Best Acoustic Guitars: $600 - $1000

  • Published on Oct 10, 2016
  • We continue with part III of our best acoustic guitars series by price point. Check out the tone, learn about the tonewoods and hear our best case for why these guitars are worth a glance.
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    1. (0:56) Martin DJR:
    2. (2:53) Taylor Koa GS Mini:
    3. (5:03) Taylor 150E:
    4. (10:10) Martin GPCX2AE:
    5. (13:32) Martin GPCPA5:
    6. (14:56) Taylor 114ce:
    7. (17:25) Fender PM-3:
    8. (19:41) Fender PM-2:
    9. (23:40) Cordoba GK Studio Negra:
    10. (26:58) Martin D15M:

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  • eduardo mason
    eduardo mason Month ago

    I know it is bad karma, but that expensive Fender sounds plain awful...

  • Paddy C
    Paddy C 2 months ago

    Yap,yap,yap,yap yap the god dam guitars

  • robert michael
    robert michael 3 months ago

    The price difference between rosewood, mahogany, koa, etc. , is so negligible, it shouldn't affect the price of the guitar more than $50 bucks. All of those species of wood are similar to work with, so there's not a difference in labor cost. Koa is a little more, because the tree only grows in the island tropics. South American hardwoods are abundant, and they're huge trees. Shit! They make railroad cross ties out of them. The whole tone wood thing is a huge marketing scheme. It's very important to an acoustic guitar, but it shouldn't affect the cost that much. The things that should affect the cost are bindings, inlays. rosettes , and all the other aesthetic things that make your guitar sexy. Bottom line is, laminate sides for a guitar are easier to shape, but the difference in cost of material is almost zero. It's just as easy to put a solid back on guitar as it is to put a laminate back on it; but you have to have 2 pieces of some very flat and stable wood to make it happen. As long as a guitar has a solid top, ( the part that vibrates the most ), it's probably going to sound very good. Having said that, the next acoustic guitar I buy will have a solid top, back, and sides. It's because I'm a master carpenter, and it just means a lot to me. With my hearing loss, brought on by years of being exposed to saws, planers, shapers, joiners, and many other high pitched machines; I can't really detect the difference.

    • robert michael
      robert michael 3 months ago

      @Piper Mccoy My point is, #1 select mahagonay is similar in cost to #1 select rosewood. Guess you've never bought wood directly from the goddam saw mill. Fuck you.

    • Piper Mccoy
      Piper Mccoy 3 months ago

      Good Lord you haven't a clue do you. Especially for a master carpenter. ha ha Guess you don't know squat about violins do you... The difference between select and special pieces of each wood alone. Almost all violins copy the Stradivarius design go read up on how they find that special piece of wood that makes one violin 1000.00 and another 100,000. Ditto with the bow wood. Top of the line of any good company has top of the line piece of wood be it spruce mahogany rosewood sinker wood etc. Go read up on the Brazilian Rosewood and who bought it all up. Ditto for the violin maple and how long they will let it sit before they use it. Study violins and you will never say that. I am a Master Antique furniture restorer

  • davkenrem
    davkenrem 3 months ago +1

    Did you guys ever test the Fender Paramount Limited series?

  • Blues do Uehas
    Blues do Uehas 3 months ago

    I love play blues and looking the Martin 0x2mae and the Martin 000rs1. Can you give me your opinion about this guitars?

  • Angelina martinez
    Angelina martinez 4 months ago

    martin d-15 is under 1000?

  • Paulo Silva
    Paulo Silva 4 months ago

    Practice and practice, one day you'll be good...

  • tecnolover2642
    tecnolover2642 5 months ago

    Ok. Next vid. This one is too heavy on martin/taylor. there are others that are superb in this price point. How about solid rosewood top and back dreadnought and all the dressings. One word Breedlove guitars atlas series.

  • pobinr
    pobinr 6 months ago

    Too much chat not enough playing

  • john stervan
    john stervan 7 months ago

    where's the DRS2 martin, big sister of JR martin?

