I Tried the Keto Diet So You Don't Have To

  • Published on Sep 12, 2018
  • No carbs and no sugar for a week. Does it work? Is it worth it?
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Comments • 22 478

  • Gabbie Hanna
    Gabbie Hanna  9 days ago +10301

    for everyone commenting about the fat- i was eating 3-5x the daily recommended amount of fat every day. i was loading up on avocados, nuts, bacon, chicken thighs, and TONS of sunflower seed butter, everything cooked in butter, everything topped with olive oil. TRUST me. i was eating MORE FAT THAN I EVER WANNA EAT AGAIN IN MY LIFE, that was not the issue.

    • Karlee and Zak
      Karlee and Zak 6 days ago +1

      Gabbie Hanna this diet helped my dad lose about 50 pounds and it helped him get healthier. He cheats some of the time but not much.

    • L Learn
      L Learn 6 days ago +1

      Gabbie Hanna you can have fruits in Keto.... I did, and it felt great. Also, I fast once a while, so that “keto hunger “ don’t bother me

    • King David
      King David 6 days ago +1

      if you're eating TONS of sunflower seeds, you never entered ketosis.

    • Jason Conroy
      Jason Conroy 6 days ago

      @sammybear3208 You're, you're, you're, you're, your

    • Erin Cusack
      Erin Cusack 6 days ago +1

      the first week of keto sucks, but it takes about 4 weeks for you body to get used to a high fat low carb diet & for your digestion to change, it takes more than a week to even get into ketosis. So you absolutely cannot judge this diet after doing it poorly for a week.

  • Pug Life
    Pug Life 5 hours ago +1

    How is this remotely entertaining?

  • Darth Brodious
    Darth Brodious 6 hours ago

    I don't really want to add on to the hate on this video so instead I'll give a quick walk through of a day of food for me on keto. First off, I've been keto lifestyle for two and a half weeks and I've dropped 20 lbs. I went from 280 and am now at 260. I of course experienced keto flu symptoms but they were gone within the first week. Every day for breakfast I have 3 eggs, 3 slices of bacon, 5 turkey sausages, 30 g of raw spinach in my eggs and 35g of cheese. 730 cals, 1.9g of carbs, 48.3g of fat, and 67g of protein. Lunch is 70g of spinach, 4oz of turkey, 35g of cheese, and 2 tbsp of Caesar dressing. 460 cals, 2.5g of carbs, 34.1g of fat, and 33g of protein. Supper is usually 5 oz of chicken or steak or pork, and then upwards of 200g of a veggie like squash, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, zucchini, green beans, and eggplant. Extremely easy to stay under 20g of carbs, and you can work your protein and fat into the rest of your calorie needs. That's a lot of food to eat in a day and I don't know how you could possibly be hungry. Now that my body is used to more fat I'm never hungry and need to remind my self to eat my meals. I'm sticking to keto because it works.

  • Tide Pods
    Tide Pods 6 hours ago

    I wouldn't even care if I was hungry, I just want to loose weight. I am insecure about my body.

  • Haze Rose
    Haze Rose 6 hours ago

    Fuck keto. It's the unhealthiest fad diet out there. This diet is bullshit and the thought of people doing it is soooooooo cringe. Try plant based dieting my love.

  • MissXX94
    MissXX94 6 hours ago

    5:41 though

  • MissXX94
    MissXX94 6 hours ago

    As a vegan, I find most of the food gross, but I watch and like anyways because it's Gabbie, you know?

  • beanie souter
    beanie souter 6 hours ago

    your body can take up to a month to fully adapt to the ketogenic diet because your body has to change from using carbs as its energy source to fats, (your liver has to produce ketones which it then uses) and this is not how our bodies normally function so thats why you probably felt like shit. if you do the ketogenic diet properly for a longer time then it may have worked better for you :)

  • SammiiLu_ Esthetics
    SammiiLu_ Esthetics 6 hours ago

    Your the best✔️✔️

  • Cookies For Molly
    Cookies For Molly 6 hours ago

    guys stop hating on gabbie.....
    ur acting as if she was some professional giving out this information like she was 100% sure about it. Whenever she is just a HUMAN who is not a professional and merely didnt understand correctly. Also she did explain why she didnt do research....

