubt it for the 2018 Patriots.

  • Erik Hopkins
    Erik Hopkins 7 days ago

    Leave it to New York to BEAT Boston!

  • JamesEarlMoans
    JamesEarlMoans 8 days ago

    Jerry Reese nickel and dimed the offensive line and couldn't hit a good linebacker in the draft with a two by four. Then got scared off drafting Laremy Tunsil for Eli Apple who couldn't handle playing in New York. It is indeed a mess.

  • Max Kellerman
    Max Kellerman 9 days ago

    If you're a Giants WR and have a big game or memorable play against the Cowboys, you'll get a huge payday lol. Regardless how much you get injured

  • Jake
    Jake 11 days ago

    ANSWER: Jerry reese and Marc ross

  • AnuTime19
    AnuTime19 12 days ago

    @SB nation it’s hilarious how you failed to mention Elisha Pay as a hamper let alone his horrible play as well! Eli Manning based on NFL contracts alone will be paid the most money ever over his career. Stats wise he rarely was Elite and he was never the reason we won any of our two super bowls he played well enough to not lose while making one of the greatest catch as his only really contribution in super bowl play. His pay and lack of carry hampered the Giants big time as well.

  • Brian R
    Brian R 12 days ago

    Can you do a collapse on my Favorite baseball team the Oakland A's when they blew a 2 to 0 lead vs the NY Yankees in the 2001 MLB playoffs?

  • S4ck Lunch
    S4ck Lunch 12 days ago +1

    Anybody here when obj is on the browns

  • Feddy von Wigglestein
    Feddy von Wigglestein 13 days ago

    "The *other* Steve Smith" AHAHHA, love it. That guy had one year where he looked like an elite WR, then fell off the frigging face of the earth.

  • Feddy von Wigglestein
    Feddy von Wigglestein 13 days ago

    Reese precipitated the collapse..Gettleman decided "I like collapsing", and traded Beckham.

  • Ben Luza
    Ben Luza 14 days ago

    Honestly the best sports chanel on YT. No dumbass top ten lists.

  • LTirishkeg
    LTirishkeg 15 days ago

    You should do one of these with the patriots over the last 20 years. Oh wait it blows your thesis out of the water. To Bad.

  • G Ski
    G Ski 16 days ago

    A well done and accurate video on my GIANTS... One thing that the makers of this video forgot to mention was that the Giants first round pick in the 2012 draft (three months after the 2nd SB win over the Pats) running back David Wilson was forced to retire during training camp 2014... Cause was Spinal Stenosis... He had an excellent rookie season but only played in 5 games in 2013 and was diagnosed following week 5... This set the Giants back at least five years...

  • Aaron Bradley
    Aaron Bradley 20 days ago

    Anyone who thinks he'll I deserved that first MVP of the Super Bowl is mentally retarded. I grew up an Eagles fan. And I moved to Boston and the winter of 2000 so I was there for Brady beginning and at that time Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb we're running Philadelphia and I hate both of them. So I became a Patriots fan. Now when the fat man and that bum McNabb were out you know I I I no cared about the Eagles again but I mean the Patriots fan first and an Eagles fan second even though when they met in the Super Bowl the second time I mean the first time was easy I cheer for the Patriots cuz f*** Donovan McNabb and f*** Andy Reid. Even though doing that are I still kinds of you know the Eagles were my second team because Brian Dawkins Brian Westbrook Jimmie Johnson and his defense but still first Super Bowl was Patriots all the way in the second Super Bowl I had to go with the Eagles and cuz they had they had no Super Bowl wins so that all worked out but I never got over that first Patriots lost in the Super Bowl I mean I'm not going to be like the Raiders and cry that there was four holding penalties on the helmet catch two of them blatant should have been called because it seem like somebody sold their soul because let's not forget about Asante Samuel's drop of an interception right in his hand everything was just going against them but hating the Giants more than anything cuz of their rivalry with the Eagles and then them spoiling the perfect season that was God awful. But I made sure I kissed votes for the MVP for Justin Tuck just in case they won because he deserve that mvp

  • Kana'i Fisher
    Kana'i Fisher 20 days ago

    Green Bay packers collapse?