  • John RICCIO
    John RICCIO 8 months ago

    Very good/accurate information,..well done! Thanks!

  • Born_Wild_ #9
    Born_Wild_ #9 9 months ago

    Th first one sounded a bit out of tune

  • MrGitpicker
    MrGitpicker 9 months ago +5

    Take a shot everytime he says "Price point".

  • gle
    gle 9 months ago

    Takamine. You don't show any.

  • Khanh Ngo
    Khanh Ngo 10 months ago

    No Seagull, Yamaha or Epiphone?

  • Scott Arnold
    Scott Arnold 10 months ago

    Look at Yamaha A1R

  • damien morath
    damien morath 11 months ago

    PLEASE....dig in! those guitars with some mojo!...u can play but its not coming through ....turn it up .......good reviews but ..........

  • Old-time Angler
    Old-time Angler 11 months ago

    I would like to see a comparison between Martin DRS and a Seagull SWS Maritime acoustic guitars.

  • theshyguitarist
    theshyguitarist 11 months ago +1

    This video sucks. I've played most of these in person and they all sound way better than your video depicts.

  • Johnathan Utahzio
    Johnathan Utahzio 11 months ago

    This is a great video premise. However, this presenter drones on and on and on. Get to the point.

  • Christian Gomez
    Christian Gomez Year ago

    17:19 vs 19:14

    • Diego Hernando De Soto Odría
      Diego Hernando De Soto Odría 5 months ago

      I prefer Taylor sound, but i have a fender paramount all mahogany 000, and it s a nice guitar do funny to play.

  • slash2jimi
    slash2jimi Year ago

    The D15 is 100 times better than the DRS1. I know the DRS1 has electronics but the D15 is probably one of the nicest sounding guitars I’ve ever played.

  • Ardeshir Sarosh
    Ardeshir Sarosh Year ago

    I’m a new guitar player I have a cheap Lidl £40 I have learned a few cords starting to learn picking .so looking to upgrade what say you. electric, acoustic electric and maybe 12 string acoustic.
    I’m looking to spend £500 about $659.
    I’m not impressed by names at all.please help
    Nearly forgot I’m in London England.
    Thank you for your time in advance for reading this note.
    But you did say come at me.

  • Candiani Photography

    I am interested in the martin GPCPA4 can you contact me to buy it?

    • Alamo Music Center
      Alamo Music Center  Year ago

      We most certainly can. Send your info to and I'll take care of you. Thanks!

  • Vanz Virgo TV
    Vanz Virgo TV Year ago

    the best ways just go into the store and find out with one you like the most

  • Zouhair Ouled Bouia

    what's the name of the music @ 26:06

  • Michael Lara
    Michael Lara Year ago +3

    You're an awesome guitar player and full of guitar information. Thank you so much.

  • julio cesar
    julio cesar Year ago

    first learn how to play te guitar dude...

  • JOE Butkins
    JOE Butkins Year ago +2

    paul reed smith is good too

  • Ben Middleton
    Ben Middleton Year ago +2

    Martin's are the best

  • Pulled Pork
    Pulled Pork Year ago

    Overseas means China? Or Japan?
    Japan good.
    China bad.

  • Ginger Beer
    Ginger Beer Year ago

    What about the Blueridgte BR-341 parlor and the Blueridge BR-143CE? (both mahogany)
    Any Blueridge is better than a Fender acoustic in the same price range built with the same back and sides timbers.
    And the Blueridge BR-60A is a VERY good dreadnought with an Adirondack spruce top, better than any Sigma (formerly by Martin) in this price range.

  • cloudy
    cloudy Year ago

    yamaha ac3r?

  • Jordan Thistle
    Jordan Thistle Year ago

    What about the Norman st68? It's one of the most amazing guitars I've ever heard

  • Dennis Clark
    Dennis Clark Year ago

    That sepals top sounds awesome!