  • Abigail Janckila
    Abigail Janckila 6 hours ago

    I live off of coke and salad and takis😄

  • Dan Rowden
    Dan Rowden 7 hours ago

    I presume those who know what the ketogenic diet actually is have informed you of how ignorant and ridiculous this video is. Keto for one week? I don't mean to be rude, but that's just idiotic.

  • Adele F
    Adele F 7 hours ago

    If you did the keto diet and hated it then I'd be like all good, it's not for you, sweet as but you literally just did some unknown diet for the whole video. What even was that? It certainly wasn't keto. It would be amazing if you worked alongside someone that is very well informed about the diet and then let us know how you found it.

  • Cece's Corner
    Cece's Corner 7 hours ago

    There's sugar free creamer out there, girl! I have a sugar addiction but I've been trying to cut back on sugars to help with my health and weight loss and I get sugar free hazlenut creamer and it is AHHHMAZING.

  • Ashley 9656
    Ashley 9656 7 hours ago

    So pretty ❤️

  • Butterflybear Flowers
    Butterflybear Flowers 8 hours ago

    The bottle of vodka in the freezer

  • Awwwomgwhyausername
    Awwwomgwhyausername 8 hours ago

    Salt you need to get your sodium up also you were not in ketosis once the body is in ketosis you feel.... amazing

  • Madi V.
    Madi V. 8 hours ago

    Girl you sipping dumb bitch juice. you did the diet completely wrong. Smh. Not everything has to have a dramatic ass ending in your videos.

    • Madi V.
      Madi V. 7 hours ago +1

      +gracie vibes yeah you right

    • gracie vibes
      gracie vibes 8 hours ago

      You don't have to be so mean about it???

  • Cruz Hernandez
    Cruz Hernandez 8 hours ago

    Keto is a move in bleach

  • Allison Bowers
    Allison Bowers 8 hours ago

    "like honestly dont fu*k with me"

  • Jxsie
    Jxsie 8 hours ago

    Watching this video was so so misleading. Keto is NOT this and yes, Keto flu lasts the first week or two, its how your body gets used to it you can't give up that early on.

    TMART 8 hours ago

    "I tried the keto diet"
    Except you didn't. And furthermore, you unnecessarily punished yourself by eliminating coffee and all fruit.
    You could have put heavy whipping cream and stevia in the coffee. You could have eaten blueberries and raspberries. You made your withdrawal symptoms even worse. And of course you're not going to kill it at the gym when your body is just beginning to go through the process of burning carbs to burning fat.
    It would take at least a few days for you to enter ketosis and a few days for you to get through the keto flu, which wouldn't have been so severe if you had increased your sodium and electrolytes. This is not a "diet" you can do in a week. It's a lifestyle change.
    I think you had good intentions, but you clearly weren't doing a keto diet and you misinformed millions of viewers.

  • Bailey West
    Bailey West 8 hours ago

    *Gabs: “Keto Connect” posted a response. They‘re the TVclip Royalty of ALL Keto. Please watch & rethink a vid w/ their input & knowledge Applied. U didn’t give it a fair shot because u went 100% cutthroat drastic w/ it. There’s a much more balanced way! Please consider a redo!*

  • O O
    O O 8 hours ago

    It sucked because you were low in electrolytes and most likely dehydrated. It would be phenomenal if you did more research about Keto, and follow up with a video were you eat like Halle Berry for a week. tvclip.biz/video/So4okC6ZJPA/video.html

  • Hadley Miller
    Hadley Miller 8 hours ago

    I’ve been keto for 2 months now and I love it

  • Attysu
    Attysu 8 hours ago

    *being physically unable to live day to day on a diet*
    Uh. She's 100% healthy, hitting the gym everyday, eating a healthy and balanced diet, consistently losing weight with high energy. If you're happy with a keto diet fine, but she as well as many have a diet that is healthy that doesn't make you physically fucking crash the 2nd day on it.

  • Ishwariya Gopal
    Ishwariya Gopal 9 hours ago

    @GabbieHanna i know you said you didnt wanna be influenced by the side effects or symptoms you read when trying out a diet but maybe you should and maybe also consult a dietitian and get their take on the diet and the best way to go about trying it out?

  • Eternity Ayala
    Eternity Ayala 9 hours ago

    Every day for this diet is my mood for school

  • Caroline
    Caroline 9 hours ago

    Hi Gabbie, I thought this video was interesting, but misleading as well. I don't think anyone should try a complete lifestyle switch without doing research and getting proper information. Seemed like you were being a lot more restrictive than you needed to be. Ex: you could totally eat blueberries on a keto diet. I would love to see you try the keto diet again, after doing extensive research and possibly working with someone who has experience with or is an expert in the keto diet. Also, I would love to see the results after trying this lifestyle properly.