  • PElliTVEE
    PElliTVEE 20 days ago

    Love this channel!!!

  • Tyler Simms
    Tyler Simms 21 day ago

    The one criticism I have of this episode is how recent it is. I remember all this stuff with the Giants try going back to stuff in the 80s and 90s. Here's one the Niners collapse in the early 2000s

  • iRanger722
    iRanger722 21 day ago

    Do the Islanders after 1984

  • Tim Folliard'
    Tim Folliard' 22 days ago

    Do the Chicago Bears after the 2006 Super Bowl

  • Branden Tillis
    Branden Tillis 23 days ago

    Hmmm. This team has so many different oppurtunities for SB Nation to create content. Too many

  • Food Wizard
    Food Wizard 23 days ago

    Collapse of the Sabres after Hasek left

  • jarredcmartin
    jarredcmartin 23 days ago

    This mess can not end until Eli is out of NY.

  • Kenny Cai
    Kenny Cai 23 days ago

    "True" Pats fan: That's what they deserve for ruining our PERFECT season! Suck it, Giants! You deserve this s**tshow for taking away what's rightfully ours!
    Normal Pats fan: Meh, it just wasn't meant to be. I'll sit back and enjoy the Lombardis with my fellow fans.

    Which Pats fan are you?

  • NeverSaySandwich1
    NeverSaySandwich1 23 days ago

    Eli Manning is such a dope

  • NothingToPointOut24
    NothingToPointOut24 23 days ago

    That Giants team in 2011 was probably the worst team to ever win a Superbowl. They just played in an awful division and went on an insane run at the best possible time. Not to mention got pretty lucky in having to play the title game in San Fran opposed to New Orleans, where they probably would've lost by 3 scores.
    In retrospect, that 6 game run has given Eli Manning (a quality but mostly average QB) the opportunity to write his ticket and run the Giants franchise into the ground. If they did the smart thing like what the Ravens did with Flacco, the Giants might've already had a young QB to go with OBJ and possibly even still been able to draft Barkley.
    Instead they chose their aging QB over their diva but talented WR, and are likely to waste the prime years of Barkley.
    2 titles are awesome. Lots of fanbases would take that. But the last 5 years were awful and the next 5 might not be much better.

  • fulaan1
    fulaan1 23 days ago

    Time for the G men to move on from Eli Manning

  • JimmyRose1
    JimmyRose1 23 days ago

    There two Super Bowl wins were flukes. First time they won on a wild card and the second time they won going 9-7. Every other time Eli went to the playoffs, outside his superbowl winning seasons, he went one-and-done. Like Flacco, he caught fire at the right time.

  • john bush
    john bush 24 days ago

    The fix was in hard on both of these Superbowl , the second one was beyond blatant given the bullshit intentional grounding/safety call on the Patriots first drive where tom Brady's pass not only passed the line of scrimmage but hit wide reciever deion branch in the leg, dually making this pass a regular incompletion that should not have been called any kind of penalty

  • Brandon Giordano
    Brandon Giordano 25 days ago

    As a giants fan I think we were too sentimental when it came to moving on from those teams who took us there. They also neglected key areas in favor of big names. Where were the Chris Snee's? The David Diehl's?

  • AllseeingI Lurch
    AllseeingI Lurch 25 days ago

    I'ma die hard giant fan but time for Eli to go an a new O line

  • kingwleung
    kingwleung 25 days ago

    We are extremely lucky to have won those 2 Super Bowls! Why is this considered collapse? Come on! We should call it the biggest steals!