    • Dennis Clark
      Dennis Clark Year ago

      Better than any I have heard with that top.

  • yeahitsmlj
    yeahitsmlj Year ago +1

    I love the song you played on the Taylor 150e!!!!

  • Blues Man
    Blues Man Year ago

    No takimine??

  • John Soon
    John Soon Year ago +4

    no guilds eh? any guitar that has layered back and sides is inferior to a guitar made with all solid wood by quality luthiers

  • Piper Mccoy
    Piper Mccoy Year ago

    This man's guitars should be on this list. Seagull and Simon & Patrick. Alamo you should start selling them.. Play them and you will. Screw the Big name brands made in China crap....Everyone should watch this video...the factory tour and interview with Godin "the great"

    • Ginger Beer
      Ginger Beer Year ago

      Made in China guitars are certainly not ALL crap. Blueridge is a good exception.
      I own a S&P 6-string and a Seagull 12-string next to several Blueridges and I can't say that they are better than the Blueridges. They are different in character, and every now and then I like something different, but that's all.
      Where it goes wrong in China, is the point where USA manufacturers put a big name like Guild on a Chinese guitar AND start talking about reducing the COST.
      Eastman guitars sound OK, but their tops are thinner. The question is: how long will they last? I guess not as long as my 1970s Tama guitars.
      They were the poor man's Martins THEN,
      Blueridge are the poor man's Martins NOW.
      As long as you don't compromise on quality and budget, Chinese guitar builders do EXCELLENT jobs.

  • Aaeon Karma
    Aaeon Karma Year ago +3

    All the buildup for the Taylor e150 12string and it sounded like a milk jug full of broken glass er.... somebody playing a bucket of screaming cats. Great vids

  • Steven Dao
    Steven Dao Year ago

    Please check the ur link provided. Majority are not available “error”

  • david lewis
    david lewis Year ago

    You martin and Taylor fans are brainwashed seagull and fruch guitars blow these guitars out the water at this price point that's a fact for a expert in these matters wake up people and at least try other guitars other than the big 2

  • Rick Meadows
    Rick Meadows Year ago

    He plays like shit!

  • Rick Meadows
    Rick Meadows Year ago +2

    I will never buy a guitar made in Mexico!

    • BeastMaster 64
      BeastMaster 64 6 months ago

      Excuse me what the fack

    • Kenny Bluet
      Kenny Bluet 11 months ago +3

      Rick Meadows got 2 of them.Well made.Sound great.Love them.Highly recommend them.Dreadnought junior sounds beautiful plugged in.Sustain out the wazoo.

    • MattyPeq
      MattyPeq Year ago +2

      Rick Meadows Your loss, idiot.

    • MrAlienautopsy
      MrAlienautopsy Year ago +1

      Rick Meadows racist!!!! Just kidding

  • Kevin Connolly
    Kevin Connolly Year ago

    What Kind of mike & recording equipment are you using in this session plaese? I think they, (and Your Playing) Sound Great. I especially like the Martin with the Solid Sapele top :)

    PANOS KATSEAS Year ago

    seagull is way better than these taylors and martins

  • Chris Nickerson
    Chris Nickerson Year ago +1

    "between $600-$1000" When that Martin GPCCPA is $2000 at your local music store :(

  • Bill Gunning
    Bill Gunning Year ago

    Where are the PRS SE Angelus?

  • Bryan Evinger
    Bryan Evinger Year ago +3

    I'm not sure if this is even necessary, but I thought I would suggest it. When listening to the sound of each guitar it seems that you play primarily the same genre of music. Maybe by doing an overview of each guitar paired with a genre comparison could better break down the sound of each one. What I mean by that is, play a sample of music of varying genres on each guitar so that people who are listening for the sound quality can better relate the instrument to their personal style. Again, I am not an expert and have no idea if that is even notable, but I thought I would suggest it. It's just seems a bit one dimensional hearing the same tones from each one.