  • Rainah Dumas
    Rainah Dumas 9 hours ago

    I have PCOS (pollycyctic ovarian syndrome) and I have to eat like this everyday of my life because if I don’t I get very very sick and it’s the best way for me to eat in order to say healthy I seriously CANNOT eat sugar or carbs when I was first changing into this way of eating I would have the same terrible symptoms it’s mostly just sugar withdraws with the headache and the being tired it the no carbs because they give I energy

  • Brooke
    Brooke 9 hours ago

    Ima diabetic I need carbs sometime so I really can’t do this, not like I was planning too 😅😅

  • Megan Hess
    Megan Hess 9 hours ago

    ELECTROLYTES!!!!!!! Research is key! Research would tell you that everybody’s body’s are different and there will need to be tweaks here and there... but honestly that doesn’t take research... common sense should remind you that this is the case with any way of eating....🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Megan Robinson
    Megan Robinson 9 hours ago

    The Keto defenders are coming after Gabbie. They just don’t want to admit that losing weight doesn’t always mean they’re being healthy. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • E H
    E H 9 hours ago

    Dang so many people are coming after her for this vid. Yes there is room for improvement, but that doesn't mean you have to be so rude and agressive in criticising her. And im not even a fan just now seeing a vid from her. Just dont think people should be so mean. ✌✌💖Peace love💖✌✌

  • Randy Brinkley
    Randy Brinkley 9 hours ago

    I don't wanna go on a keto diet because i wanna see what i feel might help me out to lose weight you are my inspiration to lose weight you da best

    • Randy Brinkley
      Randy Brinkley 9 hours ago

      Also before ppl hate this i mean because i may not agree with what Gabbie did but understand she had good intentions but they were miss lead by the website she found it on many places have different meanings towards diets and illnesses

  • Cameron Yarbrough
    Cameron Yarbrough 10 hours ago

    I can never stay dedicated so I have no room for advice, but I’ve read that the first week or two of dieting any diet is the absolute WORST! You’re always hungry, because you’re changing eating habits, especially the Keto diet, because carbs make you feel full, without carbs you feel so empty, but that’s the trick with carbs because too much is not good. You’re also taking away sugar, which the body needs, you’re increasing the fat intake, but my aunt and cousin did this diet and had outstanding results! My cousins showed me tricks around sweeteners like coffee with sugar free carb free creamer, heavy cream, certain ice creams, using zucchini as pasta noodles which in my opinion tastes the same if not better. But most importantly any diet you do should be you making yourself happy, a true diet should take time, takes dedication, but it also needs to make you happy and healthy. :))

  • Kryz Tofor
    Kryz Tofor 10 hours ago

    You can't just cut carbs for a week and expect it to work. You have to do your homework, track your macros and micros and measure your glucose and ketones and not cheat. The so called "balanced diet" is a high carb diet and not balanced at all. The US is 70% overweight, 38% obese, and seniors have a 25% rate of diabetes. It isn't fair to dismiss it as "unhealthy" just because it makes you feel sick for a few days. If someone hasn't exercised in a while and they go for an intense workout then puke should they dismiss exercise as unhealthy? One week of keto is pointless, it has to be a lifestyle and will take time to adjust. Keto is not for everyone but can be a lifesaver or others. This video is a great example of how not to do keto.

  • Alanna deSilva
    Alanna deSilva 10 hours ago

    Okay listen I know there’s some controversy over this but pls, for like a week, go on a water fast. I’ve done it and have seen results and it worked pretty well. Have a doctor watch you and make sure you’re doing okay throughout it. I get it if you don’t want to, that’s fine, I’ve just always wanted to see someone else actually document the experience well.

  • Megan Biondi
    Megan Biondi 10 hours ago

    Please watch KetoConnect react to this! They know what they’re talking about. I love Gabby, I watch almost all her videos but this is so ambiguous. She does not have the proper knowledge of this diet to make these crazy statements. Please look at other resources before deciding not to do keto!!

