NBA Top 10 Duos of the 2018 - 2019 Season

  • Published on Jul 30, 2018
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Comments • 188

  • Misty Hunt
    Misty Hunt 3 months ago

    Best intro ever

  • derek.
    derek. 3 months ago +1

    Murray and jokic?

  • Jake Lased
    Jake Lased 7 months ago +1

    What aboht klay Thompson

  • ill be tracer im alredy tracer

    Middleton and Giannis 😁😁😁

  • GabeGaming 420
    GabeGaming 420 9 months ago

    Middleton and giannis

  • Rowest
    Rowest 10 months ago

    I think we all can say now that PG and Russ are the best duo in the NBA

  • SticksTV
    SticksTV 10 months ago

    You can not put Gordon Hayward in this list, the dude is absolute buns.

  • Phoenix_HERMES
    Phoenix_HERMES 10 months ago

    I totally agree with you:-D

  • tfue laszlok
    tfue laszlok Year ago

    You missed half the team's in the nba

  • Jason smith
    Jason smith Year ago

    Irving/hayward over george/westbrook?? lmfao

  • Stephen Curry
    Stephen Curry Year ago

    1. Steph and KD
    2. Kawhi and Lowry
    3. Kyrie and Hayward
    4. Harden and Cp3
    5. Simmons and Embiid
    6. Klay and Draymond
    7. Butler and KAT
    8. Wall and Beal
    9. Dame and McCollum
    10. Mitchell and Gobert

  • Killua Zoldyk
    Killua Zoldyk Year ago

    What about Giannis and Middleton, Where are they?

  • jamal cho
    jamal cho Year ago

    Hayward and Irving let's go

  • Andrew Fischbach
    Andrew Fischbach Year ago

    Giannis and Middleton is a better duo than wall and Beal and Westbrook and PG13.

  • Kim
    Kim Year ago

    Lebron and lonzo boiis

  • Cat with Cuban Cigar

    Steven Adams and Russell should be here
    Edit: dislike

  • Jecco Vargas
    Jecco Vargas Year ago

    Where is lakers👿👿👿😈😈😈😈😈

  • Christopher James

    what about La Lakers?

  • Jhaerenz Vlogs
    Jhaerenz Vlogs Year ago


  • Jacob Lawlor
    Jacob Lawlor Year ago

    great vid👍🏼

  • Jim Jim
    Jim Jim Year ago +1

    Giannis Middleton ? 47 ppr 14.8 rpr 12 apg better than jazz

  • Jim Jim
    Jim Jim Year ago

    Wilt had better stats than all that duos combine combined

  • Θάνος Γαρίδας

    Giannis middleton ???

  • Rods Miraflor
    Rods Miraflor Year ago

    Russ n pg13 #1
    Oladipo n turner #2
    Kd n steph #3

  • Trailer City
    Trailer City Year ago


  • Antun Samovojska
    Antun Samovojska Year ago

    Antetokounmpo and Middleton?

  • 김동엽
    김동엽 Year ago


  • Franky Dave
    Franky Dave Year ago

    What about Lebron/Lonzo ???

  • Franky Dave
    Franky Dave Year ago

    Embiid/simons in top 3

  • MART
    MART Year ago

    I hope lebron and rondo prove them wrong

  • Geremygarcia Gonzales


  • xVaccine FA
    xVaccine FA Year ago

    How about LeBron And Lance Stephenson?

  • iTzKing038
    iTzKing038 Year ago

    russ>kyrie and pg>hayward how are they above em

    • Andrew Fischbach
      Andrew Fischbach Year ago

      Bigman 2K. Kyrie is better than Westbrook. For example Kyrie has better handles, better 3 pointer, and better IQ. Only thing better about Westbrook is dunking. Westbrook is overrated...