  • Gary Clark
    Gary Clark Year ago

    What was the model number of the Martin, the first guitar you reviewed ?

    • Alamo Music Center
      Alamo Music Center  Year ago

      That is the Martin Deadnought Junior. - Chris McKee

  • the yanks
    the yanks Year ago

    wow that fender sounds like a tin can, like zero bass. thats bad.

  • ISIAH559
    ISIAH559 Year ago

    What about the epiphone masterbuilt

  • Daniel W Inlandfarm

    What is that bass noise ?????Car noise....sad.

  • Sean Gross
    Sean Gross Year ago

    Still no love for Breedlove still smh

  • Gillan McGauley
    Gillan McGauley Year ago +1

    Insert snide remark here... haha thanks for the video

  • Karl Wood
    Karl Wood Year ago

    Beautiful is a nice word but its a complete selling gimmick a good guitar sells itself via its quality of sound save us the bullshit and give us more of the sound.

  • Garey w
    Garey w Year ago

    Man I hope these guitars sound better in person than they do here

  • Iosif Simon
    Iosif Simon Year ago

    I think the mic has been moved or placed wrong, cause the sound in this video is not true to the real sound of his voice or of the tone of theguitars. It's much thinner, no bass...

  • Otis Skopik
    Otis Skopik Year ago

    that 12 string is amazing

  • Conan the Destroyer

    Did not get to hear both Taylor guitars. :/

  • winterlandboy
    winterlandboy Year ago

    AHHH Classical Gas on the Cordoba. I havent heard that great song in a long time... nicely played. Lovely sounding guitar.

  • Joanna Morse
    Joanna Morse Year ago +3

    Not sure I put much stock in reviews that put MDF wood guitars over real wood makes just because the headstock says Taylor or Martin.

    • Joshua thehand
      Joshua thehand Year ago

      UH... GUILD... A middle of the road GUILD blows most of these away when it comes to tone..

  • Sascha Lorch
    Sascha Lorch Year ago

    You are unable to strumm a guitar, dude its licke butchering a pork!!!

  • Russell Wright
    Russell Wright Year ago


  • Mitchell Turner
    Mitchell Turner Year ago

    What is your pricing for the Taylor 114ce-N?

  • Jimmy Haley
    Jimmy Haley Year ago

    and where the hell is the best under 1000.00 guitar,,, the Seagull Mariime,, I know,, I bought one and got rid of my Martin D40,,, why???????? because it sounded just as good for 1/3 the price,,, ole USN vet

  • Robert Granger
    Robert Granger Year ago +5

    Sapele guitars like the Martin DSR 1 are solid wood, not laminate.

  • Blank Garcia
    Blank Garcia 2 years ago

    i guess finder is not good in making acoustic guitar... bwahahaha

  • baltic street
    baltic street 2 years ago

    Given other reviews you've done, why did the Big Baby Taylor not make this list? Are the other 10 superior or is the BBT old news?

    • Joshua thehand
      Joshua thehand Year ago

      Where the hell is GUILD. Guilds have the best tone in the world..

  • Ben Asher
    Ben Asher 2 years ago

    the same chords the whole time

  • Dev9172
    Dev9172 2 years ago

    I like all your videos . can you do the Martin drs2 . I love mine . it was just over $ 1000 in Canada.

  • Pete
    Pete 2 years ago

    Nice vid! very informative for all of us who aren't rich. Thanks.....

  • BlindTom61
    BlindTom61 2 years ago

    No Eastmans? Eastmans totally blow these junkers away...

  • JA
    JA 2 years ago

    Good info - Thanks !