  • Forev Fay
    Forev Fay 10 hours ago

    Theres this one dessert called a fat bomb its so good my family eats it everyday even though were not on keto it fills u up and gives u the sweetness u need def recommend it if ur ever going to try this again❤❤

  • D Money
    D Money 10 hours ago

    Seems like someone got paid to tamp down on what is saving so many peoples lives and if keeps rising in popularly is set to lose big pharmaceutical and the carb based food product industry billions.🤷🏻‍♂️

  • D Money
    D Money 10 hours ago

    You did it for less than a week, didn’t let your body actually adapt to using fat as a fuel and quit. That doesn’t happen in a week. This video should not have been made if you weren’t going to stick to it for at minimum 2 weeks, that was irresponsible and portraying this way of eating as you did after only 5 days is worse.

  • Autumn Hardy
    Autumn Hardy 10 hours ago

    my mom did this and got really sick(the keto flu )so she just stopped. i don’t suggest this .

  • Ginny Belle
    Ginny Belle 10 hours ago

    I did Keto for 2 months. I lost 22 pounds and honestly the first week is the worst. But I lost 22lbs, lost 10” then I got pregnant 🤦🏼‍♀️ but I definitely suggest anyone who wants to do this to do your research and make your list of foods you can eat that you like before you even go to the grocery. Because I was so large they had to test my cholesterol to make sure it wasn’t too high.

    • Ginny Belle
      Ginny Belle 10 hours ago

      Also the first week of Keto you shouldn’t do HARD workouts cause your body is getting used to the HUGE change.

  • Chloe Law
    Chloe Law 10 hours ago

    I'm on the keto diet and you can have peanut butter and watermelon

  • comcast7676
    comcast7676 10 hours ago

    You're an idiot!

  • ivy brandine
    ivy brandine 10 hours ago

    keto literally stands for ketosis, its like losing weight from being anorexic, but you still eat meat. the body NEEEEDDDSSSS CAAARRRRBBBSSSS. thank you for this video!

  • Ana Paula Velez
    Ana Paula Velez 10 hours ago

    This diet is just unhealthy, the perfect diet is a balanced one, carbs are necessary, sugar is necessary, that's why she felt like that.

  • Yesenia Marin Rodriguez

    Can you be my workout partner 😭

  • Uwipuwi Pumpkins
    Uwipuwi Pumpkins 11 hours ago

    before this video was an ad saying why you shouldnt just cut calories to lose weight

  • Maggie C
    Maggie C 11 hours ago

    ur dumb and didnt research the F'ing diet. try again after educating yourself

  • venus_spinning
    venus_spinning 11 hours ago

    For those who has gone to a ke to diet and works please drop down some tips and menus for us 🙏👇

  • Llama Life300
    Llama Life300 11 hours ago

    Get that girl some fucking ribs

  • CuteLilSheep
    CuteLilSheep 12 hours ago


  • Claudette Watkins
    Claudette Watkins 12 hours ago

    The keto flu. But after it goes away its bomb

  • Audrey Hernandez
    Audrey Hernandez 12 hours ago

    Poorly researched and full of misinformation. I really hope people don't take her seriously...

  • kinzy heasty
    kinzy heasty 12 hours ago

    Gabbie Hanna this diet is actually really good for you if you use it in the right way. I'm 14 and I use it all the time it helps reduce my seizures ,but one thing that will help you is use coconut oil and rinse off your meat so it's not as bad for you. and you're not supposed to eat cashews because they're high in fat and you're allowed to have a little bit of sugar your and you're also allowed to have 20 grams of carbs because your body needs a little bit of everything .

    • kinzy heasty
      kinzy heasty 12 hours ago

      And I recommend stevia the packets and their two carbs per packet so you'll be able to have unsweet tea and your coffee and when I use this diet I lost 5 lb in 3 days and you can have one piece of dark chocolate a day because one piece of chocolate is healthy for you especially for the soul

  • creativeusername_x
    creativeusername_x 12 hours ago

    Yeah na that's not how you eat keto.
    Good try I guess. But if you're going to do this type of video, you need to do the proper research first.

  • It's me! Carrie K
    It's me! Carrie K 12 hours ago

    There’s some people here hard core promoting keto. My view point on any diet is, it should be a lifestyle change. I personally think keto is too extreme for me to do for the rest of my life. So I’m going to stick with balanced meals and working out.

  • Victor Triumph
    Victor Triumph 12 hours ago

    Why do you believe you are supposed to drink black coffee on keto? You are supposed to put cream, butter and Stevia all up in that bish.