  • Dellerly
    Dellerly 25 days ago

    I believe a 2005 White Sox edition is inevitable

  • K Mula
    K Mula 25 days ago

    This was such a good video and as a die hard Giants fan 💔💔💔

  • Rudie Obias
    Rudie Obias 26 days ago

    New York, but really New Jersey

  • Patrick Selix
    Patrick Selix 26 days ago

    You have to do one on the Detroit Tigers. 2 World Series Trips, Verlander Cy Youngs, Cabrera Triple Crown, Scherzer as 2nd Up, and STILL NO CHAMPIONSHIPS

  • Green
    Green 26 days ago

    Eagles have the best roster in the league, change my mind

  • Rupinder Singh
    Rupinder Singh 26 days ago

    Perfect how both of my teams are two of the first episodes in this new collapse series lol

  • wompbag doodle
    wompbag doodle 26 days ago

    Unfortunatly Nicks and Cruz had devastating injuries and were never the same, in the 2011 season for the majority it was the passing game and JPP on defense the Giants got healthy and hot at the right time, Giants oline was old in 2011 and Reese didnt draft any lineman, Tuck and Osi were old and Reese didnt get anyone to take pressure off JPP as a matter of fact I remember I wanted the Giants to get a pass rusher in the 1st round of the 2012 draft and people thought I was crazy instead they took David Wilson who was flashy but couldn't block or hold onto a football. The 2012 team actually went 10-6 btw. Giants ownership threw Coughlin under the bus, it should have been a complete rebuild. Reese never addressed the Oline ever.

  • DestinyZX1
    DestinyZX1 27 days ago

    Do one on the Montreal Expos/Washington Nationals

  • Joshua
    Joshua 27 days ago

    Simply put: the New York Football Giants are a franchise that doesn’t know how to deal with long term success because it’s not ingrained in their culture unlike the Steelers of the 70’s Niners of the 80’s and the 21st century Patriots.

  • Nate DeJesus
    Nate DeJesus 27 days ago

    And then they traded Odell.

  • Evan Friend
    Evan Friend 28 days ago

    And now they're probably gonna do something stupid like waste the number six overall pick on a mediocre quarterback.

  • Lancaster Responding
    Lancaster Responding 28 days ago

    I gotta feeling that the Phils are gonna be the subject of one of theses.

  • Red Legion
    Red Legion 28 days ago


    • FireBlaze 23
      FireBlaze 23 27 days ago

      What's with the excessive caps. Yessh, talk about salty. I'm not even a Giants or Cowboys fan.

  • mark perez
    mark perez 28 days ago

    Eli Manning will always hold a special place in my heart

  • Dewitt McDidditt
    Dewitt McDidditt 28 days ago

    That Giants injury Train in 2013 is almost as bad as the Redskins injury Train this last season. Lol

  • dannyrivera8300
    dannyrivera8300 28 days ago

    Forgot to mention that Odell Beckham Jr Was traded to the browns

  • Kevin Kelly
    Kevin Kelly 28 days ago

    The Manning Brothers are my heroes! They were Krytonite to Tom Terrific

  • PopularNobody
    PopularNobody 28 days ago


  • Lewis Stark
    Lewis Stark 28 days ago

    I really like ur mini documentaries bro u know ur sports and the way u present them are dope I really like the NJ Nets Collapse well I hated the actual collapse bc I’m a jersey native but u get the point lol keep up the good work bro

  • Bryan
    Bryan 29 days ago

    I really like the content of this series, but the presenters are so monotone and disinterested, it makes the stories difficult to enjoy.

  • calli emma
    calli emma 29 days ago


  • calli emma
    calli emma 29 days ago

    I’m sad now

  • Richard McGee
    Richard McGee 29 days ago

    Please do the Ottawa Senators collapse!

  • Ultra Sans
    Ultra Sans 29 days ago +2

    My poor Giants...

  • Paul Nunno
    Paul Nunno 29 days ago

    SBNATION Can you guys do a collapse on the 2010 Philadelphia Flyers?

  • Kelbey B
    Kelbey B 29 days ago

    Do the 2011-present Vancouver Canucks.