  • Danish arora
    Danish arora 2 years ago

    sir plz tell which guitar is better?
    Martin GPCPA5 or Taylor 114ce?
    plz reply sir it's urgent

    • Ian Gonzalez
      Ian Gonzalez Year ago

      Danish Arora gpcpa5 is very warm and has a lot of bass while the 114ce is bright. In my opinion one is not better than the other. They are both GREAT guitars and GREAT companies! I'd choose the martin if I were you though. But that's just my opinion

    • Ian Gonzalez
      Ian Gonzalez Year ago

      Danish Arora martin has a BIG loud bassy tone , taylor has a straight soft tone. In my opinion I'd choose the martin and put elixir nanoweb or polyweb strings on it

  • Remy Dufresne
    Remy Dufresne 2 years ago

    I probably would have mentioned Breedlove and seagull. Excellent video brother; Subscribed!

  • mywave78 wellowoody
    mywave78 wellowoody 2 years ago +65

    i really hate the word yousician

  • Richelle Noble-Taitua
    Richelle Noble-Taitua 2 years ago +1

    what about cort :(

  • Blaine Lilly
    Blaine Lilly 2 years ago

    Great video, thanks, this was really helpful. I teach mechanical engineering at a Big Ten university, and I'm impressed with your discussion. Good work, keep it up!

  • Yuizhakii Svelte
    Yuizhakii Svelte 2 years ago +2

    Martin DRS1 Road Series or Epiphone Masterbilt DR-500MCE? which one would i buy? or any recommendations?

    • DMCustomShop
      DMCustomShop 4 months ago

      I purchased the Martin GPRS1 not too long ago. It’s the grand performance body shape in the road series and I have to say that it plays and sounds better to me than my Taylor 214ce dlx which costs roughly twice as much. You can’t beat that solid wood construction especially from a well known trusted brand like Martin.

  • David Serianni
    David Serianni 2 years ago

    Inconsistant sound recordings make these comparison series pointless.

  • Vader
    Vader 2 years ago +3

    Hi Chris..what is the name of the song you are playing on the Cordoba ? I have heard it before but can't recall the name of the artist or the name of the song. Thanks.

    • Isaiah Jurca
      Isaiah Jurca Year ago +1

      I wasn’t expecting that Cordoba to sound so great.

    • Vader
      Vader 2 years ago +1

      Thanks a lot Chris!

    • Alamo Music Center
      Alamo Music Center  2 years ago +2

      Vader "Classical Gas" by Mason Williams -Chris

  • unholy roller
    unholy roller 2 years ago

    riff at 14:25? so sick. I'd love a tab

  • Dominic Dauphin
    Dominic Dauphin 2 years ago

    would the prs SE angelus a10e fit in this list or anywhere near the top 10? They got incredible reviews for 599$ guitars..

  • mike collins
    mike collins 2 years ago +12

    No Seagull?

    • Piper Mccoy
      Piper Mccoy Year ago +3

      Chris What does that have to do with Seagulls ? Are you thinking doves and hummingbirds. Seagulls are a brand made in Canada check out Riversong also from Canada

    • Chris Havener
      Chris Havener Year ago

      mike collins love my Taylor's but the Gibson's sound better but are harder to play.

  • richard robert
    richard robert 2 years ago +35

    Why the you not includ a Seagull guitar.

    • Sam Fields
      Sam Fields Year ago

      Curious which model seagulls are best like to find a good one any suggestions

    • cnniz fakenewz
      cnniz fakenewz Year ago

      richard robert I have a Seagull acoustic electric.532.00 bucks.The guitar sounds better than a lot of Martins Taylors..Sometimes you pay just to have the name.

    • DCS Jr
      DCS Jr Year ago +1

      Guitar Player Their store doesn't carry Seagull guitars.

    • Piper Mccoy
      Piper Mccoy Year ago

      HOw about any of Robert Godin's Guitars The Seagull and the Simon and Patrick are excellent. Riversong also Canadian from BC not Quebec are award winning They should be under the 1,000 and up. For God Sakes there is a few fenders in this list. Shameful ha ha. NO insult to Americans but they should look outside Common USA made elsewhere ( cough cough) name brands. Go check out a Godin factory and see how much is handcrafted and the quality also know... eskimos love them and acoustics are amazing in the igloos. While you are looking USA, outside America check out the B&G's "little sisters" from Isreal talk about hand crafted beauties. Google their website

    • Guitar Player
      Guitar Player Year ago +5

      He didn't include it because a superior Seagull would take the fun out of it.