  • Greg Parker
    Greg Parker 12 hours ago

    You need to keep going past a week dummmmmy

  • Dakota Owens
    Dakota Owens 12 hours ago

    So my best friends mom is doing this diet it makes you constantly sick to your stomach and it keeps you low on energy and this diet absolutely sucks my friend can't breath all the time

  • Mara Phelps
    Mara Phelps 12 hours ago +3

    This is so frustrating to watch... some people HAVE TO do the keto diet for health reasons such as having PCOS, and here you are acting like it’s IMPOSSIBLE. I’ve been on it for a year because of health and I am perfectly fit and healthy. I work out daily and get through rigorous exercise just fine. Yes the first week is rough, but once your body gets into ketosis the tiredness goes away. This video is so misinforming to people who struggle with their weight and need to do it for health.

  • TheVeganRD
    TheVeganRD 12 hours ago

    THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH FRUIT AND SWEET POTATOES! It’s sad that some people live their lives without the nutrients that their bodies NEED from whole plant foods. Going keto is a very quick way to become nutrient deficient and deprived mentally. I hate that society perpetuates whole plant nourishing carbohydrates as the enemy!

  • Aukula Playzz
    Aukula Playzz 12 hours ago

    Ok, now imagine this, every day, every year, no carbs, no sugar, that’s how my step cousin HAS to live, not because he wants to lose wait, but for health reasons

  • Giselle Flores
    Giselle Flores 12 hours ago

    After I watched this video I ate 2 apples...I'm weird

  • killer_queen
    killer_queen 12 hours ago

    bet all those dislikes are those idiots who think keto's healthy.... glad you're fine :p

  • ruby h
    ruby h 13 hours ago +1

    I’m thankful to have read the comments after watching because damn Gabbie, you are really misinforming a lot of people with this video. I’m disappointed in the lack of research she did..

  • Be you. Be beautiful.
    Be you. Be beautiful. 13 hours ago

    Maybe you should have done more research and approached the keto diet properly and not just dived in head first. I recognized many things that were done incorrectly. Things you mentioned you "couldn't" eat, when in reality you could have eaten them and it honestly didn't look like you were eating enough calories. At any rate I think people should do their own research into this or any other way of eating.

  • Heidi Pan
    Heidi Pan 13 hours ago

    Gabbie you are so healthy!
    when I think of sugar i immediately think of chocolate, not fruit XD
    good for you! I hated watching you ve so miserable for a week! (21 minutes really.)
    I hope you have a great day!

  • Anna Sorensen
    Anna Sorensen 13 hours ago

    And it IS a long term thing for some people . And it IS worth it for some people. God damnit I'm pissed at this.

  • Anna Sorensen
    Anna Sorensen 13 hours ago

    Feed YOUR brain

  • TheWickExp
    TheWickExp 13 hours ago +2

    Been a fan of this channel for a while but i was really disappointed with this video. I've been on Keto almost a month now and i went through some of those pains within the first 5 days or so but got over it. And I do construction work for a living. Manual labor 8-12 hours a day. Keto is NOT a no carb diet. I keep my carbs within 20 grams a day and ive heard of other people going up to 50 or more and staying in Ketosis(depends on the individual and what they do daily). Im not saying totally dismiss this video if you're looking at trying Keto but definitely take it with a grain of salt and really do your research. I drink coffee every day with sweetener and creamer that are keto friendly. Anyways. Almost 1 month in and 15 lbs down so Im pretty happy with it.

  • Anna Sorensen
    Anna Sorensen 13 hours ago +1

    I think you're funny and great,but take this video down. It's ridiculous. Do you read your comments saying how misinformed you are? Keto diet could really help someone and you could be taking that away.

    • Mariela Castillo
      Mariela Castillo 10 hours ago

      And she did research how else would she know what to eat and not to eat maybe not the right ones but you can blame the internet

    • Mariela Castillo
      Mariela Castillo 10 hours ago

      What is wrong with you people can do it if they want to leave her she is her own person and call me a dumbass again you can really go fuck yourself bitch

  • Anna Sorensen
    Anna Sorensen 13 hours ago


  • Anna Sorensen
    Anna Sorensen 13 hours ago

    This works really well for some people...rawbeautykristi, so you can't really judge this by doing it for one fucking week. And in the beginning saying "this sounds like a healthy diet " about the keto flu. You cant do something for one week and decide if it works, thats completely idiotic. Plus, it takes awhile. I don't think you fully understood the Keto diet. It's very helpful and really really works for some people . Honestly, fuck this video. If you aren't going to try this diet for a few months, then don't do it. That's not how it works

    MR. GOOGLE 13 hours ago

    Let's see the rest of you sweetheart ! Please don't tease us !