  • Kipras Kšanas
    Kipras Kšanas Year ago

    Utah jazz two best players Ricky rubio and donavon mitchell

  • Samuel Acosta
    Samuel Acosta Year ago +1

    Best dúo

  • Samuel Acosta
    Samuel Acosta Year ago +1

    Curry and Durant

  • Bumster Dumster
    Bumster Dumster Year ago

    Ok where is AD and Jrue??? You got lillard and McCollum who both got locked up by Jrue?

  • Jermaine Jumadiao

    No team label

  • Léo Daulon-Nicolas

    Where are king james and rondo

  • Kipras Kšanas
    Kipras Kšanas Year ago

    Kwahi and Kyle the best duo

  • Shiv Gandhi
    Shiv Gandhi Year ago

    It should be Russ and Steven Adams

  • Clemens Osterholz

    All these 'duo stats' look like possible wilt chamberlain stats

  • Giannis Akenenonmhapo

    Why kawhi and lowry?
    Kawhi wouldnt even play u dumbass

  • Giannis Akenenonmhapo

    Wal and beal sould not be on the list
    Theyre chemistry is bad

  • Nate Wolf
    Nate Wolf Year ago

    you know nothing ur channel is a joke

  • Tomas Sudzilovsksis

    LeBron Javaaaaaale Mcgee

  • michael greene
    michael greene Year ago

    PG13 and Russ could be better I’m not saying they are but they could be better than harden and CP3

  • michael greene
    michael greene Year ago

    Russ and PG is better than Kyrie and Hayward

    • Andrew Fischbach
      Andrew Fischbach Year ago

      michael greene. No it’s not. Kyrie is an all around better PG than Westbrook

  • Lance Rawls
    Lance Rawls Year ago +1

    I like how the duos that have already had time to gel are at the top 4 don’t put the new duos with no chemistry at the top that’s what they did with the thunder last year look what happened

  • Dimitrije Dinic
    Dimitrije Dinic Year ago

    Drummond griffin???

  • Aido Gumapac
    Aido Gumapac Year ago

    Lebron and Mcgee

  • Constantinos Pastos
    Constantinos Pastos Year ago +1

    So we are gonna ignore Giannis and middleton giannis 27ppg mid 20ppg pretty sure is better than bradley and john wall

    VANLALA TV Year ago

    Sexton x Love

    VANLALA TV Year ago

    Lebron Lonzo or Lebron Rajon?

  • Broken Glass
    Broken Glass Year ago

    First of all how tf you gonna put kyrie and hayward at 3 and they haven't even PLAYED one game togther yet LMAO and GSW doesn't have a duo, they legit have 4-5 all stars. A duo consists of 2 stars. cp3 and harden are def number 1 and 2

    • deiondre0
      deiondre0 Year ago

      Eric Lewis lol people look for the dumbest reasons to take the warriors out of top 10 lists

    • Broken Glass
      Broken Glass Year ago

      OKC #2 I mean

  • Alex D
    Alex D Year ago

    Jrue and AD?!

  • Andre David Fernandez

    Where is LeBron and LeBron?

  • Alae 2320 Tv
    Alae 2320 Tv Year ago

    Luka doncic and Dennis Smith

  • diazy crain
    diazy crain Year ago +5

    Its not a good top10

    • Cat with Cuban Cigar
      Cat with Cuban Cigar Year ago

      romain ily doubt it. I’ll be waiting...

    • diazy crain
      diazy crain Year ago

      @Cat with Cuban Cigar I'm going to do it tomorrow but I hope you will watch and you will see what is a good top 10

    • Cat with Cuban Cigar
      Cat with Cuban Cigar Year ago

      romain ily we are still waiting for that top 10

    • Kokak Palaka
      Kokak Palaka Year ago +1

      @diazy crain ok good make your own.. don't be jealous to others because you have own opinion 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • diazy crain
      diazy crain Year ago +1

      @Kokak Palaka OK I will do it tomorrow I hope that you will watch

  • Roti RAGE
    Roti RAGE Year ago +2

    Na bro dat lillard and CJ one is to high NO way they better than Demar and Aldridge hell i also might put Wall and Beal over those 2