  • Michael Umlauf
    Michael Umlauf 2 years ago +2

    Much better off spending 800-1000 on a Seagull than a martin
    Much better bang for your buck
    Martin and Taylors are good but there are other brands out there
    A fender was mentioned and not a seagull or a takamine?

  • christopher worth
    christopher worth 2 years ago

    No Eastmans ?!

  • J Turner
    J Turner 2 years ago +3

    I like Taylor and Martin, but so many of their guitars creeping up on the $1,000 mark just have superfluous appointments to make them slightly better than the previous model or series, when usually for just another $300 or so more, you could get one of their USA all-solid wood models. If you're going to going to spend over a thousand, that extra hundred matters less than if you only wanted to spend $500 or $600. Great overview on all of these!

    • Mike Newman
      Mike Newman Year ago

      The D-15 series. Message me for my address to ship it to.

    • Procras10eighter 1992
      Procras10eighter 1992 Year ago

      J Turner Show me a Martin or Taylor brand new solid wood USA made guitar for $1300 and I'll personally buy it for you.

  • Strabbs12345
    Strabbs12345 2 years ago

    The mocha gang Martin sounds awesome

  • Dênis G.
    Dênis G. 2 years ago

    Epiphone Hummingbird?

  • Jianghao YouTube
    Jianghao YouTube 2 years ago

    Please help me to choose an electric acoustic guitar from $500 to $700. Thanks.

    • Kyle Engel
      Kyle Engel 2 years ago +1

      I like yamahas and ibanez for the lower end acoustics. I just think they are the easiest to play.

  • EncryptedMJ
    EncryptedMJ 2 years ago +1

    How come the new Yamaha L series isn't in this list? The LL16RD is an AWESOME guitar that just fits right in with $999. And it looks fabulous too.

    • Mr.Thura Ko
      Mr.Thura Ko 2 years ago

      EncryptedMJ I agree. I have an LL16D ARE which is awdome.

  • Nicholas Lim
    Nicholas Lim 2 years ago +5

    Chris, you should mark out the time spot whereby each of the guitars review start. This way, viewers can skip (if they want) straight to which guitars caught their fancy and want to hear more of it from you.

  • Yeti Vanmarshall
    Yeti Vanmarshall 2 years ago +31

    Do soccer players prefer saPele guitars?

  • Lu Ag
    Lu Ag 2 years ago +3

    Came in the store today and found a Taylor that I really loved. I am still praying for one though. Loved the sound and the feeling of it... God, I trust you!

    • Alamo Music Center
      Alamo Music Center  2 years ago

      Hey, I just saw your comment. send me your email and I'll get with you on the options.

    • Lu Ag
      Lu Ag 2 years ago

      Wow. Thanks. Can you give more exact detail on payment options? That would be really helpful. Thanks!

    • Alamo Music Center
      Alamo Music Center  2 years ago

      We can make it happen. There are layaway and financing options. - Chris

  • lovewalruss
    lovewalruss 2 years ago

    Nice reviews

  • Isaac Storm
    Isaac Storm 2 years ago

    great video!!

  • Victor Dominguez
    Victor Dominguez 2 years ago

    Hi Chris, you think Yamaha FG850 its too much for a beginner, Im betwen FG700, FG800, FG830 and FG850, which should I buy? thanks

    • Mr.Thura Ko
      Mr.Thura Ko 2 years ago +1

      Victor Dominguez Get an FG830. I have all FG700 series and I think I prefer FG730. May be the same goes for 800 series.

  • TheDweller
    TheDweller 2 years ago

    do any of you fine people know what he was playing on that twelve string? it was a gorgeous little tune.

    • Johnny Wright
      Johnny Wright Year ago

      iamtheunitato classical gas, by mason williams