  • r j
    r j 13 hours ago

    my grandma has been on the keto diet for a year because she has ulcerative colitis and cant eat like anything without going through immense pain but it works for her

  • Tori Leann Tackett
    Tori Leann Tackett 14 hours ago

    omg im the 124k something like such a big fan alsio i have the same lamp as you wowow

  • Bonnie Collings
    Bonnie Collings 14 hours ago

    I got an ad saying DONT CUT YOUR CALORIES! And I was like hmm I can see why ily

  • Katie Elizabeth
    Katie Elizabeth 14 hours ago

    I don't personally do the Keto diet but I've done a hell of a lot of research into it and even I know this wasn't a great example of an attempt. I think the mindset that you're only bearing through it for a week also isn't a very promising beginning because you're just counting down the days until you can return to your sugar and carbs and not looking forward positively at what Keto can do for you. It's an amazing diet for those who suffer with some diseases - especially diabetes, it can keep your blood sugar at a healthy level and doesn't cause any spikes. The only thing this video proved to me is that sugar is one hell of a drug, and it's insane how addicted people are and don't even realize

  • Kenedi Pope
    Kenedi Pope 14 hours ago

    i tried the keto diet last year with my parents.
    -got through a week and quit because i felt like it wasn’t doing me any good especially when i was at the gym
    -now, my parents continued and are still on it and they’re doing absolutely amazing, especially my dad. He’s lost so much weight, and his knees don’t kill him anymore.
    -if you’d just do the research on Keto, you’d see that it’s really not that bad, especially after getting through the first week, “keto flu”, you’ll be fine.
    -honestly, i didn’t have the will power, but i’m proud of my parents for sticking with it.

  • Emily Vargas
    Emily Vargas 14 hours ago

    Now anytime anyone says honestly, I sing the song in my head lol is it just me??

  • Brandon D
    Brandon D 14 hours ago

    This new Jenna Marbles makes me hate Jenna Marbles...

  • Jersson Gomez
    Jersson Gomez 14 hours ago

    I mean now I feel like it’d be cool if Gabbie tried again, but this time with an expert’s help or a TVclipr who’s very knowledgeable on the keto diet

  • Natalie Campbell
    Natalie Campbell 14 hours ago +1

    God Bless YOU child! ( why would you do that to yourself) 😬

  • Rotmindol
    Rotmindol 14 hours ago

    I'm currently on Atkins right now and you're undereating! I had the same problem when I started lowcarb. During the induction days, you're body is losing body water weight and detoxing from carbohydrates. Once you've gone through the induction period, your body is using it's own fat as fuel, and allows you to have energy all throughout the day. I've found it makes me sleep better, it regulates my blood sugar (I have hypoglycemia), and it vastly improves my mental state. I really enjoy Atkins and I find it works wonders for me. One week on induction isn't enough to judge the entire diet on, the induction is the WORST part.

  • em p
    em p 14 hours ago

    This diet isn’t recommended for healthy people it’s more so made for people who are going into or have hit insulin resistance due to poor diet

  • Ceelyn
    Ceelyn 14 hours ago

    Honestly, Keto is amazing. You CANNOT do keto without doing the research before hand! It is NOT a no-carb diet, you should get in 20-25 net carbs (total carbs - fiber = net carbs) daily. If she had done the proper research she would have seen that she could have had blueberries, green beans, strawberries, and other types of low-sugar fruits and veggies daily if she wanted. Also, ELECTROLYTES ARE KEY ON THIS DIET. When you're keto, you have to atleast double you salt intake otherwise you get palpatations, especially w/ her exercising! Powerade Zero should have been her best friend! If anyone is considering Keto, please don't let this video deter you from it. Just be sure to do proper research, view food lists, meal plans, tips, etc. I've been Keto for almost 4 months now and I eat pizza, chocolate cake, tacos, and more.... not just chicken & salad... that's miserable, and I'm down over 50lbs, have no cravings, plenty of energy, and Improved health, because I do it the RIGHT way

  • Kay Allen
    Kay Allen 15 hours ago

    Instead of watching this, try watching the various doctors, medical researchers and nutritionists discussing Ketogenic Diets - here on youtube at Low Carb Down Under. There you can learn all about keto and how it works and why as well as what it will do for you once you have adapted.