  • Thomas H.L.
    Thomas H.L. 29 days ago

    2 super bowls in 4 years. Went 12-4 the year after the first, then 8-8, then 10-6, then 9-7 winning super bowl. Thats just the successful time frame of a NFL team. Really pushing for that content...

  • Alfonso Fernandez
    Alfonso Fernandez 29 days ago

    Sad Fonz

  • shadytnu24
    shadytnu24 29 days ago

    Again, '51 Dodgers or '64 Phillies

  • Georgie Is MGTOW
    Georgie Is MGTOW 29 days ago

    Bring Jon back 😩

  • SteveGamesFTW
    SteveGamesFTW 29 days ago +1

    Where's the part where OBJ goes to Cleveland

  • Adam Teyf
    Adam Teyf 29 days ago

    you guys should do one for the Oklahoma City Thunder. I know they haven't like "fully collapsed" yet, but after losing to lebron in the finals, it really seemed like they were set to win for a long time, and it just hasn't been that way.

  • Duh Wolf Is My Bytch
    Duh Wolf Is My Bytch 29 days ago

    NFC east 3 New England 0

  • Basant Gaur
    Basant Gaur Month ago +2

    The Giants issues all back into the roots, John Mara is at full fault for this team falling apart.

  • Omegathecleaner14
    Omegathecleaner14 Month ago +2

    U should do one on the Seahawks legion of boom era how thy fell apart

  • Titus Willis
    Titus Willis Month ago

    University of Tennessee football from 2003ish to today would be a good one. Lots of disappointing seasons, angry fans, and failed head coaches in there

  • James Matthews
    James Matthews Month ago

    2:02 booger in his nose. Unfortunate 📷

  • Logan Schmaus
    Logan Schmaus Month ago

    Kind of unfortunate that you didnt bring up the fact that David Wilson was the reason they let go bradshaw and how his career was abruptly cut short due to concussions

  • Jeremy Thompson
    Jeremy Thompson Month ago

    New englands

  • Swelihle Mangwe
    Swelihle Mangwe Month ago

    I think a Collapse episode on Arsenal & Arsene Wenger would be dope. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Kyle Patrick Hall
    Kyle Patrick Hall Month ago

    As a white Sox fan a good one would be the White Sox after their 05 championship

  • Ishaan Panigrahi
    Ishaan Panigrahi Month ago

    ITS JUST THE O_LINE And the trash defense

  • KP Watershed
    KP Watershed Month ago

    tl;dr: before drafting OBJ, the NYG were already in free-fall due to bad drafts and bad free agent signings by Jerry Reese, and then with an aging QB, a diva WR, and a buffoon rookie HC they quickly morphed into a complete circus

  • Ty Calvert
    Ty Calvert Month ago

    The Suns of the mid-2000s are perfect for this.

    • Ty Calvert
      Ty Calvert 29 days ago

      +Asmosis Jones They had a back to back mvp and never even reached the finals. I think that's pretty interesting.

    • Asmosis Jones
      Asmosis Jones Month ago

      not really..they had dantoni gentry nash amare marion shaq joe kerr and then lost them all gradually between is what it is....

  • Koren J
    Koren J Month ago

    A collapse of a New York team! Maybe you could make one about the Mets, or the jets, or the knicks, or the rangers, or the islanders...

  • Elii Moncivais
    Elii Moncivais Month ago

    Honestly I’m pretty sure it’s the coach that’s making this team a bust they may need one

  • Brandon Gaines
    Brandon Gaines Month ago

    Now, do the Ottawa Senators over the last 3 years.

  • King Makaveli
    King Makaveli Month ago

    Do the Seattle Seahawks

  • Eros Gonzalez
    Eros Gonzalez Month ago

    Chris Webber Jalen Rose beef history

  • Veritas Invictus
    Veritas Invictus Month ago

    There are teams that would love to have 4 Super bowls.