  • Bunni Bussell
    Bunni Bussell 15 hours ago

    This reminds me of me on South Beach diet

  • Katie Abbott
    Katie Abbott 15 hours ago +1

    The end of this video is extremely judgemental and hurtful for people like me. I love this diet! I have been doing it for over a year and never experienced any of these symptoms.

  • Mr Toxic
    Mr Toxic 15 hours ago

    And it is funny how you think it is making you look slimmer by just 3-4 days. That is idiotic, no diet will make you slim in that time. You would have to be on it for a month to see the results. This is just stupid.

  • Mr Toxic
    Mr Toxic 15 hours ago

    The point in 'keto' is to get into ketosis. You don't get into that state. Atleast 3 days to a week is needed. After that you will feel amazing on keto and full of energy. Also working out on keto is not recommended for beginners. You should study it more, it really does work and it is a shame that you are putting a bad word on it with these many viewers. It is sickening. If you only knew how many people it is helping, including me.

  • Ms. Megan Louise McKenna

    I was on keto strictly for my epilepsy the way you did it was not the best way. You can make fatty coffees and also have beef and steak as well as sausage and bacon just make sure you get your fruits and veggies in you basically just put your body through a reset

  • Heather Charter
    Heather Charter 15 hours ago

    I did the ketogenic diet for 3 months and lost 35 lbs. It's hard to start at fist, but once it becomes routinely you don't even think about it. You're feeling achy because sugar is an addiction. Your light your brain lights up tge same as you're using cocaine, so it's like withdrawals.

  • Gaby
    Gaby 15 hours ago

    ****FOR ALL THE PPL WHO WANNA KNOW WHAT KETO IS ALL ABOUT: I recommend checking out Dr. Eric Berg, Keto Connect, and Thomas DeLauer here on youtube for some actual guidance/info about keto! They have lots of great videos explaining things properly :)

  • Elizabeth Macak
    Elizabeth Macak 15 hours ago

    I love you Gabbie but I'm definitely gonna have to disagree with you on this. I've been doing Keto for about 3 months now and its not nearly as terrible as you make it out to be. You limited yourself when you can do so much more with Keto. I feel like you didnt do enough research. I saw zero cheese! Girl! Stuff jalepenos with cheese and cream cheese is BOMB. I have green beans smothered in bacon. I have broccoli with cheese and cheesy cauliflower and bomb ass hooked up salads everyday. This video is very very misleading. You half assed it and your body didnt even go in ketosis. 💁I didnt want to watch this video but I did to see how you did and idk...pretty disappointed with the outcome. If you want to try keto do not watch this video. Its not this bad at all. And you can have berries! Strawberries, raspberries and black berries. You can have sugar substitutes. Idk 💁 again. You only did it for a week and barely if that. Its a no for me.

  • Mr Toxic
    Mr Toxic 15 hours ago

    This is the most bullshit video I watched. Don't do some 'try' on it and do it all wrong. You seem overdramatic about it. I have lost 42 kilos over 1 year just from stopping on the carb intake. It fucking works and I got my health back. Was regular at the hospital and soon to be diabetic. Now I'm in great shape. Please don't do this ignorant shitty ass 'try' in something that can help so many people.

  • Kay Allen
    Kay Allen 15 hours ago

    This is a prime example for why one does research BEFORE going on to a new diet. Keto is EASY. Look at her breakfast - perfect choices but too her portions are too small. Try 1/2 pound of bacon, sweetheart and 3 eggs instead. Next - where's the salt? When doing no carbs, you MUST increase your salt intake to retain necessary fluid levels. Instead of creamer in your morning coffee - use actual full-fat heavy cream. She felt as bad as she did because she was not eating enough FAT, despite her claims that she did. Did anyone see her eat inch thick pork chops or a pan-fried steak? Where's the cheese? Where's the salmon? Finally, no one goes on the keto diet for only one week. Your body needs time to adapt and this could take 3 weeks or more. Plus if you start slowly - as I did - you might never even get close to having the 'keto flu'. Did you add Vitamin K2 - MK4+MK7- to your diet? No, you did not. What we ended up seeing was Hanna 'hitting the wall' for 5 days straight.